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| Last Updated: May 31, 2020

Shipping an RV can be a gigantic and extremely unnerving task.

Although transporting it can seem ironic, but there could be certain situations in which you need your RV at a different location than at which it currently is.

It doesn’t matter if you are buying, selling, or renting; the entire process of shipping can be very frustrating and intimidating. In this article, we bring to you all that you need to know about shipping RVs and how to go about it.

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How to Prepare to Ship Your RV

While your transporter might be responsible for the shipping of your RV, you would have to prepare it yourself prior to that in order to protect it from any damages that might occur over the course of the journey. Be sure to ask your transporter for any specific measures they want you to take before shipping and communicate to them any special instructions and actions in case of an emergency.


Make sure that all the windows and doors have been locked shut and have latches on them; if they cannot be latched, then tape them shut. Remove all valuables and loose items from all compartments and take down any wall hangings, if present. Another extremely important caution is to turn off all electric and gas appliances and cut off their supply lines.


Ensure that the brake, parking, and all indicator lights are functioning and all cargo doors, pop-ups, and chains have been latched shut. 


Check the tires for pressures, fissures, or excessive tread water. Making sure that your brakes are functioning well is also of utmost importance along with the air pressure if you have air brakes. 


Make certain that all fluids are at their appropriate levels, and there are no leaks. Moreover, secure the tow bar and hitch and warrant that they are properly mounted and latched. Also, be sure to check your batteries and their current and voltage ranges.

How Are RVs Transported From Point A to B?

There are a number of ways in which an RV can be transported. What suits you the most depends on what your requirements are and how long the journey is. We have highlighted a few different ways in which this can be done.

Tow-Away Service

This type of service is suitable when an RV needs to be hauled to its destination. It involves using specialized trucks and machinery to warrant safe loading and transportation. The type of equipment required for this is dictated by the type and the size of the RV that needs shipping.

Flat-Bed Service

If you need to transport your RV over a long distance, then this method is more suitable for you. In this, transportation happens on enormous trucks and flatbed trailers, and a number of RVs can be transported simultaneously. 

Drive-Away Service

In this method, the transportation company sends over a trained and professional driver that will drive your RV to your desired location personally. No additional equipment or machinery is required for this method. 

Do I Need Insurance Coverage When Shipping an RV?

Doing your research prior to the transportation of your RV and then prepping your vehicle accordingly is an integral part of the shipment process. If you take all the necessary measures and choose a trusted transportation company, then you can expect your RV to be delivered safely to your desired location. However, despite all your preventive measures, sometimes, damage during transportation can still happen. Therefore, it is integral that you understand RV transport insurance for such an eventuality.

Make sure to check your RV transport company for appropriate insurance and authority. Every transportation company that is registered with the Department Of Transportation (DOT) is legally bounded to carry at least $750,000 in liability. This amount usually proves enough for any potential damages that can occur. Carefully go through the official and original document sent over by your transporter and assess whether that coverage meets all your criteria and requirements.

If you find that the provided insurance is not adequate for you, then you can buy additional insurance from an individual insurance company. However, we believe it is not worthwhile to do so as the liability cost from your transporter is traditionally sufficient, and after already spending so much on buying or renting an RV and then its transportation, you do not need to bear any additional cost. 

Perks of Shipping Your RV

Some might find shipping your RV a little odd, but we understand that there can be numerous circumstances and situations in which you have to take this decision. For that reason, we have highlighted some of the top reasons and benefits of having your RV shipped.

Allows Spontaneous Road Trips

Imagine you are away from home visiting friends or family, and there you make up a spontaneous plan to go on a road trip. However, you do not want to go stuffed in a car and only take limited baggage with you. You want to have the full package, relax, and enjoy every moment of your trip. In such an instance, you can get your RV transported from your home to your desired location rather than going back and getting it and travel in style.

Ensures More Convenience 

Even if you can drive your RV to your wanted location, it can be hectic, tiresome and require you to take out extra time from your schedule. Having your RV shipped is a lot more convenient. 

Keep Your Vehicle Safe 

Getting your RV shipped by a transporter means you can avoid damages and wear and tear that might occur otherwise. Furthermore, the problems of a long road trip like tiredness, making bathroom stops, motel accommodation, or even chances of drifting off while driving can be avoided altogether if you get your RV shipped. 


Shipping your RV is a major decision and requires intensive planning and research. We have tried to make the whole process a bit easier for you so that it does not take a toll on you. If you choose the right transporter and prep your vehicle adequately, then you should not face any trouble and have your RV dropped safely at your given location. This will greatly relieve you of the stress of leaving it behind or having to drive up the thing yourself. 

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