7 Travel Trailer Brands To Avoid

| Last Updated: December 29, 2020

With our hectic schedules today, there's hardly time to go on a road trip. However, when we finally do take out the time for a short road trip with the family, we plan and prepare for it for months on end, and the idea of going on a trip in an RV keeps us excited.

So, imagine the nightmare of discovering your travel trailer isn't good quality and fails to work as you expected it to. Your mind would immediately start thinking about the cost of repairs, further ruining your road trip.

However, you can avoid this horror by choosing the right travel trailer brand. To narrow down choices for you, the following are brands you definitely need to avoid.

1. Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream, in the past, had made a name for itself in the industry. However, with time, the quality of their trailers had dropped. In fact, they fail to meet modern standards too! With faulty materials and visual drawbacks, many people now refrain from buying from this brand.

According to users, the most common problem Gulf Stream vehicles have is a leakage problem, which in turn, causes numerous technical and rusting issues. This isn't a recently reported problem but has been one for a long time because of the manufacturing process and fundamental design the company uses.

There's no doubt that with rust everywhere, you wouldn't be comfortable in your travel trailer. In addition to that, heaters and refrigerators can also stop working over a short period of time, absolutely ruining what's left of your trip. Also, it appears that some parts are often installed improperly, practically signaling you to stay away.

It also seems that the company is unwilling to spend money to buy better materials. Instead, they just go with any material that can hold the trailer together, even if it's just temporary. Not only is this attitude unprofessional, but it also makes the product unworthy of the large investment. Not to mention, while the brand provides customer service, it charges extra to do so, which isn't worth the hassle at all. For similar prices, you can easily find travel trailers with much better quality.

2. Forest River

Some time back, Forest River used to be one of the most influential and credible names in the industry. However, now, customers have gradually lost their trust in the brand due to several reasons, even though its inventory includes several RV variations, such as pop-up campers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. Just like with Gulf Stream, Forest River's RVs also experience leakage in the interior, which in turn, negatively affects its performance on the road.

Another issue that's common with the travel trailers put out by the brand is sinking floors. This can really be an issue for those that travel throughout the year. Not to mention, users who turned to customer service for help found representatives to be uninterested. In fact, they tend to ignore the problems from users and are generally not up to the mark at all. Ultimately, this cost them many of their loyal customers.

There's no denying that Forest River has manufactured unbeaten and top-notch RVs in the past. However, due to their carelessness, the quality has reduced considerably. Users have reported several other issues as well, and if the company doesn't rise above them, it will lead to failure really soon. While many still hope for the brand to change their ways, keeping in mind the negative reviews and complaints, it's better to look for another well-reputed brand.

3. Keystone

Keystone travel trailers are advertised as highly durable units that promise spacious interiors along with excellent fuel economy. Despite that, there are thousands of user and owner complaints, particularly about the technical and structural issues these RVs come with. In addition to that, their customer care is also known to be unreliable and of hardly any help. Similarly, their website is known to be non-user-unfriendly and is difficult to navigate through in case of any problems.

Common complaints made by users include control boards that have been poorly designed and cabinet doors that tend to fall off easily. In fact, the control boards provide not only poor quality but also poor functioning. All in all, the brand fails to provide its users with what they expect from a brand that purports to have great quality. Therefore, it's a better idea to look at other alternatives to this brand.

4. Coachmen

Anyone would think of Coachmen as an expert in the field, considering it has been around since 1964 and has manufactured a large number of vehicles. However, that's not the case at all and is no longer considered the first or even the second choice for many. While it comes with several unique features that satisfy the basic needs of customers, it still doesn't have top-notch quality and presents technical difficulties on the road, making the vehicle dangerous.

We can't overlook the fantastic design of their trailers, as well as the highly functional features such as electric leveling and a programmable thermostat. However, there are plenty of reasons that will convince you to avoid this brand. For instance, a model launched in 2016 doesn't have a valve on the water drain. In addition to that, when you move items in the RV, parts like electrical insulation and screws tend to fall off. Considering the crooked and loose screws, it's clear that the company no longer prioritizes good build quality.

On choosing a trailer from this brand, you might also face issues such as leaking showers and broken lounge chairs and electric levelers. You might also notice the material used for the passenger seats to be of poor quality since it can start to wear off in a really short time.

5. Fleetwood

Fleetwood has made a name for itself as one of the the most loved and best-known brands for travel trailers, so it might come off as a surprise that it's a brand you should avoid. For many years, the company was thought of as highly desirable because of how innovative and of good quality their designs were. However, recently, they've started receiving quite a bit of negative feedback.

According to users, their customer service has drastically dropped in quality, particularly after a purchase has been made. Similarly, despite several defects, the company refuses to honor warranties. There are several other complaints as well that include problems with the charging of the battery, malfunctioning systems, the inability of trailers to level off when they're parked, water leaks, and poor quality of fabric that gets worse in hot weather.

Overall, the fact that the company has made a good name for itself isn't an excuse to put out bad products. Plus, keeping all the factors under consideration, clearly it's better if you avoid this travel trailer brand and find one that stays true to its name and claims.

6. Coleman

Coleman is a relatively new brand in the market with not even a decade of operations. Despite that, it has failed to capture the market and has only made a bad name for itself, particularly with the poor build quality it provides to its customers. Users not only report the worst quality builds but also report the trailer demanding replacements in the first week of use. The finish and fit of many of Coleman's trailers is believed to be horrible and assembled very poorly.

In fact, many users report having problems with it in just the first use. Complaints include the freezer never working, the AC or heater failing to stay on continuously, and the shower set such that it sprays all over the floor. The most common complaint, however, was the poor quality build with parts falling off, like the slide's trim, bedroom door, and outside lights. 

There are also problems with the bunk windows which can blow out while driving on the open road, as well as furniture falling out in just one year of use. Other minor issues reported also include the awning locking up and the detailing starting to bubble and separate from the siding. Overall, unsatisfied users claimed that Coleman RVs are not livable or even usable.

7. Jayco

Jayco is known for uncertainty, with some users loving their purchase and others complaining about it being a waste of money. The vehicles manufactured by the company include various built-in attractive facilities. However, after a short time, those features start falling apart, resulting in huge maintenance costs. Think about it; if such failure is repetitive, the vehicle would only be a waste of resources. Some common issues include missing fixtures, water leakage, and improperly installed ventilation.

In addition, with several parts not working the way they should, many users feel cheated. While most users agree that the towing ability and outside conditions provided by Jayco are great, it doesn't cover up for the fact that the interior falls apart in a short time.

In fact, keeping the issues in mind, it's pretty clear that the company has been cutting corners at the time of assembly to cut down their manufacturing cost. So, while Jayco travel trailers are beautiful to look at, in terms of functionality, they don't offer much.


Looking at these eight brands, it's clear that most of these have inadequate quality control. In addition, most of these blatantly refuse to honor their warranties, despite manufacturing defects. Therefore, it's essential to look closely at the minor details, including the warranty policy, to ensure you get a travel trailer brand that promises great customer service and a good reputation.

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