Best Florida Panhandle RV Parks

| Last Updated: September 7, 2022

Looking for the best RV parks in Florida Panhandle? It's a great part of the state to visit, and with many parks on offer it can be tricky getting the right place. Fear not, we've cut down a select few places to stay at and highly recommend every one.

While ordinary road trips and camping once in a while is exciting, nothing beats the fun that recreational vehicles or RVs have to offer. It’s like a small, personal home inside with all your comfort and everyday commodities. People of all age groups are bound to enjoy a stay in RVs.

However, the best way to enjoy an RV is to spend a night or stay even longer in RV parks. These parks are designed in such a way that it gives a good place for RVs to be parked for a while so the people can enjoy the park, beaches, food, and other several activities.

Florida is one of the most prominent tourist spots in the US and is packed with tourist-centric activities. So, if you have a recreational vehicle and planning a trip on it, read this review to learn about the best Florida Panhandle RV parks. 

Why the Florida Panhandle is Such a Great Place to RV 

The Florida Panhandle is located on the northwestern side of the state. The region is surrounded by Alabama, Georgia, and the Gulf of Mexico as well. What makes the Panhandle region distinctive is its lower population, a greater number of exquisite beaches, and a blend of big city life as well. The region is best known for being a tourist attraction mainly for its breathtaking scenery. The following are some great tourist attractions in the region:


Panhandle, Florida is majorly known for its less crowded, cleaner, and safer beaches. There is an endless number of beaches that have been developed in a way that offers comfort and a great time to the visitors. Panama City Beach and St. George Island are some examples. 

Beach Campgrounds

If you are a beach person with an RV, then beach campgrounds are meant for you. Carry all your essentials and comfort necessities to the campgrounds and camp by the beach.

The beautiful sunsets and the calm of the sea are going to be refreshing. 

RV Resorts

The Panhandle, Florida region has an endless number of RV resorts. This is because it’s already a famous place for beach camping and summer vacations, which is why it caters to people traveling with their RVs and finding the best spots to spend a couple of nights. 

Review of the Best RV Parks in Panhandle Florida

The following are in-depth reviews of some of the best RV parks in Panhandle, Florida, that you can have a great time at. All parks have some unique and special features that guarantee a peaceful yet exciting stay with your large-sized RVs. Take a look to find the most suitable park for your next trip in the RV!

Best Overall Florida Panhandle RV Park:
Henderson Beach State Park

Best Overall Florida Panhandle RV Park: Henderson Beach State Park

What we love

  • Long hours of operation for the whole year
  • Paved roads allow for a bicycling experience
  • Online reservations make things much easier
  • 60 campsites can accommodate both RVs and tents
  • Space is also available for bigger events like weddings

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is definitely one of the best Florida Panhandle RV parks. Situated between wide sand dunes, the area is known for its white sand that attracts people from all over the US and the rest of the world too. The state park has wide peak visiting hours that give you a large time bracket to visit the park during feasible hours.

Not only that, the park is also backed by a detailed, helpful and resourceful website that saves you from the hassle of on-the-spot arrangements. The following are some important outstanding features of the park:

RV and Tents Both Welcome

The park lets you enjoy all types of activities. Whether you want to stay the night in your RV, or you want to bring along some tents, both options are doable. The park offers versatile activities and experiences and is therefore great for everyone. 

Open All Year

Unlike other parks that have certain hours and seasons that they remain open, this park remains open throughout the year. This prevents you from the hassle and unexpected cancellations and plans. You can visit any time of the year. 

Park Map

If you are going there for the first time, it should not be any challenge because the park has its own map. It is downloadable and can be used as a reference at any given time. 

Emerald Beach RV Park

Emerald Beach RV Park is one of the best Florida Panhandle RV parks

What we love

  • The park has full Wi-Fi feasibility
  • There are free cable TVs available
  • Good place for dogs with the dog parks 
  • Offers private beaching too for personal experience
  • Great for winter and cooler weather with a heated pool system

Why it Stands Out to Us

Emerald Park promises a great time to spend with family and your pets too. The pet-friendliness of the park truly stands out to us as it plays a vital role in offering its customers great peace of mind. The park is located in Navarre, which is one of the most popular and loved regions due to its beauty. The following features of the park make it outperform others:

Private Beaching

If you are a couple on a honeymoon or just generally need your privacy on the trip to the park, then this place is going to be great for you since it offers a private beach option. You get to enjoy yourselves secluded from the rest of the crowd and be yourself. 

Kayak Rentals

The park is all about adding fun and enthusiasm to your experience. For this reason, it has kayak and paddleboard rentals that are going to give a whole new experience. Get a change from everyday life driving cars and riding bikes and get on paddleboards and kayaks for a refreshing time. 

Fenced Dog Parks 

If you want to take your dog along, this is one of the pet-friendliest RV parks in the Florida Panhandle. Don’t let your pet stay at home anymore and let it enjoy the place with the fenced dog parks so they remain protected and can also enjoy themselves at the same time. 

3. Five Flags RV Park

Five Flags RV Park in the Florida Panhandle is perfect in many ways

What we love

  • Special discounts offered
  • Wash stations are free at every site
  • Lots of greenery, perfect for nature lovers
  • Efficient laundry facility for increased convenience
  • Convenience stores and other necessities are easily available

Why it Stands Out to Us

A distinctive feature of this Florida Panhandle RV park is its outstanding range of discounts offered to government and law enforcement officials. The park charges on the basis of nights and weeks but also has amazing offers and packages for specific types of customers. A great feature of this park located at Wilde Lake Boulevard is its greenery and efficient design that guarantees comfort for the customers. 

Efficient Design

The park is designed in a highly efficient manner with an effective sewer and water system that caters to the needs of the customers. Moreover, it is situated in such a place that it has Walmart and other pharmacy stores and general stores very close to the park, making it further convenient for the ones staying there for longer periods. 

Nearby Eateries

Impressively enough, the park is situated in a way that it has eateries and restaurants at a walking distance from the park. This makes it a good place to enjoy a good eatery every now and then and also have good nightlife by the beach. 


The discounts offered by this park are outstanding. Law enforcement officials, government servers, and even military servers get a 10% discount on a nightly basis. So, if you fall into any of the above, this has to be one of the main RV parks in Florida Panhandle to go for.

4. Santa Rosa RV Resort

What we love

  • Efficient and advanced Wi-Fi facility
  • Convenient heating system in the pools
  • Dog-friendly with dog beach and dog park
  • Long fishing pier with dolphins and fishing facilities
  • A separate children’s play area, making the place suitable for families 

Why it Stands Out to Us

A widely sized resort of 3000 sq. ft. this Florida Panhandle RV park is a great place to spend a night or an exciting weekend in. This RV resort is the best place for family time with its range of quality services and activities. Plus, it is also really dog-friendly, making it the best place for your pet to have a nice time at too. Some of the following features make this park worth the visit:

Fishing Pier

The long fishing pier of this RV resort lets you fish without the need for a fishing license. This is one of the biggest ways in which this resort not only provides fun and excitement but also guarantees comfort and convenience. You don’t need to get a license or go through the trouble of documentation to fish and indulge in exciting outdoor activities at this resort. 

Children’s Play Area

If you are a family with kids, this resort is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time. Get your kids some fun, outdoor time with the children’s play area. This feature makes the park stand out from others since there are very few parks that offer activities specifically for children.

Advanced Facilities 

If you want to experience top-notch comfort in your RV or in your camp, then the efficient Wi-Fi feasibility provided by this park is going to be the answer. Stay in touch with your social life, and keep yourself updated with the tech world with the advanced facilities of this park. 

5. Avalon Landing RV Park

Avalon Landing RV Park

What we love

  • Pool facilities for all sites
  • Fishing pier does not require a fishing license
  • Visitors are offered an efficient laundry facility
  • Wi-Fi system is guaranteed for better user experience
  • Pets can be brought onboard with proper registration

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are traveling to an RV park for the first time and want nothing to go wrong, then this is the perfect choice for you. This is because it gives you all the essential information online so that you can plan ahead. Plus, there is a detailed map on Google Maps for this park, along with two different routes that you can take to reach this park. As a result, even first-time visitors find it easily and have no trouble in the future as well. 

Accommodates Rigs

The park has exceptionally big sites that can accommodate rigs of sizes up to 45’. This makes it a good park for various types of vehicle owners and for people who have larger-sized vans and need to stay the night with their vehicles. 

Online Reservation Form

Speaking of convenience and digital advancement, this park is ahead of everyone. Its truly impressive, convenient, and user-friendly registration form helps you to plan ahead of time and also make the necessary arrangements. 

No Standing Water 

Many parks are often surrounded by standing water, leading to unhealthy surroundings and a bad smell too. However, this park is surrounded by running freshwater, making it beautiful and highly scenic, making it a must for anyone looking for one of Florida Panhandle's great RV parks.

6. Milton / Gulf Pines KOA

Milton / Gulf Pines KOA is one of the great RV Parks in the Florida Panhandle

What we love

  • Easy to use mobile application
  • Dog parks make it dog-friendly 
  • 4000 ft. and more deluxe cabins
  • Mini golf in campsites adds to the range of activities
  • Allows tent camping for a more adventurous and interesting stay

Why it Stands Out to Us

KOA parks make a great play for a quiet time of relaxation and fun at the same time. This park is mostly known for its extraordinary deluxe cabins that you can avail to make the most out of your time. The park also offers an easy-to-use mobile application that is another outstanding feature. 

Mobile Application

The KOA mobile application is as versatile as it can get with its compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. The application lets you search, make reservations, and even gather vital information about the park and your stay there. Also, it has offline instructions, alerts, and also gives valued customer rewards that you can enjoy later. 

Deluxe Cabins

The deluxe cabins are the most prominent feature since they offer privacy and comfort to the people staying inside. The cabins stand out with their full baths, premium tent sites, and super clean interior. You also get to use a clubhouse to throw or even enjoy a party.

Mini Golf

This park is one of the very few that have golf sites. If you are a golf enthusiast or are looking for a place to spend your weekend playing golf, then the mini-golf sites at this park are really going to help you out. 

7. Pensacola RV Park 8

Pensacola RV Park 8

What we love

  • Highly dog-friendly with dog parks
  • Good for larger vehicles such as large rigs
  • Far from the highway, little to no traffic noise
  • Coin-operated laundry accessible for the handicapped
  • Discounts offered to military and law enforcement officials

Why it Stands Out to Us

An RV park that caters to the needs of all types of customers is the best one. For this reason, this park is truly outstanding with its facilities that cater to handicapped customers too. Moreover, it is secluded from the big city life, giving you a refreshing feel throughout your stay. Some of the following features of the park make it worth your money and time:

Far Away From the Highway

The location of the park is prime. It is situated far away from the main highway and city traffic. This makes it secluded and prevents any traffic noise from ruining your peace during the stay. 

Accommodates Rigs

If you have a larger vehicle or a rig, then this park will be a great choice for you. This is because it has sites large enough to accommodate rigs and bigger vehicles without any hassle. 

Easy Laundry For Handicapped 

This is one of the very few RV parks in Florida Panhandle that offer some facilities, especially for handicapped people. The park has a coin-based laundry system that can be enjoyed by the handicap and has an ordinary laundry system as well. In addition to this, the park also has Wi-Fi at every place and point you go throughout the park. 

8. Destin West RV Resort

Destin West RV Park in Florida Panhandle

What we love

  • RV sites have 24 hour bathhouse
  • It has several golf courses for gold lovers
  • Offers numerous discounts on various occasions
  • On-site laundry ensures convenience and comfort
  • Numerous activities including dog parks and fishing pier

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is another park located on Fort Walton Beach. The park amazes us with its wide number of sites that all have a 24-hour running bathhouse. Moreover, it is packed with breathtaking scenes and activities, including a waterfront pool with proper heating, easy access to the bay, and beautiful beaches too. The following features are offered by the park:

Numerous Discounts

We were really impressed by the past discounts offered by the park. There were Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts as well. This makes it a great place for those who want a good deal on a limited budget. Availing these discounts will surely add greater value to your money. 

Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is right across the park, making it very easy for you to visit it. The blue water and white sand will be a refreshing and breathtaking sight to see. Therefore, the park is surrounded by such scenic places and is, therefore, a good way to get a break from the busy life.

Towable RV Sites

The best part about this RV park in Florida Panhandle is its numerous sites that accommodate towable RVs from back-in. The back-in sites have large porches with an ample amount of greenery and space too. 

9. Fort Pickens Campground 7

Fort Pickens Campground 7

What we love

  • Wide number of sites, 178 in total
  • Refreshing swimming sites available
  • Allows for tent camping and mountain biking too
  • Several restaurants and beach nightlife is present very near to the park
  • A range of historic sites have to offer great cultural significance to the park

Why it Stands Out to Us

This park has an efficiently designed website that informs you about the scheduling and the reservation efficiently. From historical sights to tent camping and swimming facilities, it has to offer a lot of fun activities. It stands out to us for the following features:

Pre-Planned Schedule

For you to have a hassle-free time, the park has a pre-planned opening schedule so you can plan the visit accordingly. This also allows you to make the necessary arrangements beforehand and adjust the rest of your personal schedule accordingly. 

Large Number of Sites

The park is equipped with a total of 178 sites, with 41 being tent sites, allowing for tent camping as well. This huge number is great for catering to a huge number of people and make sites available for everyone most of the time. 

Fishing Pier 

If you are looking for something unusual but fun to do without any need for documentation and hassle, then this Florida Panhandle RV park is the right place for you. With a fishing pier that does not require any license, you will be able to gain new experiences and learn a new skill as well.

Final Thoughts Choosing Florida Panhandle RV Parks

It is important to make sure that the park you are going to stay in has everything you need, and RV parks in Florida Panhandle have the essential elements that guarantee your comfort. Do not go for a park that is not dog-friendly when you need to take your pet there. Plus, a park needs to be family-orientated and good for children too if it’s a family trip.

All in all, always gather the maximum information through online platforms by the use of customer feedback and reviews so you can have a true picture of what the park is like. A good number of sites should be there so you can choose the best site for yourself. Making online reservations is more suitable since it makes things easier on the spot. 

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