Best Beachfront RV Parks in Florida

| Last Updated: September 5, 2022

Looking for the best beachfront RV parks in Florida? Of course you are! Who doesn't goto Florida to stay close to the beach?

Stopping at one of Florida beachfront RV parks gives you the perfect base to enjoy a lazy trip, and the good thing is there are many to choose from. But again, this can also add confusion, because not all parks are created equally.

Fear not, we've put together a shortlist of some of the best beachfront campgrounds you can find in the Sunshine state.

Not every place has an RV parking area, so you need special parks that fulfill all your needs, so read on to find some of the best parks by the beaches.

Why the Beach is Such a Great Place to RV

The beach is a strategic point for RV. Here’s why:

Extra Activities

You are going on a vacation, so make sure it is a memorable one. Don’t just go to a dull park where you go solely to get a good shower and recharge.

Beachfront RV parks in Florida are not just parks, they're resorts. They come with state-of-the-art cabins, indoor and outdoor beach activities, dining options, and festivals.

You can go swimming, fishing, kayaking and most of these resorts provide rental facilities, so you don’t have to look somewhere else. They have activities for everyone; children, adults, and pets as well. These facilities make sure that their guests are having fun throughout their stay.

Healthy and Relaxed

In a Florida beachfront RV park, you will be surrounded by clear blue water and its calming waves. Most of the living areas give beach views so you can enjoy it on your private lots.

Instead of staying indoors, you can soak up the goodness of the sun. Relax and untangle those knots by lying down and enjoying a sip of your refreshing drink. Go swimming in the sea to get your daily exercise quota completed instead of hitting the gym.

All that exercise and relaxing sound of waves will help you get a better night’s sleep, and you’ll end up leaving healthier and happier. 

For Families

Going on a road trip with children can be tricky. You have to entertain them at times, or else all hell will break loose. There will be screaming and crying and just general annoyance. Nobody wants that on vacation. But don’t be put off. If you stay at beach side parks, boredom is not something you’ll have to worry about.

These facilities cater to the needs of all your family. Children can enjoy pools, usually with slides and other games. Every facility has a Wi-Fi connection, so no trouble there. They usually also have pet walking areas, so for people with pets, it’s another plus.

You can enjoy family picnics at the beach and friendly board games in clubhouses as well. With the amazing seafood cuisine, what’s there not to love? Plus, these parks give you all the beach fun with little burden on the pocket. 

Review of the Best Beachfront RV Parks in Florida

No need to go to the trouble of visiting an endless list of websites and reading all those brochures to pick your destination. You can do it here in one place. These are fully comprehensive reviews of all the best beachfront RV parks Florida has to offer.

1. Bluewater Key RV Resort

best beachfront rv parks in florida

What we love

  • Has temperature-controlled pools
  • Trash pick-up and recycling facility
  • Provides boating and kayaking facilities
  • Includes private tropical tiki huts on every site
  • Provides all basic amenities like electricity hook-ups, water and sewer connections, public restrooms, showers and more

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

The Bluewater resort is up there with the very best beachfront RV parks in Florida for many reasons. Let's find out why we love it...

Luxury Resort

Blue Water Key Resort is a Luxury Florida beachfront RV park where you can vacation in style. It fulfills all your basic needs of electricity, clean water, showers, restrooms, kitchen, and laundry. But if that is not enough, no need to worry. It lives up to its luxury title surrounded by beautiful tropical plants and trees.

You can enjoy clubhouse, park (for your pets as well), HD cable TV, refrigerator, and let’s not forget the calming clear blue water. Plus, if you are a jeep enthusiast and want to travel in style, then you won’t be disappointed. Blue Water Key also lets you rent jeeps.

You can be sure to enjoy your privacy in this RV park because the sites are surrounded by plenty of shrubs and trees.

Many Sightseeing Opportunities

This park is located in Key West Florida, which has many sightseeing opportunities not only for outgoing adventurers but also for art-loving museum-goers.

If you want to live your treasure hunting dreams vicariously through a famous treasure hunter, then you should certainly visit the MEL Fisher Treasure Museum. If you want to experience the full mid-19th-century experience, then you have the Key West Shipwreck Museum. And for literature buffs, you have the infamous Ernest Hemmingway’s Home and Museum.

You can also visit the famous Duval Street, nature conservatory, Marine Park, and sunset celebration every night at Mallory Square with performances and delicious food.

Water Sports and Fishing

Key West is famous for its coral reefs, diving, and snorkeling, and you can expect Bluewater Key Resort to make sure you enjoy all that it has to offer. You can rent a kayak and enjoy paddling through mangroves. You can also rent boats in summer that are suited for Saddle Bunch Bay’s shallow water.

If you love fishing, then you can do that too. Florida Keys has the best wreck and reef fishing. You can find dolphins, sharks, snapper, marlin, sailfish, and others, and this beachfront RV park in Florida is the perfect base for all of the above.

2.Pensacola Beach RV Resort

beachfront florida rv park

What we love

  • Good pool facilities available
  • Has a clubhouse with a lounging area to relax
  • Located less than 200 feet from the Gulf of Mexico
  • Have a separate kid-friendly beach on Santa Rosa Sound
  • Pets are welcome in this resort with special dog walking areas

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

As Florida beachfront RV parks go, this one has so much to offer. Let's find out why...

Perfect Location

The owners of this resort really know what they are doing. It is located at a very convenient spot from where you can easily access everything that Pensacola has to offer. And it has much to offer. Not only that, but this resort is located right across from none other than the Gulf of Mexico. This resort is located on Santa Rosa Beach, with its own private beach area.

But if one beach is not enough for you, then that’s okay too. This park is located near the Casino Beach and the Gulf Pier. You can also easily visit markets and restaurants to get the full Pensacola experience.

The resort provides you with a list of things you can do like, dolphin watching, deep-sea fishing, visiting the National Aviation Museum, and many bar options.

Tiki Huts and Suites

Pensacola Resorts offer you three options other than RV sites i.e. Tiki Rooms, Tiki Hut Hideaways, Tiki Suites. You can relax in the basic room or go the extra mile with luxurious suites.

They all have a bedroom, bathroom, living room, TV, kitchen, and patio area. You get your own parking space, free Wi-Fi, microwave, and fridge. The Hut Hideaways provide extra facilities like a master bedroom and another room with a bunk bed, sound system, oven, and a private cabana.

But let’s not stop there. The suites are located right on the beach. It has three TVs, a master bedroom, another bedroom with a full-sized bed and a twin bunk bed. There is a separate TV for each room. It also has a patio area and a private deck.

Local Events

Pensacola will let you get bored with its many events. The resort has a calendar for you, so you won’t miss out on anything. Depending on the time of year, there are many activities to enjoy. There is a farmer’s market and a flea market, but if that’s not for you, then you can always enjoy the many beach activities and visit the restaurants for special seafood cuisine.

3. Fort Clinch State Park

beachfront rv parks in florida

What we love

  • Also has recycling facilities
  • Pet-friendly as well as wheelchair accessible
  • Compared to other RV parks, it is very cheap
  • For history lovers, it has a museum and history programs
  • Offers bicycling, hiking and wildlife viewing and for water lovers swimming, surfing, paddling and fishing facilities

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

For those of you who are on a budget, this park is a great option. It has many facilities, some of which are:

Historical Sites

As you might have guessed from its name, this park involves Fort Clinch on its premises. The fort has significant importance in the Civil War. If you are fascinated by history, then you will love this place. You can visit the rooms and galleries within the fort and also attend programs to learn about the life of a soldier in the Civil War. They have great programs that preserve Florida’s history, not only written but also reenacted for you to enjoy and learn from.

Beach and Wildlife in One Place

This is one of the most peaceful and serene beachfront RV parks in Florida. It has a little something for everyone. You can enjoy beach activities with your family, which involves swimming, shelling, paddling, and surfing.

For the adventurous and nature-loving spirit in you, this facility has many hiking trails and camping areas. They have many nature walks and preservation programs. The fort takes a whole new magical appearance at night lit only by candles and lanterns. You can also enjoy a little family time with a picnic in the park or with campfires on the beach.


When you are surrounded by such beauty and nature with something interesting to do all day, you will not miss any of it. If you want to enjoy a tension-free holiday on a budget, then this park will not disappoint.

4. Camp Gulf

camp gulf beachfront rv park in florida

What we love

  • Provides great golfing facilities
  • Laundry and bathing areas are open 24/7
  • A recreational complex with a kid-friendly pool and a spa available
  • Includes a store equipped with groceries, toys, clothing, snacks and RV supplies
  • William G. Activity Centre with many games like basketball, board games, puzzles and also a TV area

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

For activities this beachfront RV park in Florida has by far the most. Some of its stand-out features are:

Golf Course

Camp Gulf has its own golf course, where you can rent golf carts on a weekly basis as well. This site truly has something for every family member. You can enjoy the peaceful quiet on the golf course and enjoy your drink while the children are at the playground.

Activity and Recreational Complex

The park is surrounded by the white-sugar sandy beach where you can go boating. The recreational complex comes with many games to enjoy, both indoors and outdoors. They host seasonal events where everyone can come together and socialize.

Activities are planned for Labor Day, New Year’s, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. The center is close to all living facilities. You can also enjoy coffee and snacks here.

Everything You Need on Site

This is not just any Florida beachfront RV park. It has everything you will need; you will not have to go anywhere else. It has a mailing service, Wi-Fi, picnic and RV supplies, snacks and toys for kids, and a store for groceries. The beach is within walking distance from the living areas where you can relax, and there’s also a pool for kids. It’s really an all-in-one package deal.

5. Red Coconut RV Resort

beachfront rv sites in florida

What we love

  • Located in the vicinity of restaurants
  • Pet-friendly place with up to 3 pets allowed
  • Shuffleboard and clubhouse available on-site
  • Designed keeping physically impaired people in mind
  • Provides bath, laundry, electric, sewer, cable, and internet facilities

Why This Park Stands Out to Us 

The last on our list of best beachfront RV parks in Florida is not last because it lacks in activities. In fact, there is much to enjoy here. 

Water Activities

If you are going to a beach side RV park, then you need to enjoy beach activities. You don’t have to look elsewhere to find them. The resort allows you to rent several different water vehicles. You can go jet skiing and parasailing as well. Fort Myers Beach is considered to be the safest beach, so you can enjoy it with all your family. It is also a great beach for people who love fishing and seafood.

There is also a swimming pool for children with slides and a restaurant.


The beach is home to many festivals and parades around the year. National volleyball tournaments are held here. Fort Myers Beach holds sandcastle competitions each year. If you fancy yourself an artist, you can try your luck there or enjoy the beautiful art pieces. There is also a St. Patrick’s Day parade, 4th of July parade, and shrimp festival.

You can also attend a pirate festival complete with costumes and a ball.

Clubhouse and Shuffle Board

The place has a great family-friendly clubhouse that hosts holiday dinners. They have free Wi-Fi available each day. To sum up the fun, there are themed dances every month. They also provide indoor games and pancake breakfasts. For sports lovers, there's a shuffleboard court on-site where you can either play or learn.

We're sure if you stay here, you'll really enjoy your time, as you will with all the above beachfront RV parks in Florida.

Final Thoughts Before Opting for Your Beachfront RV Park in Florida

RVing is a great way to enjoy your vacations. And what better place to go than the beautiful beaches of Florida? All of these parks and resorts provide great facilities with beautiful beaches close by. Which one you choose really depends on which area you are going to. You can be sure to unwind, relax, and recharge.

Before you pack your bags and book one of the many Florida beachfront RV parks, make sure to check out all the different events and tourist locations of the area to get the full experience. These are usually provided by the resorts themselves. Then all you have to do is relish in the sun-soaked beaches.

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