Best RV Parks in Idaho – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: July 2, 2020

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RVing has become quite a popular activity, and therefore many RV parks have opened up in the state of Idaho. 

Looking for a great spot to camp and then being able to enjoy the campsite can help you kick back and relax, take in the nature around you and maximize your RV adventure! 

In this article, we’ve listed some of the most amazing RV parks in Idaho, so let’s go over them.

Beautiful Waterfront Campsite in Idaho (Source)

Why Idaho is Such a Great Place to RV

Commonly known as the Gem State, Idaho has the most majestic landscapes and beautiful scenic sites. It is popular for its rocky mountains, making it one of the ideal places for an RV adventure. So the next time you plan to take your RV somewhere, Idaho shall be your best bet.

Majestic Sceneries

People from all over the world, and not just the States, visit Idaho to witness its beautiful rocky mountains, the natural hot springs, and the breathtaking lakes and rivers. The RV parks in Idaho are truly some of the most wonderful locations that will want you to come back again and again. 

Infinite Activities

Whether or not you have kids, you definitely need some relaxing activities to enjoy that scenery. There’s something for everyone here, from fishing to paddle boarding and kayaking. The lakes and rivers invite you to enjoy many different water sports. Not only that, but there are also wildlife conservation sites around RV parks so you can have a quick tour there too. 

A Historic Touch

Some towns in Idaho are really old, and if you like exploring historic sites or checking museums out, there is an RV park for you too! All of that, with some great food and many adventurous locations, we promise you that you will have the time of your life at the park of your choice!

Quick Take - The Best RV Parks in Idaho

Before you go any further, here are the best RV parks in Idaho: 

  1. Mountain Home RV Resort
  2. Hi Valley RV Park
  3. Hells Gate State Park

Review of the Best RV Parks in Idaho

You’ve planned to grab your RV and live the great American dream. We have talked about why you would want to visit Idaho to RV, but which parks are well worth your time? Below we have elaborated Idaho’s top ten RV parks with the best facilities and sceneries to make your experience enjoyable and convenient. 

What we love

  • Pets are welcome in this park
  • Free Wi-Fi and cable TV available 
  • A spacious park with 90 feet concrete pull-throughs 
  • Many activities near the resort, including golf, hunting, fishing, etc
  • Many recreational activities available, including a heated pool, hot tubs, exercise rooms, etc

Contact Info

  • Location: 2295 American Legion Blvd, Mountain Home
  • Phone Number: 1-844-580-1211
  • E-mail: 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Being one of the most popular resorts in Southwest Idaho, Mountain Home RV resort is highly liked. Let’s go over why that is the case. 

Close to the Highway and Other Facilities

The RV resort is quite close to the highway, which is a great thing if you want to pop back on the road, especially in case of emergencies. There are many different eateries and marts nearby too. And if you want to enjoy fishing or kayaking, there is a river nearby as well. 

Numerous Facilities

If you’re looking to relax, there are tons of amenities here. There are individual showers, a playground area with basketball courts, laundry rooms, and a pet park where your pet can play without a leash. Other than that, the resort provides free Wi-Fi and cable TV for indoor entertainment. If you want to go for a swim, there’s a pool and a spa in the facility as well.  

How People Like it

Anyone who has come here wants to revisit this place. Many people have stated that they enjoyed a lot at this resort, with not only the incredible facilities offered here but also how the facility is maintained with clean parks and has beautiful views. Most importantly, visitors love the customer service. Everyone is quite helpful and friendly.  

Best Boise Idaho RV Park:
Hi Valley RV Park

What we love

  • Customer service is excellent  
  • Free Wi-Fi and 30/50 amp service 
  • You can go hunting within 20 miles of the facility 
  • Many amenities from exercise rooms to off-leash pet parks, a pool, and spa
  • Numerous recreational activities nearby, including hiking, house boating, mountain biking, and other watersports

Contact Info

  • Location: 10555 Horseshoe Bend Road Boise, ID 83714
  • Phone Number: 1-888-457-5959
  • E-mail: 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Situated among the roaring springs and scenic mountain valleys, Hi Valley RV Park is a great choice for all. Let’s go over some of its prominent features. 

Quality Services

Hi Valley RV Park has it all. It is equipped with shower rooms, individual bathrooms, an RV wash site, and even ATM machines. If you have pets, you don’t have to worry about leaving them behind because pets are welcome here! There is a dog park on the facility where your pets will stay entertained. 

The site is also surrounded by some amazing activities. You can visit the roaring springs or the Wahooz family fun zone for entertainment.

Optimum Location

This park is located right between some of Idaho’s beautiful mountain valleys and serene rivers. This makes it ideal for carrying out tons of leisure activities, and you can definitely involve your kids in kayaking, hiking, canoeing, and fishing.  

Excellent Customer Service

The best part about this location is how accommodating and helpful the entire staff is. Many visitors have praised the staff, saying they always provided the needed support. Despite being a little old, the place is quite well-maintained and kept clean. The pull-throughs are spacious, and so are the dog parks. It is definitely a park well worth your time.  

Best Lewiston Idaho RV Park:
Hells Gate State Park

What we love

  • Junior Ranger program is a great activity for the kids
  • Nez Perce National Park is just a few minutes away from the park
  • You can rent or buy kayaks, souvenirs and golf supplies from the store 
  • Breathtaking views around the park, including the wonderful basaltic columns flowing from the Pomona
  • You get to experience a diversity of wildlife around from the steelhead trout in the river to the herons, swans, and deer around

Contact Info

  • Location: 5657 Warm Springs Avenue, Boise, ID83716
  • Phone Number: 208-334-4199
  • E-mail: 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This park stands out from many others in Idaho too. Here’s why.

There’s Something For All

It’s a real shame when you plan to RV at a beautiful location but find out it is not pet-friendly or there aren’t many activities for your children. Well, at Hells Gate State Park, you really do get it all. It is the best Lewiston Idaho RV Park for a reason. 

Various Programs 

Your children will definitely not be bored here. The Junior Ranger Program keeps kids busy; they help out in keeping the park beautiful and protect native animals and plants by hiking and then collecting stamps as rewards at the end. 

Another program is the first time adventure program, which hosts all the first time visitors with tons of outdoor activities, guiding how to use ropes and providing the essential gear.   

What the Visitors Think     

This is definitely one of the best parks in Idaho. Most visitors love that it is a family-friendly space and offers tons of amenities. You can enjoy camping in tents or just fishing by the river. You needn’t worry about staying here for long since there are laundry rooms and shower rooms. This is definitely a brilliant place for RVing.  

Best Hagerman Idaho RV Park:
Hagerman RV Village

What we love

  • Camper cabins are also available 
  • Good site for fishing, hiking, and boating
  • Has a recreational hall for leisure activities
  • Numerous museums, exhibits, and fish hatcheries here
  • Full hookups are available along with 20, 30 and 50-amp service

Contact Info

  • Location: 18049 Highway 30 Hagerman, ID 83332
  • Phone Number: 208-837-4906
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many reasons that make this park unique. Let’s go over them.

Terrific Location

Nestled in the Snake River valley, the location of this park makes it an even more special RV resort. The views around Hagerman RV Village are spectacular. The quiet valley is just the place you want to go and relax in. The river adds to the list of activities here. You can go jet skiing, water skiing, or check out the hot springs nearby. 

Surrounded by the Best Exhibits

There is no way you can get bored at your stay at this RV park. Close to Hagerman RV Village is the Hagerman Historical Museum, the Hagerman National Steelhead Hatchery, the Niagara Springs Steelhead Hatchery, US Park Service Fossils Beads Exhibit and Horse Quarry, the Miracle Hot Springs and Campground and so much more. There’s an endless list of fossil sites, springs, and hatcheries you can visit at this park. 

Customer Feedback

This quiet and cozy RV park is a favorite. The staff is helpful, there are numerous services and amenities, and the site is well maintained and beautiful. Customers have thoroughly enjoyed their stay here and certainly recommend others to come and stay too.

Best Meridian Idaho RV Park:
Boise/Meridian KOA

What we love

  • Resort features deluxe cabins
  • Tons of campground amenities available 
  • Many shopping and historical venues close by
  • Unique sceneries and two rivers around the park
  • Three different camping experiences to choose from

Contact Info

  • Location: 184 Pennwood Street Meridian, ID 83642 
  • Phone Number: 800-562-7626
  • E-mail:  

Why it Stands Out to Us

With more than 500 campgrounds across the States, you can expect nothing but the best here at the KOA resort.

There’s Lots to Do

This resort is situated right near the highway and has long pull-throughs and amazing deluxe rooms. You are sure to have a great time here. You can enjoy the swimming pool, game room, hot tub, playground, or planned activities on-site or you can go and enjoy the scenic views. 

You could go hiking up the Sawtooth Mountains or fishing in the Salmon River. Whatever you choose to do, you surely won’t be bored. 

Weekly Jammin’ Session

Every Tuesday, there is a bluegrass jamming session with the Boise Blue Grass Band. You are welcome to join, sing your lungs out, or just enjoy some great music!  

How Visitors Like it

It wouldn’t be a surprise saying that customers have enjoyed their time at the Meridian KOA. The park is a well-maintained facility. If you don’t want to spend your entire time in the RV, the resort has some deluxe rooms to provide you that luxurious experience. 

The reward system certainly keeps visitors coming again and again; you can get a Value Kard to redeem rewards. Many people have decided to become permanent residents here too.

Best RV Park Mccall Idaho:
McCall RV Resort

What we love

  • They offer amazing amenities
  • Beautiful view but ample shade
  • Payette Lake is nearby for great water sports
  • Generously spaced, giving everyone their personal space
  • Full hookups are available along with 20, 30, and 50-amp service

Contact Info

  • Location: 200 Scott Street, McCall, ID 83638
  • Phone Number: 1-855-634-5646
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many reasons why you would want to choose to RV at the McCall RV Resort. Featuring a large space with an abundance of leisure activities, you are sure to have a great time here. Let’s go over why.

Large Space

If you don’t like crowded places and value your personal space, McCall RV Resort is the place for you. The pull-throughs are long and spacious, so you don’t feel like you’re invading your neighbor’s space. 

Excellent Service

Many times, even if a resort offers many amenities and facilities, the fact that the service is poor or that the park isn’t pet-friendly can really ruin your experience. But here at McCall RV Resort, most visitors have praised its customer service and the abundance of facilities. There haven’t been any complaints about poor Wi-Fi or low signals either.   

Numerous Activities

This resort is built at an optimum location. North Fork Payette River flows close by, and you have a great view of McCall. In the cooler weather, you can go and enjoy ice skating at the Manchester Ice Center, or you could even enjoy the hot springs. When it comes to leisure activities, there isn’t a shortage.    

Best RV Park Caldwell Idaho:
Country Corners RV Park

What we love

  • Easy and convenient parking spaces
  • Offers tent camping for an enjoyable experience
  • There is a seasonal community garden at this park
  • Park is pet-friendly, so you can bring your pet here
  • Fire pits and tent spaces provided on-site for camping

Contact Info

  • Location: 208-453-8791 
  • Phone Number: 877-474-9826
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Country Corners RV Park is located uniquely amongst some gorgeous vineyards and museums. But that’s not the only reason why we recommend it. Let’s go over some of its other trademark features. 

Local Day Trips

You can make day trips to some of the breathtaking locations around this park. Anderson Ranch Reservoir is a wonderful dam with colorful grass and spring flowers all around. Hell’s Canyon is another amazing location with rugged mountains surrounding the Snake River. You can enjoy water sports at Payette Lake if you like adventurous activities!  

Museums Around the Park

Warhawk Museum and Four Rivers Cultural Center are great places to spend your time. The museum features historic warbirds and warplanes – if you’re interested in that. On the other hand, the Four Rivers Cultural Center is home to a performing arts theater, museum, Japanese garden, and a lot more.   

Why Visitors Like it

The main reason people come here is during the spring when the flowers are in full bloom, and the park is a colorful and serene location with beautiful views all around. With great facilities and amenities, you would definitely want to come back here after your first visit! 

Best RV Park Nampa ID:
Leah's Landing Senior RV Park

What we love

  • There is a separate game room 
  • Management is great, and always very helpful 
  • Dog hitching posts present throughout the location
  • Sites here are quite large as compared to other RV parks
  • Has a luxurious, safe and carefree environment for guests 55 and older 

Contact Info

  • Location: 1606 N Irene Dr, Nampa, ID 83687, United States
  • Phone Number: (208) 867-7393
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re looking for an RV park for the senior community, you couldn’t find one better than Leah’s Landing in all of Idaho. Here’s why we love it. 

Great For People 55 and Older

Leah’s Landing RV Park is an amazing place for citizens 55 and older and provides a luxurious and safe, carefree atmosphere. There are numerous indoor and outdoor activities here. Game tables are available for the elderly to enjoy, and the swimming pool is heated as well. 

There are occasional Barbecues, TV sporting events, pot lucks, and holiday gatherings here for everyone to enjoy. 

Exceptional Services

This is an important factor, especially for the elderly community, and we have no complaints in this regard. Time and time again, visitors have praised the lovely management who always serve with a smile and a positive attitude. 

When it comes to amenities, there isn’t one service this park has missed out on. There are laundry facilities on-site, a hot tub, and exercise equipment too that is friendly for persons over 55. Other than that, the picnic area and community center are great places to spend time. 

Loved by All

Anyone who has come here has thoroughly enjoyed their time. Visitors are reported to say they will come back soon, and that is why we highly recommend this amazing RV park!

Best Island Park Idaho RV Park:
Buffalo Run RV Park & Cabins

What we love

  • Cabins are fully equipped
  • Many unique activities to enjoy nearby
  • A pizza parlor and coffee bar available on-site
  • Located close to the Yellowstone National Park
  • A full-service park built on 10 acres with deluxe cabins 

Contact Info

  • Location: 3402 US-20, Island Park, ID 83429
  • Phone Number: +1 208-558-7112
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Did we say pizza? You heard us right. This should be incentive enough for you to give this park a go!

Optimum Location

A year-round vacation spot, the Buffalo Run RV Park is located amongst some wonderful places. Staying here is a great idea if you want to visit Yellowstone National Park because it’s just a few minutes away. 

Other than that, you can also pay a visit and enjoy the breathtaking views at Grand Tetons, Island Park Reservoir, Mesa Falls, Railroad Ranch, and Harriman State Park Game Reserve. 

Unique Activities

There are tons of other activities to enjoy around here. You can visit the Idaho Fish and Game to see how Idaho’s wildlife resources are preserved and managed. 

The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center is another wildlife park nearby that works on the conservation of wildlife at Yellowstone. You can visit their exhibits and programs for a great time. 

Some other places you can enjoy nearby are the Dry Ridge Outfitters and Mountain Mayhem.   

The Amazing Pizza Parlor 

Seldom do we hear that there’s great food being offered at an RV park, but this pizza parlor will knock your socks off. With many flavors to choose from, you’ll surely leave this place with a satisfied stomach. The coffee bar is also a great place to enjoy different types of coffee and espresso. You can check out the menus on the website. 

Best Wallace Idaho RV Park:
Wallace RV Park

What we love

  • Famous for their microbrews
  • 20 creekside sites present in the park
  • Zipline tours and snow machine trails also available 
  • Pub and grill offer vegan and gluten-free dishes too for everyone to enjoy
  • Park has an extensive menu that offers delicious food, all made fresh on site

Contact Info

  • Location: 108 Nine Mile Rd, Wallace, ID 83873
  • Phone Number: +1 208-753-7121
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Despite being last on the list, Wallace RV Park doesn’t fail to knock visitor’s socks off. The following factors make it one of the best places for RVing. 

The Famous Pub and Grill

City Limits Brew Pubs brews some of the finest beer in the States. This allows the park to serve some top-notch beer; their microbrews include a wide variety from Baldy Blonde to Loft Honey, Blood Orange IPA, and several other options. 

To go alongside these brews, Wallace RV Park needed the perfect grill; with tons of dishes to choose from an extensive menu, there’s something for everyone. You might just want to visit this park for all its delicacies! 

History and Culture

The location of this park really allows you to explore the history and culture of the neighborhood downtown. There are buildings from the 1930s, historic stairways, and the famous Pulaski Trail for hiking. Not only that, but there are four museums close by, so we’re sure you’ll have a packed schedule during your stay here!

Customer Feedback

Many visitors come here to enjoy the historic town of Wallace and dine here with some exquisite food and delicious beer. The zipline tours have been a special favorite, and many have praised the hike at the Pulaski Trail too. All in all, they have had an excellent time here. Some visitors have particularly recommended the performance at the Melodrama theatre. 

Final Thoughts Before RVing in Idaho

Idaho is truly a wonderful state where you can enjoy the wilderness and water activities amongst the breathtaking rivers and valleys. If you want to take a break from your fast-paced life and just kick back and relax, there are tons of RV parks in this state that can give you the vacation you deserve. 

From serene lakes and scenic hikes to historic sites and museums, there’s something for everyone. Whether you are above 55 or just want to enjoy great food and beer with majestic views, RVing around Idaho is the right break for you. We have listed our top picks and hope you find something to fuel your adventurous side!

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