Best RV Parks in Montana

| Last Updated: September 9, 2022

Looking for the best RV Parks in Montana? With an abundance of national parks and amazing mountainous landscapes, it's a dream destination for RVers.

Montana truly is a place where dreams come true, especially of people who have a love for the great outdoors. The place is filled with beautiful landscapes, amazing and lush greenery, and a sparse population. Many people travel to Big Sky Country every year to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience of RVing.

People usually travel with their friends and family, but regardless of who they travel with, RVing in Montana is always a treat. But there is a catch.

With so many great places to RV, it often becomes hard for travelers to pick one specific park. Although most RV parks in Montana are amazing, each of them offers a distinct feature. Here is a detailed review to help you enjoy your RV experience at Montana.

RV Parks in Montana

Lodge Campground (Source)

Why Montana is Such a Great Place to RV 

Anyone who has traveled to and stayed at one of the great RV parks in Montana knows the thrill of traveling in the mountainous area. The state that is often termed as the big sky state is known for the many amenities it has to offer. Its parks are no different. Here are all the reasons why you should definitely try RVing at Montana.

Epic Landscapes

Montana is considered to be one of the prettiest and most attractive places in the region. It is full of beautiful and lush greenery that allows you to reconnect with nature. 

Moreover, the state's biggest attraction is the plethora of mountains that occupy the land. These mountains are also surrounded by numerous valleys. More than half of Montana is made of Prairies lands. There is also an abundance of crystal clear lakes and gorgeous rivers, making up for an aesthetic RV experience.

High Affordability

Contrary to what people believe, RVing doesn't always have to be very expensive. You can find a range of states where your journey can be very affordable, and the Treasure State is one such place. 

It is full of affordable restaurants, hotels, and even tourist spots that you can enjoy. Moreover, there is a diversity of places which means you can have a good time without spending a lot of money.

Less Population

This might not seem like a great benefit, but it really adds to Montana's popularity as an RV spot. Montana is one of the least populated areas in the region, which means that not many people bombard RV parks on a day-to-day basis. You can get a lot of clear land if you visit the Treasure State on the weekend. Moreover, you can sit in the parks without anyone looking at you.

Review of the Best RV Parks in Montana 

When you decide to go RVing, you will come across so many options for RV parks in Montana that it will be almost impossible to choose one to visit first. To help you make the best choice, we have included all the best parks there that allow you to make the most out of your RV trip.

Best Overall Montana RV Park:
Jim & Mary's RV Park

RV Parks in Montana: Jim & Mary's

What we love

  • Allows hookups for all RV sites
  • Restrooms are fully clean and well maintained
  • Offers full Wi-Fi and cable facility to all visitors
  • Provides full access to sewer, cable, electric, and water facilities
  • Completely pet-friendly, ensuring a pleasant trip for the whole family

Contact Info

  • Location: 9800 US Hwy 93 N, Missoula, MT 59808
  •  E-mail:
  • Main Contact: Phone Number: (406) 549-4416

Why it Stands Out to Us

Jim and Mary's RV Park has been a household name in Montana. It is full of many surprises that only unveil once you enter the serene land. Here are all the reasons you should definitely visit this place.

Serene Location

Serene locations add beauty to all places, and this park is no different. Enriched with quirky roadside attractions and a fully mountainous area nearby, visiting this park in good weather is a dream-come-true for many people looking for a perfect day.


The park offers a range of hookups for all RV sites from April to September. All the guests will have proper access to all the basic necessities, which include electric, cable, water, and sewer facilities. The shower and restroom facilities are wide, and spots are located in a number of places. The management has done a nice job of maintaining all these places.

Wi-Fi Facilities

There are loads of musical performances from local artists that enhance your summer evenings. Your pets are also welcome in the park and will have plenty of places to roam around. Most people, however, are most fascinated by the availability of Wi-Fi here. Regardless of which side of the park you choose to explore, rest assured you will be able to use the extra-fast internet.

Best RV Park in Glacier National Park Montana:
West Glacier KOA

RV Parks in Montana: West Glacier KOA

What we love

  • Extremely large and spacious land
  • Contains a large pool for swimming
  • Provides ample places for food options
  • Internet cafes with speedy Wi-Fi facility
  • Famous Flathead lake is just minutes away

Contact Info

  • Location: 355 Halfmoon Flats road, west Glacier, MT 59936
  • Main Contact: 800-562-3313
  • Phone Number: 406-387-5341

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you want to visit some of the best RV parks in Montana, then you should definitely visit West Glacier KOA RV Park. With its pine-scented camps and very accommodating staff, it is no wonder that it is so high on our list.

Beautiful Landscape

The park surrounds a beautiful landscape that includes extremely large and finely shaped mountains. These are further adorned with lush greenery on the sides and a diverse range of flower plantations. People who love nature will find themselves at peace whilst sitting in one of the numerous campsites located here.


The pathway of the park is another specialty of the place. A short drive from the city will introduce you to this magnanimous place. You will be able to view some of the best sites for RVing. The sun road twists and then climbs across the exotic alpine preserve. There is also the famous Lake McDonald that contains colored pebbles that are a delight to see.

Hiking Spots

There are numerous places for hiking and lying around. You can enjoy cool shades of the pine trees while eating from your favorite snack bars situated around. You can end your day with the delicious dessert place in the vicinity. So if you are looking to enjoy the pathway as much as the park itself, then West Glacier is the place to be.

Best Ennis Montana RV Park:
Ennis RV Village

RV Parks in Montana

What we love

  • Allows fishing and golfing
  • Restrooms are cleaned frequently
  • Very close to Virginia and Nevada
  • Very hospitable and accommodating staff
  • Provides loads of scenic beauty and beautiful landscapes

Contact Info

  • Location: Ennis RV, 15 Geyser St., PO Box 1463, Ennis, MT 59729
  • Main Contact: (866) 682-5272
  • Phone Number: (406) 682-5272
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

If convenience is what you are looking for, then there is no place in Montana better than Ennis RV Village. The place promises a great many things, including a hospitable staff, historical places, and a lot more.

Hospitable Staff

Once you enter the serene place, you will be introduced to a great staff that is extremely accommodating throughout your stay there. It is also hospitable, so no matter what you need, you will find someone helping you get that.

Historical Places

The park provides a full and thorough service to all visitors, and the attractions offered are many. Everyone who visits the place wants to visit the nearby historic cities of Nevada and Virginia. Among other things, the cities offer some of the best places to eat in the state.

Scenic Lands

The park is further enriched with scenic lands and large ponds and lakes that allow for continuous fishing. You can even play golf at the huge golf center and meet strangers and make friends. You can also go swimming in the lakes at Ennis RV Village.

Accommodates All RVs

The park is well equipped to deal with large groups and families and makes for an unforgettable experience for all. You can stay in the park for days, weeks, or even months, but even on your long visits, one thing will remain consistent throughout is the element of surprise. You will always find something new and exciting here at Ennis.

Best RV Park Butte MT:
Butte KOA

RV Parks in Montana: Buttle KOA

What we love

  • Separate playgrounds for children
  • Loads of walking trails are available
  • Has option for mining and exploring 
  • Relatively affordable eating places around
  • Allows you to bring your pets including your dogs

Contact Info

  • Location: 1601, Kaw Avenue, Butte, MT 59701
  • Main Contact: 406-782-8080
  • Phone Number: 406-782-8080
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

RVing at Butte KOA will help you make so many amazing memories that when you share them with your friends at home, they will surely be envious. As RV parks in Montana go, this is full of excitement and thrill and could be the next go-to spot for adventurous souls. 

Attractive Location

It is located midway between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks and is a short distance from another mainland. The path that leads to the park is amazing, and the weather is nice all year round. Near the park are the Berkeley pits that are a true engineering beauty. It is the largest open-pit copper mine in the whole of America and certainly an interesting place to visit.

Historical Places

There are also remains of history located nearby. There are mansions from the old age that are a treat for the eyes. You can also go sightseeing at the uptown Butte. This allows you to change into your hiking costumes and enjoy an evening with unparalleled fun. 


Once you are tired of playing golf in the large playgrounds and hiking for hours, you can even enjoy a good hour or two in the many campsites that accommodate children and adults. So if enlightenment and loads of fun are what you expect from your weekend RVing, then there is no better place than Butte.

Best RV Park Missoula MT:

RV Parks in Montana: Missoula KOA

What we love

  • A mini-golf course is also available 
  • Hot tubs and sauna facilities offered
  • Provides Wi-Fi facilities all around the park
  • Has a large and spacious pool with changing rooms
  • Option for lighting firewood and hence enjoy in winters

Contact Info

  • Location: 3450, Tina Avenue Missoula MT 59808
  • Main Contact: 406-549-0881
  • Phone Number: 800-562-5336

Why it Stands Out to Us

For the perfect base camp in the heart of Montana, pay a visit to Missoula KOA. It is, without a doubt, one of the most exquisite parks in the area and provides a delightful experience to all RV riders. 

Rocky Mountains

The oasis is surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. These are perfectly shaped and are a treat for sore eyes. There is also ample space for lighting firewood. After doing that, you can sit around the campfire with friends and family or even strangers and have fun chatting about everything and nothing.

Luxurious Breakfast

After a rocky day, literally, you will wake up to a delicious breakfast buffet that includes diverse food options. You can eat till your stomach’s full because you will surely have a lot of other activities planned for the day. There is a mini-golf club that is well maintained and allows children and pets too. 

Hot Tubs and Sauna

One of the biggest attractions of the park is its many hot tubs and sauna options. You can enjoy one of these, depending upon the weather. They are not only very relaxing but after a tiring day, they might be the only thing you crave for your tired muscles.

Wi-Fi Facilities

Once you’ve relaxed, it’s time to show the world the fun you had! Avail the Wi-Fi facilities provided by the park to send amazing pictures to your friends and family at home. And trust us, these pictures will be more than enough to dream about the fun you are having.

Best RV Park Helena MT:
Montana State Park - Spring Meadow

RV Parks in Montana: Monatana State Park

What we love

  • Allows ice skating in winters
  • A completely safe place for your family
  • Park is home to a variety of animals and birds
  • Provides complimentary life jackets in all sizes
  • Offers an 8-mile natural trail that covers the whole lake

Contact Info

  • Location: Spring Meadow Lake State Park, c/o Helena Area Resource Office, PO Box,200701, Helena, MT 59620
  • Main Contact: 406-449-5109
  • Phone Number: 406-495-3270
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

The park that is located on the west side of Helena is home to plenty of amazing scenery. But what sets it apart from most other RV parks in Montana is the quiet and peace surrounding the areas, but there is more to that story. Here is why the park stands out.


RVing with family is different from RVing with friends. When it comes to an enjoyable day with family, you need to visit a park that accommodates children and offers loads of activities for them. If you share these views, then you should definitely pay Spring Meadow Lake a visit, and soon too, because one shouldn’t keep great things waiting.


What thrills most people regarding Montana State Park is the birdwatching experience. The park is home to many different species of birds. They all come together and offer an amazing view. One can sit on the grounds for hours watching the birds fly around; their wings flapping every now and then.

Scarce Population

All in all, the park features some really nice picnic shelters and pavilions for groups to use in peace. So if you don’t like strangers or even the staff meddling in your affairs, then you will be delighted to visit this family park.

Best RV Park Bozeman MT:
Bozeman Hot Springs Campground & RV Park

RV Parks in Montana: Bozeman Hot Springs

What we love

  • Offers horse riding facilities
  • Provides free breakfast to all visitors
  • A laundry facility that can be availed easily
  • Allows for free swimming in the hot springs
  • Has a game room for both men and women

Contact Info

  • Location: 81123 Gallatin Road Bozeman, MT 59718
  • Main Contact: (888) 651-5802
  • Phone Number: (406) 587-3030
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Bozeman Campground has been a true trendsetter in the region, and it is highly recommended for RVing. It is located in an extremely peaceful vicinity, which is only five minutes away from the mainland. It is a relatively affordable place that offers food and restrooms at cheaper rates, but that’s not all.


The park is known for offering free breakfast to all its visitors. This is just a testament to the dedication of the park to the comfort of the visitors. Not just that, but it is also known for its large clubhouses and playgrounds. You can leave your children and pets to roam around the park freely without having to worry about security. 

Historical Artifacts

You will also be flabbergasted to see some of the brilliant places nearby. There is the museum of the Rockies that is home to some of the most exquisite artifacts. The museum also contains the world’s largest T-Rex skulls. After the museum, you can also go fishing at Yellowstone.


Another thing that makes it stand out is the outdoor chessboard that the park offers. This, together with horseshoes, pedal carts, and gold panning, makes this one of the finest RV parks in Montana. There is a lot more to see in Bozeman Campground, but you will have to visit it to see for yourself.

Best RV Park Dillon MT:
Southside RV Park

RV Parks in Montana: Southside RV Park

What we love

  • Staff is really cooperative and helpful
  • Lets to explore all attractions in the west
  • Secluded location which offers greater solitude
  • Allows for fishing and other water-related activities
  • Very spacious thus allows ample space for camping

Contact Info

  • Location: 104 E Poindexter St, Dillon, MT 59725, United States
  • Phone Number: 1 406-683-2244

Why it Stands Out to Us

Located in the center of Dillon, Southside RV Park is a great place for RVing. It is home to some of the greatest tourist attractions, and the extremely hospitable staff makes you want to stay there for weeks, if not months.

Quiet Place

Southside Park is known to be a very quiet place that offers time to reminiscence and relax. The place is also extremely large and does not have many people roaming around. This makes it perfect for your peaceful trip to a serene place. It also allows you to reconnect with nature. There is lush greenery that surrounds the park, and the existence of ponds and lakes makes it all the more worthwhile.

Hospitable Staff

The management staff has also done a great job of maintaining all the sites. This includes the beautiful blacktail creek that runs all through the park and offers a beautiful viewpoint from nearly all the places. 

Water-Related Activities

There are also tons of other things that you can enjoy. This includes fly fishing trips, swimming, and playing sports. The park is situated near to the local communities so you can get all the basic necessities like a haircut or tire repairs within minutes.

All in all, the park makes for a great escape from the hustle and bustle of your city life. It is secluded yet not too far as to make things unreachable.

Best RV Park Livingston MT:
Yellowstone Edge RV Park

RV Parks in Montana: Yellowstone Edge

What we love

  • Home to many different wildlife
  • Has a lot of large ponds and lakes
  • Offers greater safety than most other parks
  • Provides separate space for each RV parking
  • Ample space to protect oneself from harsh weather

Contact Info

  • Location: 3502 US-89, Livingston, MT 59047, United States
  • Main Contact: 1 406-333-4036
  • Phone Number: 406-333-4052

Why it Stands Out to Us

You will be blown away by the sheer beauty that the park has to offer. It is mostly known for its large and spacious ponds that are well maintained. You can see the water clearly, and if you are lucky enough, you will also sometimes see large fishes roaming around in the ponds. Here are the other things it offers.


There are separate parking spots for each RV. This not only increases discipline but also ensures better protection of your equipment. You can even leave your valuable equipment lying around, and no one will touch or steal anything.


If you want to see animals, this has to be one of the best RV parks in Montana as its  home to many animals. If you are an animal lover, you will find some wonderful breeds here simply roaming around. Only the animals that don’t pose a threat to humans are kept in the open, so you can rest assured that the park is a completely safe place to explore.

Weather and Shade

The weather can be unpredictable sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that you will have to face the consequences of bad weather. There is ample shade all around the park. This not only allows you to enjoy rain and winds from a distance but also keeps you warm and comfortable in colder weather.

Best RV Park Kalispell MT:
Rocky Mountain Hi Campground

RV Parks in Montana: ROcky Mountain...

What we love

  • Offers greater affordability
  • Contains several campgrounds for relaxing and picnic
  • Located only 30 minutes away from the forests of Montana
  • Great place for all water-related activities, including boating
  • Flathead Lake nearby, which is one of the largest freshwater lakes

Contact Info

  • Location:  825 Helena Flats Road Kalispell, MT 59901 
  • Main Contact:  800-968-5637 
  • Phone Number:  406-755-9573
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Rocky Mountain Hi Campground, as the name suggests, is full of mountains, but don’t let the name fool you. There is so much more to see in this amazing park, and if you are traveling in your RV, you will surely have a trip of a lifetime here.

Largest Freshwater Lake

Located in the breathtaking Flathead Valley, the park is just 30 minutes away from Glacier National Park. You can visit the park as well as the largest freshwater lake in all of Mississippi within a few minutes.

Hiking Spots

Rocky Mountain Park is most appealing to hiking enthusiasts. You can park your RV anywhere, put on your best hiking boots, and explore all the areas nearby on foot. There are also great places for photography. You can capture all your moments and flaunt your trip memories once you go back home.

Free From Noise Pollution

The park is free from any traffic noise. This, along with the scarce population, allows you to enjoy your time in peace. You can also find ways to reconnect with nature here. There is the Great Glacier Park as well as beautiful lakes and ponds nearby that allow not only fishing but also allow fun-filled swimming activities.

Jewel Basin and Reservoir

There is also the jewel basin and the Hungry Horse Dam to explore. Both these places are known to have beautiful wildflower collections, and the reservoir is known for being a great place for boating and skiing.

So if adventure is what you are looking for, then there is no place better than this. It's certainly one of the best Montana RV parks.

Best RV Park Billings MT:

best rv parks in Montana

What we love

  • Comes with a large pool for swimming
  • Wi-Fi facility is available in the whole park
  • Ample snack bars with diverse food options
  • Allows fishing in the nearby lakes and ponds
  • Has a mini-golf club that offers ample space for your family

Contact Info

  • Location: 547 Garden Avenue Billings, MT 59101
  • Main Contact: 800-562-8546
  • Phone Number: 406-252-3104

Why it Stands Out to Us

One look at this park is all you need to fall in love with nature. It boasts of having some of the most breathtaking RV parks in Montana. But words alone cannot do justice to the place. You will have to visit the place to realize its full worth.

Gold Panning

Billings KOA offers the perfect escape from a busy life. It features the new trailhead gold course that offers a fun-filled golf game for your friends and family. You can get comfortable lying in the various campsites that offer you a chance to relax and get your mind at ease.


In summers, you can enjoy swimming in the large pool situated in the middle of the park. This is well-maintained by the managerial staff and comes with numerous changing rooms. Moreover, hot tubs and saunas can also be availed all year long.

Amazing Food Options

The food options are also great and help make this park stand out. The pancakes sold in the park are one of the best ones in the state. They, together with creamy ice-cream, are enough to refresh your mind as soon as you wake up.

Diverse Accommodations

You will also find it hard choosing between varieties of accommodations. This includes lodgings with basic amenities to luxurious places to spend a night with your loved ones. So if you are looking for your money’s worth, then this is the place to RV.

Montana RV Parks - Not Just a Base!

Exquisite beauty and exotic sceneries come together to make Montana one of the best places for RVing. It is not only equipped with the best parks but is also home to some great tourist spots. You can visit these parks with your loved ones and enjoy a day or two in a peaceful environment. 

Plus, the state’s relatively low population density allows you to enjoy your evenings in the park peacefully. But since there are so many great places to visit, make sure you prioritize the parks that you want to visit first. 

But no matter which one of the many RV parks in Montana you choose to stay at, rest assured that giant mountains, lush greenery, and breathtaking beauty will await you.