Lance 2185 Travel Trailer Review

| Last Updated: August 8, 2022

Lance 2185 is becoming the most liked trailers thanks to its elegance, efficiency, and impressive functionality. The camper sleeps up to seven people, making an ideal camping and road trip preference for couples and small families.

The Lance family boasts of high-quality travel trailers backed by a sophisticated interior design that will make you and your family comfortable all day long. But does the 2185 make their standard?

In this review we take a closer look at the Lance 2185 and see how it shapes up. We explain its features, and what you should expect from it. We also look into the pros and cons of owning one.

So, with that said, let's dive straight in...

Lance 2185

Lance 2185

Lance 2185 Specs and Dimensions

  • Sleep Capacity: 7

  • Length: 25 ft. 8 in.

  • Exterior Width: 8 ft. 1 in.

  • Exterior Height: 10 ft. 2 in.

  • Interior Height: 6 ft. 6 in.

  • Hitch Height: 755 lbs. 

  • Gross Weight: 6000 lbs. 

  • Dry Weight: 4565 lbs. 
lance 2185
  • Maximum Cargo Weight: 1435 lbs. 

  • Tire Size: ST205/75R15

  • Bunks: 3

  • Available Beds: Queen size

  • Axle Weight: 33810 lbs. 

  • Refrigerator Size: 7 cu. ft.

  • LP Tank Capacity: 5 gal.

  • Lance 2185 Layout 

    The Lance 2185 travel trailer comes with a spacious living compartment with three bunk beds that will comfortably accommodate seven people. The trailer is designed with a walk-around queen-size bed facilitated by the extra space from a single slide.

    The unit also has three wardrobe compartments that will help you keep your outdoor garments in order. The extra space also facilitates comfortable movement in the trailer, unlike other travel trailers that limit locomotion.  

    lance 2185 floorplan

    Another excellent layout aspect of the Lance 2185 is the Azdel interior panel wall and block foam insulation. This lance travel trailer design will give you the opportunity to camp in all weather conditions without worry. 

    The trailer comes with a strategically structured, enclosed, insulated, and heated water tank that will provide water at any time of the day. You don’t have to worry about your water freezing. 

    The Lance 2185 trailer also features LED interior lighting and an exterior wash station where you can clean your camping garments. A bath skylight is also included to make it easier for you to clean up on the road. 

    The entire layout of this travel trailer is perfectly suited for camping and you will only have to worry about the fun that awaits you once you hit the road with the Lance 2185 travel trailer. 

    Does The Lance 2185 Come With Appliances?

    If you are going to hit the road for a camping trip, you need some appliances. The Lance 2185 travel trailer comes in handy with a host of what you need to live your life.

    The trailer is structured with state-of-the-art domestic appliances, such as:

    • A folding gallery extension

    • A furnace forced air 

    • A flush mount with a burner range with cover and backsplash

    • A euro overhead cabinetry with accent lighting

    • A stainless-steel range hood with light and fan
    lance 2185 interior

    The Lance 2185 layout also includes a single sink, two propane tanks, and a pull-out faucet and cover. The bedroom and bathroom feature some exquisite appliances that will make your work simpler.

    Additionally, the kitchen is designed with a host of attractive stainless-steel appliances. These include a three-burner stove with a cover and striking metallic backsplash and a refrigerator you can use to keep your foodstuff fresh for future use. 

    The Lance 2185 also comes with a sizable under-mount sink with sink covers and counter extender to increase your meal preparation space. 

    Who is the Lance 2185 Best For?

    The Lance travel trailers are designed for family tours. The large living space makes these trailers perfect for families with up to seven members. With three bunks and a queen-size bed, you and your family will have a spacious sleeping space without squashing anyone into a folded dinette bed every night. 

    lance 2185 interior

    A fully enclosed Lance 2185 trailer comes in less than 26 feet, but it has spacious convertible dinettes you can use as extra sleeping space for three more kids if you like. Generally, the Lance 2185 travel trailer is designed for people that love road trips and camping. If you are in this category and have family or friends, this trailer is meant for you. 

    Popular Features

    Lance travel trailers are specifically designed for road trips, meaning they all have some standard features that make them perfect for outdoor camping. The Lance 2185 is a standout performer of the Lance trailer family because of the following features.

    Triple Bunks

    The Lance 2185 comes with triple bunks and many other features that make it spacious and perfect for a family of seven. A dedicated queen bed right in front of the trailer with a convertible sofa that can be flipped into a bed. The sofa also offers ample seating and floor space. 

    Luxurious Styling

    lance 2185 interior

    The Lance 2185 radiates luxury, from the smooth, rounded euro cabinets to an entire three décor package. The trailer also has embedded magazine racks, storage spaces with key hook functionality. The unit includes various lighting options with day and nightshades, enhancing more privacy. 

    Quality Construction

    Lance 2185 boasts of quality construction with exterior walls made of laminated bonded fiberglass and aluminum frames. The walls are also filled with a thermoplastic composite (Azdel) that is rot resistant and adds soundproofing and all-weather resistance to the trailer. With the solid construction, this unit weighs 6,000 pounds when fully loaded. 

    lance travel trailers quality construction

    Lance 2185 is generally designed to exude comfort and efficiency, making it a perfect camping trailer for couples and families. 

    Included Safety Features 

    While most people know Lance as a primary manufacturer of truck campers, the company has improved its quality and innovation over the years to make its trailers safer for the roads. The Lance 2185 is a standout in this case. 

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    Lance 2185 travel trailer features various safety features because of how and where it is intended to be used. The trailer is made of Azdel walls to keep it soundproof and insulated.

    This feature makes the unit ideal in various weather conditions. Since camping can take you to places without water, the freshwater tank is insulated, enclosed, and heated to give you a constant water supply whenever you are. 

    The body is constructed using lite-ply material from more robust and lighter wood for durability. This also enhances safety in case of a minor accident while camping. 

    Most appliances in the Lance 2185 travel trailer are made of stainless-steel material that is both durable and resistant to corrosion. This feature enhances safety by protecting devices from rust and the imminent danger they could cause in case of deterioration. 

    Aspects to Improve

    There is no doubt that the Lance 2185 is an all-around efficient travel trailer. The unit is perfect due to its compactness that will allow you to get far off-grid. But there are some aspects of the trailer that would do better with improvements. 

    First, the trailer would be better off if its weight is reduced to make it easy to load. Additionally, the trailer is a bit costly and would require a massive amount to acquire. 

    Another aspect that would make Lance 2185 a better travel trailer is increasing its space. The standing room and storage spaces should be upgraded for more comfort. 

    The Lance 2185 is a great camper for the weekend and shorter road trips. However, the trailer leaves a lot to be desired for a full-time RV user. 

    Bottom Line

    The lance 2185 travel trailer has what you would need in a highly towable floor plan. The unit features a comfortable living space with three bunks, a furnished kitchen, and appliances.

    The front, walk-around queen bed, convertible sofa, and dinette offer more sleeping space for a family of up to seven members. You can also reconfigure the rear bunks to give you flexible options and extra storage space.  

    lance 2185

    People Also Ask

    Adventurous people love travel trailers and the Lance 2185 features at the top of the list. From its hitch to wheels, this unit always goes anywhere it is towed.  However, not everyone knows more about the trailer. Here are some commonly asked questions about the Lance 2185 travel trailer. 

    How Much Is the Lance 2185 Travel Trailer?

    The Lance 2185 travel trailer is a bit heavy and comes with state-of-the-art appliances to make your camping more comfortable. For this reason, the travel trailer is quite costly, with prices ranging between $40,000 and $60,000, depending on your dealer. 

    Where Are Lance Travel Trailers Made?

    Lance travel trailers have been in the market since 1965. The units are manufactured in Lancaster, California, where the company is situated. You can get more information from the manufacturer by taking a factory tour to see how they are made and meet their makers. 

    Who Manufactures Lance Travel Trailers?

    The Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation manufactures Lance travel trailers. The company makes truck campers, travel trailers, and toy haulers. The company operates in the USA and has been operational since 1965 when it started as M&M Trailer Supply.

    Why Are Lance Trailers Suspensions So Low?

    Trailer suspension systems are one of the most critical aspects of the unit. The suspension is a significant component of the maximum load it can carry. Accordingly, if the suspension breaks down, the safety of the trailer is compromised. The lance 2185 travel trailer has its suspensions low to increase the load capacity and make the overall ride smoother and more comfortable. This aspect also saves wear and tear on the unit.