Best 5th Wheel Toy Haulers – 2021 Complete Review

| Last Updated: June 5, 2021

Fifth-wheel toy haulers are quite popular nowadays. If you seek the comfort of your home while being away from it, then it is a great option.

Toy haulers are RVs with a small garage that allows you to accommodate small vehicles like ATVs. It’s ideal for seasonal RV travelers and tradesmen who might have to spend months at a remote job site. 

If you are looking for a high-quality fifth-wheel toy hauler, then this guide is just for you.

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What is a Toy Hauler and What is a Toy Hauler 5th Wheel?

A toy hauler is a travel trailer or fifth wheel that has a ramp opening in the rear. In other words, it’s a towable trailer that includes a small garage and can accommodate small ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and other ‘toys.’

Toy haulers or toy hauler fifth-wheels allow you to attach them to the back of a large vehicle. These models are towable and promise a luxurious living, even when you are away from home. Most importantly, toy haulers are considered viable options for travelers or explorers who like to hit the road for an adventure.

When Would a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Come in Handy?

The increasing demand for toy haulers indicates their usefulness for a vast audience. Whether you’re a traveler or a seasonal tradesman, these models are fully-equipped to meet your needs on a road trip. 

Although toy haulers have many uses, this section discusses a few of them:

Remote Expeditions

Travelers and explorers must be aware of the importance of having a fifth-wheel toy hauler. Such vehicles offer you the comfort of your home while on the road. They act as a secondary home to people who would like to spend days or even weeks in the wild.

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Job Purposes

Sometimes, tradesmen might have to stay on a remote job site for days, weeks, or even months. In such cases, a fifth-wheel toy hauler would come in handy. You will not only be able to spend your time in a comfortable RV but will also have the luxury to travel anywhere you desire.


One of the major uses of toy haulers is its ability to accommodate small vehicles. If you’re off on an adventure, you might want to carry your snowmobile, UTV, or motorcycle to double the fun. This is where a fifth-wheel toy hauler would come in handy. The rear garage of your toy hauler would promise you a safe and secure means of carrying your small vehicles conveniently.

How to Choose a High Quality 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

Choosing a high-quality fifth-wheel toy hauler is not easy. You have to consider a lot of things before you can come close to buying a decent toy hauler. However, if you want to ensure the quality of your purchase, you must look for the following features.

Comfort and Facilities

Being away from home isn’t easy. However, if you own a toy hauler that promises user comfort, then it's worth noting. Most high-quality toy haulers promise a luxurious lifestyle with multiple features and exquisite interior design. These models offer great dining facilities, large interior space, and dedicated rooms that promise maximum comfort on an adventure.

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Living Space

Determining the living space of your fifth-wheel toy hauler is important before you put your hands on it. If you are a couple or an individual, a compact or medium-sized toy hauler would be enough. However, if you have a large family, then you should look for a model that offers greater living space. 

Garage Capacity

If your neighbors are joining you on a road trip, you must have some extra garage capacity to accommodate their small vehicles. Therefore, it is important to choose a toy hauler that offers sufficient garage capacity and can accommodate multiple ‘toys’ conveniently.

Review of the Best Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

Finding the best fifth-wheel toy hauler is a challenge for buyers looking for a quality model. With so many models available, it becomes quite difficult to decide which one to opt for. Therefore, to ensure you buy the best one, we have reviewed some of the best fifth-wheel toy haulers below.

Best Overall:
Keystone Montana High Country 381TH


  • Offers ample storage space with multiple cabinets
  • Luxurious design backed with state-of-the-art technology
  • Spacious kitchen with three-burner stove and built-in oven
  • Large dinette area that can comfortably accommodate four people
  • Features an entertainment center with an HDTV and electric fireplace for recreation


  • Only one bathroom is available
  • Cargo area is a bit on the smaller side

Montana High Country 381TH Specs

GVWR: 17,000 lbs

Dry Weight: 13,546 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 3,265lbs

Exterior Length: 41 ft 6 in

Exterior Height: 13 ft 4 in

Fresh Water Capacity: 66 gals

Gray Water Capacity: 78 gals

Black Water Capacity: 39 gals

Montana High Country 381TH Layout

Montana High Country 381TH is a toy hauler that promises you a luxurious design and ultimate comfort even when away from home. It has a large kitchen with a three-burner stove and a built-in oven, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at once. The toy hauler also has a spacious dinette area for up to four people, where you can dine-in with your loved ones.

Moreover, this model features a truly remarkable entertainment center. It has a pre-installed HDTV and an electric fireplace to keep you warm and cozy. The bathroom features a large shower stall that comes with a seat and includes a flushing toilet as well. Besides, there is ample room for storage in the cabinets, and the model can comfortably accommodate up to eight people.

Who is the Montana High Country 381TH Best For?

If you are a full-time RV traveler or a tradesman, then this model is a great purchase. You don’t have to go to the laundromat as it includes a stacked washer and dryer if you’re looking to get your laundry done on-site. Meanwhile, its spacious kitchen, dining area, and ample storage options make it perfect for a large family.

Popular Features

An opulent toy hauler that offers you a luxurious lifestyle with its well-thought design, Montana High Country 381TH is a great purchase. Its entertainment center keeps you occupied with great recreational facilities. Plus, it offers a spacious living area to easily accommodate several people.

Jayco Seismic Toy Hauler


  • Ideally designed for full-time RV travelers
  • Ramp section can convert into a ‘Party Deck’
  • 12.5-foot long cargo area easily lodges a pair of ATVs or UTVs
  • Interior cargo area can easily be converted into sleeping space
  • Features two bathrooms with large shower stall, toilet, sink, and medicine cabinet


  • Doesn’t offer a lot of walking space
  • No dedicated entertainment center is provided

Jayco Seismic Toy Hauler Specs

GVWR: 17,450lbs

Dry Weight: 13,970 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 3,340lbs

Exterior Length: 40 ft 4 in

Interior Height: 8ft 3 in

Fresh Water Capacity: 102 gal

Gray Water Capacity: 87 gal

Black Water Capacity: 87 gal

Jayco Seismic Toy Hauler Layout

Seismic Toy Hauler is a large fifth-wheel model that promises spacious and comfortable living while on the road. It features a 12.5-foot long cargo area to easily accommodate your ATVs, UTV, or motorcycle. Meanwhile, its interior cargo can be converted into sleeping space or for storing household items.

Moreover, this model's open concept kitchen is quite attractive as it combines the kitchen and living room. Also, there are two bathrooms that have their own black and gray water storage tanks. You can find a large shower stall, toilet sink, and medicine cabinet in these bathrooms for additional storage. Plus, there are many storage options for wardrobes and dual linen closets as well.

Who is the Seismic Toy Hauler Best For?

A full-time RV traveler will benefit the most from using this exquisite fifth-wheel toy hauler. It offers great comfort that most RV travelers seek while on the road. Besides, its ability to comfortably accommodate six to seven people makes it ideal for a family road trip.

Popular Features

This hauler has a lot of features to offer. Its versatile ramp section allows the cargo area to be transformed into a ‘party deck’ for recreation purposes. Plus, its interior cargo area that converts into sleeping space is worth noting.

Best for the Money:
Forest River XLR Nitro


  • Cargo area can be unloaded into a bunkhouse area
  • Features a 15-foot long cargo area; enough to lodge 3 ATVs
  • Includes a central island with a two-basin sink for added workspace
  • Offers two bathrooms with large black and freshwater storage tanks
  • Luxurious kitchen with mid-size refrigerator, three-burner stove, oven, and microwave


  • Not enough storage for couples
  • Kitchen and living space are a bit small

Forest River XLR Nitro Specs

Dry Weight: 13,299 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 2,810 lbs

Exterior Length: 43 ft 8 in

Exterior Height: 13 ft 4 in

Fresh Water Capacity: 102 gal

Gray Water Capacity: 80 gal

Black Water Capacity: 100 gal

Forest River XLR Nitro Layout

Forest River XLR Nitro is a perfectly designed fifth-wheel toy hauler that meets luxurious living standards. It offers a modest cargo area that can easily accommodate up to three ATVs at once. Meanwhile, its cargo area can be unloaded into a bunkhouse area or sleeping loft for multiple users. 

The toy hauler also features a comfy kitchen that has a lot to offer. It includes a medium-sized refrigerator, three-burner stove, oven, and microwave to keep your cravings satisfied at all times. Also, you can enjoy additional workspace on the central island with a two-basin sink. Besides, there are two bathrooms with large black and freshwater storage tanks.

Who is the Forest River XLR Nitro Best For?

This fifth-wheel toy hauler is tailor-made for easily accommodating a couple of full-timers. It promises maximum comfort and convenience while you are away from home. In addition, this model can also act as a home base for several tradesmen while staying at a remote job site.

Popular Features

The large cargo area of this toy hauler makes it quite unique. It not only offers relaxed and comfortable living but can also accommodate a maximum of ten people. Besides, this toy hauler offers you great value for money with its affordable price point.

Best Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler for Full Time Living:
Grand Design Momentum


  • Great family RV
  • All areas are very spacious
  • Customers loved the floorplan
  • Perfect storage compartments


  • Some customers found it heavy to tow
  • Factory Warranty was another issue for some customers

Grand Design Momentum Specs

GVWR: 20,000 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 3,250 lbs

Exterior Length: 41’1”

Exterior Height: 13’5”

Fresh Water Capacity: 115 gal

Gray Water Capacity: 104 gal

Black Water Capacity: 52 gal

Grand Design Momentum Layout

The end of the hauler is perfect as it drops down to form a ramp, allowing access to a garage-like area where you can store motorized vehicles.  In these campers, a wall separates the vehicles and living areas in most floor plans.

The camper contains all of the comforts of home, including a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and storage. Some models have a slide-out moving the RV wall an additional three feet outward- all at the touch of a button!

There are ample drawers in the Master Suite, along with several overhead compartments in the living area.  

The Momentum Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler, specifically, is a combination of luxury and the road garage.  This RV includes a generous master bath and master suite. The master suite has a full walk-in closet.

Who is the Grand Design Momentum Best For?

This RV is designed more for families.  All trailers come equipped to fit a queen bed, and in some models, a king-sized bed upgrade is available. 

Overhead beds are optional to accommodate children.  The floorplan is spacious as well, and it comes with ample seating. Overhead storage is a large feature on any floor plan.  

Popular Features

Taking devices along?  There is a USB charging outlet on some models.

The RV is basically like a house on wheels.  It offers luxury living with all of the comforts of home while being mobile.  There is no “roughing it” with this RV.

Best Luxury Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler:
DRV Full House


  • Goodyear tires can handle increased load capacity
  • Pinless hydraulic jacks are mounted at a 5° angle for increased stability
  • Solid box steel, stacked triple tube steel frame promotes maximum strength in an RV
  • Uses truck tires as opposed to RV, which promotes durability and better performance
  • 3 ¼” walls are the thickest in industry and provide maximum protection against noise and weather, plus foam core vapor barrier prevents condensation


  • Poor warranty
  • One customer reported poor craftsmanship in the interior
  • A few customers cited issues such as heater and AC not working after 8 months

DRV Full House Specs

GVWR: 24,000 lbs

Dry Weight: 20,210 (JX450), 19,800 (LX455) and 19,660 (MX450)

Exterior Length: 44’2” for JX450 (10’ garage) and LX455 (12’ garage) and 44’5” for MX450 model (13’ garage)

Fresh Water Capacity: 100 gal

Gray Water Capacity: 75 gal

Black Water Capacity: 50 gal

DRV Full House Layout

Older couples are drawn to this RV.  While some seating could double as beds, there isn’t much space for children to move.  

Most of the value in this RV comes from the four-season design.  It is ideal for seniors who want to travel and who primarily want to enjoy recreational living.

The most popular feature of this RV is the outward construction. It withstands the weather and climate changes and is largely their claim to fame.

If you are looking for a family vehicle with the comforts of home, the Momentum is a better deal.  The design is spacious enough to accommodate family living, and there are satellite dishes mounted and television sets available.

The kitchen is fairly state-of-the-art in terms of appliances, and the interior is roomy.  Children tend not to like confined spaces, especially while on vacation.  Kids will be kept busy with an LED TV/Entertainment Center, and parents will love to cozy up by the fireplace.

Who is the DRV Full House Best For?

Parents/Adults will love the master suite as it is similar to a hotel room.  It has a sunken tub, shower, and skylight all in the bathroom!  The storage is exceptional. 

For older couples interested in traveling, they will love the DRV Full House.  It is still luxury living, but it doesn’t have the room that the Momentum has.  It has a large living space, but the features are scaled back.

The main objective of this RV is that it is well insulated and durable. This model is ideal for those looking to travel all year or using an RV as a permanent location.

Popular Features

This RV is ideal for any stage of life and made with ample living space, and now you can easily store vehicles, too. In fact, the area is more like a garage than anything!  It is perfect for hauling multiple vehicles.

Plus, a wall in most cases separates the living area from the garage.  Nothing is stored underneath, and if a vehicle is required, the drop-down gate allows for easy access.

Best 1/2 Ton Towable 5th Wheel Toy Hauler:
Palomino Puma 31THSS


  • Comes with an electric awning with LED lights
  • Offers a large separate garage to store your toys
  • Includes a 32” x 40” shower with seat for a comfortable bath
  • Features a spacious kitchen island to prepare your favorite dishes
  • Promises remarkable Beauflor linoleum flooring and pre-wiring for solar power


  • Water storage capacity is comparatively less
  • Low interior height makes it unsuitable for tall people

Palomino Puma 31THSS Specs

GVWR: 11,200lbs

Dry Weight: 8,924 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 2,276 lbs

Exterior Length: 37 ft 9 in

Exterior Height: 11 ft 2 in

Interior Height: 6 ft 8 in

Fresh Water Capacity: 43 gal

Gray Water Capacity: 34.5 gal

Black Water Capacity: 30 gal

Palomino Puma 31THSS Layout

If you are ready to hit the road for a remote adventure, then the Palomino Puma is your best companion. It offers a multitude of features that most fifth-wheel toy haulers promise at a higher price point but at a relatively lower cost. This affordable model includes a kitchen island to prepare your favorite snacks while the refrigerator keeps your perishables fresh.

Moreover, the toy hauler comes with a 32” x 40” shower with a seat that keeps you comfortable and clean after a long hike. Plus, it includes a separate garage to take care of your toys. You can also enjoy multiple features, such as Beauflor linoleum flooring, a large pass-through storage compartment, and pre-wiring for solar power. Besides, there is an electric awning as well with LED lights to enjoy the shade from the sun.

Who is the Palomino Puma 31THSS Best For?

The rugged-built Palomino Puma is a no-brainer for anyone who would like to go on remote expeditions. Couples who would like to spend some time in the wild would find this to be a great choice. 

Popular Features

The Palomino Puma is a superb fifth-wheel toy hauler that offers you luxurious living at an affordable price. Its handful of features like Beauflor linoleum flooring, enclosed underbelly, pass-through storage compartment, and pre-wiring for solar power makes it suitable for distant adventures.

Best Forest River 5th Wheel Toy Hauler:
Forest River XLR Hyper Lite


  • Kitchen countertop surface is easy to clean
  • Wide 74” interior offers maximum relaxation and space 
  • Automotive window provides a stunning view of the outdoors
  • Dual-entry bathroom includes a radius shower for a quick bath
  • Comfy master suite promises maximum comfort with its queen-size bed


  • No entertainment center 
  • Not suitable for a large family

Forest River XLR Hyper Lite Specs

Dry Weight: 7,718 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 1,230lbs

Exterior Length: 32 ft 2 in

Exterior Height: 12 ft 1 in

Fresh Water Capacity: 102 gal

Gray Water Capacity: 64 gal

Black Water Capacity: 32 gal

Forest River XLR Hyper Lite Layout

Forest River is a reliable manufacturer that offers luxurious fifth-wheel toy haulers to its customers. The XLR Hyper Lite is an example of the company’s class and superior design that makes it a great option. It features a master suite that includes a queen-size bed and opposing sofas to make yourself comfortable at night.

You can also find a large 15 ft garage and a wide interior to enjoy a spacious living space. Moreover, this model promises a dual-entry bath with a radius shower for a quick bath once you are back from hiking. 

Meanwhile, the kitchen offers you more space and comes with multiple appliances like a 17” oven, a three-burner stove, and a microwave. Besides, the model also promises a spectacular view of the outdoors with its automotive window.

Who is the Forest River XLR Hyper Lite Best For?

If you plan to go out on a remote adventure with your friends or family, then this model is for you. The XLR Hyper Lite toy hauler promises you the ultimate comfort and satisfaction that you need on your road trip. 

Popular Features

Don’t be fooled by the compact design of the XLR Hyper Lite toy hauler. It offers a spacious interior that comes with a handful of features to make your stay on the road quite memorable. Besides, its automotive window for enjoying a stunning view and dual-entry bath makes it ideal for nature-loving individuals.

Pros and Cons of 5th Wheel Toy Haulers

There is no doubt that fifth-wheel toy haulers are very handy, yet they do have some drawbacks. Let’s have a look at both aspects to help you determine if you want to purchase one. 


Here are some advantages you can expect from fifth-wheel toy haulers.


These vehicles are quite stable and a great option for remote expeditions. They allow you a comfortable living space regardless of harsh weather conditions like strong wind, rain, etc.

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Compact Size

Fifth-wheel toy haulers have a compact design as compared to travel trailers. They are relatively shorter in length; however, they offer a similar storage capacity. As a result, they offer improved maneuverability and convenient driving.


When it comes to a luxurious lifestyle while on the road, there’s no better option than fifth-wheel toy haulers. They feature a comfortable and spacious interior that offers maximum comfort to the user. They also promise multiple facilities that ensure you don’t feel homesick.

Ideal for Adventures

If you are looking for an adventure, a fifth-wheel toy hauler is a perfect buy. It promises all the facilities and capabilities one would require while on the road. It is a great choice for travelers and explorers who spend most of their time on the road.


Despite all the benefits mentioned above, it’s also important to keep the following drawbacks in mind:


Unfortunately, all the goodness of toy haulers come at a premium price point. You have to pay more to enjoy the luxuries offered by these models.

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Fifth-wheel toy haulers are quite huge and heavy. You would require a large vehicle to tow them from one place to another.

Types of Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

You can find many different types of toy haulers on the market. Each type has various qualities and specifications that target specific customers. Here’s a rundown of each:

Cargo Trailer Toy Haulers

Cargo trailers are the most basic type of toy haulers available on the market. They are unique as compared to a traditional toy hauler as they don’t have any sleeping compartments or living space. Instead, they offer a large storage space that allows you to accommodate multiple smaller vehicles with ease.

Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are one of the most commonly used and convenient toy haulers. They offer great convenience and versatility with their compact design and premium features. Travel trailers not only offer you ample living space and vehicle accommodation but also cost less than other models. 

They come in a variety of sizes, from mini travel trailers to those over 30-foot. Most importantly, travel trailers are better suited for off-road or county roads due to their lightweight design and better maneuverability.

Motorcoach Toy Hauler

Although relatively expensive, these models are renowned for the unparalleled luxury that they offer to users. Motorcoach toy haulers are a combination of a vehicle, living space, and a toy-hauling space. Besides, you don’t have to worry about hitching your towing vehicle to these haulers.

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Comparison Overview

You must invest in a quality toy hauler to fulfill your needs. With so many models available, it can get tricky to decide which model you should go for. The following comparisons between different models would allow you to find the perfect fit that matches your requirements.

Toy Hauler Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel

Toy hauler travel trailers and fifth wheels are the two most commonly used toy haulers nowadays. However, each of them excels in various departments. 

Both these models promise unparalleled luxury and comfort while on the road. They provide you with many facilities that ensure a great user experience. The two also offer great cargo capacity. This allows you to easily haul smaller vehicles like ATVs or UTVs.

However, travel trailers are highly versatile as compared to a fifth wheel. They are highly compatible with SUVs or pickup trucks, unlike fifth wheels. Moreover, you can easily drive the former on a snowy or unpaved road, while the latter is comparatively harder to drive with its additional weight and size.

Single Wheel Truck vs Dually Tow Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel

Sometimes, you might get confused about whether to have a single-wheel or dually trucks for your toy hauler. 

Both can effectively tow toy haulers. They promise a convenient operation if you’d like to tow your toy hauler from one place to another. Besides, their high weight capacity makes them ideal for hauling toy haulers.

Single-wheel trucks are easier to navigate than dually tow trucks. They are comparatively smaller; hence they offer enhanced maneuverability. Plus, they also offer greater fuel efficiency and visibility as compared to dually trucks.

Dually tow trucks offer more stability when it comes to towing toy haulers. They promise a higher weight capacity than their counterparts. Single-wheel trucks, on the other hand, are better suited for towing small-size trailers. 

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Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel vs Fifth Wheel

When compared head to head, both fifth-wheel toy haulers and fifth wheel seem quite similar. Both offer nearly similar storage capacity, and you can easily haul small vehicles using any of them. The two also offer multiple facilities like spacious living space, water storage, and cargo area.

However, fifth wheels tend to be much cheaper. If you are looking for an inexpensive model, that might be a better option. 


Opting for a toy hauler is an enjoyable experience. However, you must ensure that you buy the right model according to your needs and preferences. Whether you are an explorer or traveler, a fifth-wheel toy hauler is a handy purchase. Our list of the best fifth-wheel toy haulers promises you excellent quality, superior comfort, and a great trip.

People Also Ask

A lot of buyers are curious about whether they should invest in a toy hauler. Most of them are confused about the capabilities and types of toy haulers that they can buy. Therefore, we have listed some commonly asked questions to clear up all your ambiguities.

What is the Average Deck Height on a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler?

Fifth-wheel toy haulers come in different sizes and shapes. Each model has unique specifications and features. If you are a tall person, you might want to determine the height of your fifth-wheel toy hauler before purchasing one. On average, the deck height of these toy haulers can range between seven to nine feet.

Who Makes the Smallest 5th Wheel Toy Hauler?

If you just want to haul your ATV on a toy hauler rather than use it for living, a small-size model would be enough. The good thing about such toy haulers is that they can be towed by most SUVs and pickup trucks. InTech, Jayco, and Forest River are some manufacturers that offer mini-size fifth-wheel toy haulers.

2020 Seismic Toy Hauler (Photo credit:

How Much Does a New 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Cost? 

The cost of a fifth-wheel toy hauler depends on many factors. If you want a luxurious interior, spacious rooms, and multiple facilities, the price would be higher and vice versa. Typically, the price of a fifth-wheel toy hauler can range between $12,000 and $250,000.

How to Measure a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler For Cover

To measure a fifth-wheel toy hauler for cover, you need to measure its length, width, and height. First, you have to measure the length of your vehicle from bumper to bumper. Then, you have to measure its height from the rooftop down to the middle of the wheel. Finally, measure the width from one side of the windshield to the other.

What Size Truck Will Pull a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler?

Fifth-wheel toy haulers come in different sizes. Some are huge and can have a length of more than 30 feet. Such models require a one-ton truck to tow them effectively. Meanwhile, small-size toy haulers can be conveniently towed using ¾ or ½ ton trucks.

How Much Weight Can a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler Carry?

Fifth-wheel toy haulers can carry a large amount of weight quite easily. But that also depends on the size and model of your toy hauler. Typically, an average fifth-wheel toy hauler can carry a weight of up to 2500 pounds.

What Toy Hauler Has the Largest Garage?

You can find large toy haulers that offer extraordinary garage length, spacious interior, and many slide sections. However, the Cyclone 4220 Giant by Heartland is unparalleled in this regard. It offers up to a whopping 19’6” garage length that can house multiple smaller vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs.

Cyclone 4220 Giant (Photo credit:

Are All Toy Haulers 5th Wheels?

No, not all toy haulers are fifth wheels. There are many different types of toy haulers available. These include Cargo toy haulers, Motorcoach toy haulers, fifth-wheel and travel trailers. 

Can 5th Wheel Toy Haulers Be Used For Full Time Living?

The biggest benefit of investing in a quality fifth-wheel toy hauler is that it can be used for full-time living. Most premium models offer a luxurious interior and extravagant design that offers unmatched elegance and comfort. If you hit the road more often, then buying a fifth-wheel toy hauler for a full-time living is a good option.

What Can I Carry in a Toy Hauler?

As the name suggests, toy haulers allow you to carry multiple things that you’d like to carry on a road trip. You can easily carry household items, personal items, food supplies, and other related stuff. You can also carry smaller vehicles like ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles.

How Much Does a Toy Hauler Weigh?

The weight of a toy hauler greatly depends on the size of the model you are using. A full-sized toy hauler would weigh much more than a medium-sized model. On average, a typical toy hauler can weigh between 10000 and 15000 pounds.

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