Best Alabama RV Parks – Top Picks Reviewed

| Last Updated: August 9, 2022

Are you and your family planning on visiting an Alabama RV Park? It will surely make your stay more special. RV parks are a great way to relax yourself and get the most out of your vacation. They offer the base so you can bond with your family and visit adventurous places that might otherwise be inaccessible.

But where to stay in The Heart of Dixie? Alabama has an abundance of RV Parks, but choosing the right one isn't easy.

This article will help you in choosing the best RV park for your vacation so you can make your trip to Alabama one of the most memorable and enjoyable ones.

Read on to learn more about what makes Alabama one of the greatest places to RV.  

Why Alabama is Such a Great Place to RV

There are several reasons why you should visit Alabama. Apart from its scenic views and thousands of attractions, it is a great place to RV because of the following reasons:

Geographical Diversity 

The locals know Alabama as one of the most geographically diverse states in the country. It is in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and has open plains in the middle and the Gulf of Mexico below. This gives you the most pleasant views and proximity to many different places and people.


Avoid the Cold

Many people travel to Alabama to get away from the harshness of winter and relax near the coasts and on the beaches. You can visit the Gulf Shores for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation or go hiking or camping near the Smoky Mountains. There are tons of activities that you can do and feel like you’re enjoying summer during winter. 

Natural Beauty

There is so much to see in Alabama. From the Little River Canyon to the Cheaha Mountains, you can sight see a lot of the state’s local attractions. There is a lot of history in Alabama as well, and you can visit those places and enrich your visit. It is also home to the infamous Talladega Superspeedway and has the Gulf Shores nearby to enjoy sandy beaches with friends and family. 

Review of the Best RV Parks in Alabama 

Let’s now dive into the reviews of the best RV parks in Alabama to enjoy your vacation in: 

Best Overall Alabama RV Park:
Pandion Ridge Luxury RV Resort

Best Overall Alabama RV Park: Pandion Ridge Luxury RV Resort

What we love

  • Propane refilling is possible on-site
  • Atmosphere is family and pet-friendly 
  • Fully hooked with Wi-Fi available on-site 
  • Comes with a resort-type swimming pool and hot-tub 
  • BBQ areas and gas pit are available for recreation and downtime 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are several features and reasons why this is one of Alabama's best RV Parks in Alabama. Let’s take a closer look and see why we recommend it so highly.


There are multiple activities that you can surf through that are in proximity to this park. It is close to all the fun locations like Orange Beach, where you can engage in different water activities. The park is also close to the Gulf State Park, which offers a wide range of recreational activities. The resort is also very rustic in architecture and has lush landscaping, which will provide you an excellent view from your RV.  

Luxury Amenities

The Alabama RV park has several luxury amenities such as laundry facilities, camp-stores, recreational trails, big rig access, and full hookups with Wi-Fi services. It is also a kid-friendly place, and outdoor courts are also accessible for customers who like staying outdoors.  

Customer Services

From special offers to family packages, this park has got your back! The staff at this resort will guide you and make sure that you have the best itinerary for your stay there. They are also super helpful and professional and will ensure that you have the best time and enjoy yourself to the maximum. They are fully committed to providing you with only the best vacation experience possible. 

Sugar Sands RV Resort

Sugar Sands RV Resort

What we love

  • 5 tiny homes on rent with swimming pools
  • Close to most of the Gulf Shores attractions
  • Recreation home available with a full kitchen
  • Volleyball court and kids’ playgrounds on-site
  • Full hook-ups available with free internet services

Why it Stands Out to Us

Let’s go over the amazing features of this RV park that makes this place stand out among others:


There are several activities that you can engage in while living in this Alabama RV Park. You can play volleyball for an exciting game with your friends or family, and playgrounds and pet areas are also available to entertain the younger guests. OWA Family Entertainment and OBA Sports Complex are also in proximity to the RV park.


The park is equipped with the most impressive range of amenities. You can find clean and hygienic restrooms and showers and parking pads for easy outdoor setup. There are picnic tables for guests available as well, and the laundry service is also immaculate. Overall, there are many functional amenities that will make you feel comfortable and cozy.


You will come to this RV park for the facilities and location, but you will come back again because of the amazing hospitality. The staff at this resort are excellent hosts and ensure that your stay is always comfortable and enjoyable. You will feel like you’re a guest at their home and be well taken care of. The property is also well-maintained.

3. Lake Osprey RV Resort

Lake Osprey RV Resort

What we love

  • Fishing lake for catching and releasing
  • Zero-entry hot-tub and swimming pool
  • Fitness center for all the gym enthusiasts
  • Fully functional kitchen and barbecue grills
  • Pickleball courts and an 18-hole golf course available on-site

Why it Stands Out to Us

Let’s look at the reasons as to why this park is one of the best RV parks in Alabama:

Guest Amenities & Activities 

There is a wide variety of guest amenities that you can avail by living in this RV park. From Wi-Fi facilities to full hookups and picnic or BBQ areas, this park is packed with a lot to explore and benefit from. Enjoy Osprey’s Clubhouse and Tiki Bar with your friends or refresh yourself by diving into the swimming pool or hot tub. There are also pet parks for your pets to enjoy themselves.

Customer Service

The staff is trained to ensure that your stay is as exciting and soothing as you envisioned it. In case you require guidance with directions of certain attractions, there is always a member of the staff available nearby to help you out. The friendly nature of the employees will ensure that you feel welcome and rejuvenated in no time.


Cleanliness and hygiene can be an issue in public spaces, but the staff here makes sure that you feel right at home. They always aim to keep all restrooms and showers spotless. There are garbage cans everywhere, and great care is taken to make the resort look perfect and classic. You can easily use public toilets without worrying and can take showers in any stall, without worrying about dirt or hygiene.

4. Little River RV Park & Campground

Little River RV Park & Campground

What we love

  • Provides entertainment for all ages
  • Playground available on-site for children
  • Tons of outdoor activities for enthusiasts
  • Full hook-ups with Wi-Fi available on-site
  • Pets are allowed and can enjoy the vacation as well

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Alabama RV park radiates a lot of positive and adventurous vibes, which is a dream for all those nature lovers out there. Let’s look at the main features that make this park stand out to us:

Endless Outdoor Opportunities

Fishing, hiking, and camping are just a few of the recreational activities that you can engage in while living in the Little River RV Park. With scenic landscapes and adventurous excursions, you will feel your adrenaline rush as you take part in activities that you’ve never done before. Connect with nature in a way that you only dreamed of.

Amenities For Guests

This campground and RV park offers RV amenities as well as camping amenities. Enjoy fishing on the fishing ponds, taking kids to the playgrounds, connecting with nature through hiking trails, shower-houses, horseshoes, and many more resort amenities. You can also find fully equipped laundry rooms, picnic tables, fire-rings, and cable or satellite hookups for watching television. There is also firewood available for bonfires when camping at night.


This park is situated in proximity to all the local attractions in the area. You can also shop for souvenirs or antiques nearby, or you can customize your trip and visit different places with the help of the resort. There are festivals and shows that are there to entertain the guests, depending on the time that you visit the park.

5. Doc's RV Park

Doc's RV Park

What we love

  • Full-hookups with Wi-Fi services
  • Barbecue grills available for families
  • Propane refilling is also available on-site
  • Large outdoor pool in the park for guests
  • Clubhouse available for downtime with friends and family

Why it Stands Out to Us

Doc’s RV park is another great RV park to not miss out on because of the following reasons:


Full hookups and Wi-Fi services are available for all RVs so that the customer feels comfortable. Cable hookup for TV is also available so that you can enjoy indoors and feel at home. There is also a swimming pool located inside the park so that you can refresh yourself and get the vacation started. Pets are also allowed in this park, and the construction of the park is kid-friendly and enjoyable.


There is easy access to amazing and exciting locations for tourists, the Gulf Shores, and other local attractions. The RV park itself is very well-maintained and clean, so you can feel at ease when driving to your favorite spots. There are many options available for relaxation, such as the beach, which is 4 miles away from the park. You can also drive or walk to the outlet mall nearby or visit any of the Nature Parks and Trails.

Customer Service

The staff is trained to be as patient and hospitable as possible. You can ask them, however, many questions that come to your mind, and they will try their best to guide you and assist you. If you ever need anything, there will always be someone around to make sure that your visit is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

6. Gulf Breeze RV Resort

Gulf Breeze RV Resort

What we love

  • Pull-thru sites available
  • Pets are allowed inside the park
  • Full hookups with Wi-Fi services
  • Large swimming pool for all guests
  • Clubhouse and Kitchen available for guests

Why it Stands Out to Us

Let’s look at the reasons as to why this park is so special and has made its way on the list of the best RV parks in Alabama:

Resort Services

You will be greeted by friendly staff, who will chaperone you to an express check-in to speed up the boring process and get the fun started. The sparkling spa and pool will allow you to refresh yourself and de-stress your mind. The highly trained staff will ensure that you have the perfect stay and that your vacation needs are taken care of.


At this resort, you will find yourself amidst several enthralling activities that will keep you busy all day. From swimming pools to recreational rooms, make yourself comfortable in this beautifully designed resort. There are several outdoor activities you can engage in, and cruises, coastal crafting, water activities, and bars are just a few of them. This resort is also close to all the fun activities that you can experience in Alabama.


From lush landscaping with 50/30-amp power hookup, sewer dump, and water-hookups, you will notice that everything is clean and tidy, so you can enjoy yourself without feeling unhygienic. There is a pool, a playground for the kids, clean restrooms and showers, and cable hook-up for television. There are also public phones available in this park.

7. Windemere Cove RV Resort

Windemere Cove RV Resort

What we love

  • Boardwalk and volleyball courts
  • Full hook-ups with free Wi-Fi services
  • Private boat launches available on-site
  • Swimming pool available for the guests
  • Gated community with security cameras for extra security

Why it Stands Out to Us

Let’s go over the features that make Windemere Cove RV Park stand out so that you can make an informed decision and be aware of the park’s amenities and facilities.

RV Facilities

Find yourself in a fully equipped RV with all the features and necessities that you can imagine. Feel the thrill of walking on the pier and letting the ocean breeze calm you. There is a beautiful clubhouse with luxurious showers and fitness rooms available. A picnic table is also included outside so you can have an enjoyable time with your family.

Amenities of the Park

This Alabama RV park is equipped with several indoor and outdoor activities for individuals of all ages. Volleyball/badminton nets, horseshoe pits, and swimming pools are available for outdoor entertainment, and there are unique games such as the Aunt Sally English game and Shuffleboard on-site too. A communal fire pit is also available to toast marshmallows and have a good time.


The park’s staff is highly trained and super accommodating if you need anything. The park is also clean and well-maintained so that you are guaranteed a memorable and entertaining stay at the resort. Moreover, the employees are friendly and helpful and ensure that you have whatever you need to have the best vacation.

8. Island Retreat RV Park

Island Retreat RV Park

What we love

  • Playground area for the kids
  • Swimming pool available on the site
  • Picnic tables and fire rings for bonfire nights
  • Minutes away from the glorious sandy beaches
  • Newly renovated restrooms and showers for a modern feel

Why it Stands Out to Us

This park is packed with numerous activities and amenities that are sure to make your stay super enjoyable and memorable. Let’s go over some of the main features that make this resort stand out:


There are 173 pull-thru sites available on-site, so you can enjoy the large space and bond with your family. Beaches are in proximity, and the pool is also available so that you can enjoy the amazing views while relaxing. There is also a firepit feature at the pool area and in the outdoor recreation area. Laundry rooms, convenience stores, and high-quality showers and restrooms are also equipped to ensure the most comfortable stay.


This is one of the best resorts to be in Alabama since it’s close to all the best tourist attractions! You can visit the boat launch, the Gulf Shore sandy beaches, and just relax yourself. You can get a camping experience without really camping and feel like you’re on a beautiful island with your family or loved ones.

Customer Services

This RV park is also amazing because of its unparalleled customer service and hospitality. The staff is friendly and helpful and will make you feel super comfortable and welcome you as you arrive at the resort. You will also be given special treatment and a memorable stay so that you can enjoy to your fullest.

9. Hilltop RV Park

Hilltop RV Park

What we love

  • Picnic tables are available at each site
  • Wi-Fi available for all guests in the park
  • Organized activities provided by the park
  • Clubhouse on-site for recreation time with family
  • Private bathrooms and showers available for every guest

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is another great Alabama RV park that you can visit when you travel to Alabama. Let’s look at why this park stands out to us:


You can walk on the USS battleship WW2 battleship’s deck and get a taste of history. You can also visit the famous Bellingrath Gardens or visit the Naval Aviation Museum. You can also visit the Gulf Shores beach and go on a dolphin cruise once you’re over there. There are outlet malls available for shopping as well.


Consider yourself relaxed in one of the most comfortable RV resorts in Alabama. With beautiful sandy beaches and nearby tourist attractions, you will feel at ease and enjoy every moment. You can engage with friends and family in the clubhouse or enjoy picnics on your site. There are also multiple convenience amenities to benefit from while staying in this resort. Pets are also welcome, so you can bring them over to enjoy the vacation as well.

Customer Service

In this resort, you will find the friendliest staff and the most helpful employees. You can take help and guidance from anyone, and they will be more than glad to assist you. They are professional, polite, and mindful of anything that you ask or need help with.

10. Fort Morgan RV Park

Fort Morgan RV Park

What we love

  • Clean restrooms and showers on-site
  • Pets allowed to enjoy the park as well
  • Full hook-ups with Wi-Fi services available
  • Cable or satellite hook-up for television available
  • Clubhouse is available for guests to spend time with family

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason why this park makes the top of the list is because of the following reasons and reviews:

Featured Benefits

This park is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and cable TV to keep you connected with the world outside and make you feel at home. There are also fishing sites available nearby and proximity to beaches, malls, and wildlife. This park also has pet facilities so your pet can travel and enjoy with you.

Guest Amenities

Living in this RV park will open doors to great amenities, such as clean bathrooms and showers, free laundry services, and a captain room with TV and internet. It is quiet and peaceful, and the rooms offer excellent views of the Gulf Shores so that you can sit and relax.

Customer Service

From the views to the customer service, everything about this park is perfect. You can get all the guidance and help you want from the excellent customer service providers in this resort. The staff is professional and trained to help their customers and make them feel welcome, and their trip more memorable and enjoyable.

Final Thoughts Before RVing in Alabama

Alabama is a great place for RV. It is filled with many different tourist attractions, and there’s something out there that everyone can enjoy. You can go on hiking trails or camping, or you can visit the beaches and enjoy the island life.

Of course, we've only introduced you to each Alabama RV park, but we highly recommend checking out their websites so you can go over them in detail, so you know which one is more suited for you.

There are tons of RV Parks in Alabama, but these are the best ones in the state. They all have superb amenities and activities, and you can find the best customer service in all of them. Have fun RV-ing around one of the most beautiful states in America! 

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