Best RV Parks in Mesa, AZ

| Last Updated: August 16, 2022

RV parks in Mesa, Arizona are among some of the finest in the country. And with so much choice, you can find exactly what you're looking for at a relatively cheap price.

RVing is one of the most fun ways of spending vacations with your family. All those long road trips and then leisurely time is worth looking forward to throughout the year. 

It gets even better if you choose the right place for RVing. And, Mesa, AZ, is one of the best and most underrated RV spots in the United States. You get the amazing weather, and there are activities to keep the whole family occupied.

So, let’s have a look at the round-up of Mesa RV parks, and why the place is so appealing. 

Why Mesa, AZ is Such a Great Place to RV

Mesa, AZ, is the perfect RVing spot with its lovely national parks and architecture. The city caters to the needs of growing kids as well as retiring adults. So, pretty much everyone in your family can find the activities they like in Mesa, AZ. Here are some of the major attractions of the place that you should know. 


There are many high mountains in the city that bring many nature exploration points to you. They have greenery and rocks to create the perfect background for your Instagram photos. The nightfalls are amazing, too, and you can even go gazing at the Milky Way in the Superstition Mountains. 

Art & Culture

Mesa is rich in culture with the Superstition Mountain Museum, where you can go and have a walk through history. Mesa Grande Cultural Park also is a great cultural attraction with the Hohokam ruins and much more. You can even visit the Commemorative Air Force Museum if you love to know about aviation. 

Water Parks

Mesa has some exotic water parks with thrilling water sports. Your kids can have a safe yet adventurous time in those parks. You will love the adrenaline rushes in Golfland Sunsplash Water Park and floating picnic at the Salt River.


The weather in Mesa, AZ, is quite pleasant throughout the year. The heat can be unbearable through the summer, so if you want to beat the summer heat, Mesa’s water parks are great. The winters are cooler of course, and this is arguably the best time to visit, especially as the north is battered by the freezing temperatures.

Quick Take - The Best RV Parks in Mesa, AZ

Before you go any further, here are the best RV parks in Mesa, AZ: 

  1. Trail Riders Ranch
  2. Desert Vista RV Resort
  3. Monte Vista RV Resort

Review of the Best RV Parks in Mesa, AZ

RV parks in Mesa have all the facilities that you might need while you are away from home. Most of them have amazing landscape distribution and amenities. Still, it can be hard to choose one if you do not have any particular requirement in mind. So, we have reviewed the best ones for you to choose from. 

Best Overall Mesa RV Park: 
Trail Riders Ranch

Best Overall Mesa RV Park:  Trail Riders Ranch

What we love

  • Soothing spa and swimming pool
  • State-of-the-art fitness center and library
  • Easy access to all desired spots in the city
  • 40 RV sites for the mobile home community
  • Wide streets in the mobile home community

Contact Info

  • Location: 2460 E Main Street Mesa, AZ 85213
  • Main Contact: 480-282-6014 TTY: 711
  • Phone Number: 480-969-3350

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Trail Riders Ranch is the best overall RV park in Mesa. Here are the features that make it so amazing.

Parking Space

The park is extended over an area of 15 acres and has wide space for parking RVs. It can accommodate up to 40 RVs at a time without even crowding the park. The mobile housing community has wide streets that let you drive around the resort without any difficulty.

Spa & Pool

Trail Riders Ranch has a shimmering swimming pool that stays operational throughout the year. They have heated water for you to take a dip during winters. There is a fully equipped soothing spa as well where you can lounge for a day of pampering.

Community Amenities

The community amenities are quite impressive as well. There is a clubhouse with a stage and kitchen to entertain you. The park also has shuffleboard, horseshoes, and bocce ball. Billiards and pickleball with other games are also there. So, there is hardly any day there where you will be bored on vacation.

Central Location

One of the most amazing things is the location of the Mesa RV park in itself. It is close to Apache Junction and Phoenix. You will be able to reach Chandler and Tempe within minutes as well. So, RVing can be quite enjoyable at Trail Riders Ranch.

Best for Retirees:
Desert Vista RV Resort

Best for Retirees: Desert Vista RV Resort

What we love

  • Close to hiking and fishing spots
  • Repair and service stations nearby
  • Senior activities to help retirees have fun
  • Furnished clubhouse and meeting rooms
  • Quiet atmosphere for relaxation and recreation

Contact Info

  • Location: 124 South 54th Street Mesa, AZ 85206
  • Phone Number: 480-663-3383
  • E-mail:

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

We have found Desert Vista RV Resort to be the best RV park for retirees. It has all that elderly, and their grandkids expect from an RV experience. Let’s see what makes it such a good resort.

Natural Attractions

This park has easy access to Phoenix, which is home to many natural attractions. There are five lakes within 45 minutes from this resort where you can have a plunge. Hiking and fishing near Desert Vista RV Resort are also worth going for. You will also love horse riding and boating on boat rentals.

Senior Activities

Seniors from all over Arizona prefer lounging in the clubs of Desert Vista RV Resort. There are plush seats with the best entertainment to keep them engaged. The golf courts create an amicable environment for you to play and make new friends.


The Mesa RV park has many recreational rooms with engaging game boards. You can have fun trying new games there or simply making bets on others. There is also a casino along with both indoor and outdoor gaming setups.

The resort has many service stations nearby where you can get your RV checked. You can even call some repair folks for on-site examination and repair.

Best RV Park With Facilities:
Monte Vista RV Resort

Best RV Park With Facilities: Monte Vista RV Resort

What we love

  • Private mailbox for guests
  • Hiking tracks are quite near
  • Laundry facilities with a swimming pool
  • Shower and restroom facilities for guests
  • Classes for line dancing, swing dancing, and water aerobics

Contact Info

  • Location: 3649 S. 4th Ave Yuma, AZ 85365
  • Phone Number: 877-570-2267

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

RVing gets better with facilities that bring additional comfort, and Monte Vista RV Resort promises just this. Let’s see how the resort has distinguished itself to us.

Private Mailbox

When you are away on a vacation and order something online, it’s hard to get it delivered, right? But, Monte Vista RV Resort has made it easier for their guests to have their stuff delivered safely. There are private mailboxes for the guests so that only they can take out their things.

Hiking Tracks

Hiking and natural exploration never go wrong when you are on vacation. There are many hiking tracks near the resort that have different difficulty levels. So, you can have fun hiking there, whether you are a beginner or a pro hiker.

BBQ Area

Monte Vista RV Resort has a family-friendly BBQ area in the outdoors. You can have a small picnic there every night to have the right vacation feels. You can make new friends and have a BBQ with them at the resort as well.

Game Room

There is a modern game room in the resort with many gaming options. You can play pretty much all the games there. So, you can stay ahead on your gaming scoreboard while being away from home too.

Best Pet-Friendly RV Park:
Mesa Spirit RV Resort

Best Pet-Friendly RV Park: Mesa Spirit RV Resort

What we love

  • Pets are allowed in the park
  • Safe package delivery lockers
  • 20% discount to military people
  • Hosting experience of over 50 years
  • Offers late-night arrival arrangements too

Contact Info

  • Location: 9060 E Steven Pollard Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85209
  • Phone Number: 877-570-2267

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Mesa Spirit RV Resort has caught our attention with its pet-friendly accommodation. Here is what we like the most about this park.


Well, pet-friendliness is one of the major attractions of this resort. Most other places discourage bringing your pets along, which can be a source of distress to pet owners. But, you do not have to worry about leaving your pets behind if you choose Mesa Spirit RV Resort.

Fitness Center and Spa

The administration at Mesa Spirit RV Resort makes sure you do not miss out on your fitness routine. There is a fully-equipped fitness center that helps you keep your training game strong. The resort also has a spa with whirlpool and hot tubs, making sure you feel pampered.

Outdoor Games

There are many outdoor game units where you and your family can have. The mini-golf court and the tennis court are open to all our guests. There is also a pickleball court, so you have a variety of activities to look up to.


Another amazing offering of this RV park is the high-speed internet. There are multiple Wi-Fi hotspots to make sure the guests stay connected to the world outside. With this, you can upload all your pictures on social media without any delays.

Best RV Park With Free Internet:
Twin Palms RV Park

Best RV Park With Free Internet: Twin Palms RV Park

What we love

  • Each site has Cable TV
  • Free Wi-Fi for all guests
  • Tiled restrooms and showers
  • 15 well-groomed RV parking spaces
  • Walking pathways along the Consolidated Canal

Contact Info

  • Location: 2225 East Main - Mesa, AZ 85213
  • Phone Number: 480-962-8607
  • E-mail:

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Twin Palms RV Park has some of the best parking spaces with great amenities. There is much more to offer than just a shade to the RVs.

Free Internet

Twin Palms RV Park has free internet for all visitors to the facility. All of the parking spaces have cable TV and working online connections. This way, you have all the entertainment facilities at hand while being away from the residential area.


The RV park has tiled and functional restrooms and showers. The best thing about them is that there are separate restrooms for ladies and gents.

Walking Pathways

There is a concrete walking pathway alongside the Consolidated Canal near the gate of the park. You can take your kids and pets for walks there. You can even go biking on the track as well.


A well set-up laundry space is there in the park as well. It helps you have a constant supply of clean clothes while saving money. So, choosing Twin Palms RV Park can be a great decision due to all the amenities.

RV Park With Best Entertainment:
Valle del Oro

RV Park With Best Entertainment: Valle del Oro

What we love

  • Includes arts and crafts learning
  • Easy navigation on the wide streets
  • Offers health and fitness facilities
  • Ballroom and dancing classes available
  • Concerts of famous musicians held here

Contact Info

  • Location: 1452 South Ellsworth Road, Mesa, AZ 85209, United States
  • Phone Number: 480-984-1146

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

RVing and entertainment are best together at Valle del Oro. As far as we know, there is not a single dull moment in the park. Here are some features to help you see why it is one of our favorite RV parks.

Live Music

Music gets you in the right partying mood, doesn’t it? And what’s better than live music and concerts? There are concerts of famous singers and musicians with many live performances by local talents. So, get ready for all the beats that you are going to be treated with.

Learning Crafts

Loving and appreciating art is one thing, but learning it makes things much more interesting. If you have even a little bit of talent for ceramic crafts, pottery, quilting, and sewing, you will love being here. You can have classes for all these and polish your skills even further.

Dancing and Ballroom

Valle del Oro not only has amazing musicians, but it also has a lovely ballroom. There are classes for many kinds of dancing. So, you can use the time here to learn some new moves while having fun.

Health and Fitness

There is an incredible fitness center in Valle del Oro as well. You can avail of the help of personal trainers and learn Zumba too.

Best Less Crowded RV Park:
The Resort RV Park

Best Less Crowded RV Park: The Resort RV Park

What we love

  • 792 spaces for parking
  • Warm and friendly staff
  • Free internet and HD cable TV
  • High profile events and socialization
  • Amazing swimming pool for recreation

Contact Info

  • Location: 1101 S Ellsworth Rd, Mesa, AZ 85208
  • Main Contact: 1-866-386-1101
  • Phone Number: 480-986-8404
  • E-mail:

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

The Resort RV Park is one of the best RV parks on our list due to its spacious orientation. Read on to find out more about it.

No Crowding

The park has 792 spaces, ensuring there is an ample gap between RVs and houses. The roads are quite wide with spacious and evenly spread streets. This causes an unbelievably good distribution of people, making the resort less crowded than most others.

Free Entertainment

Entertainment is something that should never go amiss while you are on holiday. This is why The Resort RV Park gives due consideration to the entertainment of guests. They offer free HD cable TV and free Wi-Fi to keep you up with movies and your favorite shows.

Line Dancing

Now, line dancing is fun, and what better way to practice it than together with your family on vacation? The resort has scheduled line dancing sessions throughout the week. So, there is no chance of missing them on the weekend or during the week.

Helpful Staff

The staff at The Resort RV Park is highly helpful. They are polite and have had training in hospitality. This is why most of the customers remember as “warm and friendly.”

Best RV Park for Large Families:
Good Life

Best RV Park for Large Families: Good Life

What we love

  • Crafts learning and quilting
  • A thriving community center
  • Hiking trails and natural attractions
  • Pet-friendly park and accommodation
  • Educational classes with a computer lab

Contact Info

  • Location: 3403 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85213, United States
  • Phone Number: 480-832-4990

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Good Life Resort is another one of our favorite Mesa RV parks and boasts all the following attractions.


There is a major focus on keeping guests engaged and active at Good Life resort. This is why there are multiple indoor and outdoor games. The pickleball, shuffle ball, and tennis courts are loved by all visitors. So, do not forget to pay them a visit when you are here.

Swimming Pool

There is a huge luxury swimming pool at the resort as well. It has covered cabanas nearby, and the water is inviting all the time. A luxuriant spa is there to help you relax and rejuvenate too. Moreover, there is live dancing along with concerts to keep your spirits high.


There are multiple hiking trails near the resort, you can test your physical strength there. There are trails for beginners too, so your kids can go hiking with you there as well.


Good Life resort has a lovely library where you can unleash the reader in you. You can read as many books as you can to get a headstart on your reading goals for the year. The computer lab offers many e-books and online search options, as well.

Best Family-Owned RV Park:
The Tiffany RV Park & Apartments

Best Family-Owned RV Park: The Tiffany RV Park & Apartments

What we love

  • Very affordable renting rates
  • Excellent location for winters
  • Many Walmart stores nearby
  • Separate senior and toddler pools
  • 25 minutes away from Lake Saguaro

Contact Info

  • Location: ‍3265 E. Main St. Mesa Arizona, 85213
  • Phone Number: 480-830-6337
  • E-mail: ‍

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Tiffany RV Park & Apartments is known for accommodating both large RVs and small trailers. Here’s what distinguishes the place.

Ideal Location

Tiffany RV Park & Apartments is at one of the best locations in Mesa, AZ. There are multiple Walmart stores nearby where you can get all the supplies from. Lake Saguaro is only 25 minutes away and offers some thrilling water-based adventures.

Twin Pools

One of the things that we love the most about Tiffany RV Park & Apartments is that there are twin pools there. The separate pools for seniors and toddlers are an insightful feature. It helps everyone have fun without risking safety.

Rec Room

The rec room at The Tiffany RV Park & Apartments is both welcoming and exciting. It gives you a homely feel and helps you relax after a long drive. The interiors are exquisite, and the rec room has a Wi-Fi connection as well.

Family Owned

Another impressive thing about The Tiffany RV Park & Apartments is that it is family-owned. This means that much more care and love goes into maintaining it than commercial ones.

Best for Kids and Pets:
Apache Wells

Best for Kids and Pets: Apache Wells

What we love

  • Fun-filled recreational hall
  • Pet-friendly park and activities
  • Themed events for unending fun
  • Fitness center with personal trainers
  • Sparkling swimming pool with a spa

Contact Info

  • Location: 2656 North 56th Street, Mesa, AZ 85215, United States
  • Phone Number: 480-832-4324

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Apache Wells is another great RV park on our list with some of the coolest features.

Restroom and Laundry

There are fully functional and tiled restrooms for guests along with showers. The staff keeps them clean all the while, so there is no issue with cleanliness. There is a laundry station to make sure you do not run out of fresh clothes.

Pet Park

Apache Wells flaunts a fun pet park where your pets can have fun too. There are pet-friendly activities and games that your furry friends will love. You can take your kids to the park along with your pets to help them bond better.

Recreational Hall

The recreational hall in Apache Wells is the center of most activity. The comfy furniture and interactive environment make this Mesa RV park a welcoming spot. So, if you feel like socializing or making new friends, the recreational hall can be a great place.

Final Thoughts Before RVing in Mesa, AZ

Summing it all up, Mesa, AZ, is an incredible place to go for RVing. The weather is great throughout the year, so you can visit whenever you want to. There are many natural as well as cultural attractions that you and your kids will love.

The shopping centers and departmental stores are there to keep you well supplied with essentials. So, go through our list of the best RV parks in Mesa, AZ, and choose one which well with your likings. Just don’t forget to have as much time in the outdoors as you can since the weather there is lovely.