Best Small Travel Trailers – Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: September 7, 2022

A small travel trailer is arguably the most practical and adventure-friendly creation for any enthusiastic traveler. Also known as camper trailers, they cater to outdoor lovers by being a convenient and is of course pocket-friendly option.

Having a small camper trailer onboard makes camping more fun. The increased popularity of these trailers has led to the introduction of various models in a wide variety of designs, quality, and of course, comfort levels.

The plethora of options for small camper trailers can confuse first-time buyers. Well, leave that to us. Here we have covered some of the small travel trailers currently offered in the market so you can explore the terrains without leaving the comfort.

Say goodbye to the busy city life of yours and treat yourself with some quality time with your family. Take a road trip to the hills and mountains, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Check them out!

small travel trailer

Go retro with Dinky Dub Camper  

Are All Small Travel Trailers The Same

Some people look for practicality in a small camper trailer, while others need some home comforts while traveling. To meet all demands, manufacturers have created a wide range of travel trailers while addressing the diverse demands of travelers and campers. 

So, to answer the question in a single word, no, each travel trailer is equipped with its perks and flexes. Some of the travel trailers are decent sized, they contain enough space to fix a TV, and you can even fix a couch in there as well.

If you want to travel light, then a small travel trailer that weighs around 3000 pounds would be perfect for you. But if you want a small camper trailer which has almost everything that is necessary to you to go through the day, then a travel trailer of a size slightly larger than this would be a better option for you. 

The smaller the travel trailer generally means the easier to tow, hence giving more control to its consumers. If you want to take your truck on different routes, then a smaller truck will play in your favor as it is easier to tow. Going for a little time out in the hills? You can easily take your small travel trailer with you.

What Makes a Small Travel Trailer Great For Traveling

Different RV users have their own preferences and expectations. Well, if you intend to purchase a new travel trailer, it is recommended to consider a few features in order to avoid any regret in the future. This section has summarized top qualities that make a small travel trailer ideally suitable for traveling.

Let’s have a look at them.

Ease of Use

The most prominent characteristic of any small camper trailer is its user-friendly design. The travel trailer is usually equipped with almost all basic amenities that are quite accessible in the hour of need. The proper organization of the interior guarantees a comfortable experience to the user.


Most of the customers choose these small travel trailers for their compact and lightweight design. They are relatively easier to tow, easier to store, and, most importantly, much easier to maintain. You don’t have to spend tons of bucks every time on maintenance.

A great small camper trailer has a moderate weight that is easily towed by most of the tow truck. To be on the safe side, it is better if you check the capacity of your tow truck, and then you would be able to choose the perfect trailer for your use.

Enough Sleeping Space

The sleeping accommodations generally vary depending on the size and floor plan of the trailer, but most of the models provide enough sleeping space for up to 4 adults, and some even more than that. The ultimate choice definitely depends on your requirements.


Another key characteristic of a reliable travel trailer is its sturdy build. Whenever you are in the market, you must check the quality of materials and overall durability in order to bring value to your bucks in the long run.

Luxurious Features

If you want a moving apartment wherever you go, then you need to look for luxurious features in your travel trailer. But size can always be an issue, in this case, so always keep your priorities straight. If you want more features, invest in a high-end trailer, but as with anything small, space is a premium, and you won't get all the luxuries, you'd get with a large camper.


The best travel trailer comes with a decent amount of storage space, even with small camper trailers. Of course, smaller rigs aren't designed for full-time living, but you will want to take enough of your belongings, make sure you get a small travel trailer with enough storage space.

Review of the Best Small Travel Trailers

Here we are showcasing some of the very best features and pros and cons of small trailers. We have included the smallest and bigger rigs to suit different needs, but all of them are considered small travel trailers. Go through each one of them, and we are certain you will stumble on the one that suits your needs.

Best Overall Small Travel Trailer:
Dinky Dub Camper

Best Overall Small Travel Trailer: Dinky Dub Camper

What we love

  • Easily parked in the garage
  • Features a kitchen with stove and sink
  • Compact and lightweight to move around
  • Allows customization according to your requirements
  • Attractive design to improve your camping experience

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Number of Floorplans: 1
  • Length: 489cm
  • Width: 172cm
  • Weight: 1000 lbs

Our Review

Bub box is ideally known in the industry, and the introduction of Dinky Dub can tell us why. This trendy compact travel trailer boasts a stylish look with some iconic twists. First of all, the construction is powerful enough to withstand harsh weather conditions without any issue.

Coming to its small design, this trailer weighs approximately 1000 lbs. and, therefore, can be towed quite easily. Available in a range of colors, you can select the trailer of your choice.

There's a convertible dinette set right in the center with 2 opposing benches, which can be converted into a 2-person bed at night for a sound sleep.

Talking about the kitchen, this trailer features a small standard kitchenette with a sink and a portable stove to meet your requirements easily. The trailer includes an onboard battery as well, so you should be good for power.

Best of all, you can easily customize the interior of the trailer by adding some other stuff like refrigerator, hot/cold water system, and solar panels to get the best experience possible.

Forest River R-Pod


What we love

  • Ground fault electrical circuit
  • Features designer carefree flooring
  • Has a fire extinguisher for safety purposes
  • Has safety chains in case of any emergency
  • Interior is of approximately six feet and six inches

Why it Stands Out to Us

Forest River is definitely one of the best travel trailer brands. From chassis/running gear, additional appliances/equipment, safety, insulation, interior, to its exterior, every feature and every item that is placed in this travel trailer is for a reason, and its designers have placed it impeccably.

All these outstanding features make it stand out to us, but the point that it comes with some remarkable safety features makes it even better. These safety features entail breakaway switch, LP detector, smoke detector, safety chains, CO detector, deadbolt door lock, and even comes with a ground fault protected electrical circuit. So keep these remarkable features in mind before making a final decision.

Who Will Use This Most

Travelers and campers who demand an exquisite interior and exterior should enjoy multiple features on this small travel trailer. This walking apartment is equipped with a toilet and sink. There's also an option of a dry bath, and if your privacy is very dear to you, then you'll be happy to know it comes with multiple mini blindfolds.

If you want demand more, there's additional space in the bathroom so that you can easily hang some extra boxes or dividers, making this a small, but spacious travel trailer.

Best for the Money:
Taxa Mantis Trailer

Best for the Money: Taxa Mantis Trailer

What we love

  • Easily accommodates up to 4 adults
  • Superior design with enough space
  • Lightweight and very easy to tow around
  • Powder-coated steel construction to mark durability
  • Includes a hot water system to enhance the comfort level

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Number of Floorplans: 1
  • Length: 19 foot
  • Width: 7’6”
  • Weight: 3000lbs

Our Review

An incredible travel trailer, the Taxa Mantix trailer comes with a very powerful and thoughtful design. This classic style trailer is manufactured from heavy-duty materials to easily combat tough situations. One of our bigger trailers, this 19-foot unit weighs 3000 lbs, so it's still easy to tow.  

Talking about the accessories, this trailer many of your home amenities including 2 burner propane stove, refrigerator, and interior and exterior LED lights. 

Additionally, there are plenty of windows for proper light and ventilation. It allows comfortable sleep for 4 adults and still has ample chilling space through the day. And, the modular design offers great storage space that is accessible and keeps your stuff safe.

That’s not all!

You get to enjoy a hot shower, thanks to the 20-gallon freshwater tank and a 22-gallon grey water tank. Finally, the full-size bed allows you to stretch out and have a sound sleep after a long day of hiking and exploring.

Best Small Fiberglass Travel Trailer:
Scamp 13' Standard Trailer

Best Small Fiberglass Travel Trailer: Scamp 13' Standard Trailer

What we love

  • Insulated design with an appealing appearance
  • Multiple cabinets to provide ample storage space
  • Freshwater tank to allow a comfortable experience
  • Sturdy fiberglass construction to ensure reliability
  • Compact enough to easily tow around with smaller vehicles

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 1-4
  • Number of Floorplans: 2
  • Number of Slide-Outs:
  • Length: 13 foot
  • Width: 6’8”
  • Weight: 1200-1500 lbs.

Our Review

Ideally designed for couples or small families, this Scamp standard trailer is known for its comfortable service. The trailer boasts a fiberglass construction to easily combat extreme weather situations for a long time. It's a compact and lightweight design weighing only 1500 lbs, so you can easily tow it around by using your car or SUV.

The setup is extremely convenient and easily carries your personal belongings, thanks to enough storage space. You will find a rear dining area where you can enjoy your meal and later convert it into a double bed for sleeping at night. Similarly, there's a front sofa that can easily turn into bunk beds. This way, you will get enough room for 4 adults to have a sound sleep.

The interior design is good-looking with brown and blue cushions, carpets in addition to beige curtains. The windows are wide enough to improve the ventilation and allow natural sunlight. Finally, the fiberglass cabinets complete the look of the interior and make it a popular option for a comfortable weekend away.

The TerraDrop


What we love

  • Ideally suited for off-road tours
  • Compact design to enhance the portability
  • Enough storage capacity to fit multiple accessories
  • High-quality construction to make it a reliable choice
  • Surely the most economical travel trailer on the market

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Number of Floorplans: 1
  • Number of Slide-Outs:
  • Length: 8 foot
  • Width: 5 foot
  • Weight: 1200 lbs.

Our Review

The Terradrop travel trailer is built with a rugged design to make it perfect for adventure. It comes with sturdy construction to ensures long-lasting service. The chassis is square steel tube powder-coated and features a black texture, and the design is extremely compact plus weighs only 1200 lbs. to make it a lightweight option on the list.

It boasts ample storage space and easily sleeps 2 people. You can easily customize the whole trailer to enjoy your camping and off-road trips, and you'll have no worries taking your personal belongings. The refractive interior lighting system keeps the trailer nice and warm for you.

The door is stylish with quite a big window to improve the ventilation, while the outside of the trailer is equipped with a full-camping kitchen. There's also attachments for a roof rack, gear, and other supplies, so you can easily bring along the necessary accessories to get the best out of this small trailer. 

Safari Condo Alto F1743

Safari Condo Alto F1743 small travel trailer

What we love

  • Smoke detector to avoid any potential accident
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty to enhance reliability
  • Compact and lightweight design to ease portability
  • Finely constructed to provide an appealing appearance
  • Incorporates a large bed to ensure sound sleep at night

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 3-4
  • Number of Floorplans: 2
  • Weight: 1753 lbs.

Our Review

People might have a notion that a small travel trailer can’t accommodate all necessary amenities. Well, this Safari Condo trailer has beautifully remedied the issue. The aluminum construction is sturdy enough to protect all your belongings.

It features a superior design that weighs less than 2000 lbs. to make it a perfect option for traveling. Similarly, the trailer boasts a spacious interior to provide ample storage space. It can easily sleep up to 3-4 persons at a time, and the layout is adaptable to multiple customizations.

There are flush toilets, movable tables, and sliding shelves, all of which come in handy when you're really wanting to get away from it all. The windows boast a tempered glass that allows natural light to enter the trailer and provide plenty of illumination without any issue of glare.

The trailer boasts electrical brakes, making it safer to tow, even more so for a small camper trailer. 

 Airstream Basecamp

What we love

  • Comes with a solar window guard
  • Exterior shower adds on to perfection
  • Kitchen incorporates a sink and cooking unit
  • Built-in USB ports to charge various appliances
  • Lightweight and compact design to allow towing by small vehicles

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Number of Floorplans: 2
  • Length: 16 foot
  • Weight: 2585 lbs.

Our Review

A travel trailer review wouldn't be the same without an Airstream trailer, as it's one of the most iconic travel trailer brands in the market. This small Basecamp trailer features a luxurious interior with a streamlined design that has that appealing Airstream look. It comes with a lavish interior, featuring superior amenities and high-quality furnishing.

This travel trailer is 16 feet in length and weighs less than 3000 lbs. to allow easy towing whenever you want. Similarly, the ultra-lightweight design can easily sleep 2 adults. It boasts an extensive interior with flexible storage space and a shower inside the bathroom.

You'll find a kitchen equipped with a stainless sink and a fridge to allow you to cook hearty meals during your weekend trips. And, charging your camera and cell phone is quite easy, thanks to the incorporation of built-in USB ports.

The combination of large windows with skylights ensures plenty of illumination within the trailer. You can easily choose from multiple interior designs according to your taste for an improved experience. In short, this travel trailer is just the ideal option for two people to enjoy a comfortable off-road trip.

Pros and Cons of Small Camper Trailers

Small travel trailers have become a popular choice among RV users, and we can see why. This section will discuss some of the major pros and cons associated with a small camper trailers. This way, you can go for an informed decision.


Compact and Convenient

One of the major advantages of getting a small travel trailer is the convenience it brings to the user. You give up on things like space, but the convenience of their constructions ensures you'll get into more places than you would with larger trailers.


This factor removes large trailers from the equation, especially if you are on a tight budget. A small travel trailer is usually quite affordable, plus the insurance shouldn't be too high either. They can save you thousands of dollars and meanwhile provide all the necessary comfort.  


In addition to enough sleeping accommodations, small travel trailers are equipped with almost all necessary amenities. Moreover, most of the brands allow various modifications for a customized experience. You'll find every basic necessity from the kitchen to a bathroom in a small travel trailer.

Safari Condo Alto F1743 Interior


Restrictions While Traveling

The major disadvantage of having a small travel trailer is that there are limited amenities. You can’t take everything you want as there is less space inside the trailer. Similarly, you can’t have many guests coming along with you.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Small Travel Trailer

If you are seriously considering to buy a small travel trailer, it is important to keep several points in your mind.


It is important that whichever trailer you buy satisfies your needs. So have a clear idea regarding your needs and then narrow down your list of trailers depending on your requirement. The more you spend, the more luxuries and better construction you'll get. But for your first trailer, it's ok to go with something cheaper, after all, you may not take to the great outdoors.


It's better if you invest in a trailer that is made up of a structure that is reliable and durable. You don’t want to buy a trailer that needs repairing all too often. Sure, price comes into this, but you can get good quality trailers at reasonable prices.


If you are a family of five, then a small trailer for two won’t help you out. Choosing a trailer while keeping your storage and space demands in check is always something you should consider.

Scamp 13' Standard Trailer

Scamp 13' Interior

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

A couple of points will help you land on a straight and profitable deal when it comes to travel trailer shopping. These include:

Heater and Generator

Be mindful that you will be spending the nights in a small camper trailer when the temperature drops, so heating plugs and electricity are important. Always keep in mind that you will need a generator setup and heating systems as well.

Ceiling Height

This is one of the most important features to consider, but usually, it gets ignored by most travel trailer enthusiasts. If you're treating yourself with an RV or a travel trailer that comes with luxurious features such as a bathroom, then make sure your trailer is heightened enough that you can easily stand and move around in there. The aim is not to feel claustrophobic in your ride.

People Also Ask

A small travel trailer is meant to provide a comfortable and enjoyable trip with all the amenities. Whether you travel around the desert, mountains, and valleys, these trailers feel safe and protected from extreme weather conditions. Moving forward, we have answers to some of the frequently asked questions by people to ensure them a better experience.

How Much is a Small Travel Trailer?

The cost of any travel trailer generally depends on the size, models, brand, as well as the features. Since they are made using lightweight construction, these are relatively more affordable as compared to larger ones. The approximate price of a reliable small camper trailer usually lies between $8000 and $23000, depending upon the qualities.

Do All Small Travel Trailers Come With a Bathroom?

Yes, most of the small travel trailers are equipped with a bathroom. Although the bathroom is relatively smaller than the one in your home, it serves its purpose. It usually comes with a toilet, and you can customize it with a built-in shower to add on to comfort level.

What is the Average Weight of a Small Travel Trailer?

A small travel trailer is incredibly popular among customers, mainly for its compact and lightweight construction. Their weight usually varies due to the design and multiple incorporated features. However, the average weight runs between 600 lbs. to 3100 lbs. This makes the towing quite easy, even with a small car.

What Size Travel Trailer Can an F150 Pull?

An F150 can effortlessly pull 13,200 pounds of weight, but only with the right tow package and right trim level. On the other hand, when it comes to pulling a small camper trailer that is under 5,000 to 8,000 pounds, then this one can easily move it up and down the hill as well.

What Vehicles Can Tow a Small Camper Trailer?

A list of vehicles that can easily tow a camper includes 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, 2018 Ford Escape, 2018 Honda Odyssey, 2018 Toyota RAV4, 2015 Jeep Cherokee, and 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander. So if you want a vehicle that is capable of moving all the way uphill, then any of the vehicles that are mentioned above can help you out.

Can a Car Tow a Small Camper Trailer?

If you go by a general rule of thumb, the ideal weight to tow for a car driver is around fifteen hundred pounds, so if your small camper trailer weighs more than that, then it is hard to tow. Otherwise, it is a possibility if the front car driver is sitting in an SUV, as those sorts of vehicles can easily tow at least 3000 pounds.

The Best Small Travel Trailers - Getting Off The Beaten Path

Small travel trailers are great for many reasons. Sure, you give up on many luxuries, and it will be cramped inside, but they're not really designed for spending all weekend in.

A small travel trailer should be used for a base camp, somewhere you can get your head down, and eat and chill after a day out hiking or biking. They're great for getting into the great outdoors where larger trailers will struggle to reach, so really it's the really adventurous in mind that are more suited to these compact, small camper trailers.

Happy camping!

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