Best RV Parks in Sedona, AZ

| Last Updated: August 17, 2022

Looking for an RV park in Sedona, AZ? It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the US for traveling with your family, and has so much to offer.

The summers are scorching, but the beauty of Sedona is the year round perfect temperatures. It's what draws many from the north during the winter to see many of Sedona's attractions.

If you're travelling through, and are unsure which of the many Sedona RV parks to stay at, fear not. Take a look at our review of some of the best parks around.

Why Sedona, AZ is Such a Great Place to RV

Sedona is a beautiful place with many attractions and outing options to explore. There is something for everyone. However, some of these options stand out more than others for RVing.


Locals believe that there are certain locations for camping where the earth’s energy is concentrated and relatively stronger. This makes camping in Sedona a healing and spiritual experience where one can meditate, reflect, and grow personally. 

Many campers from across the US and some even from across the world come to Sedona for these healing attributes that the city has to offer.


Sedona is the dream of every hiker, as there are around 100 hiking trails in the region. Each of these trails offers a unique and exciting experience to hikers. The difficulty level of the rails and length also varies so you can pick and choose your trail according to your expertise level. Mostly, trails have a rocky theme, and hikers love how beautiful the trails are.

Culture and Heritage

All cultures and heritage-loving people will not be disappointed by Sedona. There are various sites that give people a view of the US even before it came into being. There are arts and crafts villages and heritage parks with artefacts from A.D. 1150 and 1350.

Quick Take - The Best RV Parks in Sedona, AZ

Before you go any further, here are our picks for the best RV parks in Sedona, AZ: 

  1. Rancho Sedona RV Park
  2. Cave Springs Campground
  3. Lo Lo Mai Springs

Review of the Best RV Parks in Sedona, AZ

With it being a popular tourist attraction, there are many Sedona RV parks here. Hence, for first-timers, it can be difficult to pick a park, but don’t worry. We have shortlisted some of the best parks in the area.

Best Overall Sedona RV Park:
Rancho Sedona RV Park

Best Overall Sedona RV Park: Rancho Sedona RV Park

What we love

  • You can bring along your pets
  • Open year-round in all weathers
  • Located near galleries, shops, restaurants, etc.
  • Offers free services like Wi-Fi and digital cable
  • Hiking, biking, and trout fishing can be done from within the park

Contact Info

  • Location: Rancho Sedona RV Park, 135 Bear Wallow LN, Sedona AZ, 86336
  • Main Contact: 1-888-641-4261
  • Phone Number: 1-928-282-7255
  • E-mail:

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Rancho RV Park has gotten various great reviews, and people love it for various reasons. It is the best RV park in Sedona. We will be discussing some of the reasons as follows.


This Sedona RV park has the best location, or as some guests suggest, it has a golden location. It is in the middle of everything. You can go to restaurants, galleries, and markets by walk since they are close by.

It is located right next to Grand Sycamore, Cottonwood Trees, and the Oak Creek. This means you can easily go for hiking and biking or even for a swim. For most of these activities, you won’t even need to leave the park.


People at Rancho understand the importance of providing their guests comfort, convenience, and utility. Hence, they offer various facilities like laundry, bathrooms, hot showers, volleyball court, fielded areas, and Free Wi-Fi and Digital Cable TV. Staff also makes sure that all these facilities are always clean and hygienic for people to use.

Friendly Staff

The staff is trained professionally and is highly skilled. They properly manage all the facilities and are very responsive to queries and complaints of customers. Hence, even if you face some problems, they will be resolved fast.

Best for Camping:
Cave Springs Campground

Best for Camping: Cave Springs Campground

What we love

  • Well-maintained and clean
  • Located with the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon
  • Campsites have various facilities like tables, grills, and fire rings
  • Has over 82 campsites in Ponderosa Pines Forest to choose from
  • Offers various activities like hiking, fishing, swimming in springs, wildlife viewing, etc.

Contact Info

  • Location: Sedona, Arizona 86336
  • Phone Number: 928-282-1629
  • E-mail:

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Cave Springs is one of the most well-known campgrounds in Coconino National Forest. It is located near the famous red rock cliffs of Sedona and the Oak Creek Canyon. It is highly accessible and extremely beautiful. Some of its best-selling points are as follows.

Recreational Areas and Options

This park is in the forest where one can easily camp, go for walks, observe wildlife, and enjoy nature. It is also near the red rocks cliffs so you can also easily go for hiking and sightseeing.

In addition, the natural springs that it has are a perfect activity for nighttime where you can take a calming swim with your family. Lastly, the restaurants and shops are also nearby in case you want to enjoy good food.

Amenities Offered

There are many amenities offered in the Sedona RV park. These are carefully chosen and included to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. You get clean toilets and showers. You get dump stations and clean drinking water. Furthermore, you get ice and other stuff for your picnic and camping.

Camping Facilities

This park is ideal for campers with over 82 camping stations, each of which has grills, fire rings, and tables. The firewood and other camping necessities are also available in the park.

Best for Fishing:
Lo Lo Mai Springs

Best for Fishing: Lo Lo Mai Springs

What we love

  • Pets are allowed here
  • Located close to Oak Creek, making fishing the most popular activity
  • Facilities like laundry, convenience stores, and restrooms are available
  • Cabins available with air conditioning, heating, and basic kitchen supplies
  • Activities for kids are available like playground, swings, and basketball court

Contact Info

  • Location: 11505 E Lolo Mai Rd, Cornville, AZ 86325-6130
  • Phone Number: 928-634-4700

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for a quiet cabin in nature where you can go and relax with your family, then Lo Lo Mai Springs will be perfect for you. It helps you destress and relax with its location and convenient facilities.

Ideal for Fishing

Considering its location near Oak Creek, it is a great place for fishing. There are many ponds and small lakes in the park and near it. You can peacefully spend your day fishing and relaxing. The atmosphere of the park is very silent and serene so as to make the place peaceful for fishing.


To make your stay convenient and comfortable, you are provided with restroom and shower facilities that are available 24 hours. You also get a coin-operated laundry room. Furthermore, you get a spa and pool along with free Wi-Fi.

Fun for the Family

The goal of Lo Lo Mai Springs is to provide you with a comfortable and convenient experience where you can destress from your daily life and spend some quality time with your family.

Hence, they have provided you with facilities like playgrounds, swings, basketball courts, and horseshoe pits. There is also a clubhouse where you can spend some quality time with your family.

Most Affordable Sedona RV Park:
Oak Creek Mobilodge

Most Affordable Sedona RV Park: Oak Creek Mobilodge

What we love

  • Most reasonable prices in town
  • Offers discounts for senior people
  • Hiking and biking trails are also located nearby
  • Offers a private swimming hole in Oak Creek to customers
  • Located close to galleries, restaurants, and to the shuttle service that goes to the main city

Contact Info

  • Location: Oak Creek Mobilodge 1156 Highway 179 Sedona, AZ 86336
  • Phone Number: 928-282-7701
  • E-mail:

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

We all love to travel, but oftentimes, our pockets don’t have the capacity, but don’t worry. Oak Creek Mobilodge understands this, and hence it has managed its services accordingly, which is also why it stands out to us.

Highly Affordable

Oak Creek is one of the most affordable Sedona RV parks and it provides top-quality services and is located in a great location. Yet, at Oak Creek, the focus is on facilitating the customers above everything else. Furthermore, they also offer special discounts to seniors despite being reasonably-priced already.

Beautiful and Clean Cabins

The wooden cabins here are compact and very beautiful. They are designed to be highly convenient and comfortable. They also have terraces on which you can relax all day in nature placed under shade from trees. Furthermore, the lakes and natural springs are nearby, which enhances your experience even more.


Hiking and biking trails are also located nearby, and you can easily go to them on foot. The shops and restaurants are also at a walking distance, and above all, you will get exclusive access to a swimming hole in Oak Creek. You can also fish in the springs and catch your own dinner.

Best for Golf Lovers:
Chavez Crossing Group Campground

Best for Golf Lovers: Chavez Crossing Group Campground

What we love

  • Surrounded by various golf courses
  • Open year-round for customers’ ease
  • Offers a Creekside ambiance with beautiful red rock scenery
  • Hiking, sightseeing, swimming, and other activities are within easy traveling distance
  • Provides you an opportunity to enjoy the nightlife at nearby restaurants and shopping areas

Contact Info

  • Location: 201 Oak Creek Cliffs Dr, Sedona, AZ 86336-6407
  • Phone Number: 877-444-6777

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Chavez Campground is one of a kind in terms of its location and the facilities that it provides. It is a luxury RV park located in a posh neighborhood. Hence, it is highly suitable for people who enjoy luxury.

Golf Courses

This park’s location is ideal for golf lovers since it has many golf courses around it. You can pick and choose from your favorite ones and even go to a different golf course every day. Furthermore, you can rent golf kits too.


You get access to camping sites that have tables, fire pits, and cooking grills already. You will get clean drinking water and water for dishwashing and hand washing. Furthermore, there are vault-type toilets available. You also get free parking and permission to bring along your pets. It has everything that you need to relax, and the environment is very peaceful.

Recreational Sites are Highly Accessible

As mentioned above, this Sedona RV park has many golf courses in its proximity. However, that is not all. You will also be able to visit some of Sedona’s famous sites. The red rocks are close by, and you can easily go to them for hiking and biking. Furthermore, Oak Creek is also near, and you can go to it for fishing and swimming.

Most Spacious RV Park in Sedona:
Pine Flat Campground

Most Spacious RV Park in Sedona: Pine Flat Campground

What we love

  • Several hiking trails in close vicinity
  • Located in thick pine woods, ideal for camping
  • Campsites have access to cool crystal clear water of Oak Creek
  • Highly private with a considerable distance between all campers
  • Camping sites have picnic tables, campfire rings, and cooking grills

Contact Info

  • Location: US State Route 89A & Mile Marker 387, Sedona, AZ 86336
  • Phone Number: 928-204-0028

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

We have explored many RV parks till now that offer a wide variety of facilities, and all of them have some specialty that makes them stand out from the rest. However, none of them is as spacious as Pine Flat Campground. But this is only the start; you get a lot more than space.


Since these campgrounds are very spacious, they have distributed the camping sites far from each other. This gives all campers a private experience where they can feel as if they are alone in the forest.

They can enjoy their peace and silence alone without getting affected or disturbed by fellow campers. The area is heavily wooded, and hence there is a natural shade and coverage for the campers from the sun too.


The campers are provided with fire rings, grills, and picnic tables. You get clean drinking water, and you get the firewood in the camp. There is a sanitary dump, and despite the site being in thick forest, you get phone service and Wi-Fi. There is also a sanitary dump for all.

Recreational Areas

Along with camping, you get access to red rock cliffs for hiking and Oak Creek for fishing and swimming all within walking distance.

Final Thoughts Before RVing in Sedona, AZ

RV Parks in Sedona are in abundance. And with its Red Rock Cliffs, Oak Creek, Golf Courses, various hiking and biking trails, arts and crafts centers, camping grounds, and many more beautiful sites it is a perfect place to go RVing with your friends, family, or even alone. You will be able to hike, fish, bike, camp, and destress in the natural settings of Sedona.

The Sedona RV parks are also designed to suit the needs of every kind of person, and depending on your preferred activity, there are RV parks for everything. They ensure that you have a comfortable and memorable trip. Hence, choose the ideal one and get your well-deserved retreat from life.