Jayco Travel Trailers – Review

| Last Updated: August 6, 2022

Looking for a Jayco travel trailer? You're not the only one. If you are an RV enthusiast who spends time around travel trailers, chances are you have come across a Jayco trailer.

Jayco is a famous brand of RVs that is easily distinguished by its bluebird logo. Accordingly, Jayco travel trailers boast high-quality units with a wide variety of layouts.

This article reviews Jayco travel trailers with an emphasis on various models, specs, and distinguishing features. So, with that said, let's dive staight in and find out...

Who is Jayco? 

Jayco has been in the recreational vehicle industry for more than 50 years. The company’s number one selling travel trailer is the Jayco Jay Flight, designed in 2005. According to the rolling ticker, more than 171,000 American families use Jayco travel trailers. 

Jayco has been producing various RVs using high-quality material. The company's solid construction practice makes its range of travel trailers stand out from the rest. Additionally, Jayco travel trailers are known for their all-weather design, extensive warranty, and reliable performance in all conditions. 

The company is an industry leader and continues to dominate the market by manufacturing state-of-the-art travel trailers. This is among the reasons why consumers continue to flock to the Jayco brand. 

Jayco a leader in travel trailers

What Makes Jayco Travel Trailers Stand Out From the Competition?

Jayco travel trailers are known for their unique design and specifications. The units are designed with magnum truss and magnum truss XL6 roof system, robust foundation, and extensive warranty, including a three-year structural warranty and two-year limited warranty. The units also feature a Jayco Climate Shield that makes them excellent in all weather conditions. 

Jayco also leads with a stellar reputation derived from its high-quality production, boasting a 77-dealer approval index. The brand also has a wide range of family-friendly floorplan and travel trailer models that suit every need. Of all the designs, the company makes nine different travel trailers with many other sub-models. 

Review of the Best Jayco Travel Trailers

This section outlines what makes Jayco travel trailers the best-selling in the industry for years. The Jayco brand has stood the test of time and still manufactures family-friendly travel trailers and truck campers. Here is an overview of some top-leading Jayco travel trailer models.

Best Overall Jayco Travel Trailer:
Jayco Jay Flight

Best Overall Jayco Travel Trailer: Jayco Jay Flight


  • Integrated appliances
  • Added safety features
  • More living space compared to other models
  • A wide variety of floorplan options to choose from
  • Fully-integrated A-frame and I-class structural steel body for durability


  • A bit expensive
  • Heavy-built means it requires a heavy-duty RV to tow

Jay Flight Specs and Dimensions

Gross Weight: 6000 lbs.

Length: 29 ft. 3 in.

Fuel Capacity: 55 gals

Sleeps: Eight

Dry Weight: 4160 lbs.

Available Beds: Queen

Jay Flight Layout 

The Jay Flight is the best selling Jayco travel trailer. It's designed with more extensive living space featuring more appliances and accessories. The unit comes with a private toilet and a tub, pass-through storage, and a jackknife sofa that you can use as an extra sleeping space. Additionally, Jay Flight includes a semi-private bedroom and double size bunks. A dinette and kitchen round off the elegant layout.

Best Overall Jayco Travel Trailer: Jayco Jay Flight

Does Jay Flight Have Appliances?

The Jay Flight features some appliances, such as a stainless-steel microwave oven, power awning with LED lights and speakers, and a quick recovery six-gallon gas and electric DSI water heater. It also features a TV set and a six cubic foot stainless-steel refrigerator with temperature controls.

Who is the Jay Flight Best For?

The Jay Flight is Jayco’s best-selling floor plan because of its spacious layout. This travel trailer is designed for a large family outing, while two bunk beds are perfect for couples with up to six kids.

Jayco Hummingbird

Jayco Hummingbird


  • Very easy to tow and maneuver
  • Convenient for short excursions
  • Comes with a lot of storage space
  • Many convenient features, including an air conditioning system and kitchen appliances to make life easier


  • The bed is very hard to make
  • Has limited sleeping space, accommodating up to only four people

Jayco Hummingbird Specs and Dimensions

Length: 19.75 ft. (237 in.) 

Height: 9.11 ft. (109.3 in.)

Dry Weight: 2,845 lbs.

GVWR: 3,750 lbs.

Sleeps: Four

Jayco Hummingbird Layout 

 Jayco Hummingbird offers comfort and convenience. The unit has one central kitchen with lots of appliances. It also features a master bedroom with doors for privacy and a kitchen with overhead storage spaces. The living room comes in vinyl flooring and is situated in the front of the trailer.

Does The Jayco Hummingbird Have Appliances?

Like all Jayco travel trailers, the Jayco Hummingbird comes with a host of essential appliances, including:

  • Ceiling fan and air conditioner

  • Residential refrigerator

  • It has an entertainment center with one radio and interior and exterior speakers

  • Washer, dryer, and microwave

Who is the Jayco Hummingbird Best For?

The Jayco Hummingbird is designed for a small family of four who loves off-road camping. The unit is uniquely designed to last. You can easily pack it at camp for an entire season and return for it in the best condition.

Jayco Jay Feather

Jayco Jay Feather


  • The lightest of the Jayco travel trailers
  • Saves more space without compromising kitchen and living space
  • A wide range of floor plans to choose from with available customization
  • Features G20 tinted safety-glass windows for added safety and privacy
  • Conveniently comfortable with more specs and appliances to make life easier and more enjoyable


  • Not convenient for long-distance travel
  • It is the smallest and lightest of the Jayco family of travel trailers, which means less living and storage space

Jay Feather Specs And Dimension 

Length: 19 ft. 8 in.

Gross Weight: 4995 lbs.

Sleeps: Four

Hitch Weight: 480 lbs.

Cargo Weight: 1005 lbs. 

Jay Feather Layout 

The Jay Feather is designed with an azdel composite wall construction and rubber-torsion Dexter axle. This construction allows the travel trailer to hold a 90 inch couple’s couch and a 32-inch LED TV with in-build soundboards. The unit has a pantry, fridge, microwave, and TV cabinet. The kitchen is a bit small to allow more space for a folding table with storage space behind the Jack-knife sofa.

Does Jay Feather Have Appliances?

The Jay Feather may be the smallest of the Jayco travel trailer series, but the limited space does not compromise essential elements. The unit comes with an interior and exterior fridge and a 32-inch LED TV with an integrated audio device. The kitchen also features a microwave oven. 

Who is Jay Feather Best For?

The Jayco Feather travel trailer is the Jayco travel brand’s lightest, making it easy to tow. This unit is perfect for people who enjoy more comfortable and lightweight transport without compromising on essential elements. The Jay Feather Micro is designed for a family of four, preferably a couple with two kids.

Jayco Eagle

Jayco Eagle travel trailer


  • Has the 4-star handling package for enhanced safety
  • This series offers a wide range of options, including floor plans
  • Offers exclusive sleep space for eight people
  • Better recreational space with LED TV and a built-in sound system
  • Designed with oversized nails for enhanced safety and durability
  • Robust construction from different materials and designs, including a two by two vertical wood stud and 1-inch aluminum piece


  • The Eagle series is short-length, therefore reducing living space
  • Among the costliest of the Jayco models

Jayco Eagle Travel Trailer Specs and Dimension

Sleeps: Eight

Number of Bunks: Two

Available Beds: Queen 

Gross Weight: 9995 lbs.

Length: 33 ft. 7 in.

Jayco Eagle Travel Trailer Layout 

The Jayco Eagle travel trailer's interior features a residential Serta mattress with under-bed storage space, large windows, and a prepped bedroom. The unit also consists of a solid hardwood slide fascia and residential flooring with double USB charging ports. The bedroom comes with double size bunks and a queen bed.

The interior is also designed to have an outside kitchen, drop frame chassis, a U-shaped dinette, and dual entry points. 

Jayco Eagle travel trailer floorplan

Does The Jayco Eagle Travel Trailer Have Appliances?

This travel trailer comes with a wide variety of appliances that will allow you to spend your time enjoying yourself. These include:

  • A 13.5 cubic foot refrigerator

  • An air conditioning system in the bedroom

  • Two sets of electric stabilizers

  • A TV set 

This travel trailer also has a Helix cooling system and a 4-star handling package for improved safety. 

Who is the Jayco Eagle Best For?

The Jayco Eagle series is designed for people who prefer lightweight without compromising on living and storage spaces. This travel trailer offers a shorter-length unit that does not skimp on amenities and comfort. It is also perfect for a family of up to eight members due to the availability of adequate sleeping and living space.

Jayco White Hawk

Jayco White Hawk travel trailer


  • Aluminum construction enhances durability
  • Comes with enough sleeping space for a family of six
  • Stereo system makes this travel trailer more entertaining and fun to ride in
  • Range of appliances available in the White Hawk makes it convenient for off-grid tours


  • Lacks a satellite
  • Lacks a washer/ dryer prewiring

Jayco White Hawk Specs And Dimensions

Length: 36.67 ft. (440 in.)

Height: 11.33 ft. (136 in.)

Interior Height: 6.75 ft. (81 in.)

GVWR: 9,500 lbs.

Sleeps: Six

The Jayco White Hawk Layout

The 2021 Jayco White Hawk travel trailer features an awesome floor plan. with a vinyl carpet kitchen and living area. The kitchen is centered and comes with a bench-seat kitchen table configuration. The living area is at the rear of the travel trailer and features a standard fireplace. The master bedroom is found in the front area with integrated convertible sofas and standard bedspreads. 

The Jayco White Hawk also has a 60 by 70 queen bed, a closet, and a pantry. A mid-sized refrigerator and microwave oven, and TV set-tops up the exquisite design. 

Jayco White Hawk travel trailer floorplan

Does The Jayco White Hawk Have Appliances?

The Jayco White Hawk comes with a host of appliances for efficiency on the road. The unit has a microwave, three oven burners, and a mid-sized refrigerator in the vinyl kitchen. The U-shaped dinette is equipped with an LED HDTV set and a stereo system with interior and exterior speakers, and one radio for entertainment. An overhead fan and automatic air conditioning system are also included. 

Who is the Jayco White Hawk Best For?

The Jayco White Hawk features a large living space suitable for couples and families of six. If you are an RV enthusiast with an eye for details and quality, the Jayco White Hawk is for you. Accordingly, this unit fits a group of people who love camping but with fewer belongings.

Types of Travel Trailers From Jayco

Here are some types you can choose from:

Jayco Hummingbird 

The Hummingbird is Jayco’s smallest range of travel trailers, weighing between 1545 and 3015 lbs. This line features seven different floor plans with a bed, overhead storage space, furnished kitchen, microwave, refrigerator, and a standard faucet. 

The Hummingbird 17MBS comes with a front Murphy bed, entertainment center in the corner, and pantry. The unit also has a residential-type kitchen. 

Jayco White Hawk

The Jayco White Hawk is the heaviest Jayco travel trailer. This unit features a kitchen with a three-burner range, surface countertops, and a stainless-steel microwave and oven. Other appliances in the white hawk include an 8-cubic foot stainless-steel refrigerator. This type also comes with spacious storage spaces, exquisite woodwork, and designer touches. 

Jay Feather

The Jayco Jay Feather line comes as a lightweight travel trailer, weighing between 3195 and 6425 lbs. This series also comes with 18-floor plans. The Jayco Jay Feather includes hybrid models with a Murphy bed, couple’s couch, bunkhouses, and a pop-out tent sleeping space. 

jayco travel trailer

Jay Flight Bungalow

The Jay Flight Bungalow is another larger Jayco type, weighing between 10690 and 11725 lbs. This Jay Flight series is designed as a second home, fitting an entire family. 

The Jay Flight Bungalow features an atrium-style front wall and a sliding patio door that makes your travel more luxurious. This series also comes with six-floor plans with front or rear bedrooms and a bunkhouse. 

How Do Jayco Travel Trailers Compare?

Jayco travel trailers are known for quality and durability. Accordingly, the Jayco company has the best reputation in the market, but how does it compare to other brands?

Jayco vs Keystone 

Jayco slightly has the edge over the Keystone in terms of the floor plan. Both are owned by Thor Industries, meaning they are quite similar over the same price range. However, Jayco has a better floor plan for any price range. Accordingly, Jayco's quality is slightly superior to the Keystone. For instance, Jayco has a better interior ceiling height of the two brands. However, the only way to compare these brands is by narrowing them down to specific models over the same price range. 

Jayco vs Forest River Quality

Forest River emphasizes speed of build while Jayco is more on the build quality. Accordingly, Jayco often stands out because the company offers a 1-year warranty for road assistance. Forest River RVs also tend to have sinking floors. However, this can be offset by the fact that some Jayco models have leaking floors. 

Another aspect of comparison would be the fact that Jayco has many dealers compared to Forest River. This means you can more easily find a Jayco travel trailer than Forest River. 

Jayco vs Grand Design    

This section compares Jayco Eagle against Grand Design Reflection. Jayco has various features that are lacking in the Grand Design. 

For instance, Jayco has solar preps on sidewalls and roof, Helix cooling system, frameless windows, and exterior locking systems that are not in the Grand Design.

Jayco vs Coachman    

The fit and Finish on both Jayco and Coachman are excellent. However, the Coachman is slightly superior in these aspects. Accordingly, Jayco lacks options that can be compared directly to the Coachman. Both travel trailers have similar price ranges and layout. 

How to Winterize a Jayco Travel Trailer

Living in a cooler climate will make you think about winterizing your RV. Every model shows some little differences, but there are common steps every RVer can take. 

1. Empty the Lines

The first step includes emptying the lines. Ensure the water heater is turned off and cooled before opening the pressure valve, removing the drain plug, and turning off the water pump. Position the valves to the winterize lines after closing the low point drains. After this, turn on the pump and open the faucets until the antifreeze comes out. 

2. Taking Care of the Water System

Run an RV antifreeze through the water system when winterizing. 

3. Clean the RV Exterior and Interior

Some elements, such as bugs, can damage the RV exterior. Accordingly, corrosion and chemical spotting are a danger during winter. To prevent these, wax your RV regularly while paying attention to seals. Use the recommended chemical supplies to clean the RV interior at least once every year. 

4. Disconnect the Battery

Disconnect the battery when winterizing to protect it from draining. 

5. Clean the Tanks

Before keeping the Jayco for winter, ensure you clean the tanks. Start with the black tank, gray tank, and finally, the freshwater tank. 

6. Lubricate the Locks and Hinges

Lubricate these parts to prevent jams and sticking when the winter finally passes. 

You can refer to this video to learn more about winterizing your Jayco travel trailer. 

Jayco Travel Trailers - Leaders of The Great Outdoors

Jayco is one of the best companies in the RV world. If you are one of those that appreciate the appeal of buying a travel trailer from a reputable manufacturer, Jayco should be high on your list of brands. These travel trailers hit the right buttons by featuring a luxury design, a wide range of options that fit every family size. 

People Also Ask

Jayco travel trailers may be a household brand because of the company’s reputation in the market. However, the wide range of designs and models can make it overwhelming and confusing to know what is best for you. This section will point you in the right direction by answering some frequently asked questions about Jayco travel trailers. 

How Much Does a Jayco Trailer Cost?

Jayco travel trailers are the most sophisticated and luxurious camper trucks that require you to identify hidden value when purchasing one. These units do not necessarily come at a high price. You can get a decent Jayco travel trailer at a price between $35,000 and $70,000, depending on your dealer. 

Photo credit: jayco.com

Are Jayco Travel Trailers 4 Season?

Jayco travel trailers are designed with a Jayco weather shield and weatherproofing feature that make them all season camper units. Accordingly, you can customize your RV as much as you like to make it fit any weather condition. Additionally, you can winterize the travel trailer during winter to protect it from damage caused by low temperatures and snow. 

How Good Are Jayco Trailers?

Jayco travel trailers have a 77-dealer satisfaction index, making them one of the industry's most approved brands. Accordingly, the Jayco company has been in place for more than 50 years, boasting experience and high-quality production. The materials used to make these units are more durable, while finishing exudes comfort and luxury.

Jayco Travel Trailers

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