Best RV Antifreeze – 2020 Top Picks Reviewed and Rated

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If you are an RV owner, you know how tough it can be to properly maintain all parts of it. One of the most important things, when it comes to maintenance, is protecting the plumbing as winter rolls in.

In this care guide, we will share with you everything you need to know about the best RV antifreeze available, how to select one, in-depth reviews, common maintenance questions you might have, and more!

So, let’s begin!

Comparison Chart of the Best RV Antifreeze


Zecol Antifreeze 1 Gallon

  • The Best Overall Option
  • Features up to -50°F Burst Protection
  • It Has a Proprietary Corrosion Inhibitor Blend
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Star Brite Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze 6 Gallons

  • This is the Runner-Up Option
  • It Gives You -50°F Burst Protection
  • It Offers Freeze Protection Within a Range of +12°F to +16°F
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Splash Antifreeze Coolant, 1 Gallon

  • Best for the Money Option
  • Protects Metal Parts From Corrosion
  • No Need to Calculate a Dilution Ratio
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Camco 30027 Boiler Antifreeze

  • Can Be Used for Solar-Powered Systems
  • It Can Be Used for HydraHot and AquaHot Systems
  • It Can Be Used Right Out of the Bottle Without Any Dilution
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Camco RV Antifreeze Concentrate

  • It Gives You Protection of -50˚F
  • This is an Environmentally-Friendly Option
  • Can Be Used for a Variety of Plumbing Systems
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Camco RV And Marine Antifreeze (Pack of 6)

  • Has Special Lubricating Properties
  • Can be Used Without Diluting With Water
  • Works for Boats, Motorhomes, Pools, and Vacation Homes
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PEAK RV & Marine Antifreeze

  • It Has Been Rated Safe by the FDA.
  • You Can Use This Directly From the Bottle
  • It Offers Bursting Protection to Pipes up to 50 Below Zero Temperatures
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What is RV Antifreeze and What Does it Do?

Before you jump ahead buying antifreeze, it will do you good to understand what it does and why it is essential for your RV. During winter, due to the drop in temperature, water pipes are at risk of bursting. Having the water system burst into your RV leads to a lot of damage, which will cost a lot to repair.

To prevent such damage from occurring, it is recommended you use antifreeze. It is a solution which is able to prevent pipes from bursting by offering burst protection for temperatures as low as -50°F. Using antifreeze means the water system pipes remain safe during winter.

How to Choose RV Antifreeze

While we are glad to share with our list of the antifreeze currently available for your RV, we would like to take a moment to talk about certain features to keep in mind when selecting an antifreeze.

Burst Protection

You should opt for an product which offers effective protection against low temperatures. Go for a solution offering at least -50°F burst protection. There are antifreeze solutions which go even lower, but the -50°F mark is most common.


Keeping your environment safe when using chemicals, is crucial. The product you select should be non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. Such an antifreeze will also be safe to use around kids and pets.


The convenience means how easy it is for you to use. Greater convenience is offered by antifreeze solutions which can be used right out of the bottle without adding water to dilute it.

Variety of Uses

It is better to opt for a product which offers a range of uses. This means you can use it for your RVs as well as your swimming pools, boats, and vacation homes. Furthermore, antifreeze solutions which can work with a variety of pipes (plastic, copper, brass, etc.) are also recommended.

Quick Take - The Best RV Antifreeze

Review of the Best RV Antifreeze

Now that you know a bit more about RV antifreeze, we are going to go over reviews of some of the best selections you can buy. Our reviews are well-researched, so, we hope we are able to help you make an informed buying decision.

Zecol Antifreeze 1 Gallon -50°F Burst Protection Non-Toxic


  • It Can Be Used on a Variety of Pipes
  • This is Dyed for Detecting Possible Leaks
  • It Offers Burst Protection as a Low as -50°F
  • This is an Organic and Non-Toxic Antifreeze


  • Some People Might Think Water Needs to Be Added for Higher Effectiveness

Beginning our review, we have the Zecol Antifreeze. This item is our best overall selection because of all the features it offers. You need a reliable antifreeze to ensure your RV remains safe during winter. No one likes an RV with damaged (burst) plumbing pipes. So, why not go ahead and simply make use of this product to save you the possible trouble?

This liquid features up to -50°F burst protection, which is very impressive compared to other products in the market. Furthermore, this item has a proprietary corrosion inhibitor blend which has been proven for over ten years! It is also biodegradable, which helps you keep the environment safe, too. This product is entirely organic and non-toxic.

You can easily use this product for the RVs, boats, brass pipes, metal pipes, plastic pipes, copper pipes, and even acetate tubing. Offering so much versatility in the overall application makes this product highly convenient to use. This is easy to use, too. This is a dyed antifreeze, which makes leaks detectable. Simply use this product without adding any water to ensure your RV is protected when winter comes.

Bottom Line

The Zecol Antifreeze is a reliable product for you to use to protect your RV during winter. This item is our best overall selection because it is organic and effective. The color of this product makes sure you can quickly detect any possible leaks. You need a reliable product to maintain your RV and you get exactly that with the Zecol Antifreeze.

Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze, 50F 6 Gallons


  • It is Very Easy to Use
  • Offers Corrosion Protection
  • It is Made of Non-Toxic Materials
  • It is Safe for Boats, RVs, and Pools
  • You Don't Need to Dilute This With Water


  • Some People Might Not Like the Odor

The Star Brite Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze product is the runner-up on our list. You should know that this product contains propylene glycol. Also, take note it doesn't contain ethylene glycol. This item is our runner-up because it is another reliable option if you wish to keep the plumbing of your RV undamaged during the cold weather. This product provides you with -50°F (-46°C) burst protection. The freeze protection is within a range of +12°F to +16°F (-11°C to -9°C).

Using this item means you will get effective cold weather protection as well as protects drinking water systems, and even all engines from corrosion. Furthermore, the premium additive prevents corrosion of copper, solder, brass, and aluminum. It will also not damage hose materials or rubber seals. Also, if you are worried about leaks, this product has a bright pink color which works to provide excellent visibility.

This is a non-alcoholic product and has been formulated with pure, USP-grade ingredients which are non-toxic. You don’t have to dilute it either. Simply use it right out of the container for the protection you need. Along with using this product for RVs, you can use it for boats, pools, and even vacation homes. It also has corrosion inhibitors which offer protection for all metal engine components and seals.

Bottom Line

The Star Brite Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze is our second place selection because it can provide you with the type of RV plumbing protection you want. While some might not like the odor, this product will effectively get the job done as winter approaches.

Antifreeze Coolant, 1 gal, RTU


  • No Need to Dilute With Water
  • Offers Corrosion Protection to Metal Parts
  • It Can Be Used for RVs and Marine Vehicles
  • The Pink Color Helps With Detecting Early Leakage


  • The Colorful Packaging Might Increase the Risk of Kids Thinking it is Drinkable

As our best for the money selection, we have the Splash Antifreeze Coolant offering. This too is an excellent coolant to have with you if you wish to keep your RV maintained during the winter. This product can provide you with the features a good antifreeze should have and at a reliable price point.

The Splash Antifreeze Coolant can be used for RVs as well as marine vehicles. It can also be used for all heavy-duty engines because of the corrosion protection it can provide. Using this product is easy because you won’t have to figure out a dilution ratio by mixing in water. Simply pour in the contents and that is it.

The pink color will help you detect any possible leakage. Knowing about likely leakages during the initial stages of using an antifreeze is preferred. This is because you don’t want to come back after winter and deal with the damage that might have been caused. So, if you mean to buy an antifreeze which works great and doesn't cost too much, you can give this environmentally-friendly product a try.

Bottom Line

With the Splash Antifreeze Coolant, you have an antifreeze you can depend on. Not needing to calculate a dilution ratio allows for more convenience in using this product. You can use this to protect the plumbing as well as metal parts from corrosion during winter. The colorful packaging might attract kids. So, do keep it out of their reach.

Camco 30027 Boiler Antifreeze


  • It Offers Corrosion Protection
  • The Red Dye Allows for Quicker Leak Detection
  • There is No Need to Add Water Before Using This Product
  • You Can Use it for Traditional Boiler Systems as Well as Solar-Powered Systems


  • It Can Only Be Used for Systems With No Aluminum Components

The next product we are going to talk about is the Camco 30027 Boiler Antifreeze. As the name states, this product is reliable to use for heater boiler systems. We say this because this solution can prevent corrosion in the pipes. Warding off corrosion is very important if you want the flow to remain as it should be. Due to this solution being premixed (as well as not concentrated), you can use it right out of the bottle without having to worry about calculating dilution ratios.

Take note this product should only be used in systems which don't have any aluminum components. Camco remains as one of the most reliable names when it comes to antifreeze products in the market. That is why you know you can depend on such an item.

This solution is environmentally-friendly. Furthermore, it has been dyed red, which allows you to detect leaks faster. For proper RV maintenance during winter, you can't go wrong if you select such a solution.

Bottom Line

Due to Camco being a renowned brand, the Camco 30027 Boiler Antifreeze is a product you can rely on. This solution can be used directly without a need to dilute it with water. While it can't be used for systems with aluminum components, you can still use it for a variety of systems (including solar-powered ones) for the protection you desire.

Camco RV Antifreeze Concentrate - 36 ounces of Concentrate Makes 1 Gallon of Antifreeze, Just Add Fresh Water, Great for Use in RVs, Boats, Vacation Homes and Pools - Pack of 2 - 30611


  • The Dye Helps You Detect Leaks
  • It Can Be Used for RVs, Vacation Homes, Boats, and Pools
  • This Product is Non-Toxic and Safe to Use Around Kids and Animals


  • Adding Water Before Use Might Feel Inconvenient to Some

We have another antifreeze from Camco and that is for good reason. For those who might not be familiar, the Camco company has existed since 1966. The brand offers more than 3,500 products. Through the decades it has been able to create a loyal customer base for itself. So, opting for the Camco RV Antifreeze Concentrate means you are selecting a product which is sure to help you out in the most effective manner.

This solution is non-toxic and safe for kids, as well as your furry friends. You can use this concentrated product to prevent the RV's water lines from freezing (and bursting) during winter. It keeps your pipes safe from bursting at temperatures as low as -50 degrees F. Going for a two-pack means you’ll have enough to keep your RV safe throughout winter.

Take note that you will need to add water before you begin using this concentrate. A single bottle makes one gallon of antifreeze. This might decrease the overall convenience, however, it is a small price to pay for a product which can offer a lot of safety to your RV. Not only that, you can use this solution for vacation homes and pools, too.

Bottom Line

The Camco RV Antifreeze Concentrate does require you to add water before use. However, calculating the dilution ratio isn't much of a hassle because you know you will be using an antifreeze you can trust. A single bottle is one-gallon of product that will keep your RV, pools, boats, etc. safe during winter.

Camco Mfg. 30757 RV And Marine Antifreeze (Pack of 6)


  • It is Safe to Use Around Pets and Kids
  • The Red Dye Allows You to Detect Any Leaks
  • No Need to Add Water Before Using This Antifreeze
  • It Offers Protection Against Corrosion During Winter


  • Some People Might Not Like the Odor

Nearing the end of our list, we have the Camco RV and Marine Antifreeze. Yes, this is another product from Camco and it will serve you well. As someone who owns an RV, you need to understand the importance of protecting it from water damage, especially during the winter months. The cold weather increases the chances of the pipes bursting and damaging the RV. However, with a reliable product, like the Camco RV Marine Antifreeze, you can keep pipe bursting at bay and prevent costly repairs.

This solution has been made to be tasteless as well as non-toxic. This is an environmentally-friendly solution. So, you can continue to use such a product without challenging your commitment to protecting the world we live in. Furthermore, it is safe to use around kids and pets. As for the convenience this product offers, you can use it directly out the bottle without having to dilute it with water.

The variety of use offered by this solution allows you to use it for your swimming pools, boats, and vacation homes, as well as your RV. With this product, you have an antifreeze solution which is useful for a range of things. It offers corrosion protection during winter, too. It has unique lubricating properties which help it protect, as well as adequately lubricate, the valves and pumps in water systems.

Bottom Line

The Camco RV and Marine Antifreeze is another reliable solution from Camco, a brand which you can trust. Simply use this solution right out of the bottle to protect the water systems during winter. It is non-toxic and won’t harm the environment.

PEAK RV & Marine Antifreeze -50°F Guaranteed


  • It is Environmentally-Friendly
  • You Can Use This Product for RVs and Boats
  • The Reddish-Pink Dye Helps You Detect Leaks
  • It Offers Protection During Winter to a Variety of Pipes


  • The Odor Might Be Too Much for Some

The final product we are going to talk about in our list is the PEAK RV & Marine Antifreeze. Some of you might already be familiar with such a brand. Peak, similar to Camco, is trusted when it comes to creating a range of antifreeze solutions meant for cars, boats, and RVs. With the PEAK RV & Marine Antifreeze, you are opting for a solution which can give you the winter-protection you want.

This solution has been created to offer protection against temperatures as low as 50 below zero. Using this solution means you will be at peace knowing your RV’s water system is protected from bursting throughout winter. You can simply go ahead and add the solution without having to worry about dilutions. This is safe to be used with plastic, brass, metal, and even copper pipes. However, do remember it shouldn’t be used with acetate.

This product is safe to use around pets and children. It has been rated GRAS, or Generally Recognized as Safe, by the FDA. It won’t harm the environment either.

Bottom Line

The PEAK RV & Marine Antifreeze is from a reliable company. You can conveniently use this antifreeze from the bottle without needing to dilute it. This solution can be used for water systems with plastic, brass, copper, and metal pipes. It is safe for the environment and will make sure your RV stays secure against burst pipes during winter.


We hope our best antifreeze review list was able to help you know about the antifreeze options you can spend your money on. As mentioned, it is important to buy an RV antifreeze which is reliable because you don’t want to end up spending a lot of money on repairs due to burst pipes.

People Also Ask

Some of you might have specific questions related to the topic of RV antifreeze solutions. We are going to do our best to answer these questions to the best of ability. As an RV owner, it is essential you are proactive when it comes to the proper maintenance of your RV, especially when protecting the water system during winter.

What is the Difference Between RV Antifreeze and Regular Antifreeze?

You might be surprised to learn how many people think a regular antifreeze and an RV antifreeze are the same. You need to realize the two are different. Regular antifreeze is poisonous and toxic to people, animals, and the environment. It should only be used in closed loop cooling for engines. RV antifreeze, on the other hand, is non-toxic and protects the water system. Also, RV antifreeze gets pumped into the system and then flushed out when winter begins.

Is RV Antifreeze Safe for Septic Systems?

Yes, a reliable RV antifreeze can be safely used for any type of septic tank. This is because an RV antifreeze has biodegradable materials. Such an antifreeze can also be flushed into the municipal sewer system (as long as there is no law prohibiting such an action). You should always go for an environmentally-friendly RV antifreeze.

How to Dispose of Antifreeze

RV antifreeze, which is non-toxic and biodegradable, can be disposed of by being flushed down into any sewer system. Make sure that you don't drain it all into the lawn. Even though such an antifreeze is environmentally-friendly, too much of it can harm the grass growing in the lawn. You can also drain it on rocks and let it dry up in the sun. It is recommended you check with your state laws.

What is RV Antifreeze Made of - Is it Safe?

In general, a non-toxic and safe RV antifreeze is also known as a propylene glycerol antifreeze. Such an antifreeze solution is made of propylene glycol, glycerol, water, and dipotassium phosphate. A dye is also added to help detect any possible leaks which may occur. The biodegradable components of antifreeze are what allows it to be environmentally safe.

What Does Antifreeze Smell Like?

RV Antifreeze does have an odor to it. Such an antifreeze is known to smell, as well as taste, like maple syrup. While the scent isn't too overpowering, some people might not like it. We have mentioned certain antifreeze solutions in our RV antifreeze review list which can give off an irritating odor to some. Also, not flushing it out properly can lead to the smell and taste lingering.

Where Do You Recycle Antifreeze?

The correct answer to this question can be obtained by referring to any existing laws about recycling antifreeze laws in your state, city, etc. There are many states that offer antifreeze recycling programs. The important thing for you to do, as a law-abiding citizen, is to know how to recycle antifreeze properly. Do not merely dispose of it on the lawn or carelessly try to store it away in a non-airtight container. Also, remember that this antifreeze is not the toxic kind used in engines, so may be subject to different guidelines.

How Often Should You Change Your Antifreeze?

In order to properly winterize your RV, you need to know how often you should change the RV antifreeze. It is generally recommended that you change your antifreeze at least once as winter approaches. Using two to three gallons of a reliable RV antifreeze should be enough to keep the water system safe during winter. However, you might need to use more depending on the length of the water system.

How Much RV Antifreeze to Winterize?

Knowing how much RV antifreeze you should use to winterize properly is crucial. Using too little won't be able to protect the water systems effectively. Using too much isn't recommended either and will only increase your costs. The amount of RV antifreeze needed to winterize the RV is dependent on the size of the RV as well as the overall length of the water lines. Usually, two or three gallons of RV should do the trick.

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