Clever RV Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

| Last Updated: December 14, 2022

Are you looking for RV storage ideas to help maximise your limited space while out on the road?

RV storage can be a challenge, but with a little creativity you can maximize your space. Whether you're traveling full-time or just weekend camping, these RV storage ideas will help you keep your vehicle organized and functional. From under the bed storage to hanging clothes rods, we have got you covered!

RV is always a popular choice for people who enjoy traveling and having fun with their cars. RVs are ideal for celebrations, trips, and camping. They provide comfort as well as fun and adventure on your occasional road journeys and camping plans, but of course space is an issue.

Excess weight might cause discomfort if not properly managed. As a result, it's critical that you handle the RV well and prepare your storage more carefully, from food stuffs to apparel, bathroom items, and cosmetics.

So, tell help you in your research, we have put our expertise to offer you the top 10 best RV storage ideas, so you can save space where it really matters. And best of all, the majority of these RV storage ideas are easy do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that you'll enjoy doing and will be proud of!

RV storage Ideas

RV Storage Ideas - Maximizing Your Limited Space

We all need extra space while out on the road, so without further ado, let's look at some surprisingly good storage ideas for RV living.

RV Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchen is the most important, and also the messiest part in an RV, mainly because there's limited space. But of course work in the kitchen never stops, so storage ideas for an RV kitchen should be your priority.

We highly recommend arranging your kitchen in a systematic manner where everything can go back to its place very easily. For this, racks, drawers, and cupboards are very useful. The more drawers or shelves you have, the more organized your stuff will be. Also, with shelves and drawers in place, you'll remember where to go for something when you need it.

You can divide your kitchen stuff into categories and store the things based on them. For example, you can have a larger compartment for the utensils, glasses, plastic bottles, and plates. For spoons, forks, and knives, you can use smaller drawers.

As apparent in the image, containers, and boxes are in one drawer, while things that can stand upright, such as bottles and jars are in one place. This makes taking things out and putting them back in easier.

You can build drawers and shelves if you have experience in that area or just want to experiment. You can also have a carpenter build a shelf for your kitchen. You don't have to spend a lot on your kitchen storage, as you can also get ready-made shelves at low prices and fix them up as you like.

RV Storage Ideas No.2 - Towel Racks

Other than utensils and food, kitchens also have towels, hand mittens, and small pieces of cloth for cleaning purposes. To store them efficiently, you can get metal racks. Small or large towels, these metal racks, as in the image, will be great to store a number of towels at a time.

You simply need to fold or roll and pile up the towels like you normally do. There's nothing technical in it, which makes it very suitable for someone traveling and in need of great storage ideas for their RV. The towel racks will also accommodate smaller pieces of towel, depending on their size.

The longer bar in the front can also be used to hang and dry wet towels. These metal racks are also useful for the bathroom and are very easy to find, usually at department stores, home care stores, and even at online stores like Amazon.

We recommend this towel wall rack from Soduku. It's reasonably priced and you can make even better use of the towel rack by storing your bottles of wine on it., instead!

No.3 - Transform Your Cabinet Doors for Utensils

Keeping all of your things organized while traveling in an RV is one of the most difficult aspects of the experience. Utensils, like those in the image, are one of the more difficult items to manage and may even go missing. As a result, we propose using hooks and clips like those seen in the picture to hang your utensils

Your utensils will stay in place, and most importantly, they will be very easily accessible. Keeping spoons and other utensils in drawers or cupboards can be a bad idea since they can all jumble and pile up.

To execute this RV storage idea, you'll need to purchase some adhesive hooks and create more space in your cabinet by attaching them on the inside door. This is a very inexpensive and fool proof quick storage idea for your RV that costs next to nothing.

RV Storage Ideas No.4 - Hanging Fruit Basket

If you have children or pets, this RV storage idea will work great for you. Keeping fruit in a bowl on your counter takes up vital space, so why not hang it up?

You can even make use of the space above your RV sink by installing a hanging fruit basket there. This will ensure all your fruits are in one place and you can easily grab them when needed. You can find similar baskets online or at general stores near you.

Even better, you can make a hanging fruit basket, and save a few bucks. Not everyone can knit or crochet, but we all know someone who can. So, why not? You can even convert an old garment of clothing and stitch it up into your very own designer hanging fruit basket.

Whichever way you get one, a hanging fruit basket is one of the best RV storage ideas because fruit occupies most people's RV counters.

RV Storage Ideas No.4 - No Vanity Drawer? No Problem!

If you take a lot of make up or other skincare products with you, you'll know they take up vital space. The washroom, dressing area, or the cabinets in an RV are very congested and not so spacious. And if you're living full time in your RV, you really need that extra space. 

So, to build your own vanity space in an RV and store all your products, try this storage idea as shown in the image. You can find different sizes of plastic organizers that stick to the inside of your cabinet.

Of course, you can keep all your necessary vanity products there, but they're also perfect for storing medicines, and even things like a spice rack in your kitchen cupboards or walls.

No.6 - Avoid Rolling Cans in Your Cupboard While Traveling

Cans and bottles of soft drinks, preserved food, and beers are a must for any road trip. Without these, your traveling will be incomplete, but the problem is they take up critical space.

Not only do they take up space, they can be annoying in a moving vehicle as they slide around and collide with each other.

As RV storage ideas go, this one is perfect as it'll stop any annoying clattering and save you space. Instead of keeping cans and bottles freely in your icebox, freezer, or cupboard shelves use vertical grills and columns to fix and store the cans tightly. 

You may need to buy a freezer that already has compartments that can accommodate an average-sized can, or you could consider a hanging soda organizer that fixes to the top of your RV refrigerator. But for your cupboards and shelves, you can easily find them in a general store or online in all different shapes and sizes.

RV Storage Ideas No.7 - Keep Bathroom Essentials Within Reach

Since an RV has less space, it's not always possible to keep your bathroom and toilet essentials close. Of course, this is a bad idea in times of emergencies.

Therefore, a plastic, transparent organizer that fixes onto the back of your door like the one in the image is perfect for keeping everything within arm's reach, while saving you plenty of essential space. 

This way, you will neither lose your stuff nor will you have to go here and there to find all your bathroom essentials. A transparent organizer can be found in department stores, online, and best of all they're very affordable.

These transparent organizers are a great for many other RV storage ideas, and you can keep them on the back of any door, keeping things like any important documents, your shoes and even underwear in them.

No.8 - Easy to Install Vertical Bedside Organizer

In this storage idea for RV bedrooms, we recommend you use a book/magazine organizer that's found in department stores and home-care stores too. The organizer will be made with high-quality plastic and is normally used vertically on worktops.

However, if you are a bedtime reader, use this organizer by fixing it to the wall next to your bed. You can also get wall-mounted vertical organizers with adhesive backs that will secure to your wall, so there's no mess when installing it.

As well as fixing a vertical organizer to your wall, you can also get a Bedside Caddy, Hanging Storage Organizer that basically secures under your mattress and hangs down at the side of your bed.

Each of the above ideas allow you to keep your books, headphones, a drink, and other nighttime essentials next to you without taking up any unnecessary room.

Storage Ideas for RV Life No.9 - Magnetic Spice Rack

A magnetic spice rack will save you plenty of space in your RV

We all love to take herbs and spices so we can enjoy flavorsome meals on the road. But of course, the more spices we take, the more room we take up. That's where a magnetic spice rack comes in and is our RV storage idea number 9.

You can buy magnetic spice racks, but of course, making one is much more fun, even if it takes a little extra effort. Firstly, you'll need to go to a hardware store to find a stainless steel sheet, like the one in the image. Get the size you need and it will hold all your spice containers as long as you get magnetic ones of course.

A magnetic spice rack is a really good RV storage idea if you have pets and children. Of course, some spices can cause an uncomfortable moment if eaten, so keeping one high up on the wall will keep them out of harm's way. On top of this, all your spices will be in one place, and you won't have to search throughout your kitchen.

This is a very compact storage solution. While making one may require extra effort, the final result will pleasantly surprise you, and of course you'll be able to use it to store other magnetic stuff as well.

No.10 - Hanging Clothes or Shoes Organizer

The last of our RV storage ideas is for shoes and clothes. A hanging clothes and shoe organizer will create you much more space, and save any unnecessary accidents falling over laying-about shoes.

A hanging organizer is made with lightweight material but is strong enough to store your shoes and clothes. Therefore, it will be easy to carry and use too. Hang the organizer in your cupboard and store your shoes in it.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can install as many as can fit, to create invaluable shelf space in your bedroom. 

They're a great RV storage idea as you won't misplace your shoes, they won't get in the way of you, your children or pets, so as well as being organized, you'll have a safer environment.

RV Storage Ideas - Saving and Creating Space for RVers

RV storage can be a challenge, but with a little creativity you can maximize your space. Whether you're traveling full-time or just weekend camping, these RV storage ideas will help you keep your vehicle organized and functional.

From bedside organizers to bathroom and kitchen storage, you can be creative and save space for other essential things that you might have previously had to leave at home.

To make use of every little space in your RV efficiently, you only need some simple storage ideas. Make your journey comfortable and convenient by planning ahead and making storage arrangements for your RV. Happy traveling!

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best rv storage ideas
best rv storage ideas

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