Best Travel Trailers For Families – 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: July 28, 2022

Travel trailers for families are an experience beyond the typical flight and hotel. It's an absolute adventure and a sure way to get the children into the great outdoors at a young age.

Travel trailers allow you to have exceptional adventures and make countless memories with your family. However, it is important that you find a travel trailer that is according to your family’s needs. 

And which trailer is the best for a family? Of course, there's no definitive answer, but there are many high quality models on the market. So, whether you're a small or large family we've reviewed some of the best travel trailers for families of all sizes.

As well as reviewing the best models, we've also included a guide on what to look for when shopping for a trailer. We've also added an FAQ section dedicated to all things travel trailers. So, with that said, let's dive straight in...

What Makes a Travel Trailer Great for Families 

A travel trailer is a costly spend, and like any other investment, this one needs to be done carefully as well. Before you purchase one, it is important to make sure it goes along your taste and requirements. Therefore, before buying a travel trailer for you and your family, you should consider the features below:

Ample Space For Sleeping

It's not necessary to have a big floor plan. What matters is how many sleeping options are available such as pull-out beds, bunk beds, etc. in order to accommodate everyone comfortably. 

The Presence of a Bathroom

A camper must have a bathroom with a fully functional toilet, sink, and shower and water tanks, because you may not always make it to an RV park.

airstream interior

Plenty of Charging Outlets

These are times where almost everyone owns an electronic device such as a phone, tablet, etc. and so power outlets in order to charge them is a necessity

A travel trailer is required to have ample charging outlets. These are also required for CD stereos, FM players for the elderly people who prefer to keep it old school. 

A Big Enough Storage Space

Even though we decide only the important things, we end up bringing along a lot more, especially if kids are involved who want their toys and tablets and games and whatnot. Storage space makes it easier for you to put excess items away when not in use in order to de-clutter the space.

Review of the Best Travel Trailers for Families

Now that you're aware of the must haves for a family travel trailer, you might want to take a look at the best models mentioned below. All the important specs and details are also mentioned to help you make an informed decision. 

Best Overall Travel Trailer for a Family:
Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

Best Overall Travel Trailer for a Family: Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

What we love

  • Most models are not too expensive
  • There is also tons of storage space
  • A strong, high-quality construction
  • Many different floor plans are available to choose from
  • A rubber roof to protect against elements such as rain and snow

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 5
  • Number of floor plans: 26
  • Number of slide-outs: 1
  • Length: 36' 8"
  • Width: 96"
  • Weight: 7513 lbs.

Our Review

The Palomino Puma travel trailer has caught our eye with its amazing exterior strength. Its interior is equally reliable and serves the needs of a medium/large family of 5 really well. 

It weighs 7513 lbs. and has a higher gross vehicle weight rating than many other trailers. This ensures that you can keep as much of the stuff as you need to stay comfortable even when you are away from home. The soft brown interior is quite welcoming, with a cozy living space. 

The trailer boasts adequate capacity for both fresh and grey wastewater, so you do not have to worry about refilling and draining all too frequently. 

Another great thing is that it has a wide layout with a width of 96". This goes well when your kids want to play on the floor with all their toys too. So, getting this travel trailer will help you in many different ways. 

Dutchman Aspen Trail

Runner-up: Dutchman Aspen Trail

What we love

  • Pass-through storage for storing luggage
  • Standard bathroom with a separate shower
  • Queen size bed with wardrobe and dresser
  • Convenient living space with comfortable seating
  • 6 cubic feet refrigerator in a well-equipped kitchen

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 6-8
  • Number of floor plans: 35
  • Number of slide-outs: 2
  • Length: 39' 9"
  • Width: 11' 5"
  • Weight: 8,262 lbs.

Our Review

If you have a large family or if your kids like to bring along their friends, then this Dutchmen trailer might be your best bid. It has 6-8 sleeping places and has a very well-balanced layout. It has ample living space with comfortable sofas which you can sit on leisurely. 

There are two slide-out compartments that increase the available area to your family. One compartment accommodates a sofa set and a dinette while the other one helps in enlarging the bedroom. 

This trailer's width is 11'5," which helps in keeping the living and kitchen areas spacious. The bedroom has a plush queen-sized bed and a dresser to give users a luxury bedroom experience. The entrance has solid entry steps that provide greater support to you when going in or coming out.

Best for the Money:
Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailer

Best for the Money: Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailer

What we love

  • 7 feet ramp with spring assist
  • 16 feet awning for outdoor seating
  • Wardrobe with shelves for added storage
  • Wide kitchen space with fridge and pantry
  • Convertible sofa beds with an indoor/outdoor table

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 3-4
  • Number of floor plans: 15
  • Length: 28' 3"
  • Width: 8' 0"
  • Weight: 4,825 lbs.

Our Review

This is one of those travel trailers which have a very spacious layout. It is for small families as it provides a sleeping capacity of 3 to 4 people. It is easy to hitch and park as it weighs only 4,825 lbs. 

The trailer is 28' 3" long and 8 foot wide, so there's plenty of space for small families. What makes it stand out to us, however, is its storage space. It has many overhead shelves and 3 wardrobe spaces, so you can easily stash a lot of stuff away for your family hols.

The kitchen has a modern design as well as state of the art equipment. The pantry and refrigerator help in keeping your food and produce fresh for a long while. There is a 7 feet ramp with spring assist at the back too. It provides a nice shade to enjoy the outdoors during hot summer days.

Best Small Travel Trailers for Families of 4: 
Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 210URS

Best Small Travel Trailer for Family of 4: Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 210URS

What we love

  • 30 x 40 inches shower with linen
  • Solid entry steps for elderly and kids
  • Booth dinette is both simple and comfortable
  • Flip down bunks for additional sleeping spaces
  • Bedroom with a king-sized bed and exit storage

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 7
  • Number of floor plans: 1
  • Number of slide-outs: 1
  • Length: 23 ft.
  • Weight: 4590 lbs.

Our Review

This Keystone trailer is a nice option for a family of four that needs something both luxurious and practical. Unlike many other trailers, it comes with a king-sized bed with many overhead shelves, which provide a greater place to store light luggage. 

There's a booth dining area which can easily seat 4 to 5 people and has an easy to clean table. Opposite that is a sofa sleeper which brings you a living area too. In addition, it has flip-down bed bunks that do not cover much floor space. There's also a standard bathroom with a shower and linen area too. 

Other than this, there is a wardrobe where you can keep all the summery clothes and spare towels. There is a 14-feet long awning at the side for an outdoor seating area, all in all making this trailer a great getaway source for you and your family.

Best Travel Trailer for Family of 5:
Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

Best Travel Trailer for Family of 5: Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

What we love

  • Central sink with extended shelf
  • Several windows for an outside view
  • 30 x 36 inches shower with skylights
  • Spacious bedroom with overhead cabinets
  • Separate theatre seating and booth dining areas

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 5
  • Number of floor plans: 1
  • Number of slide-outs: 3
  • Length: 37' 4"
  • Weight: 9291 lbs.

Our Review

The Reflection travel trailer is a great choice for a family of 5. It comes with a modern theatre seating area where you can enjoy late-night movies. It is accompanied by a booth dining area with a spacious table. The aluminum entry steps provide a firm base for you and your kids to climb into the trailer easily. 

Another great thing is that it boasts two kitchens – indoor and outdoor. The outdoor cooking area is well-equipped and is perfect for outdoor picnics and enjoying early evenings and sunsets with your family.

The trailer also has a 30 x 36 inches shower with a skylight, which is great for airing the cabin. Something you need with a large trailer with 3 slide-out compartments. The hutch alongside the bunk beds is also nice as it provides many cabinets. All in all, this Reflection travel trailer is a great option for a family of up to 5.

Best Travel Trailer for Family of 6:
Coachmen Freedom Express Travel Trailer

Best Travel Trailer for Family of 6: Coachmen Freedom Express Travel Trailer

What we love

  • Solid entry steps
  • Tub-cum-shower in the bathroom
  • Pass-through storage at both sides
  • Camp kitchen for outdoor cooking
  • Several overhead cabinets for extra storage space

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Number of floor plans: 3
  • Number of slide-outs: 2
  • Length: 35' 7"
  • Width: 96"
  • Weight: 7245 lbs.

Our Review

Coachmen Freedom Express travel trailers have the trust of many customers with their comfort and usability. As it has a queen-sized bed and multiple bunks, it can easily accommodate a family of 6. 

There are three wardrobe units inside which provide a proper space for keeping clothes and other essentials. As there is an outdoor kitchen at the side of the trailer, it is nice for those sultry evenings and barbecues. 

The trailer also boasts a pass-through storage sites at the front, so you can store away all your belongings. The two slide-outs make the trailer even more comfortable and roomy as they accommodate the sofa sets and a U-shaped dinette. 

There's also all your needs for a bathroom on the go, with large water tanks, so there's no worry about having to change them too often. This is a large trailer and will be awkward to handle for the inexperienced RV driver, but with a little practice, you'll have a great base for you and your family.

What Size of Travel Trailer Do I Need For My Family?

Choosing the right size of a travel trailer might seem tricky at first. You have to be more mindful of the layout of the trailer than its size, as there are some trailers that are quite large, but don't provide a proper sleeping capacity. 

Whereas, some others might seem small or average-sized but can cater to the needs of a large family quite well. So, let’s see how to determine the right size of a travel trailer for your family.

For Small Families

For small families of 3 to 4 people, you need something compact. Ideally, the length should be 25 to 30 feet. And the width of the trailer should be between 6 and 8 feet. 

For Medium Sized Families

Well, medium-sized families of around 6 people need something on the balanced range of size. The length for these trailers should be between 30 and 35 feet, whereas the width should be from 8 to 10 feet, at least.

For Large Families

Now, large families can be quite flexible as you can have multiple sleeping places and bunk beds. The length variations are up to 40 feet while the trailer should be 10 to 12 feet wide. 

Remember, size isn't everything and your layout will make it more comfortable for the size family you have!

Travel Trailers for Families - A Base for Everyone to Enjoy

Travel trailers are a great way to have some recreational time together with your family. All brands and models vary based on size and layout, but most can be modified based on your own preferences.

We recommend all of the above, but there are many others that will suit different sized families, so if you don't see anything to your liking, make sure to keep looking.

That said, once you choose a travel trailer that suits the needs of your family, we're sure you'll trigger the adventurer in your children while at the same time making some amazing lifelong memories.