Lance 2285 – 2021 Review

| Last Updated: May 18, 2021

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If you’re a fan of outdoor activities and traveling, you should consider purchasing a trailer.

Trailers are known to make great homes away from home.

There are several trailers on the market. However, few are as magnificent as the Lance 2285.

Lance 2285 Specs and Dimensions

  • A floor-length of 22’6”

  • An overall length of 27’

  • Exterior width of 96-3/8”

  • An exterior height w/Optional 13M A/C 10’2” 

  • An interior height of 78” 

  • Sleeping capacity of 4/6 people

  • A cargo-carrying capacity of 2070 lbs. 

Lance 2285 Layout

The Lance 2285 has a pretty fantastic dual entry layout. Through the aft door, you enter an expansive and well-furnished room with a huge corner gallery. The gallery has two large windows through which you can enjoy superb views while on the road. It also has a lovely Super Slide dinette with locking pull-out storage drawers.

Many trailers don’t have entertainment centers. However, this isn’t the case with the Lance 2285 as it boasts of having a top-notch modern entertainment center. Since the entertainment center is centralized, you can conveniently enjoy it from different spots in the trailer.

The Lance 2285’s private bedroom is fairly spacious. The bedroom has an amazing bathroom that features an adjustable slide bar showerhead assembly, a black tank flush, a folding lavy extension, and a marine toilet. The bedroom also has an elegant queen-sized bed, where after a long day of driving, you can rest. Through the trailer’s second entry, you can enter the bedroom.

The Lance 2285’s layout clearly shows just how classy, comfortable, and convenient this trailer is. Of all the trailers currently on the market, few match up to this trailer's classiness. By selecting this great trailer as your traveling/camping trailer-of-choice, you can rest assured that you’ll have a fulfilling trip.

Does the Lance 2285 Come With Appliances?

Assembled to provide utmost comfort to its owners, the Lance 2285 is one of the classiest trailers on the market. Listed below are some of the most notable appliances you will find in this astounding trailer.


There is nothing as refreshing as having a cold drink after a long drive on a hot afternoon. The Lance 2285 has a fully functional refrigerator. As such, by purchasing one, you need not worry about lacking a cold drink. You also don’t have to worry about wasting food as you can store your food in the trailer’s modern refrigerator.


There are quite a good number of trailers up for sale. However, not many of them have microwaves. The Lance 2285 has one of the best microwaves on the market.

As such, by choosing the Lance 2285 as your preferred traveling/camping trailer, you can wave your food-warming troubles goodbye.

3-Burner High Output Range With Oven

The Lance 2285 has a sublime 3-burner high output range with an oven. Thus, by selecting this trailer, you can easily cook the food you want with ease.

Traveling without appliances such as the ones mentioned above is usually quite stressful. To avoid such unnecessary stress, selecting the Lance 2285 as your preferred traveling/camping would be a good idea.

Who is the Lance 2285 Best For? 

The Lance 2285 is an ideal trailer for adventurers as it has large windows that allow travelers to enjoy different sceneries they come across while on their trips. It is also ideal for solo travelers, families, and even friends because not only does the trailer have quite a lot of space, it’s also known to be quite efficient on the road. When your trailer breaks down in the middle of nowhere, it’s quite obvious that you’ll get immensely frustrated. Given that this trailer rarely breaks down, you (and your friends/family) need not worry about suffering such a fate.

In my opinion, the Lance 2285 is a trailer that’s suitable for all. I firmly believe this is true because it is extremely spacious and comfortable.

Popular Features

The Lance 2285 is one of the highest-selling trailers on the market. It’s highly popular for several reasons. Here are some of the features that have made the trailer extremely popular.

Durable Solar Panels

The Lance 2285 boasts of having chargeable solar panels. Given that they’re self-sufficient, they don’t require batteries to run. The trailer’s use of solar panels has attracted many individuals.

Modern Appliances

Before this trailer entered the market, many individuals complained of facing numerous challenges as a result of lacking necessary, modern appliances. Given that it has the said appliances, the trailer has earned the praise of quite a good number of individuals.

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Quality Interior

Of all the trailers on the market, the Lance 2285 has one of the best interiors. The trailer boasts of having day/night shades in the dinette and the bedroom, an entry door-pull shade, high-quality Euro-ply cabinet construction, a hidden trash can compartment, and a sofa bed. As a result of its fantastic interior, the trailer is one of the most sought-after trailers in the entire country.

Keyless Entry

The Lance 2285 has a keyless entry system. As keyless entry systems are usually immensely secure, it comes as no surprise that the trailer is pretty popular.

Included Safety Features

Since its founding in 1965, Lance has been one of the dominant trailer manufacturers in the United States of America. As a company that values its clients' safety, Lance usually incorporates several safety features in its trailers. Here are some of the key features that you should know.

Solid Double-Entry Steps

Safety and ease of access are normally a huge concern. The assemblers of the Lance 2285 address these concerns by installing tough and durable double entry steps. The steps, each 24 inches wide, feature LED lighting. Many individuals have suffered injuries due to stepping on faulty trailer steps. By choosing a Lance 2285 as your trailer-of-choice, you need not worry about suffering a similar fate.

Block Foam Insulation

The Lance 2285 is one of the few trailers that have block foam insulation. As a result of this effective mechanism, owners of this trailer don’t have to worry about being inconvenienced by bad weather.

Tank Insulation

Unknown to many, all the freshwater tanks present in the Lance 2285 are normally enclosed. Given that they are also enclosed and heated, Lance 2285 owners don’t have to worry about their water supply freezing over.

Aspects to Improve

The Lance 2285 is an amazing trailer. Although Lance 2285 is one of the best trailers on the market, its parent company needs to address some issues. Here are some.

Warranty Approval

Although the Lance Corporation offers warranties, they are usually slow to approve them. On quite a good number of occasions, their customers have complained of having to wait long durations to get their warranties approved. To avoid frustrating their clients, Lance should work on improving their warranty approval process.

Limited Floor Plan

Different clients tend to have different tastes. Although the Lance 2285 is pretty lengthy. However, the trailer has limited floor options. As a company, Lance should work on increasing the number of floor options they offer.


The Lance 2285 is, in the opinion of quite many individuals, pretty pricey. To cater to each of its clients, Lance should consider reducing the price of this fantastic trailer. By doing so, they can easily attract more clients.

Lance has, on several instances, proven to manufacture and assemble fantastic trailers. The Lance 2285 is one such trailer. By addressing these minor issues, the company is bound to land more sales.

Bottom Line 

There are quite a good number of trailers on the market. However, not all of the trailers are as exceptional as they claim to be. Before settling on a given trailer to purchase, you must get to learn more about it. The Lance 2285 is an incredible trailer. Given that it is spacious, comfy, and secure, it’s the perfect trailer for traveling with your friends and even family. Judging by its numerous positive reviews, it’s pretty evident that by choosing it as your preferred trailer, you’d be making a decision you will never live to.

People Also Ask

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What Does the Lance 2285 Cost?

It’s a known fact that the Lance 2285 is a high-quality trailer. However, it’s not as expensive as many people think. Different trailer dealers tend to sell their Lance 2285 at different rates. Some sell their trailers at $55000 while others sell their trailers at about $60000.

What Size Truck Will Pull a Lance 2285?

The Lance 2285 weighs no more than 5000 pounds. Despite being that size, it can be easily pulled by a mid-size truck. As such, if you’ve got a mid-size truck, and you’re looking for a trailer that is easily pulled by your truck, the Lance 2285 would be a suitable choice.

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What is the Tongue Weight of a Lance 2285?

Although it is a pretty spacious trailer, the Lance 2285 is not as heavy as most people think. This magnificent trailer has a total tongue weight of 750 lbs. As such, if you’re looking for a spacious trailer that isn’t extremely weighty, you should contemplate purchasing the Lance 2285.

What Size Hitch Ball for a Lance 2285?

The Lance 2285 has a dry tongue weight of 615 lbs. and 750 lbs. when loaded. For such weight, a size 2-inch ball would be perfect. Thus, if you’re looking for a hitch ball that’s suitable for a Lance 2285, you should look for a size 2-inch ball.

Where is the VIN on a Lance 2285 Travel Trailer?

It’s a known fact that VINs are worth exploring. Different trailers tend to have their VINs in different places. In Lance 2285’s case, the VIN is located on the trailer’s tongue. However, some Lance 2285’s have their VINs on the frame rail.

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