RV Microwaves – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: February 1, 2023

Looking for a microwave for your RV? Travelers and RVers tend to spend time cooking in their camper, so getting all you kitchen accessories is important.

Even if you own a small trailer, having a microwave for cooking won't take up too much room and they can be highly beneficial. They save time and make life easier, which is just what you need after a day hiking.

When the weather gets harsh, having to cook in a microwave can be your only choice, depending on the size of your camper. The drawback is that finding a good option, as the market has many different microwaves, and knowing which one to invest in is a mind-numbing task.

An RV microwave is different to a regular home microwave, as they tend to be smaller and perform at lower power levels so as not to consume too much space or electricity. So, if you're wanting one for your RV, check out the review below.

You can cook and enjoy your favorite foods with Daewoo KOR-7LREM Retro.

After the review, we have included a buyer's guide, where we look at RV microwaves in greater detail to help you decide which type of microwave is best for you. We look at the benefits of investing in a new one, and the features that make the better ones stand out from the rest.

We look at the different sizes and we also compare RV microwaves and regular microwaves, so you'll know the difference. There's a guide on how to replace an RV microwave, so by the end of the guide you'll know all there is to know about microwaves for RV living.

If you like, you can jump past the reviews and go straight to the RV Microwaves Buyer's Guide by clicking the link...

Review of the Best RV Microwaves

Finding the best RV microwave on the market can be a mind-numbing task. You have to search for them, read plenty of reviews, focus on the pros and cons, and then make a decision. To make this process easier, we have compiled a list of the best microwaves present on the market with a detailed review. As a result, you’ll be able to make a fully informed decision.

 Panasonic NE-1054F RV Microwave

Panasonic NE-1054F


  • Powerful in performance
  • Has a heavy-duty design for durability
  • Has a durable front and wrap for longer life
  • Comes with 20 programmable menus to provide variety in meals


  • Makes noise while operating

The Panasonic Countertop Microwave is a full-service product that provides you with restaurant-like food. This is a convenient model and is exceptionally user-friendly. This countertop commercial microwave has touch screen controls, programmable memory functions, and is loaded with useful features.

This microwave comes with 1000 watts of power, as well as a capacity of 0.8 cubic feet without the presence of a turntable. It is made from stainless steel and has the ability to heat various items quickly, including coffee mugs, dinner plates, glass bowls, and large casserole dishes, as well. Apart from this, you can also heat and cook in other items as well.

This Panasonic product is easy to use due to its incredible features. These features include the ability to heat food faster using the bottom energy feed system. Unlike many others that use top and side feed technology, this Panasonic product uses bottom feed, which allows energy to travel at a short distance from the source of the heat to the plate. This results in ultra-efficient operation and even faster results.

Moreover, this one comes with a grab-and-go handle that provides good durability. The door handle makes it easy for you to open the microwave without the hassle of parts such as push-button doors. The handle also provides long-lasting durability and good performance.

Bottom Line

The NE-1054F is an excellent option introduced by Panasonic. It has good cooking power and an even better interior, allowing you to cook food within minutes. These reliable features make it a good product to invest in. And with a reputable name like Panasonic, you can be sure you are getting a quality product.

 Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave

Commercial Chef Countertop


  • Has durable construction
  • Provides you with basic operation
  • The easy-to-understand buttons make it simple to use
  • Comes with an effective handle that facilitates the user’s convenience


  • Makes noise when operating

This Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave is another great product, earning it a place on our list. This product makes use of Westinghouse’s smart technology and offers 600 watts of power. Also, it only takes 0.6 cubic feet of space, which means it is considered a medium-sized microwave for your RV. Due to this size, it can easily fit into any RV or travel trailer.

The rotating plate present in the middle of the microwave allows you to cook the food and heat it evenly. This plate measures 9.5 inches and allows for bulk cooking. Moreover, this comes with six different levels of power; high, medium/high, medium, medium/low, defrost, and low. The defrost option on this also allows you to prepare frozen meat easily if you need to thaw it quickly before grilling it outside.

Using the dials to set the temperature is also very easy. You can also adjust the cooking time according to your requirements. Apart from its functionality, this product is perfect for any décor due to its black color and small size. It does not take up too much space and easily blends in with your RV’s interior.

Bottom Line

This product is ideal for RVs due to its exceptional features. It has an elegant design and color, which makes it fit well in any RV décor. This microwave, however, makes use of 600 watts of power, which means your RV must have a good, reliable connection.

Best for the Money:
Toshiba EM925A5A-BS

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS


  • Saves space and is easy to clean
  • This unit has a power saving mode
  • Comes with six pre-programmed functions
  • Has a powerful performance, making it suitable for various purposes


  • May start to run again after taking the food out so you will have to switch the power off entirely for it to stop

Toshiba is a well-known company in terms of electrical appliances. Similar to its other kitchen appliances, Toshiba EM-925A5A microwave is very good in performance and design, too. This model has a compact size that makes it perfect for use in RVs. The inner capacity of this product is 0.9 cubic feet which makes it ideal for small, as well as large dishes. This unit has 900 watts of power along with ten different power settings.

Furthermore, you can also set the timer on your food according to your requirements, along with a timer on defrost items as well. To defrost, you can set it up according to time as well as weight.

To make operation easy, this unit comes with a digital control panel along with an LED light present in the interior. You also get a glass turntable that is easy to clean and a black stainless steel exterior that allows this product to look good in any décor.

But that’s not all! With this Toshiba microwave, you can enjoy six pre-programmed functions that include potato, popcorn, beverage, pizza, dinner plate, and frozen vegetables. You can also use the power saving mode to save electricity and turn the sound on and off for quiet operations. Also, with a child safety lock, this unit is protected and keeps curious fingers from operating the unit unsafely.

Bottom Line

This is a good microwave with a great variety of functions. It is compact and reasonable in price and also has all the functions that expensive models come with, making this is a good product to buy.

Best Convection Microwave:
Toshiba EC042A5C-SS

Toshiba EC042A5C-SS


  • Has sensor cooking and 6 presets for a variety of foods
  • This product comes with a grill rack as well for convenience
  • The digital control panel along with an LED light makes the unit easy to use


  • Incredibly noisy while working

As mentioned above, Toshiba is a well-known name in the electronics industry. All their products perform exceptionally well, and so does the Toshiba EC042A5C. This product has the ability to work as a normal microwave and even as a convection microwave, which means you can use it for cooking too.

This model comes with sensor cooking, as well as reheating functions. Moreover, it comes with an automated menu that allows you to defrost, bake, and roast easily.

Due to its stainless steel finish, this microwave is very attractive and robust. It comes with a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet and even has a turntable. Since it has a stainless steel exterior and interior, it is easy to clean.

It also comes with features that maximize user convenience. For instance, if the buzzer of this unit annoys you, then you can simply mute it by pressing the number “8” button for a couple of seconds. This allows the buzzer to switch off automatically.

The automatic roast and bake functions allow you to heat a frozen pizza, as well as bake crispy fries or roast an entire chicken without a problem. This microwave can be turned on easily and you can simply press the number of minutes you want to cook for. You can also stop the microwave at any time you want by simply pressing the red stop button.

Bottom Line

This is a great microwave for your RV since it comes with exceptional features. This unit is easy to use and has simple functions. It performs effectively and can be a good investment for your RV’s interior. The only problem is the noise which can be overlooked when you think of the fact that you’ll be getting hot and delicious food.

Best from Magic Chef:
Magic Chef Retro Countertop Microwave

Magic Chef Retro Countertop Microwave


  • This comes with no push buttons or knobs
  • Has a grab-and-go handle to open the door easily
  • Also comes with a recipe and instruction book so you can make scrumptious food


  • Slightly heavy

This is the best Magic Chef microwave present on the market. This model is a countertop microwave oven and is available in three colors, mint green, red, or white. The white color helps make it look good in any décor, while if you want a fun splash of color, you can pick one of the other attractive color options.

It has a compact, small size that makes it easy for you to place it anywhere you want. Moreover, with a grab-and-go handle, this model is easy to use. You simply have to open this product and place the food you need to heat inside. You do not have to deal with the hassle of pressing buttons in order to open it.

This product makes use of 700 watts of power and comes with seven different power levels. You can choose the level according to your heating need. Its stylish design, along with the great features, makes this a worthy investment. This unit also has rotary dials that help complete the retro look of this microwave oven. This is a great product for RVs and is the best from Magic Chef.

Bottom Line

This is a great RV microwave and works very well. It comes with exceptional features and three different colors for you to choose from. The retro design of this unit makes it look great in any décor without any problem.

Smallest RV Microwave:
Daewoo KOR-7LREM Retro

Daewoo KOR-7LREM Retro


  • Available in five different colors
  • Has an interior light for convenience
  • The stylish retro design complements the RV’s interior


  • The quality of the switches is not very good

Daewoo Electronics is a well-known electronics manufacturer who has created a product that comes in a compact size perfect for your RV. This item has an elegant look to it and a modern touch that elevates the overall design. With six fun, retro colors to choose from, you can complement or spice up your décor with this option.

This unit comes with a 700-watt microwave output that allows you to heat different kinds of dishes with ease. It also has five power control levels you can choose according to your need.

Moreover, you also get the option of four automated pre-programs that you can make use of. Daewoo microwaves bring a zero standby function which is an eco-friendly function and does not use too much electricity.

With a child safety lock, you can relax since your children will not be able to turn on the microwave and cause dangerous conditions. The turntable on this unit is ten inches in diameter. This product has an auto defrost option as well and is a retro-styled model primarily created with RVs in mind.

Bottom Line

This oven is small and has the ability to fit in any RV because of the low space it occupies. It is available in six colors and with features such as the light inside and childproof lock, this can be a great investment to make.

Best RV Over the Range Microwave:
Sharp R1874T

Sharp R1874T


  • Stainless steel finishing
  • Display is easy to read and interactive 
  • A lot more spacious than other models
  • Allows you to broil, brown, bake, crisp, and roast


  • Pricey compared to other options 

What Recent Buyers Report

The R1874T is preferred by many, mostly because of how well made it is. It looks luxurious and is definitely not an eyesore for your RV. The unit is well made, it allows you to cook a variety of dishes. The cooking space is also bigger than what most standard size units offer. Moreover, it is easy to use, and the display is interactive, which makes it a lot easier to use. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Sharp R1874T is a spacious oven and is a good option for all those looking for an oven that allows them to use bigger dishes. This model has a cooking space of 1.1 cubic feet instead of the standard 1.0 cubic feet that most other models feature. 

Moreover, this unit is both very easy to install and use, you’re provided with instructions on how to use it, therefore, you’re likely not to face any issues. This unit features a sleek, stainless steel construction that makes it look very luxurious. It also features an interactive display that is very easy to use and offers you a wide variety of settings and levels. 

The Sharp R1874T RV microwave oven features an exhaust system that offers three venting options that include ductless recirculation and horizontal and vertical venting. This makes the unit perfect for range-top cooking. Perhaps, the best thing about this unit is that it offers a four-way convection system that allows you to broil, bake, crisp, and brown your food, allowing you to get creative with your cooking. 

Bottom Line

All in all, the Sharp R1874T is a unit that you can surely rely on to provide you with an efficient performance. This appliance helps in improving the cooking experience and allows you to cook your favorite food despite not being on the premises of your house. With this unit, you can cook whatever you like, despite being in a recreational vehicle kitchen.

Best Low Wattage Microwave for RV:
Danby DMW7700BLDB

Danby DMW7700BLDB


  • Very easy to use
  • Features a compact design
  • Has a fan that isn’t too loud 
  • Available in three different colors
  • Offers six one-touch cooking options


  • Does not have a door handle
  • Has an outside glass that is very brittle 

What Recent Buyers Report

RV owners prefer this model because of how compact it is, which makes it a great choice for tight spaces. It is easy to open and close and allows you to cook various things. It ensures that your food heats up evenly. It is also available in different colors, so you can match it with your RV’s interior.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The DMW7700BLDB is a unit that is available in a number of colors for you to choose from, so you can opt for one that suits your RV’s interior the best. Apart from being aesthetically-pleasing, this unit is designed, keeping in mind the tight spaces available in an RV. Therefore, it features a compact design that allows it to fit into smaller spaces and offers a cooking space of about 0.7 cubic feet.

Despite being a small unit, this product offers an amazing cooking power. You can heat and cook your food evenly, you no longer need to worry about overheating or burning your food from the inside. Moreover, this unit even offers you the option to cook according to the weight of your food, which helps in ensuring that it won’t get soggy or turn rubbery while you’re reheating it.

Bottom Line

Overall, this Danby RV microwave is a great option for you if you’re looking for an oven that blends in with your RV interior. This unit is available in different colors, which makes it a good option. Moreover, it is a low wattage oven that is easy to install, use, and clean, therefore, you won’t have to worry about it creating a hassle.

Buyer’s Guide

Now we look at RV microwaves in greater detail to help you decide which type of microwave is best for you. We look at the benefits of investing in a new one, and the features that make the better ones stand out from the rest.

We look at the different sizes and also the different types of microwaves. And we also compare RV microwaves and home microwaves, so you'll know the difference and make a better judgement before buying. There's a guide on how to replace an RV microwave, as they can be tricky.

Benefits of Investing in a New Microwave


For someone who loves to cook when traveling but hates the smoke and extra work, RV microwaves can be the best option for them. This is a great cooking appliance and does not make your RV reek of smoke and food smells. It is installed in a single position and is also very easy to use and operate. Moreover, you can move the position however you like.

Saves Space

In an RV, saving space is crucial. Since RVs are already fully packed, investing in stoves, ovens, and other cooking appliances can be difficult when finding space to store them. However, with these, you can save yourself from needing bulkier appliances. Moreover, since you can install these in any wall or cabinet, your countertop space remains free. You can also put more appliances on the countertop and use this extra space for other things.

Functions Quickly

Another benefit of these is that they function quickly. You do not have to waste your time on the stove waiting for the food to cook. Simply mix the ingredients and place your dish in the microwave. With the timer, you can enjoy your food as soon as it’s ready without long wait times.

rv microwaves

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS

How to Choose a Microwave Perfect For Your RV

Like every other appliance present on the market, you have to look for some specific features before investing in them. The same goes for an RV microwave. Before you purchase one, make sure you look into the following:


It is important to focus on the capacity a microwave provides for easy cooking. It should have around one cubic foot of space inside. Any lesser capacity will become a nuisance for you, especially when you want to cook larger meals, such as during holidays and other special occasions.

Power Levels

When investing in a microwave, make sure to focus on the power levels as well. The unit you buy must have at least ten power levels. If it comes with fewer power levels, keep in mind that this provides you with weak control during heating since the gaps between power will be wider.

Trim Kit

Having trim kits with your microwave is also very important. These help keep the entire space tidy and clean. So before investing in a unit, double check for the presence of a trim kit.

Automated Functions

Before investing in a microwave, it is important to notice if it comes with automated cooking options. Many manufacturers today include automated functions that provide you with experiences such as:

  • Water Reheating Option
  • Baked Potato Option
  • Option for Heating Food
  • Popcorn Option
  • Frozen Food Cooking Option
  • Melting Option

What Size RV Microwave Do I Need? 

If you’re an RV owner, you will most definitely need to fit your oven into a tight space. Bearing this in mind, many models are 0.9 cubic feet in size, whereas other options are about 1.0 cubic feet. So the size you choose is mostly dependent on where you’ll be keeping your oven. 

Also, you need to keep in mind your family’s needs. Consider the size of your family and the cooking space you will need to make food that would be enough for them. Although available in various sizes, most units feature about one cubic foot of space on the inside. Remember, there should be enough space so that you can cook and heat a number of dishes. 

However, if a model has space less than one cubic feet, it is better not to opt for it unless it has some other unique feature to make up for it. 

rv microwave

Types of RV Microwaves

If you’re thinking of equipping your RV with a microwave oven, then it is essential that you know which one to opt for. There are two basic different types of RV microwaves with great differences, which makes choosing the right option for yourself a bit difficult. Here are the details about the two types:

Countertop Convection Microwave Oven 

A convection microwave oven not only provides you with all the cooking features that you’d get from traditional and grill microwaves, but it also allows you to make food as well. These units use a heater and a fan for cooking, which allows you to cook a variety of different types of food. 

Traditional and grill microwaves make use of metal boxes for directing electricity towards the food for it to cook, whereas a convection microwave makes use of a fan to push the heat towards the food. This helps in improving the cooking environment. However, these units happen to be on the pricier side.

Over-the-Range Microwave Oven 

An over-the-range microwave is basically a unit that combines both a microwave oven and a range hood. These units are made to be installed on a stovetop. This unit is a combination of a microwave and a ventilating unit, which allows you to make the most out of your small kitchen space. You can mount these units on a wall, or you can install it above any range. They are ideal for smaller kitchens, which makes them a good choice for an RV.

microwave for rv kitchen

RV Microwave vs Home Microwave - Comparison Overview 

Most people often get confused when buying an RV microwave, and the most asked question that arises is the difference between a residential and an RV microwave. We’ve drawn some comparisons between the two to see how they differ.   


  • The most obvious difference between an RV microwave and a residential one is the size. Since RVs provide a small, tight space to keep your appliances, an RV microwave tends to be a lot smaller in size compared to a residential unit.
  • RV microwaves tend to be less powerful as they draw power from a different power source. The majority of RV microwaves only use about 700W of cooking power, whereas a regular-sized residential microwave requires about 850W to 1800W. 
  • Unlike residential microwaves, RV microwaves feature a trim that has been bolted on the outside, and the air duct is also bolted on. 


  • Just like a residential microwave, you have the liberty to choose either a model that sits on top of your RV kitchen counter or you can opt for one that mounts onto the wall. However, since RVs provide less space, it would be better to opt for a wall-mount model. 
microwave will save you plenty of time

How to Replace an RV Microwave

If you’re thinking of replacing your RV microwave, you need to make sure that you know how and what you’re supposed to do. This way, you won’t damage your RV in the process of replacing your oven. Here are all the steps you need to follow to replace your RV microwave correctly without causing any damage or getting hurt.  

  1. Get a drill, a cup to store all the screws in, and start unscrewing.

  2. Take out the caps present on the front of the oven and unscrew the screws that were covered with the caps.

  3. Remove the small trim strip on the front of the oven. You may have to use a chisel to take it out.

  4. Remove the huge trim strip piece that is on both the sides and on the top of the oven. Be very gentle while you take it out. 

  5. Once you’ve taken the big trim strip off, you’ll see bolts on the microwave's top. Unbolt them.  

  6. Then slowly wiggle the microwave until it comes loose, and you can take it out. Take out four screws in the front and three bolts in the back that are holding the oven in place, and you’re done. 

In case you’re still confused about anything, make sure to go through the video below. It has a full overview of what you’re supposed to do. Hopefully, it will help eliminate all of your doubts and answer all of your queries. 


Purchasing electronics can be very tricky because of the ways they are marketed. Companies tend to try and elaborate on everything they can in order to sell you their products, and this can sidetrack you from finding the best RV microwave. In this article, we've focused on the ideal features your microwave should have, along with the top picks so that your money is invested in the right place.

People Also Ask

Even with the above-mentioned guide, some people end up having questions which is completely normal. If this is also the case with you, then don’t worry, we have answered the most common and frequently asked questions regarding RV microwaves.

How Many Watts Does an Rv Microwave Use?

The power used by an RV microwave oven is measured using wattage as the primary metric.

Most RV ovens have a power rating of 650W to 1950W. RV microwaves are usually less powerful since they are compact in design and take up power from different power sources compared to home microwaves. 

cook food in your rv microwave will save you time

How to Secure a Microwave in an RV

When traveling in an RV, you need to make sure that your microwave is properly secured, or else it will slide around as you drive over a bumpy road. To do so, you can either screw some screws on the front feet or use a nylon belt or a strap and screw it onto the cabinet floor and place the strap over the oven. You can also use a rubber mat and place the oven on top of it, however, this will not fully prevent the microwave from moving. 

What is the Extra Part on Top of an RV Microwave?

A microwave oven is equipped with a ventilation system that allows it to get rid of the odor, smoke, and moisture while you're cooking. This ventilation system is often connected to an exterior vent at times, or it might recirculate air back into your kitchen.

How Do You Vent a Microwave Outside of an RV?

Get a tube to hook up the vent from the microwave to flow outside. Switch the fan so that while you cook, the fan blows the air out. Attach the components of the vent and the tube to the components. Take the measurements for the extending pipe, make a hole, and plug the tube in. Attach the microwave back, hook up your components, and you’re good to go. 

microwave oven

Can You Use a Home Microwave in an RV?

Yes, you can use a residential microwave in your RV. Most RV microwaves are a combination of a microwave and a convection oven, however, you can use a regular oven as well. Just make sure to remove the frame off of your old oven and mount it onto the new one. This will allow the frame to attach the oven to the cabinet. 

Will the Microwave Run Off a Generator in an RV?

When you’re on a campground that has power hook-ups, you can simply connect the RV to the grid, and you’ll have 30-50 amps running in your vehicle. But for some reason, if that’s not possible, then you will need a generator. However, do understand that with a generator, you will be able to run a limited number of appliances. 

How to Get Burnt Smell Out of Microwave

In case things go awry and food gets burnt, the smell will remain in your appliance. However, it isn’t difficult to get rid of this smell. Simply fill a bowl with one tablespoon of white vinegar and a half cup water and leave it in the microwave. Turn the device on for up to four to five minutes and then let it be for another ten to fifteen minutes.

The steam present will get rid of the smell and then you can remove this bowl. The last step is to wipe the inside of the appliance with a paper towel.

What is a Convection Microwave?

General microwaves tend to work in a normal way, they heat your food by heating up the water molecules present in your drink and food. On the other hand, convection ovens are slightly different. They heat up your food by spreading the heat around it, which allows your food to be cooked more evenly.

How to Clean a Microwave

To clean your RV microwave, simply wipe down the exterior of the unit with a damp rag to remove dust. However, make sure only to use a non-abrasive rag when you clean it. Furthermore, dip your rag in pure vinegar and scrub it over until you have removed the dirt completely.

Then rinse the same rag with clear water and wipe the entire area again to remove the residue left behind. The inside can be cleaned the same way. Microwaving a cup of vinegar water before cleaning can release steam and make wiping stuck-on food easier as well. 

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