Best Fifth Wheel Manufacturers – (2021) Round-up

| Last Updated: June 5, 2021

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A fifth wheel is a product worth praising. It has brought a tremendous level of ease in the lives of the people who have to deal with the towing of their vehicles.

A number of fifth wheels models are introduced into the market each year, with each brand trying to take over the other in terms of quality.

If you are reading this, you are probably a fan of large vehicles and are in search of the best RV. The good news is that you are in the right place. As you read on, you will come to know about some of the best fifth wheel manufacturers. Also, hopefully, you will come across the one that best suits you.

Does the Manufacturer Matter in Choosing a Fifth Wheel? 

The manufacturer matters a lot when buying a fifth wheel as it is true for every other product you buy. The most trusted brands have maintained a trust level and hence come forward with a flood of positive reviews. These reviews establish the reasons why any brand’s product is worth spending money on.

Coachmen Fifth Wheel Chaparral (Source)

Some quality manufacturers offer their products at very high prices. However, it is not necessary that a cheap product has a poor quality - that is a common misconception. 

In this article, you will find some very good quality and affordable fifth wheels. Coachmen, Keystone, Forest River Inc., and Redwood, are just a few examples of those outstanding brands offering quality and affordability simultaneously.

Are All 5th Wheel Manufacturers Essentially the Same?

No two fifth wheel manufacturers are completely the same. There are many features that may be offered by one brand but are missing in the other. There is a lot of competition regarding this on the market, and each brand tries to offer a better product than the other. 

Even so, one brand may prove to be more reliable while the other one may be more affordable. Similarly, some brands offer a more luxurious space than others. Some are famous for their design while others are adored for their light-weight. You just have to find the one that fulfills your needs the best.

Review of the Best 5th Wheel Brands

The most famous, reputable, and trustworthy brands that manufacture highly reliable fifth wheel products are discussed here. After years of hard work, these brands have made their mark and bring out new products into the market year after year.

Best Overall:

Who is Coachmen?

Coachmen is a brand that has been working for over 56 years, manufacturing some of the best RV products available on the market. Today, their products include motorhomes, toy haulers, fifth wheels, travel trailers, destination trailers, and camping trailers. Some of their many sub-brands are Pursuit, Mirada, Encore, Nova, and Galleria.

What Makes Coachmen Stand Out?

Coachmen is a highly committed brand offering superior quality and support. They have developed significantly over the years, and today, they have a wide range of products and a huge number of satisfied clients. The company's motto is to construct consumer-friendly and safe vehicles and is equipped with practical innovations at the same time.

Runner up:

Who is Keystone?

Keystone is one of the top manufacturers of recreational vehicles in North America. Their products include RV trailers, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers. Their famous sub-brands include Springdale, Sprinter, Hideout, Cougar, Fuzion, Outback, and many more.

What Makes Keystone Stand Out?

Their RVs are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from ultra-lightweight travel and small pick-up trucks to luxurious fifth wheels. Their growth and management success have won them accolades from around the globe. The way they treasure customer satisfaction can be seen in the customer service they provide.

3. Forest River Inc.

Who is Forest River Inc.?

Forest River Inc. is an RV brand set up in 1996 and has been providing people with the joy of the outdoors by creating exceptional recreational vehicles. Their products comprise park models, buses, cargo trailers, and commercial trucks. A number of famous sub-brands are associated with the company. Alpha-wolf, Cherokee, and Aurora are just a few of them.

What Makes Forest River Inc. Stand Out?

The brand is quite passionate about adventurous outdoors. They intend to provide their customers with an opportunity to experience nature in the most comfortable and luxurious way possible. For this purpose, they have been creating travel trailers that are dependable with outstanding features and offer comfort like no other.

4. Redwood

Who is Redwood?

Redwood is a specialized brand in making fifth wheels and residential vehicles. They have made their mark in this field and are considered as a pinnacle of luxury. They are partners with Thor Industries who deal with most of the commercialization activities of their products.

What Makes Redwood Stand Out?

They are an iconic brand for the manufacturing of recreational vehicles like fifth wheels and always keep in view the gratification of their customers. Their public dealing department deserves a thumbs-up for the excellent customer service it provides. Their products are well-known for their comfortable and luxurious designs.

5. Jayco

Who is Jayco?

Jayco has been long famous for its fifth wheels and was established around fifty years ago. Starting with ordinary RVs, today, they manufacture excellent quality travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, and toy haulers. They are committed to providing an exceptional travel experience to all those who use their trailers.

What Makes Jayco Stand Out?

The brand is well-known for the spacious vehicles it manufactures. The design and detailing are one-of-a-kind, along with quality and novelty. Their huge vehicles are particularly great for people traveling with a big family. The spaciousness is brilliant for carrying extra luggage, necessities, and luxuries.

6. DRV Luxury Suites

Who are DRV Luxury Suites?

If you are talking about luxury as your first priority when buying an RV, DRV Luxury Suites is the brand you must consult. With a goal to provide the most luxurious and elite vehicles to its customers, this brand leaves others behind. They manufacture RVs, mobile suits, and haulers to the best of customer expectations.

What Makes DRV Luxury Suites Stand Out?

They stand out because of their goals and the way they plan out to achieve them. Their product quality is above par. They bring innovations to their products on a yearly basis, depending upon the changing requirements of their customers.

7. Heartland Recreational Vehicles

Who are Heartland Recreational Vehicles?

Heartland Recreational Vehicles have been in the field for not so long, yet they have proved their abilities. Their products consist of fifth wheels, toy haulers, and travel trailers with many sub-brands working in partnership with them. Some of the most famous ones include Bighorn, Pioneer, Landmark, Elkridge, and Big Country.

What Makes Heartland Recreational Vehicles Stand Out?

At Heartland, manufacturers take pride in one of the best inspection facilities. They aim to deliver fully equipped, safe, and deluxe RVs that are easy to handle as well. They are a wonderful choice of vehicles for camping as well. Every product is released into the market with a warranty for three years.

8. Winnebago Industries

Who is Winnebago Industries?

Winnebago Industries manufacture towable vehicles like toy haulers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. They have been doing so since 1961 and are leading manufacturers of outdoor products in the United States. Grand Design, Chris Craft, and Newmar are the other brands associated with Winnebago.

What Makes Winnebago Industries Stand Out?

This brand is best known for the innovative solutions that it has come up with to experience nature. Their vehicles are designed to provide the utmost satisfaction to users. Due to this reason, they have gained respect and integrity across the states.

9. Gulf Stream Coach

Who is Gulf Stream Coach?

The Gulf Stream Coach Inc. has been manufacturing motor homes, conventional trailers, lightweight trailers, destination trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels since 1983. They consist of almost 22 brands working in collaboration to bring out the best of their products into the world. Currently, 140 different models are being manufactured by them.

What Makes Gulf Stream Coach Stand Out?

This brand aims to manufacture vehicles that are easy to tow and can be maneuvered effortlessly. They stand out because of the great fifth wheels they construct. Their fifth wheels are the top options for those who want to buy a pickup. ‘Sedona’ is the name of their latest fifth wheel that has taken the market by a storm.

10. Escape Trailer Industries

Who Is Escape Trailer Industries?

Last but not least, Escape Trailer Industries is also well-known for its fifth wheels. Since 1993, they have been working on creating some of the best travel trailers. They started with repairing old trailers and now produce superior-quality products of their own.

What Makes Escape Trailer Industries Stand Out?

This brand is famous for taking customized orders from its clients. They give their buyers’ choice the top priority. You can personalize your travel trailer's living space according to your preferences, and the company will deliver it to you the way you want it to be delivered.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

When buying a recreational trailer, you must keep some considerations in mind so that you do not end up buying the wrong product. Some of the top considerations to ponder upon before purchase are:

Type of travel trailer

A variety of types of travel trailers are available on the market, and they vary based on their design and construction. Some are for driving, while others are towable. Their interior varies too from company to company and even within the models of a single company. 

Depending on the number of people that will be using the RV, you must decide how big and spacious it must be. Different floor designs are available, too, and you can pick one based on your preferences. Then there are roof designs as well that must be carefully looked upon.

Price of the trailer

You should consider the price of the product of your interest by looking at the features and options it offers. You must carefully decide whether the RV is worth your money or not. Do a close inspection of the product you want to buy and look out for any problems that might make the product unsuitable. 

You can conduct a test drive to determine if you really want to opt for the model. Then the interior and exterior must be carefully looked upon, especially if you are buying a used product.

Forest River Fifth Wheel Cardinal Luxury (Source)

Types of 5th Wheels and Brands that Manufacture Them

Various different companies manufacture about nine different types of travel trailers. The most sought-after types are discussed here, along with some of the companies that manufacture them.

Motor homes

The usual models of these can accommodate from two to eight people. Presently, they are very popular in almost all the states of America and are, therefore, being manufactured by a huge number of brands. 

However, you should not just buy the product of any brand. Always go for the one that has the highest number of satisfied customers. Some of the top motorhomes are made by Coachmen, Jayco, Gulf Stream Coach Incorporation, and Keystone.

Travel trailers

Travel trailers are also some of the most popular RVs. They come in many sizes and shapes, and the largest ones can host about ten people or even more people at a time. Winnebago Industries, Heartland Recreational Vehicles, Coachmen, Keystone, and Jayco are most famous for making the best travel trailers.

Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel (Source)

Pop-out trailers

Another famous fifth wheel is the pop-out trailer. It is one of the least expensive and lightweight models available on the market. Such units can host about five to eight people at a time. Currently, they are being developed by Forest River Inc., Coachmen, and Rockwood.

Comparison Overview 

Famous fifth-wheel brands are often compared with each other to determine the best one. What is true here is that no one is a clear winner because each brand has something different to offer. Comparisons between some top brands are discussed below:

Jayco Vs Winnebago Quality

Jayco and Winnebago are two amazing brands in the field of RV manufacturers. Either of them has certain qualities that make it stand out, and here we are going to compare some of their features to conclude which one is better.


Quality-wise, Winnebago is a clear winner according to most customers because they believe that the material, design, assembly, and wiring are much more reliable than that of Jayco. Also, Winnebago fifth wheels are comparatively quieter during traveling.

Winnebago Voyage Fifth Wheel (Source)


The two-year warranty given by Jayco is a big plus point. This is because fifth wheels can undergo many small or big issues during traveling and a warranty definitely helps a lot.

Keystone vs Forest River

Keystone and Forest River make some excellent quality recreational vehicles but what makes them different is also what makes each stand out. Let’s have a better look at their similarities and differences.


Both these brands aim at constructing luxurious trailers that can provide a wonderful outdoor experience. The design and construction are done very professionally by both brands. Both provide a beautiful and spacious interior.


The quality, too, is superb in the case of both brands. However, what most customers emphasize is the floor plan. Both brands offer wooden as well as aluminum floor plans. In the case of the latter, Keystone is preferred, while in the case of the former, Forest River scores a bit higher.

Heartland vs Keystone

Heartland and Keystone are both famous for their fifth wheels, but we must look at what makes either of them different from the other. This can help to make the right choice when making a purchase.

Heartland Bighorn Fifth Wheel (Source)


Even though Heartland started a lot later than Keystone, it has efficiently managed to catch up to a quality that can clearly be regarded as an equal. Both brands make high-quality recreational vehicles that are luxurious and comfortable.

Customer service

In terms of customer service, Heartland is way ahead of Keystone. Any services required regarding your product breakdown, repair, or maintenance are provided very quickly and without you having to make much effort.


Summing up the discussion, all the brands mentioned in this article are doing their very best and create extraordinary fifth wheels for travelers. Some offer excellent interiors, while others are famous for top-notch quality. Whatever is being offered by the brand, you must keep in view the features you need in your trailer and make a purchase accordingly.

People Also Ask

People often ask questions regarding the brands and their products. These questions are important to address because many times, the query is simple, yet the answer is not so simple. So, have a view of the questions given below and to get rid of your ambiguities. 

Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel (Source)

Is Jayco a Good Brand?

Jayco has a very positive reputation amongst all its competitors. It is committed to quality but has a limited variety of products. Yet, you can easily find a product that suits you best among the options available. The company’s quality is what has made it prominent over the years.

What Fifth Wheel Brands Have a Front Window?

Brands like Keystone, Montana, Grand Design, and Alpha Fifth Wheels manufacture some models of fifth wheels that have a front window. This feature allows for more light and a great front view and, therefore, increases the product's worth.

What Brands Have 1/2 Ton Towable Fifth Wheel?

Some brands that make reliable half-ton towable fifth wheels include Rockwood, Flagstaff, Durango, Wildcat, Cougar, Jayco, Starcraft Telluride, Palomino Puma, Reflection, and Highland.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Luxury Fifth Wheel Brands?

Grand Design, Forest River, Redwood, DRV Mobile Suites, and Luxe are the most popular luxury fifth wheel brands. These brands are popular because they do not offer just luxury; in fact, they are famous for their quality as well as customer service.

DRV Elite Suites Luxury Fifth Wheels (Source)

Which Four Brands Own the Majority of Smaller 5th Wheel Brands?

The majority of smaller fifth wheels are offered by brands like Keystone, Forest River, Dutchmen, and Coachmen. These four brands stand at the top when small-sized fifth wheels are discussed because they offer reliability and affordability together with a small-sized, fully equipped vehicle.

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