Best Luxury 5th Wheels

| Last Updated: July 6, 2022

Many people like and prefer smaller compact RVs, but as more people demand creature home comforts there's growing demand for luxury 5th wheel campers.

A fifth wheel does a great job at combining the features of both a travel trailer and a motorhome but without the significant disadvantages associated with the two. So, if you want to travel with all the creature comforts of home, then you’re at the right place.

The thing with luxury fifth wheels is that they tend to be larger, more expensive, and harder to tow (than smaller 5th wheels), but if you want luxury, it's truly worth it.

If you're looking for the best 5th wheel campers, we have you covered. As well as reviewing the best models on the market, we explain what makes a luxury 5th wheel, and which are the best manufacturers and have compared the leaders in the industry.

If you have any unanswered questions, we round up the blog post with an FAQ section dedicated to all things luxury 5th wheels, so you should be well equipped after reading...

best luxury 5th wheel

What Makes a Fifth-Wheel Trailer a Luxury Camper?

Fifth wheel campers are large and heavy trailers that can only be towed using a fifth-wheel hitch. Bigger, luxury 5th wheels can only be towed by a full-size one-tonne truck. These trailers are easier to maneuver and are even considered safer to tow than other RVs such as travel trailers.

There’s no one answer to what makes a fifth wheel trailer "luxury". Of course, the materials used helps, but there are many high quality 5th wheels, so it varies from person to person, but generally speaking, it’s all about the aesthetics and interior space that you’ve designed for yourself. 

For someone who’s more of a heavy sleeper and fancies night-time just to engage in some serene slumber, a king-size bed in the master suite would establish that distinction. For other people, it might be the comfort and convenience factor attached to fifth-wheel trailers. 

Some would say it’s the large refrigerator holding all their fancy snacks and drinks or a nice powerful shower. A washer and dryer could be the factors where the consumer would be sold, or it could be top-quality furniture in the living room. 

Nevertheless, the point is, there is a multitude of features that could very well be the reason why a fifth-wheel trailer is categorized as a luxury camper. For us, it's all of the above.

Are All Luxury 5th Wheels The Same?

All the models mentioned on our list are identical when it comes to quality, aesthetics, and functionality. Luxury fifth wheels differ significantly not only when they are built by different manufacturers but when they are from the same brand as well. 

They have different floor plans, layouts, and features. Some may include a garage, while another model from the same brand may include a second bedroom in place of the garage if a customer demands so. You get to have a lot of customizability when it comes to luxury fifth wheels, so they differ greatly in standard features and custom ones.

Who Makes Luxury Fifth Wheel Trailers?

A number of different companies manufacture luxury fifth-wheel trailers. Some of the most prominent ones include:

Grand Design

Grand Design is committed to long-term value and customer focus and always focuses on maintaining the highest quality standards. 

All this has been made possible due to the company's experienced workforce, which has been carefully hand-picked and strives to provide unparalleled industry craftsmanship.

Furthermore, every one of their models is backed by a limited three-year warranty, so you can be sure you’ve invested in the right place. The product catalog of their fifth wheel showcases Reflection and Solitude. 

DRV Elite Suites

When it comes to DRV Elite Suites, you can be sure that absolutely no detail has been overlooked. Each model showcases a fine blend of hand-laid custom flooring, professionally-stained wooden cabinets, high polished quartz countertops, and everything in between. 

The exterior is assembled by using industry-first fiberglass material. These suites are built to provide you the comfort of home and the conveniences that come with it. 


Luxe has provided its ever-increasing customer base with only the best quality construction and superior versatility. The company gives further options, e.g., for large side patios to increase living space. It’s the perfect space for boondocking. 

Review of the Best Luxury Fifth Wheel Campers

Let us now dive into a detailed review of some of the best luxury fifth wheels in the market.

Best Overall Luxury 5th Wheel Camper:
Grand Design Solitude

Best Overall Luxury 5th Wheel Camper: Grand Design Solitude


  • Comes in a wide range of floor plans to best fit your specific needs
  • Exceptional living area and bedroom with the premium comfort of a luxury apartment suite
  • Great kitchen with all the essentials such as a microwave, pantry, oven, full-sized refrigerator, etc.
  • Superior construction with all-round insulation, functionality, A/C system, wider and taller structural build
  • Other features include entertainment systems (LED TVs), bathroom, and much more


  • Maintenance is quite complicated and expensive

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers seemed to love their new RV. From the build quality to the luxury features throughout, there was almost nothing anyone complained about. The layout plan and storage space was something that was repeatedly appreciated by almost all reviewers. The company prides itself on customer satisfaction, which was proven by almost all customers themselves.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Grand Design Solitude is one of the best and most luxurious fifth-wheel trailers on the market right now. It has around nine different floor plans you can choose from that best fit your preferences. The Solitude S-class further has five more different floor plans.

It features advanced insulation, with almost the entirety of the RV construction being fully insulated. Whether it is the gooseneck, roof, walls, baggage doors, or the main floor, Grand Design has not been cheap with insulation. Temperature control is further enhanced by the amazing heating functionality and the stealth AC system.

Other than enjoying the comfort of a luxury apartment on wheels in the outdoors, you get an extremely noteworthy kitchen setup. This RV also features an advanced six-point hydraulic auto-leveling system. And even at such a heavy weight, the Grand Design luxury fifth wheel is very easy to tow.

Bottom Line

This luxury fifth wheel has been manufactured with three main things in mind: comfort, functionality and of course luxury. Grand Designs has not only focused on the interior aesthetics and exterior construction but also taken into account the mechanical aspects. Therefore, it features great suspension, braking, and G-type tires, etc. We don’t see any reason why this RV isn’t perfect for everyone.

DRV Elite Suites Luxury Fifth Wheel

DRV Elite Suites Luxury Fifth Wheel


  • Wide range of amazing floor plans to choose from according to your specific needs
  • First full fiberglass exterior in the industry, making it lighter and stronger at the same time
  • Extremely well-built 101” wide body which has more storage space and is made to last
  • Great gourmet kitchen with all the essentials such as refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, garbage can, etc.
  • Other features include a great master bedroom, washroom(s), built-in fireplace, LED TVs, etc.


  • Some users reported that the quality of the jacks wasn’t on par

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers seem to be very impressed by the quality and comfort provided by DRV Elite Suites. The variety in interior decor options was received very well. The woodwork and flooring made it feel like an actual house compared to make other RVs available in the market. Almost all buyers stated that they would further recommend it to others.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The DRV Elite Suites is a luxury fifth-wheel camper, which comes in a variety of different floor plans. You have the option to choose by the architectural layout of your preference or simply by the size. Even at such a heavy weight, this RV is very easy to tow due to features like a six-jack level-up system.

The trailer features heavy-duty 17.5" Goodyear® tires, Commercial E-Z Lube® hubs, and standard automotive disc brakes. This not only helps increase the maximum load capacity but also keeps you safer on the road. The DRV Elite Suites are designed for a full-time living for long periods.

You get an amazing living space with a great built-in fireplace and an entertainment rig with LED TVs. Even extreme temperatures won’t be an issue due to the high-density and EcoBatt insulation coupled with the great temperature control system. It has a multitude of other features, such as LED lighting, keyless entry door, great water system, solar prep, internal and external storage, etc.

Bottom Line

These luxury fifth wheels will let you have a spacious and well-ventilated home-like feel anywhere in the outdoors. If you want to cook your food, you have a great kitchen space as well. This one-time investment will really help you save a lot on expensive hotels and restaurants on your adventurous vacations.

Best for the Money:
Forest River Cardinal Luxury Fifth Wheel

Best for the Money: Forest River Cardinal Luxury Fifth Wheel


  • Several different floor plans to choose from according to your specific needs
  • Comfortable bedroom and living room with another convertible bed (sleeps 2-8 people)
  • Durable and strong build with multiple layers of insulation and great A/C system for temperature control
  • Great kitchen space with all the essentials such as refrigerator, microwave, stove, stainless steel sink, etc.
  • Other features include a spacious bathroom, entertainment systems (LED TVs, Radio, full stereo), fireplace, and much more


  • Some users reported minor window leaks

What Recent Buyers Report

Owners of this amazing luxury fifth wheel trailer repeatedly mentioned the premium aesthetics and design implementations of this RV. Most said it would take some time to get familiar with the multitude of features this trailer boasts. The storage capacity is another great aspect of owning a Cardinal, especially if you’re going on a long vacation.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Forest River Cardinal Luxury is the epitome of a luxurious and premium apartment suite, one whose comfort you can take along with you, be it alone or with a large family. You get to choose from several different floor plans, depending on what best suits your preferences.

The construction is quite solid with the Z-frame and chambered frame technology. The walls are laminated and insulated not only to form a sturdier body but also to regulate the temperature. The whisper-silent A/C system further aids this.

The interior has a beautiful finish with amazing lighting, crown molding accents, and solid wood doors. You get an experiential entertainment system with amazing LED TVs, a radio, and a decent stereo system. On the other hand, you also get customizable electrical fireplaces.

It also has a spacious bathroom with a shower place. If you’re in the mood for a home-cooked meal, you can just cook up something in the kitchen. It includes a large refrigerator, pantry, stove, microwave, and much more.

Bottom Line

We can safely say that this is one of the most luxurious fifth-wheel trailer options on the market. Plus, you can rest assured of the quality as Forest River is a well-known brand in the industry. If you want a memorable adventure outdoors with the comfort of a luxury apartment suite, you can't go wrong with this one.

Best Luxury Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler:
Luxe Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel

Best Luxury Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler: Luxe Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel


  • Several floor plans to choose from, or you can build one for your exact needs
  • Very versatile garage which can also be used as a second bedroom, office or play area, etc.
  • Premium hardwood cabinetry which is handcrafted by professionals
  • One of the largest at 48.5ft long which boasts a huge space for storage
  • Other features include a side patio, a great spacious kitchen setup, bedroom, bathrooms, and much more


  • May be expensive for some consumers

What Recent Buyers Report

Many consumers reportedly sold their homes to buy this amazing unit that boasts premium quality and luxurious comfort. This has everything you could want in an apartment suite and even more. To make up for what it lacks, most consumers opt for custom modifications that the company offers. This is the final RV for almost all buyers.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Luxe Toy Hauler is the ultimate unit the fifth wheel industry has produced. It comes in several floor plan options, but almost all customers opt for custom builds. It features a garage with a 5000 lbs ramp door that can be used as an outdoor living space.

The toy hauler's garage can be converted into another bedroom or functional space as well. The Luxe Toy Hauler offers a full spacious bathroom with a shower and bathtub. It also has a half bath with decent legroom. Apart from the luxurious bedroom with the king-size bed, a great LED TV setup, and a dryer/washer area, it also has an amazing kitchen.

It features a beautifully handcrafted interior with solid maple hardwood cabinetry. The construction is absolutely solid with great insulation and framework. It has room for a lot of people with multiple areas to sleep, such as a convertible bed, bunk bed area, and even a loft.

Bottom Line

If you're thinking of buying this luxury fifth wheel, then you are probably someone who has been RVing for a long time. This will be most people's last RV as it would have everything and more. On the other hand, if you are completely new to RVing, this might just be your first and last as well. All in all, we think this is the ultimate fifth-wheel trailer and completely worth the premium bucks.

Best Luxury Full Time 5th Wheel:
Crosswoods RV Redwood

Best Luxury Full Time 5th Wheel: Crosswoods RV Redwood


  • Excellent use of the whole interior space
  • Offers great suspension and quality tires for utmost safety
  • Perfect features for someone wanting to live in an RV full-time
  • Offers ten different floor plans, so you have a wide variety to choose from
  • Each and every component of the RV features a special luxurious finish like solid hardwood cabinetry


  • Company only offers a warranty on limited products

What Recent Buyers Report

Most people who bought this luxury fifth-wheel trailer seem to be more than satisfied with their purchase. They loved the design and aesthetics implementations both in the interior and exterior. Many mention the construction being very strong and durable, and is one that would definitely be recommended.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Crossroads RV Redwood comes from another household name when it comes to fifth wheel luxury trailers. You get to choose from several different company floor plans. This is a very large fifth-wheel trailer that typically ranges from 36ft to 43ft long.

This is one of the most luxurious trailers with great solid hardwood cabinetry. It has a beautiful interior finish with great accents. It also features spacious bathrooms, which is not too typical of many trailers in its category.

It has a great kitchen with an amazing pantry and all the essential appliances, such as a refrigerator, cooktop, microwave, and a high rise kitchen island with a dedicated garbage cabinet. How homely!

In addition, it boasts a solid construction with decent insulation that regulates the temperature well. It also features 17.5″ H tires and a MORryde 4100 LRE suspension to keep you safe on the road.

Bottom Line

We believe this is the perfect fifth-wheel trailer if you plan on living in one full time. It has everything you want in a luxury apartment suite and would be as if you were in the comfort of your own house. We recommend it to all campers, travelers, and mobile livers alike.

Best Luxury Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse:
Grand Design Reflection 31MB

Best Luxury Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse: Grand Design Reflection 31MB


  • 80% tint radius safety glass windows
  • Aluminum wheels with E-rated tires
  • Large panoramic slide room windows for a great view
  • Fiberglass and radiant foil roof and front cap insulation
  • High-quality Congoleum flooring corroborating luxury and resilience


  • Some users report problems in gas regulators

What Recent Buyers Report

This luxury fifth wheel bunkhouse, according to buyers, is a prime example of convenience and functionality with an added touch of aesthetic. Buyers especially liked the ‘Peace of Mind’ package, which was jam-packed with loads of everyday essentials as well as luxury features.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Grand Design 31MB offers a superior combination of top-notch specifications of the exterior and interior. Talking about the interior, you’ll get your fifth wheel jam-packed with a 30’’ stainless steel microwave, ducted main AC, and AM/FM/CD/DVD HDMI. You also get Bluetooth Stereo, HD TV, roof-mounted solar prep, and a one-touch automatic leveling system.

Furthermore, it boasts premium Congoleum flooring known for its resilience and residential-style window treatment. You have plenty of storage options by making use of the pre-drilled and screwed cabinetry. And, last but not least, the roller shade window covering will give you the privacy you need whenever you need it.

The RV has been constructed using state-of-the-art material and extremely proficient skills. The exterior sidewalls feature a high-gloss gel coat, and the roof and front cap are insulated using fire glass and radiant foil.

Bottom Line

It's no secret that Grand Design stands at the top of the luxury fifth wheel business and for obviously good reasons. These RVs are the perfect companions for boondocking, and the Grand Design Reflection 31MB is one of the most prominent contenders for that. We’ve only managed to mention a few of the myriad of amenities, packages, and features offered by this model, but we’re certain they are enough to get you sold.

What to Look For When Buying a Luxury 5th Wheel

When you're looking to buy a luxury fifth-wheel it's important to note a few key considerations...

Weight of the Trailer

The weight of your luxury fifth-wheel makes for a very important feature that should always be up for consideration. Having a clear idea of how much your vehicle will weigh when it’s fully loaded is going to disburden your trucks towing capabilities

Hence, a great option would be one that weighs just enough that your truck can handle, and remember the more luxury, the more weight. Do thorough research on this aspect before you jump on other factors.

Aerodynamic Design

An aerodynamic design is another important feature as it can significantly improve towing capabilities and gas mileage. A fifth wheel with an aerodynamic front-end cap will prove excellent in cutting through the wind to remove wind drag. This will, in turn, improve the gas mileage. 

Floor Plan

Look at all the available options and make a decision based on what suits your needs and requirements best. To give you a heads up, the fifth wheels have multiple levels with steps leading towards the bedroom and bathroom. So, you will have to go up and down a few times a day, to say the very least. 

Grand Design Solitude Luxury Fifth Wheel 310GK/310GK-R Floor Plan

Grand Design Solitude Luxury Fifth Wheel 310GK/310GK-R Floor Plan (Source)

Perks of Getting a Luxury Fifth Wheel

Getting a luxury fifth wheel is a great investment. It exposes you to huge advantages, including convenience, amenities, and better space. Let’s elaborate on some of these points: 

Excellent Use of Space

The biggest perk of a luxury fifth wheel is the excellent utilization of space. A big portion of the vehicle sits over the bed of the truck used for towing, which diminishes the overall length of both vehicles. This helps you get into smaller campsites easier. 

Furthermore, the interior of a fifth wheel offers great space with different floor plans. This is the best RV when it comes to making the most of its floor plan from an interior as well as an exterior point of view.

Great Value

Fifth wheels offer great value when you compare it to other RVs and travel trailers. Comparing it to a motorhome, you get the same facilities and amenities, but the cost is significantly lower. If you’re on a budget, this is the right choice for you. 

Stability While Towing

When we compare fifth wheels vs travel trailers, the latter may be smooth and easy to tow, but a fifth wheel generally offers greater stability. Your vehicle will be less exposed to trailer sway, and the special shape of 5th wheel campers makes them more aerodynamic. 

Leave It At the Campground

Fifth wheels provide a huge advantage when it comes to exploring the campground or making a quick run to get groceries. This is because you can simply detach the RV from your truck, lock it up, and drive away. 

Head to Head Comparison Overview

Let us now dive into a head to head comparison of some of the notable brands manufacturing renowned fifth wheels. 

Jayco vs Forest River

Jayco has been around since 1968, while Forest River was founded in 1996. Here’s a comparison between the two: 

Brand Reputation

luxury 5th wheel camper

Grand Design Reflection 31MB (Source)

Both Jayco and Forest River are comparable in terms of reputation. Both are well-known and respectable brands. 


Forest River RVs tend to be more expensive than Jayco RVs. 

Additional Features

Jayco RVs come with a 5.1 stereo and DVD systems. They also come with HDMI, Bluetooth, AM/FM/DVD/USB/A/V system rated at 12 volts. Forest River RVs include wiring for phone, cable, satellite, and up to four TVs. It further includes speakers, subwoofer, Dolby digital 5.1, TV tuner DVD player. 

Jayco vs Grand Design

Jayco and Grand Design are both industry leaders and perfect for people wanting to explore new sites. So, which one is better? Let’s find out!

Brand History

Grand Design entered the RV business about a decade ago, while Jayco has been in the industry since 1968 and has made a name for itself for over 50 years. So, it’s safe to say that Jayco carries more experience and superior warranties. 


Jayco RVs feature a special SMART (safety markers and reverse travel) light system, which helps in improving the trailer’s visibility if you change lanes, turn, or hit the brake. Grand Design RVs showcase no such system. 


Some standard features distinguish Jayco from Grand Design, as the former has features that are not available in the latter. These include solar prep on the roof and sidewall, exterior locking system, and Helix duct cooling with quiet AC. Interior features exclusive to Jayco include a plywood booth, bunk, ducted in-floor heat, an adjustable pantry, etc. 

Grand Design vs DRV

DRV’s parent organization is Heartland Recreational Vehicles, while Winnebago Industries owns Grand Design. The two can be compared on the following aspects:

Types of RV

Grand Design makes two different models of fifth wheels called Reflection and Solitude. DRV markets its RVs as mobile suits, elite suits, and full houses. 

Grand Design Solitude Luxury Fifth Wheel

Grand Design Solitude Luxury Fifth Wheel (Source)

Brand History

Grand Design came into this business in 2012, while DRV was established a few years before this in 2002. 

People Also Ask - Luxury Fifth Wheel FAQs

Here's a list of the most commonly asked questions we get. If you have any, feel free to reach out to us and we'll answer your queries.

What is the Forest River 5th Wheel Luxury Line?

The Forest River 5th Wheel Luxury Line is a luxury line catering to fifth-wheels manufactured by the company Forest River. 

Which Model of Camper Does Keystone Consider Their Top-of-the-Line Luxury 5th Wheel Camper?

The Keystone Alpine fifth wheel is a model that Keystone considers its top-of-the-line luxury fifth wheel camper. 

Grand Design Reflection 31MB

Grand Design Reflection 31MB (Source)

How Much is a Luxury Fifth Wheel? 

Luxury fifth wheels will cost you anywhere from $100,000- $150,000.

How Many Sq Footage is a Luxury 5th Wheel?

They differ in sizes, but generally speaking a luxury fifth wheel is around 430 sq. ft. 

Is a Luxury Fifth Wheel Worth the Cost?

If you're someone who likes to go on month-long road trips or even live in a luxury fifth wheel full-time, investing in one will be perfect for you. It offers great value in terms of price. It offers an easy towing experience, it's easy to maneuver, and it provides a comfortable living experience. 

What is the Largest Fifth Wheel Camper?

We would have to say that the clear winner here is the Grand Design solitude fifth wheel. This is because the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) for all models in this series is 16800 lbs. The dimensions go up to 41’5” in length and 13’5” in height. 

What Size Air Conditioner And Furnace Do I Need For a Luxury 5th Wheel?

To determine the answer to this, you first need to understand BTUs. BTUs are British thermal units. Common BTU ratings for RVs include 11,000, 13,500 and 15,000, etc. The higher the BTU, the more powerful the AC unit. However, the size of both the AC and furnaces depends on your temperature preference and your RV's layout. 

The Best Luxury 5th Wheels

So, there you have it, now you know what makes luxury 5th wheels stand out from other RVs. Be it a standard floor plan, a toy hauler, bunkhouse, whatever, you can get all the luxuries you demand at home on the road.

But of course, a luxury 5th wheel is an expensive outlay, so you have to choose wisely. We don't own a luxury 5th wheel but we've been in many including all of the above. And we recommend them, and we're pretty sure you'll enjoy your time in any of the above campers.

Whichever model you go for, it's time to really enjoy the best of the best when it comes to fifth wheel campers. Please drop us a line of your experience and it will help us with any further reviews. Happy camping!