Best RV Parks in Southern California

| Last Updated: September 3, 2022

Looking for the best RV parks in Southern California? Of course, there are so many great places with even more choices for where to stay. But fear not, we' have you covered.

Home to many of the country’s attractions, California is a state filled with diversity. With gorgeous sandy beaches, magnificent mountains, scenic landscapes, and bustling city life, this state is brimming with excitement and adventure. Visiting this state is thrilling, and in order to see it all, you need to make several trips. This is where RV parks make their entry.

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, RVs provide you with the best amenities, privacy, and comfort, ensuring every customer that this is the right place to be, and Southern California has some of the best RV parks in the country.

So, if you’re planning to visit this part of the world any time soon, read this article to find out the best RV Parks in Southern California.

Why Southern California is Such a Great Place to RV

When people think of Southern California, seclusion and retreat don’t exactly cross their minds. Just because there is a larger population doesn’t mean you can’t have your own fun! Just take a look at the reasons why you should RV in So-Cal.

Adventurous Activities

So-Cal is packed with unusual and unique outdoor activities that will definitely tickle your adventurous side and boost your adrenaline rush. Its outdoor-oriented fun is one of the main reasons why this place is so great to RV.

Worry-Free Traveling

The San Onofre Bluffs Campground, Silver Strand State Beach, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, and Mount Laguna are just a few of the most beautiful and exciting sightseeing locations where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings. Some of them are close to the beach, and they all have a lot of family-friendly activities you can enjoy while living in an RV. You don’t have to worry about check-ins in hotels and get the ultimate outdoor experience while benefiting from the RV’s amenities.

Building Friendships and Strengthening Family Bonds

Campgrounds, such as the Indian Cove and South Carlsbad State Beach are places where you can set up picnics, bonfires, and other exciting outdoor activities that will help you unplug from the daily stresses and help you build friendships with others around you. To bond with your family and disconnect from the technological world, you need a "home on the go", and this is why renting an RV is perfect for exploring Southern California’s best locations.

Review of the Best RV Parks in Southern California

In order to understand which RV park attracts you most, here’s a breakdown of the best ones in Southern California. You can choose from a wide variety of parks, depending on which one is more suitable for you and your family. Let’s begin!

1. Orangeland RV Park

Orangeland RV Park is one of the best in Southern California

What we love

  • Excellent hospitality and customer service
  • Includes a spa, so you can relax and rejuvenate
  • Equipped with free Wi-Fi services for all customers
  • Large swimming pool to enjoy with your friends or family
  • Comes with a cable TV so you can stay entertained on the go

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

There are many reasons why this park makes the top of our Best RV Parks in Southern California, allow us to explain:

Featured Benefits

This park is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and cable TV to keep you connected with the world outside and make you feel at home. There is also a heated swimming pool and spa, so you can relax and enjoy your break. It also has pet facilities so your pet can travel with you.

Guest Amenities

Living in this RV park will open doors to almost all the amenities you can think of. You can enjoy a wide variety of indoor activities such as mini-golf, pool tables, and shuffleboard courts. There is also a laundry service available, as well as a convenience store and exercise room. You can also host BBQs and picnics, and the kids can have fun in the playground built for them.

Customer Service

The facilities inside this resort are maintained and well taken care of. The staff is trained to ensure that your stay is nothing less than enjoyable and memorable. With great hospitality and dedicated staff to take care of your needs, you will definitely feel relaxed and stress-free in this resort.

2. Golden Shore RV Resort

Golden Shore RV Resort is one of the best RV parks in southern california

What we love

  • Showers and restrooms are located in every spot
  • Phone hookups are also available to all customers
  • Modem-friendly environment so you can stay connected
  • Bike racks and bike path available to catch up with your bicycling needs
  • Equipped with a recreational clubroom to enjoy with your friends and family

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Let’s look at the reasons as to why this campground is one of the best RV parks in Southern California:

Guest Amenities

Get a wide variety of guest amenities by living in this RV park. From Wi-Fi facilities to convenience stores and picnic or BBQ areas, it is packed with a lot to explore and benefit from. Enjoy a recreation room with your friends or refresh yourself by diving into the heated pool or spa.

Customer Service

The staff is trained to ensure that your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. In case you need help or guidance with directions, there is always a member of the staff available nearby so that you can get guidance whenever needed. The friendly nature of the employees will definitely make you feel welcome and happy.


Cleanliness and hygiene can be an issue in public spaces, but not with this park. The staff at this resort aims to keep all restrooms and showers clean at all times. There are garbage cans everywhere and great care is taken to ensure that the customers feel like they’re in a clean resort. You can easily use public toilets without worry since the staff at this resort is dedicated to making sure everything is spotless.

3. Anaheim RV Park

Anaheim RV Park is a great southern California RV Park

What we love

  • Free Wi-Fi services available to all customers
  • Designated dog walk area to take your pets for a walk
  • Premium pull-thru available so you won’t feel claustrophobic
  • Digital cable TV available for indoor entertainment purposes
  • Handicap-accessible areas, so that every customer feels welcome

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

There are many reasons why this park marks a spot on this list. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it stands out to us:


Location-wise this is up there with the best southern California RV Parks. There are many attractions and activities available while you’re living in this park. You can visit Disneyland and experience new things with your family or loved ones. Universal Studios Hollywood is also nearby and you can enjoy many different rides such as the Simpson’s Ride or Jurassic Park-The Ride. There is also access to Knott’s Berry Farm and Catalina Island, as well as access to several beaches.

Customer Service

In this resort, you will find the friendliest staff and the most helpful employees. You can take help and guidance from anyone, and they will be more than glad to assist you. They are professional, polite, and mindful of anything that you ask for or need help in.

Amenities for Guests or Groups

You can benefit from access to many different amenities. Whether you’re in a group or are a private guest, there are loads of different activities and amenities you can explore. From clubhouses to laundry and restroom facilities, you'll find yourself in the most advanced and exciting RV park.

4. Ocean Mesa Campground at El Capitan

Ocean Mesa Campground at El Capitan in SOuthern California

What we love

  • Autumn season brings out the best colors in Ocean Mesa
  • Laundry services and convenience store situated inside the park
  • Friendly staff trained to guide you and make your trip memorable
  • TV and internet facilities are also available so that you never feel too disconnected
  • Heated swimming pool and spa facility for all customers to chill and relax on their vacation

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Let’s look at the reasons why this place is so special and has made its way on the list of the best RV parks in Southern California:


This park has spa treatments and different kinds of massages so you can feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Moreover, it provides an overview of the beautiful nature and animals that exist in Ocean Mesa, such as mountain lions, rattlesnakes, poison oak, etc. from a safe distance.


Find yourself immersed in different activities. With a huge range of adventurous outdoor and indoor activities, this park sure knows how to keep its guests entertained. Canyon Concerts, Jeep Tours for Cloud Climbing, Performing Arts Conservatory, and hiking El Capitan Canyon are just a few of the outdoor excursions you can enjoy while living in Ocean Mesa RV park. These exciting activities will surely entice any outdoor enthusiast or nature lover.

Customer Service

From the views to the customer service, everything about this park is perfect. You can get all the guidance and help you want from the excellent customer service providers in this resort. The staff is professional and trained to help their customers and make them feel welcome, and their trip more memorable and enjoyable.

5. Ramblin' Redwoods Campground & RV Park

Ramblin' Redwoods Campground & RV Park in southern california

What we love

  • Full hookup with electrical 30/50 amp
  • Playground for children and recreational trails
  • Showers and clean restrooms to ensure hygiene at all times
  • Equipped with huge pull-thru sites to ensure no tight spaces
  • Wi-Fi and cellular data compatibility with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This park radiates a lot of positive and adventurous vibes, which is a dream for all those nature lovers out there. Let’s take a look at the main features that make it stand out to us:

Endless Outdoor Opportunities

Fishing, hiking, and paddle trips are just a few of the recreational activities you can engage in while living in the Ramblin’ Redwoods RV Park. With scenic landscapes and adventurous excursions, you will feel your adrenaline rush as you take part in activities you’ve never done before. If you're into connecting with nature in a way that you only dreamed of, and we're sure you'll agree that this is a perfect Southern California RV park.

Amenities for Guests

This campground and RV park offers a resort, two cabins, and campsite amenities. Enjoy on-demand TV shows, playgrounds, park-like grounds, walking trails, tankless hot showers, on-site laundry, and several other resort amenities. You can also find fully equipped kitchens, utensils, barbecue grills, covered outdoor porches, forested setting, and much more. There are also picnic tables, campfire rings, wooded tent campsites, and full hook-ups for your outdoor needs, as well.

Activities from Forest to Ocean

Find yourself in the middle of a huge range of activities to explore and enjoy with your friends or family. There are forest activities such as hiking and ocean activities such as paddling and boating, so that you can get the best of both worlds.

6. San Diego RV Resort

San Diego RV Resort is one of the best RV Parks in southern California

What we love

  • Clean and hygienic restrooms and showers
  • Free Wi-Fi and cellular services for customers
  • Incomparable customer service and hospitality
  • Pool access and recreational room to chill out with friends and family
  • Holiday discounts and special offers to make your visit more unique and memorable

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

There are many reasons why this park stands out to us and has made an appearance on this list. Let’s dive into all the amenities and amazing activities that it has to offer to its customers:

Resort Services

You will be greeted by friendly staff, who will chaperone you to an express check-in to speed up the boring process and get the fun started. The sparkling spa and pool will allow you to refresh yourself and de-stress your mind. The highly trained staff will ensure that you have the perfect stay and your vacation needs are taken care of.


At this resort, you will find yourself amidst a number of enthralling activities that will keep you busy all day. From indoor gyms to swimming pools and recreational rooms, make yourself comfortable in this beautifully designed resort. It is also close to all the fun activities that you can experience in San Diego.


From lush landscaping with 50/30-amp power hookups, sewer dump, and water-hookups, you will notice that everything is clean and tidy, so you can enjoy yourself without feeling unhygienic. There is also a Jacuzzi set up for customers so they can relax their muscles and feel like they are on vacation.

With many more amenities, it's clear why this would make it as one of our best RV parks in Southern California. If you're heading to San Diego, check it out, you won't be disappointed.

7. Canyon RV Park

Canyon RV Park is one of the best RV parks in Southern California

What we love

  • Swimming pool and playground for kids
  • Convenience stores to pick up small items
  • 5 bathhouses available with super-hot showers to relax
  • Picnic table and fire ring available outside for entertainment
  • RV is hooked up with sewer and water and electric with 50-amp

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Let’s take a look at the best features of the Canyon RV Park so you can make an informed decision and be aware of its amenities and facilities.

RV Facilities

If you like to spend time in and around the campground, you'll find this is one of the best RV parks in southern California. Find yourself in a fully equipped RV with all the features and necessities you can imagine. Feel the thrill of building your own campsite with full hook-ups and fire rings so you can toast marshmallows. A picnic table is also included outside so you can have an enjoyable time with your family.

Amenities of the Park

This park is equipped with a number of indoor and outdoor activities for individuals of all ages. Playgrounds, horseshoe pits, and swimming pools are available for outdoor entertainment, whereas a pickleball court and chess sets are present for indoor games. You can also enjoy movie nights with your family in the resort and take advantage of laundry services and the Santa Ana River Bike Trail.


The park’s staff is highly trained and super-accommodating if you need anything. It is also clean and well-maintained so you are guaranteed a memorable and entertaining stay at the resort. Moreover, the employees are friendly and helpful and ensure that you have whatever you need to have the best stay.

8. Paradise By The Sea RV Resort

Paradise By The Sea RV Resort is a luxury RV Park in Southern California

What we love

  • Number one So-Cal beach RV resort
  • 50-amp pull-thru sites to ensure space for parking
  • Multitude of outdoor and indoor activities
  • Near to the coastal towns of Carlsbad, Oceanside, etc
  • Free HD cable TV and Wi-Fi services to stay connected

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Being the only beach RV park in Southern California, there’s something very special about this resort, which is why it is on this list. Let’s dive into the main features that make it stand out:


There are 91 hook-up concrete spaces with picnic tables that can seat up to six people, so you can enjoy the outdoors with your family. A heated spa and pool are also available so you can enjoy amazing views while relaxing. There is also a fire pit at the pool area and in the outdoor recreation area. Laundry rooms, convenience stores, and high-quality showers and restrooms are also equipped to ensure the most comfortable stay.


This is one of the best resorts in Southern California since it’s close to all the best tourist attractions! You can visit the Sea World in San Diego, the San Diego Zoo in a 30-minute proximity, with 10-minute proximity to Legoland, and a 40-minute distance from Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. It is also only an hour away from Universal Studios.

Customer Services

This RV park is also amazing because of its unparalleled customer service and hospitality. The staff is friendly and helpful and will make you feel super-comfortable and welcome as you arrive at the resort. You will also be given special treatment and a memorable stay so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

9. Malibu Beach RV Park

Malibu Beach RV Park in Southern California

What we love

  • Convenience stores to grab and go
  • Dump station and recyclable disposal areas
  • Self-service dryers and washers for laundry
  • Propane service for outdoor camping and firewood
  • Bathrooms and restrooms with heated water and showers

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This park is packed with numerous activities and amenities that are sure to make your stay super-enjoyable and memorable. Let’s go over some of the main features that make it one of the best:


At this park, you can enjoy unique whale watching and dolphin watching activities for all ages. You can also swim in the ocean and body surf or beach comb. For fishing enthusiasts, fishing is also available. There are hiking trails you can explore with your friends or family, and a children’s play area to keep them busy and entertained, as well. Indoor activities such as billiards and table tennis are also available.


Consider yourself relaxed in one of the most comfortable RV parks in Southern California. With beautiful sandy beaches and nearby tourist attractions, you will feel at ease and enjoy every moment. You can enjoy yourself in the game room with billiards or table tennis, or rejuvenate in the hot tub. There are also multiple convenient amenities to benefit from while staying here.

Customer Service

The staff provides everyone with a brochure that provides basic information and directions to local attractions. Moreover, you can get help from friendly employees who will always be happy to assist you with whatever you need to ensure a pleasant and warm stay.

Final Thoughts Before Going for an RV Park in Southern California

Traveling around Southern California in an RV sounds really dreamy, and it is fascinating and gripping when you do it in real life. Get the most out of your vacation as you explore the state in your RV and visit the most popular tourist attractions, while also reaping the benefits of the RV park.

There are so many RV parks in southern California, it's easy to find a great one, but also easy to find somewhere that's not so good. All of the above parks are highly recommended, and will give you the base for a great trip.

Having an amazing RV park packed full of amenities is the cherry on top of a wonderful vacation. You can enjoy the thrilling theme parks, hike in the most adventurous forests, engage in some of the most unique ocean and land activities, all while taking advantage of the most comfortable and luxurious RV parks to make the trip even more memorable. So, what are you waiting for?

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