Best Panama City Beach Florida RV Parks

| Last Updated: September 7, 2022

Looking for the best RV parks in Panama City Florida? Well, head to the beach area. Yes Panama City and Panama City Beach are close, and many people call the beach resort town Panama City, but there's about an hour drive between the two.

And to be clear, most of our recommended RV parks in this article are in the Panama City Beach area, as it has more campgrounds, and more visitors.

Nothing beats the relaxing smell of the forest carried by fresh air or the excitement of sleeping under the starry skies at a beach, and Panama City Beach offers so much for the visitor.

What more do you need if you can carry the comfort of your house on four wheels along with you? That’s exactly what makes RVs and RV parks such a popular holiday idea. And RV Parks in Panama City FL are up there with the very best.

Why Panama City Beach Florida is Such a Great Place to RV

Sugar white sand bordering the clear, open emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the year-round sunny Panama City Beach is an affordable holiday destination for couples, families, Eco-tourists, or adrenaline junkies all alike. With its delicious food, innumerable activities, and off and onshore tourist attractions, it is sure to give you the recharging you deserve and memories to last forever. What does it really offer? Let’s find out!

Panama City Beach FL is an amazing place with some of the best RV parks

Incredible State Parks

Panama City is home to two perks filled state parks, the St. Andrew’s State Park and another Camp Helen State Park towards the west. Not only do they boast pristine beaches perfect for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and fishing alike, but visitors can also enjoy coastal plant communities of pines coupled with bird watching. If that’s not enough, St. Andrew’s Park harbors a gator lake where you can get an up-close look at the ancient creatures. Surrounding the gator lake is an iconic habitat home to many reptiles, small mammals, birds, and insects.

Fun-Packed Family Recreation Parks

Clear blue skies and stretches of magnificent beaches are not the only experiences the city provides. The numerous amusement parks engage you in some classic fun with friends and family. From the tropical-themed Ship Wreck Water Park to the Coconut Creek Family Park with its 18 hole golf course and a human-sized maze or the Race City Park offering roller coasters, indoor mini-golf, and go-kart tracks, these parks are sure to leave you exhausted but exhilarated!

Exciting Zoos and Aquariums

The zoos and aquariums house not only plentiful animals but also provide exciting chances to get up close and personal with them.

The infamous ZooWorld Zoological Conservatory with its 350 animal and 259 plant species is a great family outing while the Gulf World Marine Park offers daily shows featuring penguins, sea turtles, and flamingos. They let you feed stingrays as well as swim with the dolphins in their million-gallon habitat!

These are only a few attractions you would find at the Panama City Beach. Its shopping Pier Park, Nature conservation Parks, the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum and landmarks like the Panama City Sky Wheels are bound to leave you awe-struck and convinced to take a trip to this incredibly versatile place.

Review of the Best RV Parks in Panama City Florida

Now that the Panama City Beach, Florida has topped your ‘to-visit’ list, let’s look into the RV parks and their perks. Here we have reviewed the best RV parks in the city for you to go on a fun, convenient, and comfortable trip.

Best Overall RV Park in Panama City Florida:
Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort

Best Overall RV Park in Panama City Florida: Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort

What We Love

  • Campfires are permitted
  • Offers bike rentals for city exploration
  • Accommodates all types of RV vehicles
  • Pet-friendly, so you can bring along your furry friends
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi, laundry, LP Gas and onsite store facilities
  • The property is gated and offers its own playground, fitness center and swimming pool

What Recent Buyers Report

This is one of the most popular RV parks in Panama City Florida, as it caters to the needs of all sorts of campers. Whether you are a lone traveler, a family with kids and pets, friends on a reunion, or a couple on their honeymoon, the site accommodates all.

Provides All of the Basic Facilities

The park offers 30/50/100amp charging that meets the needs of all sorts of RVs. The park houses laundry, restroom, shower, and shopping mart conveniences. The gated property provides limited access aiding to security, and the LP Gas station ensures your home on wheels is full and ready to take you anywhere.

Entertainment For All

The park provides on-ground entertainment for everyone. If you want to challenge your friends and family to any ball game, there are up-to-date courts available to ensure you enjoy your play. The park has a library and fishing areas where you could slip out or watch the sunset if you are in the mood of some quiet time. The park’s personal swimming pool and fitness center are there to keep those holiday calories in check. They have hot tubs for couples to relax and huge picnic tables and charcoal grills for your family feasts.

Close Proximity to Panama City Tourist Attractions

You don’t need to rush for a taxi when you plan to go and experience the great Panama City. The most famous attractions are quite close to the RV site. The St. Andrew’s State Parks, with its plentiful fascinations and The ZooWorld Zoological and Botanical Conservatory with its exotic plants and animals, are within close reach from the camping site.

Not only these but the amazing Ripley’s Believe it or Not and the Ship Wreck amusement park fall in the hood too. The park is located at a prime location for you to enjoy everything and anything the city offers throughout your stay without the hassle of long-distance travel.

Panama City Beach RV Resort

Runner-up: Panama City Beach RV Resort

What We Love

  • Free breakfast on Saturdays
  • Offers free high-speed internet
  • Pet-friendly with a fantastic dog park
  • Fitness center and heated swimming pools
  • Private beach access from your camping site

What Recent Buyers Report

This park definitely provides a more luxurious experience. It is located just across the street from the pearly white beaches, making commute easy. It upholds its end of the bargain in return for your money with its incredible offerings.

More Privacy For the Visitors

This park offers an 80 foot camping site for you with your RV. There is plenty of space between the camp sites ensuring privacy. With the private and direct access to the beach, you don’t have to walk around the town to reach the beautiful turquoise water. The tree cover over each camp site aids in making your space more secluded and personal.

Highly Maintained Resort

From a beach resort, you expect up-to-date facilities, a clean environment, and friendly staff. The Panama City Beach RV Resorts provides all that. The whole space is well kept. The inside and outside are clean and exceedingly upheld. Recent visitors report the bathrooms and swimming pools to be always clean with no unpleasant odor. The staff is extremely pleasant and quickly caters to your problems and complaints. The outside of the resort are paved with concrete paths outlined with neatly trimmed bushes.

Prime Locality

With the beach so close, you can smell it inside your RV and local food vendors at a walking distance, the resort is located at the best place possible. It is close not only to St. Andrew’s State Park but also falls considerably close to the 7000 yard Jack Nicklaus Golf Course.

It has The Pier Park for an amazing shopping experience and tons of water activities, including snorkeling and even bungee jumping nearby. If you want a pristine place to stay that oozes class, privacy and has an abundance of amenities this has to be one of the best RV parks in Panama City FL, the resort has something for everyone!

3. Pineglen Motorcoach & RV Park

Pineglen Motorcoach & RV Park in Panama City Florida

What We Love

  • Staff is very well trained
  • Stocked fishing ponds for on-site fishing
  • Pet-friendly, offers dog walk, run and wash
  • Tiled and clean restrooms and laundry areas
  • Screened indoor pools and upgraded sunning areas

What Recent Buyers Report

This is is definitely a very popular RV park in Panama City Florida, and is suitable for families and solo travelers alike. It offers quite a few activities and ensures the ultimate comfort of vacationers, making it popular among visitors.

An Incredible Staff

The park houses one of the best staff available in the city. Their staff is their greatest amenity, according to their guestbook. A resident manager is available at all times for your convenience. The well behaved, friendly, and quick responding staff would take all your problems off your mind and ensure a positive, luxurious stay.

Fishing Ponds Just For You

The park has its own fishing ponds where delicious delicacy like sea bass is plentiful. Fishing ponds provide a unique bonding experience if you are with friends and family. Once your fish is off the hook, toss it in a pan over the campfire for a crispy skin or grill it over wood for that smoky touch. Your taste buds will thank you later.

Close to Fine-Dining Restaurants, Movie Theaters, and Shopping Malls

The Pineglen Motorcoach & RV Park might not be the closest to some local special attractions, but it is close to some of the best dining experiences the city has to offer. On days you feel like dining out, hit the road and find a vast spread of local food places ready to serve your cravings. The park is also quite close to huge multiplex cinemas and shopping centers in case you want to hit the movies or go souvenir shopping someday.

4. Saint Andrews State Park

Saint Andrews State Park is one of the best RV parks in Panama City FL

What We Love

  • Rich in experiences it offers
  • Very reasonable on the price spectrum
  • Hosts weddings at its beautiful venue
  • Houses restaurants with concessions to its campers
  • Offers boat tours to Shell Island, a beautiful attraction to visit

What Recent Buyers Report

St. Andrew’s Park is a state park and holds historical significance, which makes it a major tourist fascination itself. To top that, if you are residing or camping at the park, you will find yourself in the middle of the ultimate Panama City experience.

Rich Experiences

St. Andrew’s Park lives up to its expectation of being a state park. It offers snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing to adrenaline seekers, while for the peace lovers, it offers hiking, nature trails, and safari viewing. Once you step inside this world of adventure, you will not be disappointed.

Boat Tours, Canoeing, and Kayaking

The state park provides boat tours and has launched canoeing and kayaking as well to complete your water adventures. The boat tours take you to magnificent islands, like Shell Island for a day retreat. Meanwhile, with canoeing and kayaking, you ride across the emerald green water stretches.

The Boardwalks

It seems like fun at St. Andrew’s Park knows no end. Topping off everything is the infamous boardwalks. Nestled around an ancient dune system lined by Sea Oats, leading to a beautiful Gator Lake, the boardwalk is a marvel of its own. It gives the best view of the incredible Panama Beach City sunsets, and this RV park is the perfect location for all of the above.

5. Raccoon River Campground

Raccoon River Campground

What We Love

  • Newly remodeled, clean spaces for restrooms
  • It is located within 5 minutes distance from all the fun
  • Community laundry, cable hookups and pet parks available
  • Located near a place for rental golf carts for deep city explorations
  • Has 22 restaurants and 16 local attractions within 0.75 mile radius

What Recent Buyers Report

Campers who have visited the Raccoon River Campground have found it to be especially convenient due to its central location. This place also favors the wallet.

Central Location-Everything Just 5 Minutes Away

Raccoon River Campground is unbeatable when it comes to location. If you are looking for a place to park your RV while you spend most of the time enjoying Panama City, then this is the perfect spot for you. It has a considerable amount of restaurants and attractions within a walking radius, and for deeper city travel, all you need to do is visit the closely located rental for carts.

Value For Money

The campground itself is quite reasonable and provides all facilities, including laundry, restrooms, and a park for the pets. They have a playground for kids to enjoy and courts for basketball, volleyball, and other sports for adults to break a sweat.

Fishing Without a License is Not Illegal Here

If you love fishing, this RV Park in Panama City FL is a must. The property allows you to fish without a license. If you forgot your license at home or are among the company that does not own one, problem solved! Here, you don’t need all that to indulge in quality time catching fish with your friends or family, followed by an even more enjoyable, self-prepared dinner.

6. Campers Inn

Campers Inn is a great RV park in Panama City FL

What We Love

  • Paved, leveled, and easy access RV Camp Sites
  • Onsite maintenance, storage, and fuel for your RV
  • The inn provides fishing and beach supplies to its residents
  • Campers can enjoy a sparkling pool, kids play area, convenience store, and a recreation hall
  • Live cams at the inn give you live updates regarding the current crowd etc. from the beach

What Recent Buyers Report

The clean, concrete and shady space is your go-to campsite if you don’t own pets or have allergies related to them. This facility offers much more than just a camping ground.

The Complete Service Package For Your RV

What makes the Inn so popular among most RV campers are the services it provides for your motorhome. Not only does it provide storage space for the RV, but also a service crew on the spot for the RV’s maintenance. Not only that, the inn has a store for supplies for your RV and propane to fill it up.

Clean, Compact RV Camping Sites

There might not be much distance between adjacent sites, but the tree cover aids in your privacy. Each of the 100 sites has a concrete patio along with the parking space, and on the patio is a dining table for you to have your meals out in the open.


The Web-cams that provide direct coverage to the inn from the beachfront restaurants give the residents live updates from the beach. This covers the crowd situation, water currents, and live events taking place at the beach, making sure you don’t carry your surfboard all the way to the beach only to find the current not suitable or leave it behind and find the water perfect and inviting.

All in all, this is one of the best RV parks in Panama City, FL. With amazing crew and services available, the cleanliness of the grounds, we know you'll love it here.

7. Park Place RV Park

Park Place RV Park in Panama City Florida

What We Love

  • Allows one-night lodging
  • Open all year for you to enjoy at any time
  • On-ground resident manager to help you with your stay
  • A motel on the premises; meaning you don’t have to go out for food
  • Walking distance to gaming arcades, beach, restaurants, 18-hole golf course, and Zoo Worlds, etc

What Recent Buyers Report

This is one of the best RV parks in Panama City Florida, especially if you're intending to stay long term. The park is open all year and provides 55 sites for 30/50 amp RVs. Other things that make this place stand out include:

Suitable For Overnight Stay

This park is especially suitable if you need a place to crash for one day while you tour the city before carrying on with your journey. The site is located in an ideal position for you to move around and explore without wasting too much time on intercity travel. It is open year-round and provides daily payments, making it perfect for your one night stay.

The Motel

The motel it harbors is not only an added benefit. If someday you are not in the mood to leave the premises, or do not see yourself cooking up a meal, all you need to do is head to the motel, eat and laze away your time.

Open All Year

Once you fall in love with your camp site, you don’t have to wait for the next open season to visit because the park is open all year round! Fully facilitated with clean restrooms and showers, laundry, and a swimming pool, you are sure to come back to it.

8. Calypso Cove RV Park

calypso cove is one of the best RV parks in Panama City Beach FL

What We Love

  • Lake access across the road
  • On-ground propane for your RV
  • Brand new laundry facility and re-modeled bathhouses
  • Pet-friendly so that you can enjoy with your furry friend
  • In close proximity to museums, beach, a beer company, and a golf course

What Recent Buyers Report

The well-equipped park is neighboring to some of the greatest tourist attractions. The campers are hosted by courteous staff and can even rent an RV!

RV Rental-Motor House Experience For All

If you don’t own a rental but still want to experience the thrill of living out of a large truck that doubles as your house, then Calypso Cove RV Park is where you need to be headed. Fly in or drive across the states, you can now experience the buzz of Panama City and the adventure of an RV with the 13 new, furnished, rental RVs available at the park.

A Museum, a Beer Company, a Golf Course, All Minutes Away

The locality of the RV Park is ideal if you want to experience all the Panama City, Florida offers. You can not only delight yourself at the Grayton beer company, and an incredible golf course with beautiful Wetlands, The Windspent Dunes Golf course, but can spend your vacations at the lovely Fusion Art Gallery and The Village of Baytowne Wharf. All of these are present within a 15-minute distance.

Peaceful Atmosphere

This park is neither located at the heart of the city nor does it touch the suburbs. And that’s why you can enjoy the tinkle of the city but can also withdraw back to the quiet camp side in case you feel too overwhelmed and need some peace and quiet.

As RV parks in Panama City Florida go, this one has everything. With RV rental, plenty of amenities, local attractions on your doorstep, this is a must if you're in the area.

9. Heritage Oaks RV Park & Marina

Heritage Oaks RV Park & Marina

What We Love

  • Has a laundromat on-site
  • Hosts community events for the residents
  • Allows you to bring in your pets along with you
  • Allow RV experience to those who don’t own one through their rentals
  • Clean, safe, and shaded RV sites equipped with water, electricity, and sewers

What Recent Buyers Report

The park and marina are ideal for you if you don’t want to be caught between the city’s craze but don’t want to live very far away. It is a well-equipped camping ground and marina for you to isolate yourself from the cries of the busy city.

Get to Know the Community

The Park and Marina hosts community events for all the residents to get to know each other better and, at the end of their vacation, take more than just fond memories, the acquaintance of a new friend. These events are the perfect harmony of intra-state culture concentrated at a camping site.

The Park and Marina For Your Lazy Afternoons

Some might call retiring from the excitement of the city to a quiet dwelling dull or boring. But let’s be honest, we all need a bit of a break away from the fast, busy, challenging life of the city to do nothing but laze away your days and nights alone or among your loved ones. Oak Heritage Park and Marina is a beautiful place that allows your dream of solitude to come true.

Need a Trip Back to the Beach? You Are Still Within Reach

If the peaceful dwellings have done you good and you are ready to experience the versatility that is the Panama City Beach, fret not! You are still within reach to get there easily, spend a fun and laughter-packed day, and then again redux to your humble settings.

For those of you that want to enjoy the luxuries of home, set by a marina and not too busy, this campground is a must. Everything is within reach, and the best thing is that you won't ever be overcrowded.

Final Thoughts Before Choosing an RV Park in Panama City, Florida

Now that you are ready to lose yourself between the incredibility of the Great Panama City Beach that offers buzz and excitement as well peace and quiet, you need to make sure you choose your lodgings according to your needs.

There are several RV parks in the area that offer a wide range of facilities, exactly according to your needs. Move and carry your house on four wheels, bring along your furry friends, come alone or with company, the beach is calling you, and the city is ready for you.

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