RV Converter Chargers – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: February 1, 2023

Looking for an RV Converter Charger? They're critical part of the RV set up even if they don't spring to the front of your mind while planning a trip.

Traveling in an RV has its adventures, fun, and excitement, and thanks to the appliances available, road trips are much easier than they have ever been. A converter charger for your RV is one of these appliances that makes life easier.

A converter charger takes AC voltage from electrical lines and turns it into DC voltage so you can use it with your battery 24/7. This device also keeps your battery and backup batteries charged and ready for your next adventure, making them a very important part of your set up.

Usually, RVs have two independent electrical systems: a 120-volt AC, which gives electricity to high-wattage and high-power consumption appliances, and the other is the electrical system’s low-voltage portion which provides 12V DC.

An RV converter charger allow you to run appliances with shore power while simultaneously charging your battery. They provide a smooth and uniform DC voltage that's more than enough for operating 12-volt appliances. You can also use it for televisions, refrigerators, generators, and fans.

But of course, not all converter chargers were created equally. Fear not, as we have a review below of some the best models on the market, saving you time and effort so you can concentrate on the more important things in life.

rv converter charger

After the review, there'a a buyer's guide where we offer all the info you need before purchasing a converter charger, such as the aspects you need to consider and the features to look out for before buying one.

We look at the different types you can buy and have included a guide on how to install an RV converter charger, and we end the guide with an FAQ section, so you should be fully clued up by the end.

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Review of the Best RV Converter Chargers

Are you looking for the best RV converter charger in the marketplace? You don’t need to waste your time at all by looking here and there. Here are in-depth reviews of some of the top chargers that will provide you 100% high-quality performance. Go through them and select one for your needs.

Best Overall RV Converter Charger:
Powermax Pm3-55

Best Overall RV Converter Charger: Powermax Pm3-55


  • Operates quietly in outputs of a wide range
  • Has three different sizes available 
  • Quality is very good, and it does not require any hitch installation
  • Three stages of charging the battery prolong the life of your battery by using three nominal voltages
  • Current limiting (electronic) shuts down the device automatically whenever there is a risk of short circuit and overloading conditions


  • Difficult to learn proper usage
  • Rated only for 110 V
  • May struggle to reach rated voltages

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this converter is a great product and has amazing features along with outstanding quality. Users are very happy with its result. There are hardly any negative comments present on this RV converter. It is very easy to install. It is also a very good replacement for older versions.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This RV converter charger stands out to us because it offers three different modes that are very helpful for the user. The modes it offers are float, absorption, and bulk mode at 13.2, 134.6, and 14.4V DC range. It has an automatic shutdown feature whenever there is any risk of overload or short-circuit. This will extend the life of your battery.

Who Will Use This Most

Most users use this product to charge the batteries in their RV. They have no worries about overheating or short-circuiting. This item maintains all battery types with clean DC power. It is ideal for use in RVs, boats, and automobiles. It is useful for charging the RV batteries of generators and inverters. People can also use it to give power to incandescent bulbs.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, this product is one of the best-selling RV converter chargers in the market. People highly recommended it to everyone. It takes a bit of time to learn to use the three modes properly to fully charge your battery. 

Progressive Dynamics PD9270V


  • Produces a very clean and clear output of DC voltage
  • The speed of charging the batteries is very fast and efficient
  • Special design helps the charger to bear the AC line voltage at low transient
  • Includes protection against short-circuit, over-current, over-heating, and reverse polarity
  • Contains a fan controller that minimizes the temperature, which in result creates less noise


  • May not last for more than a year or two
  • Battery may get too hot

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers have commented that this charger is much better than their expectations. It includes a pendant that will help you see which mode the inverter is operating in. The amount of power this battery produces impressed users and was able to charge even multiple batteries at the same time. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This RV converter charger is successful in winning the title of runner-up because it offers much better protection than other chargers. You don’t need to worry about any electrical breakdowns if you use this charger. It tends to produce little noise and vibrations. You will never regret your decision with this product.

Who Will Use This Most

This charger is very helpful for large vehicles. They can charge their batteries at a faster and quicker speed without worry about sparks and fires since it offers a lot of protection.

Bottom Line

Wrapping up the product, this charger deserves a lot of appreciation because of its outstanding properties and tolerance level. It has unique and exceptional features. Its safety measures are worth praising. If you want a great converter charger for your large RV, this is the one. 

Best RV Converter Charger for the Money:
Progressive Dynamics 9260CV


  • Includes an accessory port (built-in) 
  • Variable-speed fan for controlling the cooling
  • Ensures the safety and reliability of the devices
  • It is capable of delivering DC power (filtered) to all 12 V appliances
  • Protects the appliances from low-line voltage and high voltage because it shutdowns automatically whenever there is a disturbance in voltage level


  • The fan of this unit is quite noisy
  • Unit may only last 2-3 years

What Recent Buyers Report

This converter works wonders after installation. It will sort out all of your problems regarding voltage or power breakdowns. Installing this charger is very easy, just follow the instructions properly. It is a great product and users reported significant improvements to their RV's power. This product is optimized with the latest updates and technologies.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This amazing RV charger is present on our list because of its spectacular performance and high-quality features. It delivers a uniform DC voltage to every 12-Volt appliance and protects against electric sparks and shocks. It also reduces power after it hits 90% of charging capacity to avoid overcharging the battery. The pendant is great for monitoring which stage the charger is in at any time. 

Who Will Use This Most

This RV converter charger works great for people who desire fast charging while still being able to see what stage the device is in. Also, people who struggle with dim lighting when plugged in to AC power will love the steady operation of lights and appliances when this is in operation. 

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this charger is worth buying. It offers astounding features and performance at an affordable rate. Anyone can buy, install, and use it without facing any difficulty. This charger will not disappoint.

Best 30 Amp RV Converter Charger:
IOTA Engineering DLS30


  • It supports lead-acid batteries
  • Easy to install and use
  • Proportional fan operates according to the temperature of the charger
  • Reverse polarity protection keeps from unintentional damage to your RVs battery
  • Includes built-in features for protecting the unit against short circuits and irregular line voltages


  • Cables not included
  • Overheating of cables might occur
  • May affect sensitive electronics

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this converter charger is a great one. It is a perfect replacement for RVs. Customers are very happy after using it for charging the batteries. It provides great features at a very low cost. It is very easy to install and use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This RV converter charger is great because it is one of the best 30-amp chargers available in the market. It produces very little noise and vibrations. These chargers are compatible with charging lead-acid batteries directly, as well. The built-in safety measures and reverse polarity features are quite impressive. 

Who Will Use This Most

People use this for charging different types of lead-acid batteries like absorbed, glass mat, flooded, and gel cells. It can also give enough power for turning on a television. Anyone who needs a replacement for a failing converter will find this to be exactly what they need.

Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, this charger is worth buying. Just be sure you have your own cables, as this one does not come with any. Easy to install, use, and with great performance, this is a treasure for any RV owner. 

Best 45 Amp RV Converter Charger:
Progressive Dynamics PD4645V


  • Very easy to use and install
  • Very efficient, thus it will never boil your battery
  • It has protection against high AC input and low AC input
  • 4-stage charge wizard allows you to increase the battery life
  • Packaging includes a metal closure for replacing the converter outer at any time


  • Instructions may be hard to follow
  • Noisy when not using a 12-volt load

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers have written in their reviews that it is a strong, durable, clean, and perfect RV converter charger. It is an excellent replacement for the older units. It is an outstanding product, and the company offers great customer service.

Why it Stands Out to Us

By using this charger, you can solve some problems. There will be no more boiling of the batteries and no difficulty in installation. The 4-stage Wizard charge present in the converter actually increases the lifespan of the battery. It can protect your battery from different situations like voltage and power breakdowns.

Who Will Use This Most

People use these converters for charging and operating their RV batteries. It also allows you to turn on the 12-volt fans, refrigerators, lighting, and generators and helps charge the RV batteries at a faster speed.

Bottom Line

This converter is great to charge RV batteries quickly. You don’t need to worry at all about your appliances or your battery. If you need a replacement converter, this one will handle your RV power needs.

Best Inverter and Charger Combo:
Xantrex 81-2022-12 Inverter/Charger


  • It has high protection against voltage surges
  • Provides optimum charging of deep cycle RV batteries
  • Capable of switching between the inverter and AC power
  • Inverter and charger combo is useful for charging and operating home appliances in their RV


  • Older tech, may not work with all new models
  • Default is set to "on" so you need to turn it off when not in use

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have written in their reviews that this is a perfect Inverter/Charger combo. They are very happy to use it as a charger and power supply for appliances. It is a high-quality and outstanding combination of an inverter and charger. The power share feature keeps from tripping the AC breakers in the RV for added convenience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This outstanding combo of inverter and charger stands out to us because of its great specifications. You can use it for different appliances and devices. It has a built-in transfer switch and protection features. This combo also includes an automatic shutoff button that will protect the battery from high voltages and power surges.

Who Will Use This Most

People can use this for RVing and traveling. Users can use it to charge their generator batteries. It is a great tool for places where load-shedding is a major issue. 

Bottom Line

Summing it up, this is one of the best inverter and charger combos available in the market. You can use it for multiple uses at a time. Moreover, it will also prolong the life of your battery and unit. It contains amazing features and specifications. Thus, you will never regret buying this product.

Best Standalone Converter Charger:
P.I. Auto Store Premium Converter


  • Comes with a 9ft. cable so you can use it with power extension
  • Compact and small design, which makes it easy to carry and move
  • Contains an LCD screen for showing the settings
  • Includes protection against overloading, short circuits, and voltage surges


  • Cannot operate a 30 Watt LED
  • This converter produces noise
  • It is not durable and strong enough

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers have written in their reviews that this is the best 110V-12V converter. The results of this converter are quite impressive. People using it love the safety measures and LCD features of this converter. It is a worth buying product!

Why it Stands Out to Us

This RV converter is successful in gaining our attention because it contains all the features and is inexpensive too. You can use it for different applications and devices without any tension. We like the compact design and protective measures of this converter a lot. We highly recommend it to everyone.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this converter is lightweight and compact, you can easily take it for road trips at RVing sites. This can also be used in car cigarette lighters to power small devices.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this converter is worth buying. Everyone can afford and use it easily. It is a perfect power supply for small appliances and devices in an RV or car. The performance and spectacular design of this converter are worth praising.

Buyer’s Guide

Now it's time to look at RV converter chargers in closer detail. Here we offer all the info you need before purchasing one, such as the aspects you need to consider before buying one. They're not the first piece of equipment that comes to mind when you're planning a trip, so we offer the perks of owning one, and how they can make your life easier.

We look at the different types you can buy and have included a guide and a video on how to install an RV converter charger. There's an FAQ section to wrap everything up, so we're sure you'll know all there is to know by the end of the guide.

Perks of Getting a New RV Converter Charger

You might be thinking, when would you use these chargers? What benefit do they provide? The truth is that there are a lot of benefits of investing in a high-quality RV converter charger. These include:


Using these converters, you can charge all of the batteries present anywhere. You don’t need to worry about the type of power source or voltage level. These converters will help to ensure that all the batteries of your RV are always charged and are able to supply power whenever there is an electricity shortage. These chargers will also support you in charging the batteries of cars and other electronic devices.

Faster and Safer

These converter chargers are much safer and faster than traditional chargers. There are a lot of models and types of RV converter chargers available in the market that charge your batteries at a very quick speed.  They include a lot of safety measures. They prevent appliance damage from faults occurring due to short circuits, high voltages, low line voltages, and sudden power breakdowns.

Operation and Working

These converters allow you to run appliances in your RV with shore power while simultaneously charging your battery. They provide a smooth and uniform DC voltage that is more than enough for operating 12-volt appliances. You can also use it for televisions, refrigerators, generators, and fans.

rv converter charger

What to Look For When Buying an RV Converter Charger

You can't just simply go to a shop and purchase an RV converter charger without having some facts in mind. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before purchasing anything. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Chemistry of the Battery

One of the most important aspects is the type of chemistry on which the battery depends. Many converter charges contain one type of battery chemistry. If you are operating a lead-acid battery, then you should avoid the converters for AGM and lithium-ion batteries. So before buying a charger, do consider the kind of batteries you own.

Charging Requirement

A user needs to be clear about the speed of charging that they are looking for. Chargers that have high watts can charge a battery in a shorter time, but it can also pressurize the battery. This can cause an explosive reaction. Thus, you need to purchase a battery that can charge in a faster and safer speed.


The price at which the batteries are available is also a very important factor. You need to consider your budget. You should purchase one which offers maximum performance and is inexpensive too.

Types of RV Converter Chargers

There are a lot of RV chargers available in the market. But every converter has its features, price, specifications, and uses. You need to select a charger that offers maximum power at an affordable rate. The different types include:

Smart Converter

Smart converters uses stages to power your battery to ensure your RV battery does not get overcharged but receives sufficient power to operate your appliances. This means at the beginning stages, the battery is being charged at a faster rate and as it approaches a full charge, the charger slows until it reaches 100%. 

Inverter Chargers

This is the best of both worlds. An inverter/charger is able to convert AC power into DC to power the RV and appliances, while also converting the DC current into AC to allow 120-volt appliances to operate normally. 

High Output Converter

This type of converter is able to handle large power loads and charge multiple batteries at the same time. This is also useful in extreme temperatures where lower output converters may struggle to provide sufficient juice to keep your RV operational.

How to Install RV Converter Charger

Installing an RV converter charger is not as difficult as you are thinking. But you need to keep in mind that installing anything requires some instructions. To help you install an RV charger, here are some easy steps. Follow them and install your converter.

  1. First of all, if you have any old charger, you will need to use a wrench to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery wire. Turn off the shore power and disconnect it. Remove the older converter by unscrewing and unwiring.

  2. Double check to make sure the power is not on in the RV. Remove circuit breakers, cords, and power supply from the generator.

  3. Using a wrench, disconnect the ground cable of the battery.

  4. Put the converter charger in its right place. Ensure the area has proper ventilation for heat dissipation. Some converters have built-in fans, so you need to select a large place so that it can work without any sort of hindrance.

  5. You need to connect the wires according to the instructions present in the manual. Do read the instructions carefully before joining the wires. Most connections will be clearly labeled to reduce confusion and provide guidance for proper connections.

  6. Afterward, connect the negative terminal again to the battery. Plug-in the umbilical cord of RV to the source of shore power. Test the output using a multimeter, and it is ready to use.

For clear instructions of the whole process, check out the following video:


To put it simply, these RV converter charges are an excellent and necessary tool for RVs. They are useful in several ways, allowing you to charge a battery, using the RV's lighting, and giving power to various appliances. These are important anytime you want to connect to a land-based electrical source to power and charge your RV. 

People Also Ask

There might be several questions that might confuse you regarding RV converter chargers. You can’t buy a charger with these queries in your mind. We have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Does a Converter Work in an RV?

The main purpose of the converter in an RV is to convert the AC voltage into DC voltage whenever you are plugged in to an electrical source. When you connect the RV with an electrical source or the onboard generator, the converter will convert the AC voltage (120 Volts) into DC voltage (12 Volts). You can use this voltage for operating all 12-volt devices in the RV.

What is the Difference Between an RV Inverter and Converter?

The main difference between an RV inverter and converter is that an inverter converts 12 Volt DC voltage into a 110 Volt AC voltage in an RV. While an RV converter transforms a 110 Volt AC voltage into 12 Volt DC voltage. Therefore, an inverter allows appliances that plug into outlets to run on your RV battery power, while a converter allows electrical current from land lines to be used and stored by your RV battery. 

How to Test RV Converter/Charger

First, you need to test the 120 Volts AC terminals using the voltage meter. This will tell you whether the power is going to the RV converter charger or not. If there is no power, then check the fuse across the terminals. The reading should be at least 120 volts. Then you need to check the DC voltage across the terminals of the coach battery. Use a voltmeter for this. The approximate output should be 14 volts. If it shows a wrong reading, then there might be a problem with the converter charger.

How Do You Know if Your RV Converter is Bad?

Different signs will be visible when your RV converter goes bad. You will start noticing some warning signs like the lights in your RV will start dimming. Similarly, electronic appliances will cause some problems too. The refrigerator will not maintain its temperature, and the power outlets won’t work. The most serious issue will be that the RV's battery will not maintain its charge and will drain at a faster speed.

Will an RV Converter Work Without a Battery?

No, an RV converter won’t work without a battery. Although some converters do not require any battery, RVs do need a battery for their converters. Without a battery in your RV, you won’t be able to use devices like alarms and LP detectors. You also won't have any backup in case of a power shutdown.

How Many Volts Should an RV Converter Put Out?

Your RV requires more power and voltage than other vehicles. To achieve this high power, we use a converter in an RV to transform the 110 Volts of AC electricity into 12 Volts of DC electricity. This conversion will help you in operating your 12V appliances.