Best Dog Ramps for RVs – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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You know the saying, a dog is man's best friend. So, why not offer your best friend some extra comfort when coming in and out of your RV.

A ramp will make it a lot easier for a dog of any size to get in and out whenever they please. Jumping in and out can eventually take a toll on your dog's joints, so, a ramp is highly beneficial.

The following article will discuss the various ramps on the market for your pet as well as what we think makes the perfect ramp.

Comparison Chart of the Best Dog Ramps for RVs


WeatherTech Pet Ramp - High-Traction Foldable Pet Ramp

  • Currently the Best Dog Ramp on the Market
  • A Lightweight Ramp That Can Hold up to 300 lbs
  • This Ramp Can Be Stored Anywhere as it Folds Down Compactly
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Solvit PetSafe Mr. Herzher’s Smart Ramp

  • High Traction Surface Prevents Slipping
  • Lightweight Product Allows for Portability
  • Close Second to Being the Best on the Market, You’ll Get Nearly All the Same Benefits
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Perfect Life Ideas Dog Ramp

  • Best for the Money
  • Foldable Design Allows for Easy Storage
  • Durable Material Prevents Damage Over Time
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Titan Telescoping Collapsible Pet Ramp

  • Foldable Design Saves Space in Storage
  • Rubber Feet Stabilize the Ramp During Use
  • Surface Provides Grip for Your Pet, Preventing Slips
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Solvit PetSafe Deluxe Extra-Long Telescoping Pet Ramp

  • Lightweight, Portable, and Easy to Store
  • Has Tall Side Rails Which Mean Your Dog is Safe
  • The Ramp Will Be Able to Support the Largest of Dogs
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Dog Ramps for Large Dogs

  • Grip Tape is Provided for Better Traction
  • Ramp Hinges Ensure a Secure Lock Onto Your RV
  • Portable Design Allows for Easy Transport and Setup
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Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX Surface

  • The Walking Mats Can Be Machine Washed
  • The Ramp Can Withstand up to 200 lbs of Weight
  • Has a Specially Designed Mat for Outstanding Traction
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Pet Loader Light 16" Platform

  • Can Withstand Weight of up to 250 lbs
  • This Staircase-Like Design is More Stable Than a Ramp Structure
  • The Product Can Fold Into a Compact Box With a Convenient Carry Handle
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Why Would You Want a New Dog Ramp for Your RV?

Dog ramps offer plenty of benefits to both you and your pet when getting in and out of your RV. The following section will discuss these benefits in greater detail.

Make It Easy For Your Dog

You know dogs come in all different sizes and a climb that might come off as easy for your German shepherd might be an impossible feat for your small sausage dog. This is the whole idea of a ramp for your dog so that they can get in and out without any hassle.

No Long-term Injuries

As we mentioned, dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes older dogs can struggle to get up steps. Jumping in and out of your RV will have an effect on your pet’s joints and overall health.

With constant impact from jumping, an old dog can easily develop arthritis in their bones or maybe they already have this illness, so, a ramp would be a great help for your pet in terms of their overall health.

No Hassle For You

Another problem is that, if you don't have a dog ramp, you'll most likely need to lift your dog in and out if it's too small or old. This can become a hassle, especially if your own health isn't the best at the moment. These ramps will take away the inconvenience of having to constantly lift them in and out.

What Makes a Great RV Dog Ramp?

There are a few features that will make a dog ramp stand out from any competition. The following section will go on to discuss these features in further detail.

Soft Material

The material that's used should be strong enough to hold the weight of your dog. However, the material your dog is walking on should be suitable for them and should be comfortable for them to walk over. Some manufacturers will include a cover that can fit over the ramp, this should also be machine washable.

Stable Design

The stability of your dog ramp is important and the overall weight and size of your dog should be taken into account as the walkway must be wide enough for them to get down. Many are designed to be lightweight without sacrificing strength and stability to ensure the ramp won't move around too much when your dog is using it.


You'll want to ensure that your dog doesn't end up with a glorified doggy slide, the traction on the ramp must be decent enough to hold an average dog even during wet and windy conditions. This is usually achieved by using rubber. You might also find that there will be rubber pads at the ends to add extra traction on the ground.

Quick Take - The Best Dog Ramps for RVs

Review of the Best RV Dog Ramps

The review section is the most important part of our article as this is where we'll go into greater detail on the dog ramps we believe to be some of the best on the market.

WeatherTech PetRamp - High-Traction Foldable Pet Ramp


  • Rubber Pads and Runway Create Great Traction
  • Can Support a Huge Weight While Also Being Lightweight
  • The Ramp Can Be Compacted Down to Fit Inside Your RV Easily


  • The Rubber Runway Can't be Machine Washed

This ramp is perfect for any RV owner that brings along their pet. Voted the overall best that's currently on offer, this lightweight dog ramp is only 16 lbs and will be able to hold any dog up to 300 lbs.

The material is heavy-duty plastic won't rust or corrode, with a rubber runway for extra grip and comfort for your dog's paws. The two corner ends of your ramp will have rubber pads which offer great traction so that your pet doesn't slip on a wet or windy day. The ramp is fairly compact, making it easy to store as it can be folded in half.

Bottom Line

This dog ramp was voted the overall best for a good reason. It has everything you need to get your pet in and out safely and without sacrificing comfort. The rubber pads and runway are what make this happen because of the great traction rubber offers. The weight will support even the largest of dog breeds, all the way up to 300 lbs and still be extremely lightweight.

There are plenty of storage options for this product as it can be folded down and put away in almost any area of your RV. The only downside to this ramp is that the rubber runway can't be machine washed, meaning you'll need to hand wash it yourself. This takes up a lot more time and effort.

PetSafe Solvit Mr. Herzher’s Smart Ramp, Telescopes from 41.5 in. - 70 in, Portable Lightweight Dog and Cat Ramp.


  • Light and Travel-Friendly but Still Durable
  • Suited to a Variety of Pet Sizes and Weights
  • Grips and Ramp Surface Provides Stability and Traction


  • Rubber Runway Requires Hand Washing

This ramp is a great accessory for any RV owner traveling with their pets. The lightweight but durable ramp provides support for up to 300 lbs and can also extend from 42-70 inches, making it suitable for a variety of pets.

The ramp features non-slip feet on either side, as well as the surface of the ramp being textured to further prevent any slips. This is a great feature for any RV owners who have pets that suffer from mobility issues. The guide rails placed on either side add a feeling of security for your pet when walking up and down the ramp.

Bottom Line

Overall, this ramp has everything your dog would need. From the high traction, non-slip surface to the adjustable height feature, this ramp is great for all pets, no matter the size. The rails along each side of the ramp help unsteady pets feel more secure and keep them in line when moving up or down the ramp.

The ramp is also able to support up to 300 lbs whilst weighing only 16 lbs, making it easy to pack up and travel with. The only real downside to this ramp is that the rubber surface needs to be washed by hand. However, this isn't too big of a disadvantage considering the many great features that the ramp will provide for your pet.

Best for the Money:
Perfect Life Ideas Dog Ramp

Folding Large Dog Pet Ramp - 62' LONG Portable Foldable Heavy Duty Light Weight, Large Rooms High Beds Sofa Couch Auto Car Truck SUV Indoor Outdoor Ramps For Old Injured Pets Dogs Cats


  • Non-Slip Surface Provides Safety for Your Pet
  • Compact and Lightweight Design Makes Travel Easier
  • Weather-Durable, Allowing for a Longer Product Lifespan


  • Carpeted Surface is Non-Removable, Making Cleaning Tougher

This ramp offers you all the necessary features that an RV and pet owner would need at an affordable price point. The material is suitable for all weather types and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its foldable design means virtually no setup is required and also makes storage much easier. This product offers support for up to 200 lbs and only weighs ten lbs, adding to its compact and travel-friendly design.

A non-slip rubber runway provides great traction, avoids the risk of skids or slips, and is great for older pets or those with mobility issues. The extra wide ramp allows for owners to travel with their dog or other pet, allowing them to walk up and down the ramp in comfort for any unsure pets.

Bottom Line

This product has a small list of benefits for you and your dog. The ramp is great at keeping itself clean and won't attract mold or dirt as easily as other models. The portability of the product is another benefit as it can be folded over and stored away in your RV easily, doesn't take up too much room, and is quite slim.

The runway carpet is great for wet climates and conditions as you'll not slip or slide. The only downside is that the carpet can't be removed to be machine washed, which means it'll be a lot harder to scrub out any dirt, as well as taking more time to clean.

Titan 28 - 61 Telescoping Collapsible Pet Ramp Compact Portable Aluminum Dogs by Titan Ramps


  • Easy to Store Away in Tight Spaces
  • Lightweight Material, Making it Travel-Friendly
  • High Traction Surface and Rubber Feet Provide Extra Stability and Grip for Your Pet


  • Can Only Support Dogs of Up to 180 lbs
  • Rubber Traction Can't Be Removed for Washing, Making Cleaning More Difficult

This product has a collapsible, lightweight design allowing it to fold away with ease and only weighs 13 lbs, so can be lifted into storage and is extremely travel-friendly. Even though this product is lightweight, the structure is still rigid enough to provide 180 lbs of support for your pet.

A textured surface allows your pet to have extra grip when walking up and down the ramp. This is a great feature for any RV owner with pets who are older or suffer from mobility issues such as arthritis or dysplasia. The rubber feet on either side of the ramp ensure stability when using the ramp.

Bottom Line

This rubber dog ramp has amazing traction for your dog. The foldable device is able to compact down into a manageable size that you can store fairly easily. Weighing only 13 lbs, it's really easy to carry around using the handle. The rubber grips at the bottom are also a valuable asset as this means the ramp won't slip and slide on wet terrain.

There are only two downsides to this product, one is that it can only support dogs of up to 180 pounds, which limits you greatly to what kind of dog to take on your RV holiday. The rubber traction can't be removed, therefore making it hard to clean. This also means you'll spend more time on this task compared to using a washing machine.

PetSafe Happy Ride Compact Telescoping Dog Ramp - Portable Lightweight Pet Ramp - Great for Cars, Trucks and SUVs - Durable Aluminum Frame Supports up to 300 lb - High Traction Surface Design


  • Hinges Ensure the Stability of Your Ramp
  • The Guard Rails Give Your Dog a Sense of Added Safety
  • Lightweight But Can Still Withstand Huge Amounts of Weight


  • Has to Be Hand Washed
  • Traction Isn't Great During Wet Conditions

What attracts so many people to this dog ramp is the lightweight design and portability. The way it works is by sliding each section into each other, which allows you to store them in the carrying bag you can buy with it. The full ramp only weighs 14 lbs, making it one of the lightest on the market and a breeze to move around.

The hinges allow your dog the stability it needs to get on or off and won't slide away if secured properly. The guide rails are also another level of security for your dog, as ramps with guide rails mean your dog has less chance of falling off. Considering that the full weight of the ramp is only 14 lbs, it's impressive to think it can support a pet with a weight of up to 300 pounds.

Bottom Line

This dog ramp is one of the most lightweight models on the market at the moment. This lightweight design, coupled with the portable sliding three-in-one function, will make it easy to carry and store this product.

For a lightweight ramp, it can carry a significant amount of weight at once and dogs of up to 300 lbs can use this to get in and out. This flexibility and versatility is a huge benefit to any dog owner.

If your dog is reluctant to use other products, the guard rails will offer an added sense of security, making them confident enough to use the ramp.

There are a few downsides to this product, the first being that the traction isn't the greatest when wet. The other is that because it has no fabric that can be detached, it has to be hand washed. This takes up quite a lot of time, as you may already know.

Dog Ramps for Large Dogs - Pet Ramp for SUV Truck RV Cars Pets Accessories Best for Car or High Bed, Small Medium Large Doggie & Older Cats up-to 120lbs - Wide Portable Outdoor Folding 60' Step Ladder


  • The Plastic Material Makes it Lightweight
  • Grip Tape Means No Slipping During Wet Conditions
  • The Ramp is Extra Stable Thanks to the Locking Hinges


  • Has to Be Hand Washed
  • Limited to Dogs Under 120 lbs
  • You'll Soon Run Out of the Grip Tape

This dog ramp is great for portability, as it's really lightweight and can be folded compactly into a box with a handle for transporting. The ramp has decent traction as it comes with four strips of grip tape that can be stuck on to the ramp.

The hinges offer stability, while your dog is getting on and off your RV. The weight capacity of this product allows it to support large dogs of up to 120 lbs and the length is extended to 60-inches, giving your dog a steady slope to walk down without causing any discomfort.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of benefits this product can offer. However, there are nearly as many downsides that also come with it. To start, this dog ramp is really easy to carry around as it can fold up in a suitcase-like shape, has a handle, and not to mention it only weighs 11 lbs.

The traction and stability of the product are also somewhat decent with the help of the grip tape and hinges that lock onto your RV. With your purchase, you'll get four strips of grip tape. One downside to this product is that it's fairly limited to what kinds of dogs it can support. There are plenty of species that weigh more than 120 lbs.

However, this will soon need to be changed and replaced, which is another expense you don't need. As the traction is grip tape, washing it would be pointless as it would lose it's sticky back and would just slide off when being used.

Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX Surface for Maximum Traction, 4 Models to Choose from, 42-71 in. Long, Supports 150-200 lbs, Find The Best Fit for Your Pet


  • Compatible With Even the Largest of Dogs
  • The Fabric is Patented and Great for Traction
  • The Mats Can Be Detached From the Velcro and Washed Easily by Machine


  • The Ramp is Bulky When Folded Up
  • Heavier Than Most Other Ramps on the Market

This travel ramp is a decent option for any RV owner traveling with their furry canine friend. The product has three specially-made mats that offer outstanding traction. These are called SuperTrax and can be machine washed by removing them from the Velcro straps. Like all great dog ramps, it can hold a significant amount of weight, up to 200 lbs to be exact.

Your pet will be safe from falling due to the raised sides and there's also less chance of it slipping because of the rubber pads at the end of the product, which offer better traction. The overall weight of the device is 27 lbs and can be folded three times to ensure portability.

Bottom Line

This dog ramp has some great unique benefits. First off, the fabric that's used was specially designed to ensure your pet is comfortable and secure as it offers top of the range traction. You know that things get really dirty, really fast when you've got a dog, so the mats can be conveniently stripped off the Velcro and machine washed, making cleaning up fast and really simple.

The ramp is also fairly sturdy for a few reasons, first because of the rubber pads at the bottom offer great traction, as well as the heavy weight of the ramp. There are a couple of qualities that might cause a problem. For example, the ramp can become really bulky when you fold it up as it needs to be folded three times, although the weight helps keep it stable. However, it's really annoying whenever you're moving it around or setting it up.

Pet Loader Dog Stairs - Light 16' 5 Step - for Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Tall Beds & Other Elevated Surfaces - Safe - Collapsible, Portable, Easy to Store


  • Super Easy to Store Away as it Takes Up Almost No Space
  • Offers Great Support for Your Dog's Joints and Overall Health
  • Comfortable Nylon Fabric Staircase is Soft on Your Dog's Paws


  • Nylon Can't Be Taken Off to Wash
  • Sometimes the Joints Can Become Stuck

This design is similar to a staircase as it'll fold out into nylon stairs which will protect your pet from any joint pain when getting in or out of your RV. The stair depth is 11-17 inches which is suitable for a dog's natural posture and walking style, therefore it causes no strain on the legs or joints.

One of the main features and attractions of this product are that it's a lot more stable than a standard dog ramp because it has no chance of sliding on slippery ground or blowing over in high winds.

The staircase is compact and easy to store as it folds back into a small box and can even be carried around using the handle. If you ever have any problems with the staircase, you'll have a lifetime warranty that you can use.

Bottom Line

This product is super easy to use and really convenient for both you and your dog. The staircase design ensures the comfort of your dog and accommodates their natural walking style so that it causes no strain on their joints.

The convenience comes in many forms with this walking platform as you'll be able to compact the full staircase down into a small box, meaning you'll not need to sacrifice too much space.

This unit is a lot more stable because they aren't placed at an angle and are secured onto your RV. Therefore, they can't be blown over or slide away, which is a common problem with dog ramps.

However, the downside to this dog staircase is that because they use joints to fold and unfold, they can often become jammed or can be hard to fold out if you aren't taking care of them properly. The other downside is that the fabric is a struggle to wash as it can't be taken off and hand-washed. You'll have to hose it down and then scrub.


To conclude, you have noticed that choosing your dog ramp doesn't need to be a hard task. If you follow our buying guide, you'll certainly find something that suits your pet. At the very least, you’ll have some great features to look for in your search of the best RV ramp for your pet. 

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