Smoking Etiquette in an RV Park

| Last Updated: May 24, 2023
Smoking Etiquette in an RV Park

Smoking Etiquette in an RV Park

Recently in New York City’s Hamlin Beach, Governor Hochul signed a law that bans smoking at state-owned beaches, parks, and campgrounds. This law covers tobacco, but not vaping or e-cigarettes, although the latter’s usage is already restricted in most state park systems.

Smoke-free laws have become the standard protocol in state parks and campgrounds where RVs frequent. The justification behind them would be the right of all residents to breathe fresh air.

However, what would become the implications of these regulations for smokers who hope to adhere to local laws while still safely obtaining their nicotine fix? In this article, we take a closer look at smoking etiquette in an RV park.

Smoke in the designated smoking area

RV parks are located outdoors and often include campfire sites where many smokers used to smoke nearby as a pastime. However, cigarette smoke is more toxic than campfire smoke and is capable of traveling up to 20 feet and staying in the air for several hours.

Smoking too close to the campgrounds may inconvenience other visitors in the RV park and pose a health hazard, especially to families with young or elderly members. That is why it you may be fined $50 if caught violating a smoke-free law today.

In RV parks without a designated smoking area, it is still etiquette that you choose to light up your cigarette from a distance away. Make sure that there is no one around you, and avoid smoking near neighbors, especially those whose RV windows are open.

Bring smokeless and spitless alternatives

The best way to stay respectful of others in an RV park, especially when no designated areas are available, is by avoiding smoking altogether. Smokers can opt to satisfy their cravings instead with smokeless and spitless nicotine alternatives.

Thankfully, there are many different alternatives on the market to cater to a wide array of tastes. Smokers who are used to the feel of cigarettes can opt for modern oral nicotine products.

A popular option that prevents both smoke and trash is the nicotine pouch. The smoke-and spit-free ZYN nicotine pouches consumers can buy online at Prilla use high-tech distillation procedures to provide tobacco-free nicotine.

This means that they can be used in any public place where smoking is banned or discouraged. Used pouches can be easily stored in the can’s catch lid until they can be properly disposed of.

For smokers who need more help overcoming withdrawal symptoms, however, the smokeless nicotine inhaler from NICOTROL may be a better fit. These mimic the hand-to-mouth gesture of smoking traditional cigarettes, potentially making the shift to alternatives easier.

Dispose of your nicotine products properly

Litter is another top concern of lawmakers when it comes to smokers and RV parks. Nova Scotia’s Wildfire Prevention team explains that even a small cigarette butt could become a big problem if these go in the grass and start a fire.

The recent increase in forest fires around the world has thus become an additional instigator for the increase in burn restrictions in RV camps.

It is important that smokers dispose of nicotine products properly in the trashcan or by field stripping any finished cigarette butts and putting them in their pocket — instead of in the campfire or tossing them on the ground.

Even smokeless alternatives should be properly disposed of despite not being a fire hazard. That’s because litter is unsightly, nevertheless, and could also pose a health hazard to wildlife who may eat them while foraging.

With these tips and etiquette, smokers can camp and enjoy themselves at an RV park while still remaining respectful of any non-smoking neighbor. Before making your trip, don’t forget to check out our RV Checklist Guide for our tips, including checking your breaks and bringing snacks, to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.