SoftStartRV – The Best-In-Class Soft Starters for RVs AC Units

| Last Updated: April 11, 2023
SoftStartRV Soft Starter

SoftStartRV – The Best-In-Class Soft Starters for RVs AC Units

Are you tired of dealing with sudden mechanical stress on your RV’s air conditioning compressor or induction motors? Do you dread the high inrush currents and current peaks that can stress your power supply system and lead to equipment breakdowns? If so, SoftStartRV may be the perfect solution for you.

What is SoftStartRV?

SoftStartRV is an embedded design air-conditioner soft start controller that regulates the start-up voltage of your compressor or motor intelligently, effectively reducing the inrush and surge current while starting-up.

This reduces the strain on your power source and helps stabilize your power supply, resulting in smoother starts and stops, reduced vibration, and extended service life for your motor or compressor.

Not only does SoftStartRV ease strain on your power source, but it’s also less stressful for the compressor itself since it starts more gently. Plus, SoftStartRV provides valuable protection by shutting down the compressor if the power source or the connection to the compressor is briefly interrupted, then re-attempts a soft start after a three-minute delay.

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SoftStartRV – A cost-effective solution for your road trips

SoftStartRV is also a cost-effective solution, as it eliminates the need for excessive power supply, resulting in reduced equipment costs, investment in power supply capacity, charge meter, circuit breaker, and power wireline capacity.

And, it’s easy to install, making it an excellent option for those who want a quick and effective solution.

This compact, lightweight soft start controller features a fireproof housing and is sealed by resin, making it capable of resisting extreme weather and surviving in harsh environments, making it an ideal solution for outdoor RV air-conditioner rooftop units.

SoftStartRV Features

SoftStartRV has a range of features that make it an excellent option for RV owners, including limiting inrush current, eliminating current surges and voltage drops, and extending motor/compressor service life with a built-in electronic overload protective relay.

An integral bypass contactor reduces heat generation, while smoother starts and stops are achieved by controlling torque. SoftStartRV also relieves shock and drive train stress on startup, and an additional start capacitor and AC contactor are not required.

SoftStartRV Soft Starter

When it comes to specifications, SoftStartRV has a nominal working voltage of 110VAC (90-135VAC) / 220VAC (187-266VAC), single phase, with a maximum continuous working voltage of 135VAC and a maximum continuous working current of 18A.

The current consumption is 48mA (Capacitive 110VAC, 220VAC), and the power consumption is less than 3W. SoftStartRV has a high reliability and long life, with an effective soft start on/off service of over 100,000 times.

SoftStartRV also offers excellent protection, with insulation resistance between housing and chassis of over 300 M Ω and a withstand voltage between housing and chassis of over 3000 VAC in 1. The shock resistance is better than 200m/s2 and 11ms, and anti-vibration is 10~55mm (double amplitude, 5mm). SoftStartRV’s protection restart time interval is 180, and it can work in temperatures ranging from -40F to 185F and humidity of 0~95% RH (<40F).

SoftStartRV – Start Up Every time!

If you want to reduce mechanical stress on your RV’s air conditioning compressor or induction motors, extend service life, and eliminate unnecessary power supply costs, SoftStartRV is an excellent solution.

Its features, specifications, and protection make it a reliable and long-lasting option for RV owners who want to ensure their air conditioning system runs smoothly and efficiently.

So why wait? Invest in SoftStartRV today and enjoy a more comfortable RV experience.