Lance 1475 Travel Trailer Review

| Last Updated: August 8, 2022

The Lance 1475 is a small, lightweight, cozy trailer that's perfect for traveling. The trailer is not only comfortable but stylish as well. Like other trailers from Lance, modern and high-quality material makes up this model. Additionally, its features state of the art appliances.

Since the Lance 1475 is small and light, it allows you to tow it with a less horsepower vehicle than the average SUV, and finding a compatible truck for it will be easy.

This product comes complete with the technology, luxury, and comfort of its kind. 

Lance 1475

Lance 1475


  • Spare tire
  • Lightweight
  • Large windows
  • Stylish finishing
  • Energy efficient
  • Keyless entry lock
  • Complete bathroom
  • Sufficient storage capacity


  • Limited space
  • Limited interior designs

Lance 1475 Specs and Dimensions

  • Specially designed for couples with an exterior height of 9 feet 9 inches, and the interior measures 6 feet 5 1/2 inches.

  • Lightweight body build with an aluminum structure, laminated fiberglass exterior walls with Azdel substances, and block foam installation.

  • Exhibits an outstanding balance with a dry tow rating of up to 3500 pounds.

  • External length is measuring 19 feet 8 inches and sleeps at least three people.

  • Excellent Gross Vehicle Weight rating of 3700 lbs.
Lance 1475 travel trailer

Lance 1475 Layout

Although the layout of the Lance 1475 is not large, it’s still impressively cozy and stylish. Here is the design.

The Number of Rooms

The trailer has a tree section that is the master bedroom with a comfy queen-sized deluxe 60 inch by 80 inch mattress. The galley houses the three-burner oven, microwave, and refrigerator. Finally, the bathroom, which is at the corner of the trailer, also entrains the toilet.

Special Compartments

One of the best compartments that Lance 1475 has is the sliding compartment. It will not take much of your packing space but opens up just enough to give enough room for you. Also, there is a special compartment just under the bedroom that you can use as an extra storage area.

Storage Options

The pastry storage under the trailer is accessible from three sides of this product. It is large enough to fit in a generated sliding tray. But that’s not all. This product has an impressive number of storage components located all over the space to provide you with maximum storage.


The Lance 1475 features a cornered toilet with a bathroom. There is an overhead shower with a skylight to allow natural lighting in the bathroom. The bathroom also includes a sink that has a storage cabinet underneath it. There is also a medicine cabinet located just above the sink.

lance 1475

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Does the Lance 1475 Come With Appliances?

This Lance model has numerous appliances installed by the manufacturers to provide you and your family with the maximum comfort level. The appliances include:


The camper entails a water heater that allows you to have a continuous supply of hot water. The heater has a capacity of up to 6 gallons.


Though having a TV in this camper is optional. The one with it provides a classy and relaxing environment. The 24 inch 12 LED TV is located at the Lance 1475 galley, giving it that elegant look.


A five cubic feet refrigerator features a three-way double door, which is pretty large for the RV. The fridge is spacious, allowing enough food supplies storage, and has a more relaxed compartment area for freezing food beyond zero degrees.

Three-burner Oven

The three-burner oven is one of the most popular appliances that can be located in the Lance 1475. It also comes with a microwave that allows diverse cooking. 

lance 1475 interior

Who is the Lance 1475 Best For?

The Lance 1475 is best suited for almost anyone. It can easily fit a family of three trying to have their life's adventure. The camper is also suitable for couples who are just starting their life together and want a shot at a camper’s life.

For those who keep trailers as their home for one-time camping trips, this is just for you. You can always go out camping without any worries. It features all the necessary packages to make the Lance 1475 your home, from the audio system to the LED lighting and not forgetting the queen's bed. 

The camper can also save energy since the lighting is made as natural as possible by the enormous windows. The LED lights are energy-efficient and just as bright.

Popular Features 

Let's look at the popular features of Lance 1475 travel trailer:

LED Lighting

The LED lighting feature gives the trailer that beautiful look and are virtually available in every area, including the storage areas providing proper lighting in the Lance 1475.

Huge Windows

The massive windows of the Lance 1475 gives a magnificent view of the surrounding to the campers and allows that natural lighting inside the RV, which provides that excellent camping experience.

Single Slide

The slide is very efficient when extended. It opens up the room inside and doesn't take much of the exterior camping space either.

camper interior

Storage Compartments

The storage compartments are spacious, and the fact that there are virtually cabinets almost everywhere in the trailer makes it a perfect home.

Propane Gas

Using propane is the best choice since propane gas is readily available across the country.

Small and Lightweight

The size of the trailer allows it to access most of the remote camping area that doesn't require much space, and its weight allows it to be towed by small SUVs.

The Kitchen

If you love a classic kitchen, then there is one for you on this camping trailer. It has a three-way double door refrigerator, three burner stove, a decent microwave, and even an oven, which is optional, though.

Included Safety Features 

Numerous safety features are present in the trailer, which include:

Safety Warning Labels on Your Trailer

The trailer is equipped with several signs that illustrate the hazards that may be faced in the trailer. The safety signs are distributed all over the trailer and are located mainly in the accident-prone sections.

Keyless Entry

The keyless entry allows you to access the camper without the trouble of finding keys quickly. It also prevents the likelihood of misplacement of keys in or out of the RV.

Roofing Vent in Bed and Living Room

The ventilation installed in the camper provides sufficient circulation of light in the trailer. It also prevents suffocation in the event of gas leakage in the trailer.

Sufficient Lighting

Seeing what you’re doing in the Lance 1475 is very important due to the limited space. You may injure yourself when there is low lighting. The large windows allow maximum ventilation and few hazards.

Smoke Alarm

The device warns you of excess smoke if anything is burning up. There is also a cover on the propane gas that adds protection from the exterior forces or children from accessing the propane gas and causing an accident.

camper interior

Aspects to Improve 

The lance 1475 has a small area to work or operate under with the confined space. Although it has a sliding compartment, it doesn’t open the place as much. It would help if there was more room since many couples prefer making it their full-time home.

Although Lance responds to their customers, standing by their products and services, many clients complain that it takes longer to have your warranty from Lance. It would help if Lance simplified the process and time it takes to have the warranty and make it more customer friendly. 

More additional safety features should be added to the lance 1475, such as the gas detector to help regulate the hazards that may occur. That will help you detect any leakage of gas into the atmosphere.

Create a working environment for those who may want to live in the RV.  The features that should be included include a working table and chairs for that proper working at home feeling.

lance 1475 being towed

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Bottom Line 

The Lance 1475 is worth your investment. It will allow you and your loved one to have the best experience and best camping trip to whichever areas you prefer. It has some lovely entertainment devices such as Bluetooth speakers located both on the inside and the outside. Lance 1475 has that relaxing and comfy environment just for you and your family.

People Also Ask 

To provide more information on this product, here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

How Much Does a Lance 1475 Cost?

The price of a brand-new lance 1475 ranges from $40,000 - $55,000. The trailer's cost may range depending on the seller, the specification you require in your trailer, and the year of manufacturing. For instance, the trailer that was manufactured back in 2017 will be cheaper than a 2021 model.

lance 1475

How Long is the Lance 1475?

The lance 1475 can be identified by its unique length, 19 feet 8 inches, and the trailer's exterior width is 6 feet 9 inches.

What Year Did They Start Making the Lance 1475?

Lance began manufacturing the Lance 1475 model in 2016. It is the smallest travel trailer ever made by Lance. However, the model has been improved over the years, with the 2018 model offering the slide-out option. With that in place, the slide-out option replaced the sofa with the two seats with the removable tables.

What is the Dry Weight of Lance 1475? 

According to its manufacturers, the gross dry weight for a Lance 1475 is 2600 lbs.