Lance 1575 Travel Trailer Review

| Last Updated: August 8, 2022

The Lance 1575 is the perfect travel trailer for a couple or anyone with a small family. It offers all the essentials and some luxuries, providing you with the perfect base for those road trips.

One essential tool that every camper should have is a trailer, and the Lance 1575 is a good option for anyone looking for a small capacity lightweight trailer.

The Lance 1575 is one of the shortest and narrowest trailers on the Lance travel trailer production series, so it doesn’t get any lighter and less bulky. 

Of course, there are pros and cons with these dimensions, but let's take a closer look...

Lance 1575

Lance 1575

Lance 1575 Specs and Dimensions


  • Floor Length: 15'9''

  • Overall Length: 20'5''

  • Exterior Width: 84-3/8''

  • Exterior Height with Optional: 13.5M A/C 9'10''

  • Interior Height: 78''

  • Convertible Dinette Bed: 46'' X 78''


  • Gross Dry Weight: 2775 Lbs.

  • Hitch Dry Weight: 245 Lbs.

  • Axle Weight: 2530 lbs.

  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 925 lbs.

  • GVWR: 3700 lbs.
lance 1575

Water Capacity

  • Fresh Tank: 26 Gal.

  • Grey Tank: 26 Gal.

  • Black Tank: 26 Gal.

Lance 1575 Layout

The designers of the Lance 1575 properly earned their money when it came to the layout of the trailer because it is almost perfect. Despite having an overall length of only 20'5'', the interior is very spacious (as long as capacity doesn’t exceed four people).

Everything is properly set up to improve the convenience and ease of access. For example, at the very front of the trailer is a sleeping room with a queen-size bed and various storage compartments where you can store your clothes, beddings, and other luggage.

lance 1575 floorplan

There is also a U-shaped dinette where you can comfortably have your meals. Behind the dinette is a window that is sure to serve up some breathtaking views. When not in use, you can convert the dinette to another bed to accommodate guests and that will give you even more storage space as there are a few compartments to store your belongings.

The galley area is also well designed to provide maximum convenience. On one side is a microwave, with a small cabinet that can be used as a pantry, and on the other is the cooking area with a burner range and oven and a sink and food preparation area right next to it. The galley's expert design eliminates the need for any movement while working in the kitchen as everything is within reach.

Does The Lance 1575 Come With Appliances?

The Lance 1575 comes with a host of kitchen and electrical appliances. Other than the microwave, you are also set to find a flush mount SS 3-burner range with cover and backsplash, Euro overhead cabinetry design with accent lighting, forced Air 14.3K BTU furnace, propane tank, refrigerator 5 cu ft. a 3-Way double door, residential-single Lever, and a galley faucet with pull-out Spray.

The electrical appliances include:

  • USB charging port

  • AM/FM Stereo with DVD and interior speakers

  • Decorative LED lighting

  • Exterior 12V/120V patio and cable outlet

  • LED ceiling & under overhead interior lighting

  • Interior and exterior Bluetooth speaker

  • LED hitch & patio light 

  • TV antenna HD with a rotating bracket, meaning you can watch TV while in bed, cooking, or even dining.
  • lance 1575 interior

    Who is the Lance 1575 Best For?

    The Lance 1575 is ideal for small traveling parties. As mentioned earlier, it has a 4-bed capacity, so it isn’t suited for large families. You might want to get a bigger trailer if you’re looking to travel with more than four people.

    On the other hand, couples might enjoy traveling with the Lance 1575 trailer, and so could a small group of friends. The fact that it is lightweight also makes it easy to carry around, so it could also be very good for quick trips.

    Popular Features

    Straight off the back, you will see that the Lance 1575 has a power tongue jack that makes it super easy and effortless to hitch and unhitch a trailer from the vehicle towing it. This could end up saving you a ton of time and energy.

    It also has a ton of storage, the most notable one being a pass-through compartment on the trailer's front-under side. This compartment is one of the largest in its category and offers a lot of space, which is quite convenient considering the Lance 1575 is one of the smallest in the Lance series.

    Other than that, it has a full extension deep slide, which adds more room considering how small The Lance 1575 is. Built into the slide is a giant window with another spacious storage compartment that can be used to store different things such as firewood, hiking gear, and anything else you might want to store.

    Also, like every other Lance travel trailer, you get quality in construction with this model. The interior has a nice seam across the roofline, made possible by the precision CNC cutting that Lance uses during manufacturing.

    Included Safety Features 

    Like every other Lance trailer, The Lance 1575 has various safety features incorporated to ensure users of this model stay safe during their camping exploits. Safety is very critical because we know how dangerous camping trips can get and how much at-risk travelers always are when on the road, especially with electrical and cooking appliances on board. Here are a few of those safety features.

    Keyless Entry

    When purchasing a Lance 1575 trailer, you can choose to go for the one with the option of keyless entry. This feature makes your trailer more secure as they are more difficult to manipulate compared to the traditional locks, and one has to have the correct codes to gain entry.

    Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    The Lance 1575 trailer can easily accommodate a carbon monoxide/LP detector to make it easy for you to know when there is a gas leak. This feature protects users of the Lance 1575 from inhaling poisonous fumes, which can save a life.

    camper interior

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    LED Tail Lights

    Sometimes, there is a lot of traveling that takes place at night, so the Lance 1575 comes with built-in tail lights to enhance the trailer's visibility at night, which comes in handy when on the road, as other motorists can notice the trailer from a distance and take the necessary precautions.

    Aspects to Improve

    As impressive as The Lance 1575 may be with all its appliances and features, it isn’t perfect, and there are a few things that may be putting off anyone looking to buy or rent a trailer. 

    Limited Space

    Now, this isn’t necessarily an area that needs improvement because The Lance 1575 is designed to be small and compact. It is worth mentioning that The Lance 1575 doesn’t have much space to roam around. If you want something big that can fit an entire family with ease, The Lance 1575 isn’t for you, and you might want to get something bigger like The Lance 2465.

    Limited Floor Plan Options

    Unlike other travel trailers that give users the liberty to play with different floor plans and settle for the one that suits them the most, the Lance 1575 and many other Lance travel trailers have very limited options.

    Customer Service

    Other clients have reported dissatisfaction with the customer service at Lance. In particular, one area was the slow response by Lance to get warranty work approved and completed. Others were frustrated by the need for photo documentation.

    lance 1575 interior

    Bottom Line

    The Lance 1575 trailer is an ideal travel trailer for anyone looking for a small, lightweight camper in a nutshell. With the bed capacity being only four, that is the recommended capacity; otherwise, anything above that, and you'll struggle for space. It is also important to mention the ridiculous amount of storage space The Lance1575 has, despite being one of the smallest in the Lance series. You are almost guaranteed to find space to fit everything you need for your trip, regardless of how long or short you expect it to be. 

    People Also Ask

    The Lance 1575 is an ideal option for those who love traveling in groups. It has comfortable beds and can tow a considerable amount of weight. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions: 

    How Big Are the Lance 1575 Beds?

    The Lance 1575 has a bed capacity of 4 but can accommodate up to five. However, it can get quite crowded, so it’s best to keep things at four. It has a queen-sized bed that can fit the average-sized man and two other regular-sized beds.

    How Much Does a Lance 1575 Cost?

    Buying a new Lance 1575 will cost you somewhere in the region of $37,500. However, other dealers offer discounts, and you can get one for as low as $37,000. It is highly recommended that you purchase your Lance 1575 from an authorized dealer to enjoy warranty benefits as well as quality customer service.

    lance 1574 interior

    What Size Awning Does the 1575 Lance Have?

    The Lance 1575 comes with an awning that can be used to keep the sun or rain away when you’re camping outside. The average size of a 1575 Lance trailer is 10’ and comes with an LED lighting option. The LED light makes it more attractive, especially at night. 

    What Trucks Can Pull the Lance 1575 Model?

    As a lightweight trailer, the Lance 1575 can easily be pulled by a variety of different sized trucks and SUVs. If you have any doubts on if your truck will pull a Lance 1575, you can always ask Lance customer support or the dealer from where you purchase the trailer.