RV TV Antennas – Get a Signal Wherever You Are

| Last Updated: February 1, 2023

Best RV TV Antennas

Looking for an RV TV antenna for those times when you just can't do without a television? An RV allows you to enjoy time away from it all, but sometimes, whether it's a big game, or dare I say it your favorite reality TV show, you just need to make sure you have the best signal.

Just because you like those weekends away, it doesn't mean you should cut yourself off completely. Installing an RV TV antenna will ensure you get a crystal clear signal, wherever you are in the country.

But which are the best portable TV antennas for an RV? There are many to choose from of course, and there are different types, so the answer can't be pinpointed down to one specific model.

There are a different variety of RV antennas, such as outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, and foldable antennas. There are directional, omnidirectional, digital and analog, so you need to know exactly which type of antenna you want before you go spending your hard earned dollars.

Below, we have reviewed some of the best RV TV Antennas on the market and cover all types and budgets, so we're sure you'll find something to suit.

After the review, we have included a buyer's guide where we take a closer look at RV TV antennas, and discuss when you will likely need one. We also look at the different types of TV antennas and compare them so you'll know exactly what's best for you.

We've also included a guide and video on how to use an RV HDTV antenna, so you won't go without watching your favorite TV show while you're out in the sticks. If you prefer, you can skip straight over the reviews, and check out the RV TV Antennas Buyer's Guide by clicking the link.

Review of the Best RV TV Antenna

Let's see which models made our list of the best RV TV Antennas and discuss what makes them stand out!

Best Overall RV TV Antenna: 
Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV

Best Overall RV TV Antenna:  Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV


  • The Unit Can Also Receive all of UHF and VHF HD Signals
  • The Step-by-Step Directions it Comes with are Easy to Follow
  • It Features a Quick and Easy Installation that will Aid Your Convenience
  • The Adjustment of the Unit is Extremely Easy Since it can Easily Raise, Lower or Rotate
  • Provides One of the Highest Ranges that are Available from Various Products in the Market


  • The Mount of the Unit is Quite Short
  • Some Parts of the Unit are Made of Plastic Which Isn’t Very Durable

What Recent Buyers Report

The RV TV antenna is well received amongst recent buyers who state that its functioning is extremely enhanced. They say that it provides strong signals, regardless of where they are. They are as pleased by its fast shipping and easy installation as they are of its functionality. The only issue some of them have is with the plastic parts of the unit that they do not believe to be durable.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This unit from Winegard ensures that all of its functional features perform the very best. And on top of that, it also allows the user to catch broadcast channels which are not usually offered by satellites, making it one of the best portable TV antennas to invest in.

Who Will Use This Most

This unit is ideal for about anyone that owns and travels in an RV. Anyone who likes to keep themselves entertained in their vehicle would find this to be the perfect companion. Especially those who travel a lot and for long stretches would find this unit to be absolutely perfect.

What Could be Improved and Why

The unit in itself is close to perfect. The only small change the brand could have made in this model is its composition. Had the plastic parts been replaced by more durable aluminum, or even higher grade, better quality plastic, this unit would have excelled in every aspect.

Bottom Line 

All in all, when it comes to RV TV antennas, this unit absolute steals the show. Everything from its sleek design to its extended reception coverage is on point. This unit will be sure to amaze you with its functionality, which is why it is ranked number one on this list.

 KING OA8500

 KING OA8500 portable TV antenna


  • Its Installation is Extremely Easy
  • It can Receive Both VHF and UHF Signals Better Than Others
  • It Comes with a Manual Guide that is Easy to Follow and Tells you all you Need to Know
  • It is Designed to Provide you with an Enhanced Functioning that will Allow More Channels with Better Signals
  • The Unit Features a Sleek Design that is Aerodynamically Optimized to Ensure its Stability when Placed on the Top of the Vehicle


  • The Warranty of the Unit is Very Limited as Compared to that of Other Products
  • The Unit Doesn't Come with a Mounting Plate, Which Might Make its Placement on the Roof a Little Tough

What Recent Buyers Report

This portable TV antenna never fail to impress its buyers with many commenting on its outstanding functionality and tough competition to the other products of its like. Buyers state that the unit works better than any other at receiving signals and providing a long list of channels. They also love how easy it is to install and operate.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

To someone who doesn’t know much, this might just be another TV antenna, but once you know all its features, you will no longer look at it the same. The unit not only provides you with more channels than any other device, but it also features a design that's optimized for convenient adjusting and stability.

Who Will Use This Most

This portable TV antenna is ideal for all those that travel in RVs, especially for long stretches. If you're someone who easily gets bored and want something new to watch, then the channels you'll pick up with this will fix that. With more channels that you can go through at a time, you will be sure to never be bored again.

What Could be Improved and Why

There are two things that this unit could work on to bring itself closer to perfection. The first is providing a mounting plate, which would make installation easier. The second thing is its warranty. TV antennas usually come with a long span of warranties, and if this unit abides by that trend, it would have been a lot more accepted.

Bottom Line

This RV TV antenna may lack a long warranty and a mounting plate, but this unit is still as close to perfection as a unit could get. And that is due to its exceptional functionality and the convenience that it provides. If this unit was installed on your RV, you wouldn’t be getting bored anytime soon.

Winegard SK-SWM3

Winegard SK-SWM3


  • The Unit Tunes Itself with Just a Push of a Button
  • With this Unit, you will be Able to Watch Multiple Shows at the Same Time
  • The Unit is Known and Trusted to Provide with One of the Strongest Signals
  • It Features an Omnidirectional Antenna Which is Capable of Auto-Tuning Itself
  • This Unit is Compatible and Suitable for Working with a Genie Receiver as well as DIRECTV HD Programming


  • The Programs that Feature HD Viewing or the DIRECT HD Receiver are not Included in the Package
  • Installation of the Unit is not a Very Easy Process. It is a Rather Tricky One, and You Might Need to Seek Professional Help for it

What Recent Buyers Report

So far, this unit has only gotten good reviews from buyers. Users appear to be extremely satisfied and pleased with the unit’s working. What the users love is how it automatically auto-tunes itself, so users don’t need to tune it to find the right signals. Along with the mounting plate, they think the device functions all the better.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Just like any other good TV antenna, this one too provides with great functionality. It promises good reception of signals and offers a large number of channels. But we think it deserves recognition for more than just that. Its self-tuning capability is an outstanding feature which will definitely make one consider this unit.

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone with a good eye for a good TV antenna is likely to invest in this unit. It would be greatly enjoyed by all those who seek to watch a great number of TV channels from their unit. But that’s not it. This unit will also prove to be ideal for families that prefer watching multiple channels at a time while on the road.

What Could be Improved and Why

A couple of things could be improved in this unit as well, and the first one is an easier installation. If setting up this unit was somehow a little easier, or came with better instructions, using this unit would have been a much better experience. Other than that, all its shortcomings are those that one can easily bear with.

Bottom Line 

Just like every unit, this RV TV antenna too presents with some flaws, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying. In fact, it is definitely one of the best units that you could invest in. It's functionality and provided convenience are at par with other items on this list, proving that it is no less than other devices.

Best RV TV Antenna Booster: 
Winegard RV-WING

Best RV TV Antenna Booster:  Winegard RV-WING


  • Installing it is Also Easy
  • It is Truly Worth the Money you Pay Given the Signal Quality it Provides
  • The Unit Features Extremely Easy Installation that Won’t Ask for any Extra Efforts
  • You will be Able to View your Favorite Channels and TV Shows Even in Areas with Low Signals
  • This Unit, With its Advanced Functioning, will Greatly Enhance all Your UHF Reception, Bringing them up to Double the Amount


  • This Unit is not an Actual RV TV Antenna, but Actually a Booster. It Cannot Function on its Own and Needs an Antenna

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this unit is exactly what it promises to be, an excellent antenna booster. Most of them were astounded by how well it actually works. They are truly impressed by how well the unit manages to improve the signals and bring in a longer list of channels.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

If we were to say why we chose this product to be on this list, the main reason would be the enhanced functionality of the unit. And the second is how well it fits in a budget and provides good value for the money that it asks for. Aren’t these two supposed to be the most important qualities?

Who Will Use This Most

This unit is perfect for all those that seek a good value item for the money that they spend. Furthermore, it will also prove to be the ideal unit for those who find themselves in low signal areas often as this unit is sure to provide them with the best of signals nevertheless.

What Could be Improved and Why

Some users comment on the lack of signal, especially when in and around trees and forests, so a stronger signal could make this a better product. But for the price entry, it's a good buy with many reporting on an improved signal and more channels.

Bottom Line

This unit may not be a standalone RV TV antenna, but it sure aids your antenna in its function that makes it work better than a number of products. It will greatly allow you an increased number of channels, providing buyers with the entertainment that they seek. What more can we ask for?

Best Portable Antenna from Winegard: 
Winegard Company PA-1000


  • It Doesn’t Demand too Much Power to Work
  • Once Installed, the Setup and Operation are Also Equally Easy
  • The Portable Design Lets you Take it Along with You Wherever You Go
  • The Automatic Functioning of the Unit will Put You at Great Ease, Doing all the Work by Itself
  • The Unit Features a Sleek Design that is not Only Aesthetic for One to Look at, but Also Easy to Install


  • The Unit Works Efficiently Only on the West Coast and not as Efficient on the East Coast, Rendering the Device Close to Useless in that Area

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have nothing to say but good things about this RV TV antenna. This unit has managed to impress one and all with its functionality and its unique design. Buyers marvel at how easy the unit is to install, setup, and use and takes absolutely no time to provide you with the best of results.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Why we love this omnidirectional antenna and include it on this list is an absolute no brainer. The unit provides with nothing but the best of functionality that Winegard has to offer. It is not only one of the best RV TV antennas on the market, but probably the best model that Winegard has to offer, which is how it has earned its place in this list.

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone that identifies a good RV TV antenna would not miss out on this unit. People who spend long stretches of time traveling and wish for better entertainment on the road ahead would love this unit. Especially those that love Winegard would never miss out on this one.

What Could be Improved and Why 

Overall, the unit has great features and functionality, but the one thing that bothers users is its reception on the east coast, which some say isn't that impressive. Many people comment on the lack of customer support, which can be very annoying. This should always be improved!

Bottom Line

There's no reason why one shouldn’t invest in this RV TV antenna. It provides great functionality and form, both aided by the best of your convenience. It is a perfect package of features that you would look for in an ideal unit, which is why it is the best that Winegard has to offer to its buyers.

Best from King:


  • It Can Receive Both UHF and VHF Television Signals
  • Longer List of Channels Due to the Long-Range Signal Acquisition
  • Comes with Universal Mounting Brackets that Ensure Easy Installation
  • Upgrading Between the Batwing Antenna and Digital HD Takes a Total of Five Minutes or Less
  • It is Designed to Ensure that you get the Fastest Location of Strong Signals that Help you Maximize the Reception


  • The Unit Itself is Fine but Comes with Bad Customer Service

What Recent Buyers Report

If you listen to what buyers say about this unit, you will be sure to purchase this TV antenna for your RV. The unit has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews that remark the outstanding functionality of the unit. That paired with easy installation and setup is what makes this unit the absolute best for its users.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

King is a known brand that always promises to deliver the very best to its users. With this unit, King has not only once again fulfilled its promise, but it has also absolutely outdone itself. For this reason, we think this unit deserves a mention on this list. After all, not every RV TV antenna is capable of providing such a long list of channels.

Who Will Use This Most

Since the antenna seems to be one of the absolute best by King, it is most likely to be remarked and appreciated by those who have used or heard of King in the past. They would be truly able to appreciate how well the company has stood on its promise of high quality products.

What Could be Improved and Why 

The unit itself features no setbacks that we think need improvement. Instead, it is the customer service that could use a little betterment according to us. If only it was as prompt and helpful as it is supposed to be, this unit could be considered as one of the topmost items that anyone could invest in.

Bottom Line

An item’s customer service does not define how efficient or functional the unit is, and the same goes for this model by King. It has its perfect set of features that make it a popular buy amongst people and as long as King continues to put up the great quality, this product will continue to be a great sell.

Best HD TV Antenna:
Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna

Best HD TV Antenna: Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna


  • Easy Installation Offers Free 1080 HD Channels
  • Amplifier Available for Extra Range
  • No Rooftop Adjustments Necessary


  • 25 Miles of Range Without Amp
  • Indoor Mounting May Restrict Channels

Mohu has brought us the compact, portable version of their Leaf HDTV Antenna. Mohu sets the standard in antenna tech by utilizing US Military Technology to provide superior access to free HDTV channels in 1080 HD. It does not enable access to paid channels.

No need to worry about changing antenna directions since the Leaf Metro is multi-directional and has reversible features. This RV TV Antenna also sticks to flat surfaces via pins, Velcro, or scotch/3M hanging tape. The HDTV Antenna features 25 miles of range, but Mohu has an amplifier to add up to 45 miles of range if you're heading far out of town.

This portable TV antenna is designed and manufactured in the USA and comes with a 1-year warranty. It can also be painted or drawn on to blend in with its environment.

Bottom Line

If you want a quality RV TV Antenna that is going to ensure service near service towers, this is the antenna to get. This option provides a sleek design, simple setup, a great 1-year warranty, and multiple free 1080 HD channels. 

Best Digital TV Antenna:
Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Best Digital TV Antenna: Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna


  • It is Also Capable of Reception for VHF, UHF, and FM
  • It Features Dual Output that Allows Multiple Viewing at the Same Time
  • The Unit is Capable of Providing Free Digital HD TV Signals for Broadcasts
  • Easy Installation of the Unit Presents to you with no Extra Efforts or Hassles
  • The Built-in 360 Degree Motor Rotor Provides you with Advanced Functionality of the Unit


  • The Unit is Made out of a Rather Unreliable Material that Doesn’t Feel Very Durable

Our list continues on with the Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna. The service range on this antenna is top-of-the-line with the ability to receive signals for up to 150 miles.

It comes with a wireless remote control for full rotor control, meaning there's need to be climbing on the roof to make adjustments. It also has a built-in 360 degree motor rotor for full autonomy. This model features dual TV outputs and a built-in low noise amplifier.

Last but not least about this model, it cuts down on the cable bill, while enabling full 1080p HD quality so you get the most out of your TV.

What Recent Buyers Report

According to a number of buyers, this digital TV antenna is one of the best ones they’ve invested in. It is not only ideally functional but also comes with a great degree of convenience. And that is exactly what makes it a perfect choice for them. The availability of the long list of channels in itself is enough to convince one to invest in this unit.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Ideal functionality is one of the most important traits when considering a unit that needs to be ranked amongst the best of its type. And this unit delivers every bit of that functionality. But what really makes this unit stand apart is its ability to provide the best digital TV reception that is matched by no other.

Who Will Use This Most

This unit is exclusively designed to provide its users with the best digital TV experience. This makes this unit ideal for use for all those that crave digital TV channels in their RV, this unit would simply never disappoint its user.

What Could Be Improved and Why 

The unit in itself, from its functioning to its convenience is outstanding. If there is any sort of improvements that it could use, it would be in terms of its form, rather than function. If the unit was made out of more reliable and sturdy material, it would perhaps be a little more widely accepted amongst RV TV users.

Bottom Line

Other than the plastic form of the unit, users have found nothing that goes wrong. It will provide you with the best digital TV experience within the comforts of your recreational vehicle. And you can rest assured that even in the long run, this unit won’t fail you.

This antenna suits the needs of most travelers and enables campers maximum entertainment while on the road. The company is known for its excellent customer service and has been known to offer warranties when asked. With amazing range, image quality, sound quality, and unit control, you can’t go wrong choosing this RV TV antenna.

Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna:
ANTOP UFO 720° HDTV Antenna

Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna: ANTOP UFO 720° HDTV Antenna


  • The UV Coating Provides Enhanced Weather Resistance
  • The Signal Booster it Comes with is Excellent at what it does
  • The Unit is not only Optimized to make it Ideally Portable but is Also Aesthetic to look at
  • With the Omnidirectional Design of the Unit, you will Never have to Adjust the Unit Ever Again
  • It Features a Design that will Shield it Against any Sort of Interference, Providing a Stable Performance


  • It is a Little Pricey and Might Weigh a Little Heavy on Your Pockets, so if you are Looking for an Item on a Budget, this may not Suit you well

What Recent Buyers Report

According to most of the recent buyers, not only does this RV TV antenna meet all their expectations for the device, but it exceeds them. It provides with an outstanding functionality with its omnidirectional design and interference shielding. It is truly a unit that they believe is worth investing in.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

For us, RV TV antennas are plenty. They come with a lengthy list of features and fight each other to provide the best functionality. But when it comes to omnidirectional units, this one simply tops it all. It works in ways that really make you realize that investing in a reliable unit is the best choice that you made.

Who Will Use This Most

Omnidirectional units are ideal for those who do not find the time for small tasks. Those who are constantly on the go and can’t spare the time to get up on the RV to adjust the antenna will find this unit to be nothing less than a blessing. It will automatically adjust to provide you with all the channels that you want to look at.

What Could be Improved and Why 

If there is anything the unit could improve, it would be its price tag. And that too doesn’t really need improvement, but more of a downgrade. The unit is a little too pricey and may not be able to fit into everyone’s budget. So if only it were a little cheaper, everyone would be able to remark on its outstanding performance.

Bottom Line

If you can spare the money to spend on this unit, then you will realize that it is also aptly priced, given its features and outstanding functionality. No other omnidirectional unit comes close to even being a competition for this unit. So even if it is a little expensive, it is justified to be that way.

Best Over the Air TV Antenna:

Best Over the Air TV Antenna: KING OA1501


  • Its Small and Compact Design Allows you to Move it Around Easily
  • Even in Windy Conditions, the Signals and Reception are Good Enough
  • With this Over the Air Model by KING, you can Experience Free HDTV
  • Enjoy Free VHF, UHG and FM Signals, Without Having to Point the Unit to get the Right Signals
  • The Unit Comes with a Fairly Easy Setup and Requires no Tuning, so you can Enjoy your Favorite TV Shows Right Away


  • In Remote Areas, the Unit does not Efficiently Pick Up a Good Amount of Channels

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers that usually review products have often used a number of other models, but all those that used this model by KING, could only say that it worked better than the rest. They were exceptionally impressed by how well it works at receiving signals from all around and presenting to you a long list of channels

Why it Stands Out to Us 

We’ve seen a long list of antennas, a number of them that provide exceptional functioning, but there are a few things about this unit that really stand out for us. The first and foremost feature that speaks to us is its omnidirectional functioning, followed by its multi-directional signal acquisition. We absolutely love how these two features provide the user with an enhanced experience.

Who Will Use This Most

Generally, anyone who likes to keep themselves entertained would love this antenna to accompany their TV set in their RVs. But all those that prefer an extensive list of channels with perfect signals will find this unit to be an absolute must have. Its lack of need to be pointed and adjusted just serves to be the cherry on top.

What Could Be Improved and Why 

The overall design of this RV TV antenna is truly impressive, and we would have marked it as a perfect one had it not been for its magnetic mount. The fact that the mount of the unit is magnetic would make you question if it would somehow interfere with the reception of signals, ultimately affecting its functioning. If this magnetic mount was to be replaced by another durable material, this would have an ultimately perfect design.

Bottom Line

Even if the mount somehow interferes with the signals, the unit still performs better than most of the standard units that you find. With this unit, you will find not only the convenience and ease of portability but also allow you to enjoy a long list of channels with no static and no adjustments and tuning.

Winegard RZ-6000 Rayzar z1

Winegard RZ-6000 Rayzar z1


  • Mounting kit included 
  • Rotates steadily, does not require cranking
  • Tested extensively, so it can tackle every challenge
  • Excellent VHF and UHF reception promises great coverage
  • Easy installation as compared to regular/classic antennas for RV


  • Requires to be manually aimed

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have praised this TV Antenna for providing great benefits. It offers great reception and allows users to access major broadcast networks. It has been the perfect replacement for crank-up antennas for them. It also has been very easy to set up as it does not require much effort.   

Why it Stands Out to Us

Winegard RZ-6000 Rayzar z1 offers excellent VHF and UHF reception, allowing great coverage of all of your favorite broadcasting channels while traveling. It rotates smoothly and effortlessly, and its design is highly suitable for RV users. It is short and small compared to regular RV antennas, which makes it easy to install. 

Another thing that makes it a great purchase is that it comes with its own mounting kit. It is tested and approved for handling extreme challenges faced by an RV, such as for different weather conditions, moisture, vibrations, etc. 

Bottom Line

This TV antenna is highly desirable for RV users as it offers immense benefits at a reasonable price. It has excellent reception, allowing RV users to enjoy different channels. It is easy to install and works smoothly. It has proved to be one of the best in the market. 

1byone Outdoor HDTV Antenna

1byone Outdoor HDTV Antenna


  • 85 Miles of Range
  • Rain/Wind/UV Proof
  • HDTV Channels Available
  • Very High Quality Material
  • 720 Degree Omnidirectional Reception


  • Installation Requires Sturdy Surface
  • Complaints About Customer Service
  • Large Obstructions may Reduce Range

1byone Outdoor HDTV Antenna for RVs is bringing antennas into the future with their sheek modern design. The design is meant to reduce wind loan to provide a stronger signal and reliability no matter the climate.

The antenna includes all of the mounting accessories, power kit/adapter, and a waterproof 26 ft. coaxial cable. The included accessories simplify the installation process and make it accessible for anyone.

Reception is optimized, thanks to the 720 degree Omnidirectional reception, meaning it receives signals from all directions including vertically. Simply put, there is no need to manually change the receiving direction.

Bottom Line

This omni-directional TV antenna offers everything you expect and need. The simple installation will make you happy from the get-go. Once installed, adjusting direction won’t be necessary and it's not affected by weather. The range of 85 miles is sure to keep your TV appetite satisfied.

ANTOP Outdoor Digital TV Antenna

ANTOP Outdoor Digital TV Antenna


  • Hooks up to Two TVs
  • 30-40 Miles of Range
  • 4K Ultra HD Local Service


  • 30-40 Miles of Range
  • May work Better if Pointed at Towers

Antop has been releasing great antennas for years and this model is no exception. They have designed this antenna with a sleek new concept design for a more aesthetically pleasing look, straying away from the big bulky dish look we all despise.

This portable TV antenna offers full 4K Ultra HD service for up to 40 miles. It also has 360 degree omnidirectional reception so adjustments aren't necessary. Installation won’t be a problem thanks to 1ByOne simplifying the installation process. The mount is very sturdy and offers superior wind/rain resistance.

Bottom Line

This RV TV Antenna will ensure satisfaction if you’re not too far away from service towers. The ability to service multiple TVs at once is a great perk just in case you can’t agree on channels. It also provides 4K Ultra HD reception, so you won’t miss out on the highest quality available. 

Buyer’s Guide

Now for the buyer's guide.Here we take a closer look at RV TV antennas in general. We discuss the times when one will come in handy, and we also pinpoint what makes the better RV HDTV antennas stand out from their inferior competitors.

We look at the best models and brands and compare the different types such as directional and omnidirectional RV antennas, digital and analog so you'll know what's best for your set up. We've also included a guide on how to use an RV HDTV antenna, so you won't go without watching the game while you're out in the sticks.

What is an RV Antenna Best For? 

An RV Antenna is a device used to connect your television to local channels, the better the antenna, the more channels you get. Choosing the right antenna is important for numerous reasons.

If you’re an avid camper and on the road a lot, sometimes it’s good to be able to turn the TV on and have the luxury of watching your favorite show. It’s also ideal to have the opportunity to stream a new show on Netflix or one of the other various streaming services. No matter what RV lifestyle your leading a high quality RV antenna is worth the investment.

First of all, we need to make sure our antennas are compatible with our RV’s, the product description will usually specify compatibility requirements. Finding out size, weight, and installation specifications will enable you to choose a compatible RV antenna.

Second is the receiving capabilities of the antenna. The better the antenna is at receiving VHF and UHF the wider the radius of the antenna. Stronger RV antennas will have a range in the 50+ mile range, the top of the line tend to max out at 150 miles.

The more quality options will serve us as RV owners the most. Higher quality provides a stronger signal and better image on the screen. They are also generally more aesthetically pleasing for your RV. Better models also may be weather resistant, which increases longevity and time between replacing the antenna.

What Makes a Great RV TV Antenna?

TV antennas, to someone who isn’t very familiar with them, look like plain antennas. Choosing a good unit might be hard in that case. But we’ll make sure you don’t end up buying just any product. Here are some things to look at that make a product qualify as a great pick.

Reception Coverage

A good RV TV antenna will provide you with further extending reception coverage. The extent of coverage usually determines how many satellites it has access to and how many channels you will be able to view.

If your device has poor coverage, you might have to separately invest in a booster in order to extend the coverage.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

You can get an indoor unit or an outdoor unit since both of them come with a set of pros and cons. Outdoor units are big and bulky, but they provide you with great reception. Indoor units, on the other hand, are small and easily portable, but they do not provide great coverage.


A good antenna should be made out of a good durable material that won’t fail you in a short time. It could be made out of aluminum if it’s an outdoor unit or a good quality plastic if it’s an indoor one.


Not all good items need to come at a huge cost. A good antenna doesn’t equal an expensive one. Instead, it is one that is of a reasonable price and offers you a run for your money.

How Does a TV Antenna Work in an RV? 

A TV antenna in an RV works by locating local channels, UHF and VHF signals, and satellite channels, but it depends on the model you have bought. It offers great reception regardless of wherever your RV is parked. 

There are variations to this product, with some being digital and HD-ready antennas. Also, some do not even need rotation to catch signals and will catch the strongest signals for a great reception. With one installed on your RV, you can stay entertained and know the latest news while RVing. 

Comparison Overview 

This section will help you understand the differences between different antennas and will help you know more about their special features. 

Directional Antenna vs. Omnidirectional

An omnidirectional antenna discharges a cellular-shaped signal. This antenna gives away similar gain (reception) in all angles, just like a typical light bulb in our homes. It works well for vehicles on the move, for example, campers, RVs, etc. that are hoping to get WiFi from resorts, clubhouses, etc. It functions admirably when you are getting a signal that you are uncertain about a signal that’s coming from all directions. Another incredible use is to broadcast a hotspot from a central area of a particular place, such as a park. 

However, a directional antenna centers the signal towards a particular area and concentrates the signal strength on the focused spot. Directional antennas are incredible for point-to-point connections. In such circumstances, two antennas are utilized. One is utilized to broadcast a hotspot while a subsequent antenna will interface with the hotspot that the main antenna is broadcasting. 

The antennas are pointed directly at one another, so the connection is impeccable, giving the potential for higher data transfer capacity. Lastly, since the signal is in a cone shape, and goes toward the pointed path, fewer individuals approach it, making the signal safer.

Digital vs. Analog Antenna

Analog antennas have lower frequencies. They have a continuous signal and broadcast in real-time. They transmit the broadcast signal as it was recorded, directly. The transmission could be less smooth as below par signal will still be received but with disruption. It is easy to set up and catches the signal relatively easily.

On the other hand, digital antennas have higher frequencies. Signals will be sent in little chunks and might be delayed. They convert the signals digitally, which is then encoded by your digital TV. The signal needs to be strong for HD-quality display, or you will have no connection at all. 

How to Use My RV TV Antenna

Now that you’ve purchased an RV TV antenna, the next step is using it. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Hold the crank handle and start rotating it in the upward position.

  2. After it is cranked up, rotate the antenna and pull down the outer ring to find the best reception.

  3. Make sure the two arrows, one on the outer ring and second on the base plate which is attached and screwed to the ceiling, are lined up. After it is locked up, there are little detent holes up there.

  4. After you are sure it is locked in properly, start rotating it again. 

  5. The gears should go up on the roof.

  6. Spray the gears and drive assemblies on top about twice a year that they move freely.

For a better understanding of the steps listed above, here’s a video:

Are All TV Antennas The Same?

As we mentioned before, to someone who doesn’t know much, these units may all seem the same. But the truth is they’re not. Antennas are of two main types; an outdoor model and an indoor model.

Outdoor Antennas

An outdoor unit, as the name suggests, is placed on the outside of your vehicle. This type of units serves to provide you with greater reception coverage. This is because the unit is outdoors, and it is exposed to more signals.

These units are commonly used by those who like watching TV while traveling on their RVs. But since they are placed outside the vehicle, they tend to be at an increased risk of damage. From falling branches and leaves to rusting, there is a lot that these units have to face.

Indoor Antennas

An indoor RV antenna is quite the opposite of its outdoor counterpart. These units are put into use within the vehicle. They are not as heavy and bulky as the outdoor units and present convenient use. You can simply place it on top of your TV and get it to work.

But the one drawback of these units is that their reception coverage is not as good as that of an outdoor unit. If you want a greater number of channels, it is likely that you will have to invest in a booster as well.

Winegard SK-SWM3

Perks of Investing in a Quality TV Antenna for RV Living

There are chances you are still wondering if you really need an RV TV antenna. If you are having second thoughts about why you should get one of these models, here are a few benefits that you will get out of these devices.

Watch TV While Traveling

Be it a long drive down the road, or a camping trip; you no longer have to be bored while driving. An antenna will allow you to watch TV while you are on the road, keeping you entertained. With these units, TVs are no longer restricted to the comfort of your home. Traveling will never again be a reason you miss your favorite TV shows.

Internet Connection

If you have invested in a good unit, your antenna won’t only let you watch multiple TV channels, but also provide you with an internet connection. If it detects a signal, it will allow you to connect to it through its Wi-Fi properties. So along with your TV, you also have the internet to catch up with everything.

No Need For Subscriptions

With TV antennas, you do not have to have a subscription to watch the local shows. All you need is one with adequate reception coverage, and your TV will be getting the signals for all the shows that require local subscriptions.


That wraps up our overview of the best RV TV antennas available today! Remember to assure that the antenna will fit with your RV, one that has strong receiving power if you’re going to be out in the wild, and a model that you can bare to look at. 

If you preferred one of the options above, make sure to comment which one is your favorite and feel free to share our article with friends! We hope you enjoyed this year's version of the Best RV TV antennas.

People Also Ask

We want to ensure that this article provides you with all the required knowledge about RV TV Antennas that would help you select the best unit for yourself.

In case you still have a few queries, here are a few questions that users commonly ask. The answers to these may be of some help.

How to Boost Antenna HDTV on My RV

There is a chance that you might have problems with getting a good reception. There are a few things you can do to boost your antenna. 

You can buy an amplified antenna package to boost weaker signals to a bearable level. You could also purchase a satellite or a digital TV strength meter as it helps you find the strongest signals, regardless of where your RV is parked. 

Another thing you could do is buy a top-tier antenna booster. These products would ensure better signals, and users can get access to more HD channels. 

What is the Range of a Digital RV TV Antenna? 

It all depends on the model you have bought. The range could vary in different situations and conditions. It could catch and reach up to 150 miles.  

How Do I Get Channels With an RV TV Antenna?

There are three options available for you to access TV channels on your RV; satellite, cable, or antenna. With the help of RV TV antennas, you can access major broadcast channels (local), which are mostly free. Antennas offer excellent reception that catches the strongest signals and provides great entertainment. 

How to Lube Gears on RV TV Antenna

  1. Get on the roof of your RV and find the teeth of the gear.

  2. Spray the silicone spray onto the teeth of the gear (downward position) 

  3. Then, get inside your RV and crank up the antenna and down again, so the lube is spread all over the gear, leaving the antenna in the up position. 

  4. Then again, get on the roof of your RV and look for the plug. You will have to pull out the plugin order to lube it (a plug is black rubber, so make sure not to lose it).

  5. After you have pulled out the plug gently, spray the silicone in it and around the edges.

  6. Get inside your RV again. Turn the outer direction ring in all directions to rotate it so, so the lube is distributed in every part. 

  7. If it is stiff, you can go up back again and lube it more so it could turn easily.

What is a Winegard Antenna?

Winegard antenna is a term that you must have commonly come across while looking for RV TV antennas. A Winegard unit is not a type but a brand. Winegard is one of the most popular brands to produce TV antennas and considered to be one of the best too. Their products have been reliably used by consumers for a long time and regarded for their functionality and high quality.

How to Hook Up TV to RV Antenna

Hooking up your TV to the RV antenna is a fairly simple task and one that almost anyone can do. This involves only a few easy steps.

1. Unbox 

Take your new unit out of the box to take a good look at its parts, while going through the instructions so you have a clear idea about what you will be doing.

2. Positioning 

Now position the antenna wherever to plan to place it and place the vault around its base. If you have an outdoor unit, you can screw it in place for extra support.

3. Connect The Cables
Run the cables from the antenna to the TV and plug them into the control box and the TV setup of your RV. Your antenna is now connected to your TV, and you can enjoy all the TV shows you want.

How to Point an RV TV Antenna

Pointing your antenna isn’t a proper task that you would need step by step instructions for. Once you’ve set up your unit, point it towards the nearest metropolitan area that you know of. That is where you are likely to get all your signals. Turn on your TV and adjust it further until you get the best reception.