Best RV Parks Along The Central Coast, California

| Last Updated: August 30, 2022

Looking for RV parks in the Central Coast, California? There are many to choose from of all different sizes, qualities offering amenities for different demographics, so choose wisely.

When you think about the Central Coast, the thing that most comes to mind is probably the Big Sur. And though there is much to praise about its theatrical landscape, it is not the only place to visit in that area. It provides an escape from the bustling cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco and is covered in beautiful wineries, coastal areas, hiking trails, and hot springs.

So if you are thinking about hitching a ride in an RV to the Central Coast, California there are many places waiting for you to visit. But you have to keep in mind the RV, as well.

There are many state-of-the-art RV parks along the Central Coast, so there is nothing to worry about there. We have compiled a list of some of the best ones out there for you to choose from.

Why Central Coast California is Such a Place to RV 

The Central Coast, California has a lot to offer, which makes it the perfect place for RVing. These offerings include:

No City Crowds

While going on a vacation, people often prefer quiet and scenic places where one can forget all about work, studies, and all the pending responsibilities. And if that is what you have in mind for your road trip, then forget about cosmopolitans like Los Angeles and take your RV to the Central Coast beaches.

Amazing Wineries

The Central Coast offers some of the best Wine Country in America. There are hundreds of wineries to see with their rolling hills and farmlands. You can go on wine tours, visit breweries, and enjoy the picturesque beauty of Wine Country. These tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at how the wines are made and overall, provide a luxurious experience to check off your bucket list. This is a must-see for wine lovers who want a calming getaway.

Scenic Beaches

No one can deny the beauty of Central Coast beaches with their many hot springs and dramatic cliffs that bring out the artist in all of us. These are some of the most beautiful in the state. And if not for these, you can take the trip for the infamous Highway 1 drive. There are many hidden and unexplored gems you can find along the way. If you are a true explorer, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. 

Review of the Best RV Parks in Central Coast California

When going on an RV road trip, you need to consider recharging, parking, and, of course, showering problems. They can all be solved in one place, and that is an RV park. The following are some of the best RV parks to be found along the Central Coast in California.

1. Wine Country RV Resort

Wine Country RV Resort rv parks in central coast california

What we love

  • Pet-friendly park so you can bring your pet along
  • Provides entertainment, dances, and outdoor movies
  • Local area offers many wine and olive-tasting opportunities
  • Gives full hookups, Wi-Fi, laundry, restroom and shower facilities
  • Has their own hot tub, swimming pool, clubhouse, and other extra facilities

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This Central Coast RV park is our top choice for a reason. It offers great services and stands out because of the following reasons:

Wine tasting

This park is located in the Paso Robles wine region, which has 200 wineries for you to enjoy. This is probably the main attraction of this park. These breweries have regular tastings throughout the year. This region grows 40 kinds of grapes, which end up making many kinds of unique wines. You can be sure to enjoy an all-access tour of various farms and breweries. If you are a true enthusiast, then these tours will not disappoint.

Contemporary Facilities

This is truly a luxury resort with many locations throughout the country and in Canada, as well. You get electricity with 30-amp and 50-amp connections, Wi-Fi, and cable TV. It is pet-friendly, as all modern sites should be. You can also enjoy cozy campfires with your family or friends. There’s also a playground and a game room for children. If you are the social kind, then the park has dances and live entertainment, so you’ll never to get bored and not want to come back.

Many Local Attractions

Paso Robles is filled with museums. There are the Estrella Warbirds Museum and Pioneer Museum, so for history lovers, here is another reason to visit. For music lovers, you can visit the Vina Robles Amphitheater during your stay. This place also offers some of the best golf courses you can find. So, here’s another way to relax, which is all vacation is really about.

All these things aside, the most beautiful of them, perhaps, is the Bruce Munro: Field Of Light at Sensorio. It is a 15-acre land filled with Fiber Optic flowers that light up at night, creating a magical view.

2. Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort

rv parks california central coast

What we love

  • Has many wineries nearby
  • A kid and pet-friendly park
  • A clubhouse to host various events
  • Gives you all the necessary amenities
  • Located along the beautiful San Lorenzo River

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Some of the main attractions of this RV park on California's central coast that make it stand out are:

Beaches of Santa Cruz County

There are many beaches to visit in Santa Cruz County, and they are always a top priority during summer vacations. You can soak up all the sun and enjoy the amazing scenery. There is the Santa Cruz Beach, Seacliff State Beach, and many more.

Plethora of Activities

On one side, this  park has a river and on the other, you can enjoy hiking the hills, rock climbing, biking, waterfalls, and much more. You can visit the aquarium, go whale watching, or ocean kayaking. There is the San Lorenzo River, which is not too deep, so you can safely swim there or go fishing or kayaking.

Local Wineries

If you like wine tasting, this is one of the best RV parks in central coast California to stay as it has around 70 wineries nearby that give the full Californian experience. From big companies to small distilleries, it has them all. A must-visit would be the Bargetto winery, which is the oldest in Santa Cruz county.

Resort Facilities

Among the various amenities, the park offers full electricity hookups, sewer connections, a shower, laundry area, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. You can also hold private events in their clubhouse like reunions and weddings. In addition, you can also have campfires at the community fire pit.

3. Pismo Coast Village RV Resort

3. Pismo Coast Village RV Resort

What we love

  • You can buy LP gas for your RVs
  • Hosts annual Christmas parties and a Vintage Trailer rally
  • Offers RV storage facilities if you want to keep it there for a while
  • Has a swimming pool, arcade area, mini-golf, and courts for various games
  • There is a mini-mart for groceries, coffee, and gifts, among other things

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This central coast, California RV park is a state-recognized and award-winning resort for a reason. We find it to be one of the best because of the following reasons:

Luxury Facility

The park provides various different facilities, other than the basic requirements of electricity, showers, and laundry. It has fun areas for children like the arcade. The resort organizes activities for the whole family to enjoy, led by the recreational department. The department hosts pet costume shows, scavenger hunts, and mini-golf tournaments. They also have fun and unique rental bikes to take you on a tour of the facility.

There are also courts for football, basketball and ping pong. And no resort is complete without cable TV and internet.

Numerous Activities to Indulge in

The local area also offers many attractions, including, of course, wine tastings. There are 20 wineries located nearby. You can go swimming and surfing at Pismo Beach. For historians, there is the Hearts Castle that is open for public hosts events. There are also local adventure tours and golf courses. There is also ample fishing opportunity, if that’s what you are looking for.

Resort Events

The Pismo Coast Village RV Resort hosts an annual rally where it displays old and renovated RVs. People from around the country can register their RVs and it is open for everyone to visit. If you are an RV enthusiast or are just generally, a designer at heart, you will love these creative restorations.

Other than that, the recreational department holds many events, which includes the annual Christmas festival.

4. Flying Flags RV Resort & Campground

Flying Flags RV Resort & Campground

What we love

  • There’s an RV sale area nearby
  • Offers a private and gated guest ranch
  • Special packages for RV groups and rallies
  • You can get LP gas for cooking, as well as camping
  • Provides various luxury facilities, including a hot tub, coffee, fitness center, and lounge areas

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This multi-state facility offers many things, including but not limited to:

On-site Facilities

As RV parks in central coast, California go, this park offers everything you will need for your stay. This includes various different RV sites and also cabins and lounges. The RV sites come with electricity and sewer connections. You also get free Wi-Fi. There are also a laundry area and general store, so you don’t have to get lost in the city looking for what you want.

Other than that, you can relax in the hot tub and in the pool cabana. There’s also a playground for your children and a fitness center if you don’t want to lose your fitness schedule. You can also host private events here. The resort has group packages for you to choose from.

It’s also pretty pet-friendly, with a dog park on-site. The RV sites also offer many things, including patios, an outdoor kitchen, and also fireplaces, so you’ll be sure to enjoy and be comfortable.

Local Activities

The park hosts many different events, but other than that, you can also go out and enjoy the city around you. There’s a calendar of events available, so you can schedule your holidays accordingly.

Mountain Brewing hosts themed nights and live music. There’s a very interesting museum of gasoline pumps, along with other wineries, state parks, and museums. But the item on everyone’s bucket list is the balloon ride, which takes place every morning in Santa Barbara. It’s safe to say, there is much to see here.

Santa Ynez Guest Ranches

One of the best facilities the park offers is a private ranch. These ranches have beautiful rustic interiors with sleeping areas for six people. They are fully equipped with kitchen essentials, barbeque area, TV, cable, and internet. They offer full privacy with a separate pool reserved only for ranch guests. You can also rent bikes and enjoy the separate sports area. It is the perfect getaway for a group visit with your entire family.

5. Pismo Sands RV Park

Pismo Sands RV Park in central coast California

What we love

  • There’s an on-site library
  • Nearby stables for horse riding
  • Offers free Wi-Fi and cable TV
  • Cottages have a full kitchen, patio, and two TVs
  • A store is present for your groceries and other needs 

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This great cottage resort has many benefits, which makes it stand out to us. These include:

Local Activities

There is much to do in the nearby city, including wine tours and horseback riding. But for the thrill-seekers, there also an open cockpit plane ride. You can also go on hikes or visit the Hearst Castle nearby. The place also offers river dune tours for you to explore, and, of course, there’s everything else that comes with a great coastal area like fishing, kayaking, and more.

Private Cottages

The private cottages are great for large parties. Some can stay in their RV and others in the cottage. The cottages are fully equipped and furnished with everything you might need. If there is anything else you need, you can always go to the on-site store.

Great Service

The park has a friendly staff and a pleasant environment that will cater to your every need. The staff accepts all credit cards and even offers discounted rates to servicemen and firefighters. With a refundable security deposit, you can expect a full RV park experience.

Final Thoughts Before RVing Along The Central Coast in California

The Central Coast in California is perhaps one of the most beautiful coastal areas. You can enjoy everything from wine tasting to hiking to walks on the beach. The RV parks we have reviewed here will make your stay all the more memorable and comfortable. Whether you are visiting with family or are on a trip with friends, the comprehensive facilities of these parks will have everything you need. 

Make sure to book any RV park in Central Coast, California you want to take ahead of time, as they can be booked in advance and it will ensure you get a place. Then, all that’s left is just packing the bags and hitting the road.

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