Best RV Parks in Oregon – Top 10 Destinations

| Last Updated: September 11, 2022

Looking for the best RV Parks in Oregon? I's an amazing place to visit, and even better in an RV. If you're thinking of heading up to the Beaver State, we're sure you'll absolutely love it and be going back again and again.

It's an often overlooked state for travelers, but not for RVers, because we know of the natural beauty Oregon has to offer. Oregon is one of the most loved RVing states in America and rightfully so. There is so much landscape diversity out there that you will never get tired of it.

The lush green forests stand in stark contrast to the deserts, which makes Oregon an interesting destination. And of course there are many high quality, and not so high quality RV parks in Oregon.

To save you time and effort, we've compiled a short review of the best RV parks Oregon has to offer. We considered everything from location to how well maintained the park is, and pretty much everything inbetween.

So, if you're looking for an RV park in Oregon, read on...

Why Oregon is Such a Great Place to RV

If you are thinking of RVing for the upcoming vacation, the Beaver State is the best place. The state has amazing attractions, which you just have to explore. Here is what makes Oregon such a great place to RV.

Landscape Diversity

The stand out thing about Oregon is the landscape diversity that you get to see there. Whether you love fast rushing rivers or serene lakes, you get to see what you like. There are dense green forests and deserts too, which make the geography even more interesting. 

National Parks

Oregon proudly flaunts all the parks that it has because they are the major attraction of the state. They are all unique in their own way, which makes each one of them worth visiting. They have exotic animal and bird species too, which are sure to keep the kids interested. There are many adventures as well, so you can visit all these places while staying in the park.  

Perfect Weather

The weather in Oregon is just perfect for RVing, so you get to enjoy your vacation more. The temperature there is just perfect for you to bask in the sunlight. Also, the breezes at the lakes are refreshing and calming.

Review of the Best RV Parks in Oregon

Parks in Oregon are the primary reason tourists love to come RVing here. They have everything that you might need on your vacation as a family, solo traveler, or a bunch of friends. Since you are here to know more about Oregon's parks, let's have a look at the best ones. 

1. Seven Feathers RV Resort

RV Parks in Oregon Seven Feathers

What we love

  • 24 channel included in cable TV
  • Valet to guide the visitors to their site
  • Shuttle service to and from the casino
  • 191 full hook-up and 104 pull-through sites
  • Heated tub and heated pool available indoors

Why This Park Stands Out to Us?

The Seven Feathers RV Resort has left its mark on us due to the amazing views and attractions. Let's see what makes it so special.


The place has private restrooms and showers for families that all RVers look up to after long drives. They also offer a shuttle service to and from the casino, which makes vacationing more fun. Whether you are a pro gambler or are in it just for thrills, you will love being there.

RV Sites

What's even more impressive is the fact that it has 191 full hook-up and 104 pull-through sites. They create such a good spot for RV parking that you can be free of all worries. We also like its Wine Country trolley tours, which are so informational with some of the best wine tasting.

Comfortable Stay

The Oregon RV park has a concierge service, which is something that you do not see in RV parks usually. It makes settling in easier for the visitors who appreciate it in their reviews. The comfort that the hosts offer the guests is truly remarkable, and this distinguishes them from others.


The resort offers laundry facilities too, so visitors can have longer stays if they want. Even if you are not in a mood to go wash your clothes, the laundry staff will do it for you. Their barbecue pavilion is also worth mentioning and appreciating here.

2. Sunny Valley RV Park

RV Parks in Oregon: Sunny Valley

What we love

  • Open Wi-Fi access in the Welcome Center
  • Multiple pull-through and back-in RV sites
  • Ideal location for people vacationing as a family or group
  • Clean restrooms and showers with a large swimming pool
  • Welcome Center to meet friends and family during overnight stays

Why This Park Stands Out to Us?

Sunny Valley RV Park is easily one of those destinations that you should never miss out on while RVing in Oregon, primarily because of the following reasons:

Amazing Location

The Sunny Valley RV Park in Oregon has distinguished itself to us due to the nearness to the Rogue River. The aesthetics are amazing, and the overall experience at the river is worth every moment you spend there.

Parking Sites

We also like it for the back-in and pull-through RV parking sites. The hosts make sure that your vehicle is safely parked and stays within easy access. Another great feature is the clean showers and restrooms, which are almost a luxury for RVers.

Welcome Center

Since the whole point of going on a vacation is to have a break from the routine, we love the inclusion of the Welcome Center here. There is a limited area for Wi-Fi usage in the Welcome Center only. This enables you to keep uploading those like-worthy pictures on social media but still connect with the world. It also lets you spend more quality with your friends and family accompanying you.


The laundry room is another attraction, as it makes staying here more convenient. A lending library is also present to help you reconnect with the reader in you as well. The swimming pool is amazing, which keeps kids busy too. And the best part is that it is open from 11 am till dark, so you can take a plunge whenever you want.

3. Casey's Riverside RV Park

Best RV Parks in Oregon: Casey's Riverside RV Park

What we love

  • Fly fishing on a walk of mere minutes
  • Hiking on trails with different levels of difficulty
  • Drift boating, rafting, and kayak on the rapid waters
  • A very easy viewing access to waterfalls while on the go
  • Close to Willamette National Forest and exotic destinations

Why This Park Stands Out to Us?

Casey's Riverside RV Park is one of our favorite RV parks in Oregon. It has all that you can expect from a recreational vacation away from the busy routine.

Nearness to Nature

This is the best place to be if you crave a connection with nature. There is a multitude of natural destinations nearby, each of which has its true vibe still intact. This makes for a very healthy and deeply soothing vacation spot for nature lovers.

Fun Activities

There are occasional animal sightings like an eagle, elk, and deer, which the kids love a lot. The rushing waters of the Willamette River make the park an even better option for RVers. It is open for many water sports like drift boating, rafting, and kayaking which leave nothing amiss. The administration makes sure that you live your best days here on your own terms. Considering this, they have a list of very economical packages for daily, weekly, and monthly stays. This way, the visitors can plan their stays according to what suits their budget and length of vacation.


The park offers several amenities. The charcoal barbecue spot is one of the most impressive things here as it offers families the chance to spend more time bonding with each other. Other than this, cable TV and free Wi-Fi are sure to make your stay even more enjoyable.

4. Deerwood RV Park

RV Parks in Oregon: Deerwood RV Park

What we love

  • Cable and Wi-Fi in all sites
  • Water hookups in easy access of the RVers
  • Can accommodate larger RVs and big families
  • Both 30 amp and 50 amp voltage sources available
  • Wood ducks and other feathered creatures roam around the place

Why This Park Stands Out to Us?

Deerwood RV Park is unique for a number of reasons. These include

Easy Access

We have added Deerwood RV Park to our list of best RV parks in Oregon, mainly due to its location. It lies only 7 minutes away from Matthew Knight Arena, which makes other areas easily accessible. Yes, it is quite compact and extends over an area of 7 acres, but it offers a lot.

Dual Voltage

The thing that sets it apart from other RV parks in Oregon is the 30 and 50 amp electric supply. The parking space for RVs is quite wide, and it lets you park your RV easily no matter how large it is.

Beautiful Surrounding

The park looks more beautiful and magical due to the ponds around it. The towering ancient trees make the pools and the park look even more attractive. They give you the perfect spots to click photographs to later flaunt on your timeline. It also provides a laundry space to the guests, so that they do not have to step out of their comfort.

Welcoming Staff

This is definitely one of our favorite RV parks in Oregon and much of that is down to the staff. They welcome guests with complimentary coffee, which takes away half of the exhaustion. This sweet gesture makes the guests feel more at home, and they get more positive energies. Lastly, the showers and private restrooms are all clean, and you feel at ease there.

5. Bend / Sisters Garden RV Resort

RV Parks in Oregon: Bend / Sisters garden

What we love

  • Magical waterfalls and scenic beauty
  • Both indoor and outdoor concerts to suit your taste
  • Lava River Cave with its mysterious charm to impress visitors
  • Volcanic monument with a unique appearance and atmosphere
  • Whitewater rafting and freshwater fishing to keep you engaged

Why This Park Stands Out to Us?

Numerous reasons compelled us to include this Oregon RV park on our list. These include:

Central Location

The location of Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort makes us like it the most. It is present right at the center of the Oregon state, and you can access all areas from there easily.

Thoughtful Design

The owners invested a lot of time interviewing the visitors about what they liked and then kept those suggestions in mind while establishing it. This effort and thoughtfulness shows in the cabins of the resort and the amenities that the hosts offer. The park has more outdoor activities which keep your whole family together. There is something for every one of you, so nobody feels left out.


The Three Sisters Mountains near the park are a must-visit destination as they have a lovely picturesque landscape. Moreover, you can go fishing in the freshwater to make your stay more refreshing. The volcanic monument is an interesting spot as well as it is unique from all other geographical features.

Natural Attractions

Situated nearby is Lava River Cave too which helps explorers find something impressive and stimulating. There are several hiking trails too. They can keep you busy for weeks on end, so you never run out of stuff to do.

6. Crown Villa RV Resort

Oregon RV Park: Crown Villa Resort

What we love

  • Highly impressive dining area with delicious food
  • Museums on the property to help you stay engaged
  • Rafting and other water sports to give the visitors thrills
  • Outdoor concerts and music events to make nights livelier
  • Widespread golf courts for luxuriant and leisurely vacationing

Why This Park Stands Out to Us?

Crown Villa RV Resort in Oregon is nothing short of impressive. This is because of the following reasons:

Picturesque Landscape

Crown Villa RV Resort is easily one of the most picturesque RV parks in Oregon. It has sky-high mountains around it which are white with snow. They look highly majestic and refreshing while you are sitting there in the lush greenery.

Nearby Lake

The lake is the best part of this park as it has a lulling current of water. It takes the visitors to a trance-like state, and they can continue listening to it for hours. This, combined with water sports like rafting, make vacationing here even more fun. The combination of thrilling sports and soothing scenery is so contrasting yet so refreshing at the same time.

Golf Courts

The park is home to luxuriant and widespread golf courts as well. They are the best way to kill those long summer hours in class and comfort when you are done with everything else. The green fields in the surrounding are another attraction that vacationers cannot overlook.

Dining and Architecture

The park is equally great indoors as it is outdoors as it has the best architecture. The dining area is classy and always full of delectable food and an appetizing aroma, so if you wish to dine in elegance this will be a great Oregon RV park for you.

7. Wallowa Lake State Park

RV Parks in Oregon: Wallowa Lake State Park

What we love

  • Private flush toilets and showers for visitors
  • Pet-friendly yurts are also there for pet owners
  • Group tent camping and group picnic spaces available
  • Specifically designed yurts for people with disabilities
  • Can simultaneously accommodate 88 luxury tents by the water

Why This Park Stands Out to Us?

Wallowa Lake State Park is another amazing park in Oregon that has impressive amenities. Other features that make it stand out include:

RV Parking

The park has a total of 121 full hookup and 36 pull-through sites that make parking easier. This allows visitors to park their RVs in the manner they prefer at the spot they like.

Mighty Mountains

The park has lovely and majestic mountains around it, which rise up to 9000 feet in length. These mountains make for a great photography background so you can practice your photography skills there. Moreover, the place is rich in picnic spaces and group camping.

Camps and Yurts

The camping site can host up to 88 luxury tents, which are the best in their league. The camps stand by the water and make for a lovely spot to relax and regain your energies. The park has two different types of luxury yurts too. One is pet-friendly, while the other one is for people who do not own pets. The yurts look as royal as the ones you imagine from storybooks, and they offer unparalleled comfort.

All-Inclusive Camping

Another great thing about this park is that there are yurts for people with disabilities, as well. This makes camping all-inclusive and builds a stronger feeling of community.

8. Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort

RV Parks in Oregon: Oceanside Beachfront

What we love

  • Local area is full of wineries and exotic tastes
  • Tidal pools for a new and exciting adventure
  • Hot air balloon rides over the widespread ocean
  • Direct experience with sounds and smells of the Pacific Ocean
  • Live whale watching to help you quench your thirst for adventure

Why This Park Stands Out to Us?

The Oregon coast is home to the incredible Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort, which welcomes a lot of tourists. Here's why:


If you want to be near the ocean, this is up there with the best RV parks in Oregon. It's the most inviting feature of this park, which has a majestic charm of its own. The coast gets powerful currents, which you can listen to from your camp at night too. It is truly soothing.


Another cool feature of this park is that it has a pet-friendly beach. So, you do not have to worry about your beloved pets missing out on any fun. The experience gets more realistic with the smells and sounds from the Pacific Ocean. This, along with the adventures offered around the location, make your vacation even more fun.

Things to Do

There are tidal pools in the park as well, which give you the spa feels. Moreover, there you get to view live whales and be astounded by their charms. This is another great activity that you can enjoy with kids as well. Other than that, there are many local wineries that you can explore. You can even taste different wines and see which ones become your new favorites.

Holiday Lights at Shore Acres

The annual event of Holiday Lights at Shore Acres is another fascination there. It has the best decoration, lights, and fireworks for your amusement, so do not miss out on it.

9. Circle Creek RV Park & Campground

RV Parks in Oregon: Circle Creek

What we love

  • Dish network TV along with Wi-Fi
  • Picnic table and fire ring for closer group activities
  • Circle Creek Store for all the basic groceries and fireworks
  • Simplified accommodation available without hook-up as well
  • Freshwater fishing in Neacanicum River adjacent to the park

Why This Park Stands Out to Us?

Circle Creek RV Park & Campground is another lovely park on the list of best RV parks in Oregon. It stands out to us because:

RV Sites

It has 44 full hook-up sites, which are sure to facilitate all RV vacationers. They can accommodate multiple RVs of different types and sizes at the same time. This, along with the fact that there are pull-through, back-in, and riverfront sites, makes it even greater.


The Circle Creek RV Park & Resort is quite popular among RVers due to its location. It gives you the feeling of being disconnected from the outside world, but you are not too far into the wilderness.

Fun Activities

For families, this is one of the most popular RV parks in Oregon. The park has Neacanicum River near it where you can go fishing and for water sports. The Circle Creek Store on the park is the best place for your groceries. You can get some fireworks and wine there too, which gets you in the right party mood. The trolley ride into town is another amazing thing to do. Furthermore, you can go to the beach to dig for clams or even bicycling as well.

10. Pheasant Ridge RV Resort

RV Parks in Oregon: Pheasant Ridge

What we love

  • Water sports and fishing at the Oregon coast
  • World-class recreational facility rich in luxuries
  • Family Fun Center Amusement Park for everyone
  • Skiing in the most attractive landscape in the state
  • Additional entertainment and exploration at museums, theaters, and zoos

Why This Park Stands Out to Us?

The Pheasant Ridge RV Resort is arguably the best resort and RV park in Oregon. Many people love it here and become regular visitors. Let's find out why...


The park is never crowded and has a very relaxed aura about it. It is situated in the most beautiful part of Oregon, which makes it the best for those who are into aesthetics.


The park extends over an area of 45 acres and has some of the most amazing adventures awaiting you. The Family Fun Center Amusement Park is a major attraction that has an endless supply of entertainment and fun. The on-site grocery store and the laundry space help you make your stay here close to home. The Columbia River is the perfect place to go fishing and rafting when you are with your group of friends.

Fun Activities

Downtown Portland is full of fun things to do as well. You can go look at art and history in theaters and museums while staying near to nature. The park has skiing spots as well, which makes it stand out from other RV parks in the state. So, choosing this one will do you a world of good if you want high-quality and energizing recreation.

RV Parks in Oregon - A Place for Nature Lovers

So yes, Oregon is the best state to go RVing in as it is rich in beauty and exploration spots. They are all great and have a soothing and refreshing aura to them. RV parks in Oregon are a fun way to spend your vacations while avoiding breaking your bank. 

And the best thing is, vacationing there is relatively cost-effective, and there is so much to explore that you can prolong your fun more. Just remember to have safety checks run on the RV before you hit the road, so that there are no bad experiences. 

Other than this, there is nothing about RVing in Oregon that you have to worry about. 

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