Best RV Parks in Arizona – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: July 14, 2021

One of the many joys of owning an RV is being able to go on frequent road trips, away from the tensions of a normal life. It is crucial not to let yourself burn down from the complexities of the day-to-day routine, and take a little break. This helps you return much more refreshed and pumped up to tackle life. 

If you are an RV owner, then you understand how difficult it is to come across the perfect RV park. However, the state of Arizona seems to be the hub of many beautiful RV parks. The warm, toasty weather and stunning landscapes make it the chief location for RV owners to enjoy their time to the fullest. This is particularly true if you are running away to seek solace from the cold weather and high precipitation for a while. 

The process of researching and finalizing an RV park is excruciating. Therefore, we have made it easy for you. We have discussed the top RV parks in Arizona with all the relevant information you need, so you no longer have to struggle with it. 

Why Arizona is Such a Great Place to RV

The first question which may have popped into your mind upon reading this must be, what makes Arizona so special? Why are we praising it so much and what does it have to offer? To answer all of the questions, here are a few great things that make Arizona the ideal state for RVing. 


A major reason why Arizona is such a popular and much-loved tourist attraction is the desert-like climate conditions it offers. This is a big reason why people find it the perfect place for RVing. Throughout the year, Arizona is one of the few states which remains comparatively warm. It doesn’t have a ton of precipitation and is the perfect place to beat the harsh winters. Thus, its weather conditions are ideal all around the year.

Stunning Landscapes

Arizona is a southwestern U.S. state and is home to some of the most beautiful mountains, plateaus, and landscapes in the world. It is a place with a very strong historical influence, which enhances its beauty ten-fold. A major tourist attraction is the world-famous Grand Canyon National Park. It is home to many beautiful mountain ranges and forests, which simply leave one feeling dwarfed by their surroundings. 

Something for Everyone

Another great reason why people prefer Arizona as such a great location for RVing is its ability to cater to everyone’s interests in one way or another. You will find great spots to explore with your RV if you are a fan of greenery and nature. Similarly, if you have a liking for sightseeing, there are multiple locations offering birdwatching facilities and a sanctuary for as many as 290 different bird varieties. 

Review of the Best RV Parks in Arizona

We all know that Arizona is home to a great number of RV parks. This, however, makes it difficult for a person to decide which one to visit, as you can’t possibly visit them all. Thus, to relieve you of the extensive research that goes into the process of finding a great one, we have listed some of the best available options. 

1. Rancho Sedona RV Park

What we love

  • Facilities offered are clean and maintained
  • Management is incredibly hospitable and friendly
  • Conveniently located near restaurants, galleries, and shops
  • Features spacious sites that allow easy parking and personal privacy
  • Fun activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and trout fishing are offered

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This park has been a favorite of many and immediately caught our attention due to the following reasons:

Management and Service

A stand-out feature of this RV park is how well maintained it is. Cleanliness is a major consideration for its management. According to reviewers, everything, including the sites to the facilities offered was spotless. The grass was well-trimmed and the pool was regularly cleaned, too. The service is also phenomenal. The management team is incredibly considerate and useful. 

Amenities Offered

Free Wi-Fi, as well as cable TV, is just the tip of the iceberg. This park offers incredibly adventurous and fun activities, such as mountain biking, hiking, and trout fishing, which are fun to engage in. Plus, the RV sites are very spacious, offering personal privacy and peace.

Location and Environment

This park is located in the heart of the town and is surrounded by cottonwood trees and the Grand Sycamore. Situated next to Oak Creek, it is conveniently located within walking distance to many galleries, shops, and restaurants. 

2. Blake Ranch RV Park & Horse Motel

What we love

  • Wi-Fi connectivity is available
  • Has a store, which is a great last-minute shopping solution
  • Offers private showers and bathroom with excellent cleanliness
  • Features laundry facilities which are extremely modern and well-equipped
  • Has a recreational room with a kitchen and tables that allow visitors to sit down with friends

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This RV park caught our attention due to multiple reasons. Let’s take a look at them:

Amenities Offered

When it comes to convenience, this RV park is hard to beat. Not only is it amazing for pet owners, but it is also highly suitable for families with kids, as it offers a dedicated pet area and a playground for kids. The recreational room is a great facility to sit and chat with friends while having a good meal. The in-park store is highly convenient as well for any last moment purchases.


This park is conveniently located east of Kingman. You can pay for a visit to the old ghost towns of Oatman and Chloride, as they are some of the major tourist attractions. These towns are a depiction of classic, western heritage. Furthermore, there are many beautiful mountains and lakes located near Kingman.

Management and Service

A major concern for people is the cleanliness of the place and the services offered. Fortunately, this park is highly reliable in both of those regards. The management team is very friendly and considerate. Furthermore, it is regularly cleaned and has very high standards for hygiene and cleanliness, which is a relief.

3. Grand Canyon Railway RV Park

What we love

  • RV sites are incredibly spacious and allow privacy
  • Laundry facilities are up-to-date and very well-equipped
  • Has shades during the day and is well-lit during the night
  • Has an in-park store, which is the perfect solution for last-minute shopping
  • Features basketball and volleyball courts to keep you busy

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

There are a ton of tourist attractions in Arizona. However, this is the most famous one, which is why it stood out to us. It has many good features to offer, such as:


The RV sites are big and spacious, allowing one to get maximum privacy. Furthermore, basic necessities such as electricity, water, etc. are readily available. It offers free Wi-Fi connectivity and an incredibly modern and well-equipped laundry room. All of this contributes to maximum user comfort.

Management and Service

The management team of the park deserves applause for being incredibly hospitable and helpful. The service offered is, therefore, great. The park is very well-maintained with beautiful greenery and great internal roads that are easy to navigate. Cleanliness is also a major plus point, as the park is kept incredibly clean and hygienic.


It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and well-maintained greenery. It is known as the gateway to the Grand Canyon. You can take a train ride to the world-famous Grand Canyon and be dwarfed by how huge and beautiful it is. Furthermore, you can take a short walk to downtown where you’ll see multiple souvenir shops, restaurants, and other minor attractions.

4. Meteor Crater RV Park

What we love

  • Personalized showers and bathrooms for consumers
  • Incredibly inclusive, as it offers handicapped facilities, as well
  • Offers Wi-Fi access and a convenience shop for easy shopping
  • Offers a highly convenient base camp to enable day trips to nearby towns
  • Both pet and child-friendly, as it offers a large and open space for them to play

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Here are a few things about this park, which stood out to us:

Highly Convenient Location

Convenience is a major aspect when planning a trip to an RV park. Fortunately, this park delivers what is expected from it. Firstly, it is great for both pets and children, as it is incredibly spacious, allowing them to run and exert their energy to the fullest. Moreover, it has personalized showers and bathrooms that enable privacy. Furthermore, it has an in-park convenience store, which is perfect for any last-minute purchases you may have forgotten.

Amenities Offered

There is a state-of-the-art laundry room that is well-equipped with all you might need. Furthermore, this park has easy internet connectivity with excellent signals. It offers a base camp for those of you who would like to explore the nearby towns. More so, there is a recreational room offered, as well.

Management and Added Benefits

This park has a discovery center that combines fun and knowledge to give one an impeccable experience. You can learn about meteors, asteroids, mechanics, etc. Furthermore, a very exciting movie is shown at the theater present here to keep visitors busy. The park is in immaculate condition and is very well-managed.

5. Willcox/Cochise, AZ KOA

What we love

  • Wi-Fi connectivity is available and offers great signal
  • Restroom facility is clean and spacious for user-comfort
  • All the RV sites are constructed from gravel and are leveled
  • Incredibly hospitable environment with a friendly management team
  • Convenience store is equipped for camping paraphernalia, as well as other supplies

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Here are a few reasons why this park stands out to us:


The maintenance of an RV park is crucial, as it majorly affects the experience you have. Fortunately, this is one of the most well-maintained parks in Arizona. The gravel sites are leveled and neat, and the greenery is looked after. Shower and restroom facilities are immaculate, as well.

Amenities Available

Firstly, it offers great Wi-Fi facilities, which isn’t a strong suit for many RV parks. More so, it offers multiple activities to provide entertainment such as the open pool, hot tub/sauna, and a dog park that makes it ideal for pet owners, as well. Furthermore, the convenience store carries other supplies, as well as camping paraphernalia for consumer ease.


This park might not be the most affordable one out there, but the offered services are worth investing in. The managing team is friendly and takes user-convenience into account. Furthermore, the management team keeps updating and improving the service and condition of the park, while taking consumer complaints into account.

6. Eagle View RV Resort

What we love

  • Management team was hospitable and very friendly
  • Featured fitness rooms are state-of-the-art and modern
  • Conveniently located to provide a stunning view of the desert landscapes
  • Activities such as badminton and pickleball, basketball, etc. are also available
  • Clubhouse is equipped with HD TV, pool table, computer room, and library to offer endless entertainment

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Here are a few things about this park which make it different from others:


The utmost concern of anyone who plans an RV trip to a park is whether or not the place is well-maintained. This park is incredibly well-maintained. All restrooms, laundry rooms, play areas, etc. are spotless and immaculately clean for user comfort and convenience. Furthermore, the staff is incredibly well-behaved and friendly.

Basic Amenities

This park comes with accessible shower areas that are clean and hygienic. Moreover, it has an excellent mechanism for waste and water disposal and free phone jacks for each site. Furthermore, coffee, juice, and pastries are served every morning for breakfast.

Entertainment and Activities

This park offers many incredibly engaging and fun entertainment activities for visitors. The clubhouse is equipped with an HD TV, library, computer room, and a pool table. Furthermore, it has a state-of-the-art fitness club, as well. Cable TV and Wi-Fi access are readily available.

7. Tombstone RV Park and Campground

What we love

  • Propane and Wi-Fi available on sites
  • Modern and well-equipped laundry facilities
  • Water and waste disposal mechanisms are incredible
  • Pull-through sites are incredibly spacious and leveled
  • Dedicated pet area, which makes it highly convenient for pet owners

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Here are a few reasons why this park is one of the best in Arizona:


This park features camping cabins and cowboy suites to provide the utmost comfort to those who are camping. Furthermore, it is well-equipped and has modern laundry facilities. More so, restrooms and hot showers are also available.


People are highly appreciative of how clean and convenient this park is for the audience. restrooms, showers, etc. are immaculate. They are regularly cleaned to ensure the utmost cleanliness and hygiene.


The park is located just a few miles away from many beautiful tourist sites such as the Tombstone, Saguaro National Park, Old Tucson Studios, etc., which makes it the ideal location for those who like to explore and take day trips. The park is also ideal to camp at, as it has campfire rings.

8. Desert Trails RV Park

What we love

  • Staff is incredibly helpful and friendly
  • They even do weekly bicycling trips to mountains
  • Has multiple recycling programs in place to reduce waste
  • Four dedicated laundry buildings, which are well-equipped
  • Pet-friendly as it features two dog runs and two dog washes

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This park stands out to us for multiple reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of them:


This park features four dedicated laundry buildings, a three-room library, four Bocce ball courts, and much more. All of the available facilities are well-equipped and state-of-the-art for maximum user convenience.


All of the facilities offered in this park are incredibly well-maintained and equipped. It features many hiking trails, which are a dream come true for any hiking enthusiast. The managing team and fellow RV owners are also very friendly.


This park is surrounded by beautiful mountains and desert landscapes, which is why it is such a popular tourist attraction. Furthermore, it has multiple stunning cactus gardens that enhance its beauty and allow the park to appear natural and fresh.

9. Mountain View RV Park

What we love

  • Spacious sites with peace, quiet, and privacy
  • Features a solar-heated swimming pool which is open year-around for access
  • Sites are well lit, even during the night and have shades during the day
  • Well-maintained sites with neatly cut grass and a pleasant environment
  • Basic necessities such as electricity, laundry, water, and even W-Fi are readily available

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This park caught our attention immediately due to multiple reasons. Some of these include:


It is located in an area that overlooks beautiful mountain ranges, leaving one mesmerized with nature. There are restaurants, laundries, and related outlets available for the ease of consumers. The internal roads are gravel, yet are very easy to take turns on and navigate.


The overall environment of the place is incredibly pleasant and soothing. The RV sites are large and spacious, allowing one to enjoy their peace and privacy. The management responsible for taking care of the park is incredibly friendly and useful. The place is neat and clean with great hygiene. The grass is cut and cleaned to perfection and there are trees all over the park, as well, making the air really fresh.

Activities Available

This park features a wide array of activities that make the trip you have a memorable experience. It has a solar-heated, year-round swimming pool. Furthermore, it has all the necessities, such as electricity, water, and a clean and hygienic environment readily available. The featured Wi-Fi has a good signal capacity.

10. Havasu Falls RV Resort

What we love

  • Has wireless internet available with great speed
  • Parking is no issue, as it has multiple parking spaces
  • Featured open swimming pool is big with an optimal temperature
  • Overall environment is incredibly hospitable and the management is helpful
  • Scheduled group activities, clubhouse, and outdoor patio offer an array of entertainment for visitors

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This park caught our attention due to multiple reasons. Let’s take a look at a few which make it exceptional:

Service and Management

Cleanliness and hygiene are incredibly important aspects to consider when it comes to spending time in an RV park. Fortunately, this one is very well managed and offers a very clean and healthy environment. It is looked after and cleaned regularly. Furthermore, the management is very easy to communicate with and promises great customer care.

Amenities and Benefits Offered

There is a wide array of activities this park offers, so you are able to enjoy yourself fully. It has a year-round heated pool, which is huge, and at the perfect temperature. There’s also a clubhouse and an outdoor patio. Furthermore, Wi-Fi connectivity is also available and at a great speed.


For a lot of people, the reason why they want to go RVing is to get away from the hustle and bustle and fast-paced life in the city. This park is very conveniently located on the highway, which allows it to have little to no noise pollution. Furthermore, it overlooks the beautiful Lake Havasu that encourages one to visit it more often.

Final Thoughts Before RVing in Arizona

Perfectly warm weather, breathtakingly beautiful locations, and a whole lot of fun activities to do, there is simply no place better than Arizona, when it comes to RVing. At times, it can be simply breathtaking to witness the beauty it has to offer and having a road trip, which results in camping or birdwatching, just cannot be substituted by anything. 

However, given the many available parks, it is painstakingly difficult to narrow your choices down and plan a trip. Thus, this post was aimed at helping you find the perfect RV park by providing all the relevant information so you don’t have to go through the extensive research process yourself. Hopefully, you have benefited from this post and are on your way to the RV park of your preference for a great trip. 

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