Top 5 Vintage Travel Trailer Manufacturers

| Last Updated: August 23, 2020

If you're planning a short road trip or a camping expedition this summer, then you will need lots of pro tips! In this article, we will tell you about one of the best ways to make your road trips and camping the most memorable ever- vintage travel trailers! Now the big question is, which vintage travel trailer manufacturer to trust?

We have a list of various vintage trailer manufacturers who have been in the industry for a long time. These include Aero Flite, Shasta Airflyte, and Vintage Airstream. Their trailers are world-famous and are trusted and used by all travel enthusiasts. Let's look at their unique features and selling points.

1. Red is rad - 1947 Aero Flite

Aero Flite travel trailers are claimed to be the finest ones in America. The company manufactured about 120 travel trailers in years 1947 and 1948, and only about 20 of them are still usable today. The history of this company is rich and has therefore established strong grounds in the US and all around the world too.

The red is rad trailer is one of their vintage collections. The trailer has a unique and attractive design featuring a reflecting silver body complemented by red stripes and patterns here and there. Moreover, Aero Flite is one of the very few vintage travel trailer manufacturers that include intelligent and functional features such as excellent ventilation system in their vehicles.

The vintage trailers by Aero Flite also feature a kerosene heater, measures 20 feet in length and also comes with an icebox. These features will ensure a fun and a comfortable traveling experience. There may be some restoration needed since the company made these vintage trailers almost 7 decades ago.

2. Hit the Road with this Beige Beauty - 1961 Shasta Airflyte

If you are looking for a cool, artistic yet vintage travel trailer, then this Beige Beauty is the one for you. The trailer has a simple and beautiful combination of beige and white that will turn heads towards you.

This beautiful travel trailer is manufactured by Shasta Airflyte. The best part about this company is that their vintage trailers are just as functional in today's technologically advanced world. They have revamped their travel trailers to make it functional for today's use.

The 1961 Shasta travel trailer was redesigned and replicated by the company in 2015. The company has been in the travel trailer business since 1941 and has therefore completed over 75 years of services. Primarily, their trailers were to be used by the members of the US armed forces. 

3. Cute and Sleek - Vintage Airstream

Don't think you can find a cute and sleek vintage travel trailer? Then you might be wrong because this Vintage Airstream travel trailer might be the one! The best part about Airstream travel trailer manufacturers is that they still continue to produce some of the best retro trailers. Starting from simple canvas tents on wheels, Airstream has been manufacturing the cutest and retro trailers since 1932.

The best part about using their unique and sleek vintage travel trailers is that they will be functional and beneficial today as well. They are the first vintage travel trailers that feature a proper toilet system and a water heating system too! 

4. Escape the City With This Cool Trailer - 1959 Dalton

A smaller travel trailer only means more convenience and comfort. Therefore, this 1959 Dalton travel trailer will totally satisfy your aesthetics while also providing complete comfort.

Dalton and Company is a travel trailer manufacturer, who now provides trailer services for events and special occasions. Their vintage travel trailers are not only the best option for traveling and camping but can also help you have some of the coolest parties too!

So, if you are a group of upbeat people who want to explore the city in an equally upbeat vintage trailer, this should do the job for you. Other than this 1959 vintage trailer, Dalton continues to provide outstanding trailer services that still give off the vintage vibe.

5. Small Yet Functional - 1964 Astroflyte Shasta

Don't let the small size of the 1964 Astroflyte Shasta put you down. This vintage trailer is the actual representation of the saying "big surprises in a small package!" The vintage trailer is manufactured by Astroflyte Shasta and is best for couples who travel frequently.

Its small size will make it easy for your main vehicle to carry it. However, the small and compact size does not mean less room to have fun.

Since it is a vintage trailer, it does not feature a shower and a heater like the newer ones. However, you can still find it in many places across the US and have it revamped according to your needs. Travel in style with this small and sleek, two-toned vintage travel trailer.


There are several vintage travel trailer manufacturers that have made some of the most iconic travel trailers in all of US. However, sadly enough, there are not many that still operate and manufacture similar trailers. Very few of these vintage manufacturers still have their vintage icons in good condition. Regardless, these can be fun for your traveling experience and should definitely be on your bucket list!

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