Best Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs

| Last Updated: August 3, 2022

Are you looking for a great camper but don't want to break the bank? Check out these amazing travel trailers that are all under 5000 lbs!

These trailers are perfect for weekend getaways or longer road trips. They are lightweight and easy to tow, so you can take them just about anywhere. And, they come packed with features and amenities that will make your trip enjoyable and comfortable.

In this article, we've reviewed and offer our expertise on a few different sized travel trailers, but they're all under 5000lbs. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing through these trailers and find the perfect one for your next adventure!

Review of the Best Travel Trailers Under 5000Lbs

You are looking for the best, right? Well, the good news is that you are in the right place. In this section, we will be displaying some of the best travel trailers under 5000Lbs. These are listed based on their specifications.

Best Overall Travel trailer Under 5000 Lbs
Grand Design Transcend Xplor 187MK

best travel trailer under 5000 lbs

What we love

  • SOlar power inlet
  • High capacity water tank
  • Walk on roof
  • Solid Core Cabinet Stiles
  • Walk-in shower

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Number of Floorplans: 13
  • Length: 24' 11'
  • Height: 11 ft
  • Weight: 4796 lbs

Our Review

Grand Design is one of the most well-known travel trailer brands, and this, and most consumers have fallen in love with their high-quality campers. The Transcend Xplor 187MK is an excellent choice for couple or small families due to its sleeping capacity of up to four people and a plethora of fantastic features.

There are 13 floorplans for the Xplor, but only one is under 5000 lbs. We adore the modern furniture, solid hardwood drawer fronts, ball bearing full extension drawer glides, and attention to detail throughout.

A comfy queen bed with double drawer storage underneath is positioned in the front of the camper. We appreciate the tapered overhead storage unit, which is ideal for keeping all of your stuff organized.

The dinette is located in a slideout, which opens up the living space and gives you more room to live inside the camper. It also converts into a double bed for those travelling with the kids or friends.

This also has one of the biggest bathrooms we've seen in travel trailers under 5000 lbs. A spacious walk-in shower with skylight, toilet, sink, and even counter space is featured in this superb bathroom.

Grand Design is definitely one of the leading travel trailer brands, and we really like this one. It has everything a couple or small family would need for road trips.

Runner Up:
Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite

Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite

What we love

  • Durable with Aluma-Cage construction
  • Large booth size with U-shaped dinette
  • Has a laminated aluminum framed floor
  • Features an attractive Pewter Maple cabinetrys
  • Comes with a number of standard accessories and amenities

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Number of Floorplans: 15
  • Length: 25’ 4’’
  • Width: 90’’
  • Weight: 4363lbs

Our Review

We can term this as a truly luxurious and beautiful travel trailer for your needs and wants. Perfectly designed to give you a next-level experience of living in a furnished and lavish home setting, this is all you need for that home from feeling.

This is, by far, one of the most reliable and comfortable travel trailers. It is also quite attractive with its interior décor and poplar cabinetry, and the 68 inch residential sofa is something to look forward to after a long day's trekking.

The master bedroom boasts a queen sized bed, with passthrough storage space either side of the bed. The bedroom is very spacious, and is somewhere you'd really enjoy a good night sleep.

The floorplan is all open, and tyhe main area boasts a slideout which houses a large u-shaped dinette during the day, and for anyone traveling with a small family or group of friends, this converts into a double at night.

The bathroom is also very big, with a large walk in shower and all the trimmings you'd expect from a high quality trailer. There's also an indoor and outdoor kitchen, so you get to enjoy the best of the weather as and when you choose.

A Travel Trailer with a Difference:
Timberleaf Classic Teardrop

A Travel Trailer with a Difference: Timberleaf Classic Teardrop

What we love

  • Available in numerous colors
  • Has enamel-baked aluminum sidings
  • Very lightweight, weighs only 1500lbs
  • Easy to transport from one place to another
  • Features a fully insulated cabin against wind, heat, and cold

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 2 
  • Number of Floorplans: 1
  • Weight: 1500lbs

Our Review

Ok, so this travel trailer comes well under 5000 lbs, but we wanted to offer you a few different sizes. We wouldn't be hyperbolising if we said that it is one of the best travel trailers on the market. It is, without a doubt, eye-catching and gives you that perfect base for those short weekends away.

It features a small design that looks very attractive and cool at first sight. This item features a lightweight design and weighs only 1500 pounds. This will allow you to tow it pretty much with any vehicle and you'll get to off road areas where the bigger trailers can't manage.

This trailer comes in a number of colors, which are all very attractive and eye catching. it's not just about the aesthetics, though, because this trailer has a fully insulated cabin that protects you against wind, heat, and cold.

That’s not all. It has a durable construction with enamel-baked aluminum sidings for longevity, so you'll be getting a trailer that's durable and can take a knock or two. An important feature for the real adventure seekers.

If you seek a compact design and lightweight travel trailer, then consider buying this one. It is the perfect travel companion on your road trips or remote expeditions.

Travel Trailer Built to Last:
Taxa Cricket

A Travel Trailer with a Difference- Timberleaf Classic Teardrop

What we love

  • Pop-up roof for effective ventilation
  • Easily towable by 4-cylinder vehicles
  • Can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children
  • Lightweight design with only 1732lbs weight
  • Has excess under-bed storage and pop-up table

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 2 to 4
  • Number of Floorplans: 1
  • Length: 15’
  • Width: 6’7’’
  • Weight: 1732lbs

Our Review

Another smaller trailer that we think is well worthy of a mention. This is one of the best travel trailers available on the market, and boasts a unique NASA-inspired design that makes it an eye-catching sensation. What’s more attractive, however, is the features that it delivers.

This travel trailer features a compact design and a lightweight body that weighs only 1732 pounds. It means that it can be easily towed using any 4-cylinder vehicle, and you'll be able to reach parts of the world, bigger trailers cannot.

This might look like a small camper, and it is. But, the Cricket has sleeping room for two adults and up to two children. There's a full bed with ample under-bed storage that transforms into a dinette for comfortable lounging in a secure interior space.

There's an optional 5,000 BTU Air Conditioner to keep you comfortable in any weather conditions, and for such a small camper the kitchen area is pleasantly spacious. The trailer boasts a large kitchen counter with a two burner stove and covered sink for easy prepping and cooking.

All in all, it is a superb travel trailer that offers more than a conventional unit. It is composed of some very useful features paired with a unique design. Consequently, it offers you a comfortable and reliable experience every time.

Editor's Pick:
Vintage Cruiser 23MBS

Vintage Cruiser 23MBS travel trailer under 5000 lbs

What we love

  • Wood Estate Wagon Interior Decor and Exterior Graphics
  • 3-Burner Range w/Oven
  • Bluetooth Home Theater Stereo w/Speakers
  • Prewired for Roof Air Conditioner
  • 6 Gal DSI Gas/Electric Water Heater 

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Number of Floorplans: 14
  • Length: 26 ft 1 in
  • Width: 7 ft 6 in
  • Weight: 4486 lbs

Our Review

A retro travel trailer with timeless appeal - The Vintage Cruiser 23MBS could be for you if you want a vintage look in a new, modern travel trailer!

There are 14 floorplans for the Cruiser 23MBS travel trailer and each one is under 5000 lbs. Each one offering something different but with the classy appeal of Vintage Cruiser travel trailers.

The living area is what makes this trailer stand out. There's a little slide in the travel trailer that opens up the interior space and gives you more room to walk about in the camper. A huge window may be seen within the slide, which forms a U-shaped dinette with ample storage beneath. Under-seat storage is available on all sides of the table.

On the large murphy bed, which has a closet on either side, you'll be comfy. We adore the closets' light-colored wood cabinetry and other storage spaces in the travel trailer's mobile home.

In the kitchen, you'll appreciate the huge refrigerator and large fridege/freezer. The pantry is ideal for keeping dishes and dry foods and is conveniently located across from the refrigerator. The kitchen includes a double sink, stovetop, oven, and microwave.

The decorating style of this camper is all about flair, and you'll appreciate the style and ambience of it. It has a vintage caravan feel to it, and something you'll love spending time in.

Pros and Cons of a Travel Trailer Under 5,000 lbs

The most obvious advantage of owning travel trailers under 5,000 pounds is that they may be towed by smaller cars - there's no need to buy or maintain a vehicle specifically for camping. Simply find a nice SUV as a daily driver and use it to tow your RV on weekends. But there are many more advantages, so let's take a look...

More Camping Options

Many RV parks only provide small sites, preventing bigger vehicles from fitting in. Of course, finding parking spots along your route will be easier in a smaller vehicle.

Improved Gas Mileage

Towing a smaller trailer won't guzzle the all expensive gas as it will when towing a fifth wheel or large luxury travel trailer would. This means you save some money that can instead be used on having more adventures.

More Spacious

Of course it depends what you're comparing it to, but a travel trailer that comes in just under 5000 lbs will be larger and have more liveable space than smaller units that are 2000- or 3000lbs.

Great Floor Plans

Travel trailers under 5000 lbs usually offer a wider variety of floorplans than their smaller trailers. Whether it's because there's more room to design or more features to add, we're not sure, but you will get a good choice of floorplans with this size camper.


Sometimes, there are several queries that people have in mind. In order to address those, we have formulated some frequently asked questions. These questions would make sure that you have a reliable and flawless experience. We have listed these to provide you with maximum convenience and save you precious time and money.

What Vehicle Do I Need to Tow a Travel Trailer That’s 5000Lbs? 

5000 pounds of weight requires quite a lot of power to move from one place to another. If you own a travel trailer that has a 5000-lbs of weight, you’d need a powerful vehicle to transport it. Ideally, you would need a compact truck with a towing capacity of more than 5000lbs to effectively transport it.

What Size Ball Do I Need For a 5000Lbs Travel Trailer?

One of the most commonly used size balls for a 5000lbs travel trailer is a hitch ball. Typically, a 2-inch to 2-5/16-inch ball rating would be ideal. It would serve as the perfect match and provide you with maximum comfort and reliability.

Travel Trailers Under 5000 Lbs

Purchasing the right fit for yourself can be a challenge, especially if there are tons of models and designs in the market.

We recommend all of the above trailers and have actually spent time in them to get to know the feel of them. But of course, a travel trailer under 5000 lbs is starting to get pricey, so make sure you do your due diligence before buying.

That said, once you get your camper, we're sure it will make your every road trip much better. Happy camping!

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