Best RV Shower Heads – Complete Review

| Last Updated: May 10, 2022

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a warm shower after a hard days work. It’s a shame that many RV owners have to sacrifice such a luxury when they get on the road due to a cheap plastic shower head.

Well, what if this wasn’t the case? What if we could help you find the perfect shower head in minutes?

We have everything you need to know in the review below.

Comparison of the Best RV Shower Heads 

  • Durable ABS engineering-grade plastic makes this unit the best overall shower head on our list
  • Silicone rubber jet nozzles prevent minerals from building up
  • Steel hose is designed with solid brass connection fittings
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  • Five spray settings make this shower head the runner-up on our list
  • Rubber finger grips prevent the unit from dropping or slipping
  • Comfort control lever can be used to adjust shower pressure quickly
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  • Designed with powerful Oxygenic setting to amplify water pressure, this is the best Oxygenics RV shower head
  • Pressure limits and tank size help achieve maximum performance
  • Non-stick internal parts prevent clogging and mineral build-up
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  • Heavy-duty, robust ABS plastic makes this the best RV shower head with on/off switch
  • Removable restrictor allows you to boost GPMs for higher water pressure
  • Self-cleaning nozzles prevent the buildup of calcium
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  • Featuring powerful spray shooting, the PIH is the best high-pressure RV shower head
  • The unit has 2XP Turbo-charging by using the water conservation working principle
  • An adjustable bracket and flexible hose is also included
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  • Specially designed for the RV's outdoor shower area, this unit is the best RV outdoor shower head
  • The high-flow head has an on-off switch, which helps conserve water
  • This model is very easy to install
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  • This model is designed with an on/off, trickle shutoff function, making it the best RV water saver shower head
  • Lead-free, spin-welded brass underbody ensures durability
  • A lifetime warranty is included with the shower head
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How Does an RV Shower Head Work? 

Your RV shower head is similar to the ones you’d find in your regular household washrooms. The primary difference between the two is the amount of water being consumed. Compared to regular shower heads, one for RV consumes less water because of its pressurized feature. This feature helps ensure that your RV shower head provides you the right amount of water. This way, you can enjoy a relaxing shower without wasting too much water. 

The most common feature that every RV shower head has is a shut-off valve that makes it easy to conserve water. The main reason why people love these shower heads is that they feature such a design that allows them to supply an adequate water flow. You can easily rinse your body while making sure that you don’t waste water. 

How to Choose an RV Shower Head

Choosing a shower head for your RV is surprisingly meticulous but important, like all good gadgets out there, there is a list of key features that make up a reliable product. In the case of RV shower heads, you should take into account the water consumption (GPM), water pressure, whether it’s durable and if the shower head is long-lasting.

Water Consumption (Gallons Per Minute)

Having to rely on just your water tank while on the road can be a pain, especially when you’re showering with a cheap, non-efficient shower head. Using a campsites water supply isn’t always going to be the case, and you will eventually need to invest in a shower head that possesses a low GPM. Being able to conserve this water and still be able to enjoy your shower will go a long way when traveling. It’s recommended that you purchase a shower head that offers you a GPM flow of 2.0 or less.

YOO.MEE High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

Water Pressure

Connecting to a water tank at a campsite means a decent water pressure, when you are on the road, having to rely on your own is a different story. You want to find a shower head that can offer you decent water pressure, like we previously discussed, most decent shower heads will provide a low GPM but will add air to the water stream to give it that extra boost in pressure.


Being made from the right materials means that shower heads can be easily cleaned and cared for, resulting in not having to fork out dollar after dollar for a new shower head every few weeks. Shower heads breaking easily is a problem and usually only happens when dirt and grime can’t be cleaned. Many silicon lined shower heads can be cleaned extremely easy.

Review of the Best RV Shower Heads

Let’s talk details. This is where you will get a comprehensive review of the best shower heads currently on the market. We want to help guide you on the right path in buying the best shower head for you and your RV.

Best Overall:
YOO.MEE High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray against Low Pressure Water Supply Pipeline, Multi-functions, w/ 79'' Hose, Bracket, Flow Regulator, Brushed Nickel Finish


  • Easy to clean
  • Decent water pressure
  • Limits the amount of grime
  • Made from durable materials


  • GPM is over the recommended 2.0 rate

This shower head is the best quality product on the market at the moment, it offers a range of benefits, one of the most important being decent water pressure. Any low-pressure pipe is no match for this shower head. The shower head has a decent ability to conserve water with its 2XP charger. The GPM on this model is 2.5.

Durability is a key feature, and it's safe to say this product will be worth the investment, it features a silicone and rubber nozzle which helps limit the build-up of any dirt or grime if this does ever become a problem, its easily just wiped away with a cloth.

The high strength and heat resistant plastic used for this shower head along with the stainless steel hose and solid brass fittings is another reason why this product will survive the test of time. This unit also comes with a water flow regulator and a 12-month warranty.

Bottom Line

This shower heads ability to fix the weak water pressure coming from the pipes is a huge advantage, it fixes one of the biggest problems faced by RV owners. Having been made from durable materials with a few resistant features make it a huge plus and will definitely save you money in the long-run, the silicone and rubber nozzles make cleaning the shower head fast and easy.

The only downside to using this product is that the gallons per minute rate is 2.5 and the recommended level is 2.0 GPM, it’s not a huge difference in water consumption. However, you will need to conserve as much water as possible when on the open road.

Oxygenics Fury RV Shower Head

Oxygenics 92481 Fury Hand Held Sprayer Kit Brushed Nickel


  • 72-inch hose
  • Flow control
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Five different spray settings


  • Made from low-grade plastic

A close second place, this shower head comes along with an array of extensions. A non-slip rubber grip which makes it easy to handle the product when the shower head is wet. Easy-Use flow control is also included and can be slowed down for when you are grabbing things like shampoo or applying body wash. With the 72-inch hose, it’s clear that you will be able to get to all those more awkward areas.

A unique part about this shower head is the patented engine, the way it works is by infusing water with oxygen that greatly boosts the water pressure without emptying your water tank within five minutes. The water pressure can be changed to five separate levels.

Bottom Line

It's clear why this shower head is the runner up and not sitting at the top spot. The many benefits of the 72-inch hose and non-slip rubber grip are great and give you great value for money. The more unique features of this product such as the flow control and the five different spray settings are genius additions.

The downsides of this product are that its made from low-grade plastic, which as we all know can break easily, this might be more prevalent in RV’s as they do a lot of traveling. Many people will notice the shower doesn’t 100% fully shut off as you will still see a trickle of water, but this is to stop the water in the shower head heating up and scalding you when you turn it back on.

Best Oxygenics RV Shower Head:
ETL 26781 Oxygenics Hand Held Sprayer Kit

ETL 26781 White Body Spa Oxygenics Shower with 60' Hose


  • 2.0 GPM
  • No clogging
  • Easy installation
  • Amplifies water pressure without using extra water
  • Stops you from scalding yourself when first turned on


  • The mount part of the kit is easily broken

This shower head has a few decent features and undoubtedly the best in the range. Just like the previous review, this shower head mixes air and water to give you better water pressure by using their patented technology. This kit does come with an added mount, just in case the head doesn’t fit the current mount.

The shower head also comes with a comfort switch, allowing you to change between settings such as comfort and stimulating. This shower head comes with everything you need for an easy installation like washers and Teflon tape, all you’d really need is a screwdriver.

The water trickles out when turned off, but just like the previous unit, this is to stop the water from scalding you when turned back on as it might heat up in the shower head. All of the internal parts are non-stick which means no clogging and breakdowns.

Bottom Line

The easily installed shower head is top of its range, just like others from the same brand, it boosts water pressure by using its patented engine technology by mixing both air and water together. The decent water pressure doesn’t sacrifice any extra water as this shower head only goes through 2.0 GPM.

All of the internal parts and mechanisms are non-stick which stops any build-up of grime that clogs the insides. The only real problem is the mount that's provided with your kit. It’s known to break easily, most likely due to the cheap materials used.

Best RV Shower Head With On/Off Switch:
Aqua Elegante 6 Function Luxury Handheld Shower Head

6 Function Luxury Handheld Shower Head - Adjustable High Pressure Rainfall Spray With Removable Hand Held Rain Showerhead For The Bathroom, 2.5 GPM - Chrome


  • Durable plastic
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Covers your body equally
  • Unique six water flow settings


  • Doesn’t come with a wall mount or hose
  • Sacrifices GPM for boosted water pressure

This shower head is made from durable ABS plastic and rustproof stainless steel, the unique selling point for this unit is that it has six different water flow settings, gentle rain, saturating power blast, pulsating massage, water saving, and two mixed modes. 

It can also self-clean its nozzles of any grime or calcium build-up. There are 36 separate nozzles that all give you an equal blast and manages to cover all parts of your body meaning you don’t have to keep moving the shower head around. The installation is even quicker, all you need to do is twist it on to the current hose.

Bottom Line

The unique selling point of this product is that they have six different water flow settings, all with the aim of making it the most comfortable shower you’ve had, they want you to experience the same comfort just like you would at home.

Their objective of providing comfort most definitely has been completed, as well as making it a strong, durable unit, thanks to the high-grade ABS engineered plastic. The self-cleaning nozzles make it even easier to take care of, the grime doesn’t stand a chance and ensures that all 36 nozzles can flow water all over your body without having to move.

The only downsides to this shower head are that it doesn’t come with a wall mount or hose, so you either need to buy them or use the ones that came with the RV. The option to remove the flow regulator is somewhat of a good thing when you are using an external water source and can sacrifice more water. However, if you are using water from your own tank, that extra GPM could cost you in the long run. The mixed ratio of air to water shower heads are far better and work just as well.

Best High-Pressure RV Shower Head:
PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head

PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head Unit with Powerful Shower Spray w/Pause Setting, Multi-Functions, Bathroom Accessories w/ 59'' Hose, Bracket, Hose Clock


  • Easy installation
  • Comes as part of a kit
  • Patented water pressure technology
  • Three separate relaxation water settings


  • Hose is short

This shower head allows for a truly relaxing experience with its patented water pressure design that saves you a lot of water, these settings include high spray or air spray, two separate water conserving options that is a savior when you’re not connected to a water supply. The unit also gives you the option of setting the water flow/intensity, that again can save water in the long-run.

The shower head also comes as part of a kit, most of these products you would have to buy separately, products such as a 59-inch hose, Teflon tape, hose clock and a mounting bracket. Again, making the installation of your shower head incredibly easy. The product comes in three settings that make it an even more enjoyable shower, the pause button, pulse massage, and powerful shooting.

Bottom Line

The manufacturers understand that the main problems for RV owners are water conservation and water pressure, these two problems are interlinked. The shower head fixes the most significant issues with RV shower heads by creating and patenting their own water pressure technology that uses minimum water and still provides you with a decent blast with multiple settings.

The relaxation settings on the shower head also act as a unique selling point as not many competitors have this built in, being able to have the same quality shower, if not better as your home but in your RV is a game changer and this shower head truly makes this possible.

The only real downside to this product is that even though it has most of the things an RV owner needs, it can be a pain when the hose isn’t long enough to wash pets or even the harder to reach parts of your body. At only 59 inches, this hose is on the smaller end of its competitors.

Best RV Outdoor Shower Head:
Camco 44023 Outdoor Shower Head

Camco 44023 Outdoor Shower Head (White)


  • Easy clean
  • Five spray settings
  • Swiveling wall mount
  • On/off button saves water


  • Swivel might become loose over time
  • On/off switch might break

This shower head has a great swiveling wall mount that will allow you to adjust it accordingly. The rubber nozzles make it exceptionally easy to clean the device and limit the build-up of grime or other bacteria.

The on/off switch might seem like a simple addition to the shower head. However, this feature is designed to minimize water wastage when shampooing, etc. The five spray feature isn’t unique to this product, but it is a huge advantage to any shower head in terms of comfortability and luxury, the settings include things like "Gentle Massage" or "Strong Pressure."

Bottom Line

The five spray setting allows for a relaxing and custom shower experience. The spray setting feature isn’t unique to this model and can be found on plenty of other shower heads. The on/off button is a great way to conserve water as a lot can be wasted by just shampooing and leaving it running.

The swiveling wall mount allows you to find the perfect spot to wash. However, this could also start to become loose over time due to moisture, the same goes for the on/off switch, constant use could break this feature easily. Being able to clean the product should be made easy, and with the rubber nozzles, because of the material, it also limits the build-up of grime.

Best RV Water Saver Shower Head:
Phoenix PF276015 Handheld Shower

Phoenix PF276015 Single Function Handheld Shower, White


  • On/off switch
  • Trickle shut off feature
  • Saves a significant amount of water


  • Basic
  • May drip even when turned off

The main feature of this product is the on/off switch. It might seem underwhelming to learn that this is its most significant feature. However, the amount of water this could help you save when showering is phenomenal.

By merely just turning it off by the shower head and not the mains, you could shampoo, switch back on and all of your adjustments like temperature and pressure will just restart. There’s no point keeping the water running when you aren’t using it.

Another smaller feature for this product is the trickle shut off button. When switched off, the shower head will completely shut off, and it saves a lot on water consumption.

Bottom Line

This is undoubtedly a more basic type of shower head with a minimal amount of features. A lack of features might be a disadvantage, but it also means there’s less to mess up on. The features that it does have like an On/off button might be simple, but they save a ton of water.

The trickle shut off feature also keeps water from escaping when you aren’t using it, it might scald you when switched back on due to the water heating up in the shower head. The two simple features of this shower head are what make this the worthy winner of the best RV water saver shower head.

Best Camco RV Shower Head:
Camco 43712 RV Shower Head with On/Off Switch

Camco 43712 RV Shower Head with On/Off Switch (Off-White)


  • Easy clean
  • Does the job
  • Five flow settings
  • Combine comfort with water conservation


  • Basic
  • Lack of any unique features

This shower head comes with five different settings, one of which is the On/Off setting, straight off the bat we know its out to save you valuable water. The other settings include a gentle rain shower, heavy rain shower, massage rain shower and a massage spray. Combining water conservation and comfort.

The rubber tips allow for an easy clean and limit the build-up of any grime. The easy to install instructions are also included. The lack of features on this unit resembles that of the previous review. Although they don’t have many, the ones they do have work well and can’t be faulted.

Bottom Line

There is a lack of unique features about this product, the value that it does provide comes in the form of the flow settings and the water conservation. Like we said previously, the main selling point of this product is luxury mixed with being Eco-friendly.

This product can be easily cleaned as the face is made from rubber so any grime can be wiped with a cloth. Maybe the unique selling point of this product is that it does everything it promises because it doesn’t have much to mess up on.

Editor’s Pick:
Aqua Elegante 6 Function Shower Head Kit

6 Function Handheld Shower Head Kit - High Pressure, Removable Hand Held Showerhead With Hose & Mount And Adjustable Rainfall Spray, 2.5 GPM - Chrome


  • Very easy and quick to install
  • Offers six different spray mode settings
  • Shower head is constructed using heavy-duty ABS plastic
  • Doesn’t allow calcium deposit to buildup and affect the water flow
  • Has a removable flow limiter that allows you to adjust the water flow accordingly


  • In case you want an extension, you'd have to purchase it separately 

What Recent Buyers Report

Users prefer this shower head as it is a high-quality unit that, compared to other options, is far more convenient. It is easy to install and use, and it comes with a set of instructions as well. Moreover, it is a durable unit that offers a flexible fluid movement. The water pressure is excellent and is also adjustable, so you will definitely enjoy your shower for sure.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Aqua Elegante shower head is different from other options. It is made using a thick layer of ABS thermoplastic resin, which makes it a lot more robust. This is a high-pressure showerhead that is corrosion and rust-resistant and can even withstand any physical impact. Despite all those features, it is a lightweight unit that is very easy to handle, durable, and will last you a long time. 

Moreover, the Aqua Elegante does not clog up. It features self-cleaning nozzles that prevent any calcium buildup and does not disturb the water flow. This unit also comes with six different spray settings that allow you to adjust the water pressure, according to your requirements. It ensures to provide its users with a comfortable, long, and relaxing shower so that you can destress and feel fresh. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the Aqua Elegante shower head is a great option for you to consider. It provides the perfect spray setting that will definitely suit one’s personal preference. It can deal with hard water without affecting the water pressure. It also gives you full control over the water flow so that you may adjust it according to your liking. It is easy and quick to install and can be used without any issues. 

Best RV Hand Held Shower Head:
ETL 26781 Oxygenics Hand Held Sprayer Kit

ETL 26781 White Body Spa Oxygenics Shower with 60' Hose


  • 2.0 GPM
  • Handheld
  • 60-inch hose
  • Easy installation
  • Self-pressurizing


  • Does not have high pressure as other shower heads

This handheld shower head has patented technology that increases the oxygen in the water to make it feel more filling while still using the same GPM. The shower head also builds up its own pressure to combat any poor pressure pipes.

You can also adjust the comfort with controls like soft and stimulating. This shower head also comes as part of a kit that includes a 60-inch hose, wand holder, comfort regulator, washers, and Teflon tape. All the kit that you need to make an easy installation.

The water consumption for this model is 2.0 GPM, you will be able to save plenty of water with its own shut off valve, promising no leaks or trickles. A lifetime warranty is also included.

Bottom Line

This handheld, self-pressurizing shower head is the best of its brand. With a GPM of 2.0 and mixed air, the water spray on this unit will most likely save you water. The handle, as well as the 60-inch hose, makes it easy and comfortable to operate, being able to access all those harder to reach parts and even the smallest, most stubborn pets.

There is a downside to this self-pressurizing shower head and its that because it creates its own pressure within, it might not be as powerful as other units that merely boost the already low pressure of the shower pipes.

Best Ecocamel RV Shower Head:
Ecocamel Jetstorm Handheld Shower Head Wand

Ecocamel Jetstorm Handheld Shower Head Wand


  • Easy installation
  • Great reputation
  • Modern technology
  • Flow regulator - 2.0 GPM
  • Saves up to 50,000 liters per year


  • The aerated water can feel less effective

This shower head comes to us with a solid reputation within the market already, it gives you a full powered water flow and still manages to save you water. The modern technology mixes both air and water to keep the water consumption the same at all times yet provides exceptional water pressure.

No matter where you are, the built-in flow regulator ensures that you have consistent water pressure, the regulator allows a flow of 2.0 GPM and can save up to 50,000 liters of water per year. The easy installation means that you don’t need plumbers or a five-man crew to hook this unit onto your hose.

Bottom Line

This shower head comes from a reliable European brand that is currently trying to make its way into the US market. The modern technology that mixes water and air to help save water consumption along with the internal mechanisms that help build pressure within, to give you a semi-decent shower, all of this can save up to 50,000 liters of water per year. It’s simple to install, just unscrew the previous shower head and screw the new one in.

The only downside reported about this shower head is that because of the water to air ratio, the shower can feel less effective and doesn’t clean you as well.

When is it Time to Replace My RV Shower Head? 

Usually, new RVs come equipped with a shower head that would meet your requirements. However, at times, these units fail to provide you with a relaxing shower experience. Moreover, RV shower heads are often made using flimsy plastic, so they end up breaking very easily. A leak in your shower head hose could also end up affecting your water pressure, which could be quite a nuisance. 

Low water pressure affects the water coming out of the shower head and makes the showering process longer and frustrating. And you are unable to properly rinse off your body and hair.

Therefore, if you notice your shower head's water pressure decreasing or if it starts to break, know that it is time to replace it. 

Camco RV Shower Head vs. Oxygenics RV Shower Head - Comparison Overview 

If you’re thinking of getting an RV shower head for your unit, it is important that you know which one to opt for. There are many different types of RV shower heads available. However, you’d want to opt for a brand that is reputable and is known to offer efficient and good quality products. Therefore, we’ve drawn up some comparisons between two well-known brands: Camco and Oxygenics. 

The main difference between these two brands is that the latter specializes only in RV shower heads, whereas the former started off as a brand that sold RV antifreeze. Oxygenics makes use of such technologies that prevent the shower heads from clogging. 

Meanwhile, despite offering a vast variety of RV equipment, Camco shower heads are high-quality products. Both brands make sure to offer their customers high-quality, well-built units. 

How to Clean an RV Shower Head

For your RV shower head to function effectively, it is important that you regularly clean and unclog it. Doing so will help assure that the pressure of the water is high. Therefore, you’ll get to enjoy your shower. Here is what you need to do in order to clean your RV shower head. 

  1. Get a strong plastic bag. Opt for one that is big enough to fit the shower head properly. 

  2. Next, take about one-third cup of baking soda and add one cup of white vinegar in the bag. This will cause the baking soda and the vinegar to react and form bubbles, therefore, make sure to mix these two in the sink. 

3. Once mixed, these two ingredients will create a cleaning solution that you can now use. Take your shower head, place it inside the bag, and then using a rubber band, secure the bag over it.

4. Leave it in the plastic bag overnight. The next morning, remove the bag and then use water for removing the solution.

5. Make sure to let the water run for a minute or two before you use it. This will help improve the water pressure of your shower head and leave it clean and clog-free.

Benefits of Investing in a Great RV Shower Head

Many RV shower heads are made from cheap plastic materials, buying a more high-quality shower head could save you a lot of money, something made from high-grade plastic such as ABS.

If you bought a decent shower head, you’d be able to save on both money and water consumption. Many standard shower heads go through more than 2 GPM, but with something a bit more modern you could be saving up to 50,000 liters per year. This is a huge advantage when you have a limited water supply like being on the road. When you are connected to a campsite water supply, this isn’t a problem.

Comfort is what makes that journey much better. Modern shower heads give you a long list of features to choose from, and if installed in your RV you’ll soon be wanting one for your home. Features such as power blasts or gentle rain settings can make all the difference when comfort is sometimes lacking in other areas of RV life.

How to Change an RV Shower Head

Firstly, you want to unscrew the hose from the main body of the shower. Depending on whether your shower head came as part of a kit and has a new hose you will then want to assemble that, most of the time a new shower head can be screwed into the old hose.

You then want to unscrew the old mount and screw the new one in, this again is easy to do with just a screwdriver or drill. Some kits do include some sticky tape that you can use to mount it. However, the safest bet is just to use the screws.

Once everything is connected, just turn the water on at the mains, and you’re good to go.


To conclude the review, it’s clear that many modern-day shower heads share a great range of features such as preserving water for long journeys, being able to provide you with great comfort with their patented pressure technology. It’s clear that the standard RV shower head that isn’t good enough and you should definitely upgrade to a more modern version.

People Also Ask

There are a few pieces of jargon that a few people might not understand or even just want something explained in a little bit more detail, and this section is for exactly that. Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding RV shower heads.

Why is the Water Pressure So Low in My RV Shower Head?

Low water pressure in your shower head could be because of debris, sediments, and other minerals clogging the shower head. You should check your shower head and, in case of clogging, clean it to improve the water pressure. Also, look for leaks in your shower head hose as it can also affect the water pressure.

What is the Water Flow Rate of an RV Shower Head?

The flow rate is used to measure the amount of water coming out of the shower head per minute. This measurement is also known as gallons per minute. For your RV, you want the water flow rate to be less than 2.5 GPM, mainly because of how limited your water supply will be. It is better to opt for one that has a GPM of about 1.5 to 2.0. 

How to Turn On Shower Head in an RV

This mainly depends on the type of shower head you are using. However, in some RVs, you are provided with a lever that you turn to control the water pressure and a small knob to control the water temperature. Now to turn on your shower head, look at the tap you use to fill your RV tub. Pull the bottom bit of the tap down to turn on the RV shower head. 

Can You Use a Regular Shower Head in an RV?

Yes, a regular shower head can be used in an RV, although it is recommended that you opt for handheld units, as they offer you more features. Remember, choosing the right type of shower head will affect your showering experience.  

How Many Gallons Per Minute Does an RV Shower Use?

One great thing about using an RV shower is that it helps in saving water. A normal unit consumes about 3.8 gallons of water per minute, whereas an RV shower head consumes about two gallons of water per minute. This means that it uses less water, which is great as most RVs have a limited water supply. 

Aqua Elegante 6 Function Luxury Handheld Shower Head

How Do I Increase Water Pressure in My RV Shower?

Take your shower head and unscrew it from the pipe. Once done, put a seal ring in your hose and screw the shower head back on. This helps in increasing the shower pressure. Moreover, try cleaning your shower head. Once all the debris is removed, the water pressure will increase. 

Why Do RV Shower Heads Leak?

If you find your shower head leaking, then there are three possible reasons why it could be happening. A shower head usually leaks when it has been used for a long time. In such cases, you will have to replace your unit. A crack in your unit could also cause a leak. 

To detect the crack, all you have to do is run the water slowly through the unit. Shine a light through it and see where the crack is. For a closer inspection, take your unit out of the shower. 

Your shower head could also leak due to faulty or poor installation. When installing one, you need to use a plumber’s tape as it helps prevent the water from leaking. Reattach it once done.

Will I Save Water by Changing My Shower Head?

You will save water with most modern shower heads, up to 50,000 liters per year it is estimated that a person can save in water with an upgraded shower head. Most modern shower heads mix both water and air to mimic the same quality as a shower at home.

Will I Save Money by Installing a New Shower Head?

You will save money with most modern day shower heads, it could save you money in a few ways, firstly it could save you up to $400 per year on electricity and water. It can also save you money to buy a durable shower head made from sturdy materials. If your shower heads regularly break every few months due to cheap plastic, this could be costing you a lot in the long-run.

What is GPM?

GPM is an acronym of the term ‘Gallons Per Minute’ this is used as a unit of measurement of how many gallons your shower head uses every minute. The recommended rate is anything 2.0 GPM or below.

What is PSI?

PSI stands for ‘Pounds Per Square Inch’ it is a unit of measurement for pressure. In terms of RV shower heads the PSI of most low flow models sit at 80 PSI at which the shower head flows around 2.5 GPM.

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