Best RV Parks in Northern California – Top 10 Spots

| Last Updated: September 3, 2022

Looking for the best RV Parks in Northern California? With so many to choose from it can be difficult to get the right one, but fear not as we've reviewed some of the very best.

Camping at a park in your RV is a unique experience, and Northern California has some of the best parks in the country. Finding the best spot to camp and enjoy the campsite can help you kick back and relax, take in the nature around you, and maximize your RV adventure!

California is such a popular destination for RVers that the campground choices throughout the state are in abundance. We have shortlisted the best RV parks in Northern California to help save you time and make sure you don't stay at some dodgy park. So, with that said, let's get into it.

Why Northern California is Such a Great Place to RV

California – America’s most popular state – houses some of the best attractions in the country. Throughout the year, flocks of people rush into the state for the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood sign, or Yosemite National Park. But Northern California also offers terrific RV parks to unleash your adventurous side. So switch things up this time and go explore nature.

Varying Landscapes

Northern California is the most geographically diverse region in all of America. It has many different landscapes, from sandy beaches to snowy mountains and rivers flowing next to lush green forests. There are a wide variety of parks to choose from, based on your interests and hobbies. 


Although it gets a little chilly during the winters, it’s not unbearable in Northern California like it is in, say, New York. Even during the summers, most RV parks have various activities that allow you to beat the heat! Therefore, Northern California is an excellent region to RV throughout the year, and the weather is usually on the pleasant side. 

Activities and Things to Do 

As there are so many different landscapes in this region, there are a variety of activities, as well. You can go hiking up in the mountains or surfing in the ocean waves. From zip lining amongst the forest trees to rock climbing in the deserts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Review of the Best RV Parks in Northern California

You’ve got your RV and now you’re ready to live the great American dream. Where are you going to camp? That’s where we come in. Below we have offered our expertise on Northern California’s best RV parks with the best facilities and sceneries to make your experience enjoyable and convenient. 

1. Pioneer RV Park

Pioneer RV Park best rv park in northern california

What we love

  • Has ample electric services
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the park
  • Offers many different activities, including hiking and fishing
  • Has a beautiful scenic view, surrounded by mountains
  • Open all year, so visitors can camp whenever they get the chance

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Pioneer RV Park is one of the most popular RV sites in Northern California. Let’s go over what its best known for:

The Activities

Located amongst the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe, the park offers beautiful scenic views to help you kick back and relax. It provides not only great amenities and facilities to make your stay comfortable, but also has numerous activities for kids and adults alike. Some of these outdoor activities include fishing, hiking, and golf. There are also museums and little shops around. The park is open all year round, making it convenient for you to visit during your desired weather conditions. 

Convenience for Families

What we love is how convenient the park is for families, especially if you have young children. It offers free Wi-Fi facilities throughout the area and has neat restrooms and laundry rooms. The park has several “Big Rig” full hook-up pull-thrus with 20, 30, and 50-amp electric services to suit everyone’s needs. 

Customer Feedback

Visitors have had great things to say about the park. They find the owners of this Northern California RV park humble and kind and highly appreciate all the facilities and activities. The park is quite well-kept and cleanliness is maintained despite the number of people rushing to the place throughout the year. There’s plenty to engage the kids and the park is also pet-friendly. All in all, Pioneer RV Park is an excellent site for RVs and a great place to relax.

2. Mountain Gate RV Park

Mountain Gate RV Park in Northern California

What we love

  • Offers a group bonfire pit
  • Offers free parking and allows pets
  • Has a spa, swimming pools, and hot tubs
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the park and cable TV hook-ups
  • Has many recreational activities nearby, including a casino and various different kinds of water sports

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

The Mountain Gate RV Park offers one of the best, most luxurious experiences to its visitors. Here we’ve described just why:

Scenic Views

As locations go for RV parks in Northern California, this one is surrounded by multiple attractions such as Lake Shasta, Mount Shasta, Shasta Dam, Turtle Bay, Volcanic National Park, Burney Falls, etc. Visitors can enjoy quite a lot of activities and will have a lot to choose from to fuel their adventurous side. Whether you like fishing or hiking or just to sit back and relax in the pool, Mountain Gate Park has you covered.

Numerous Facilities

It doesn’t end there, for Mountain Gate Park provides all the various kinds of amenities and facilities you can imagine. There are more than a hundred sites and each of them has a cable TV hook-up. There’s also a fenced area where pets can play and there’s free Wi-Fi facility around the area. The sites are surrounded by convenience stores and restaurants with wine and beer. The showers and restrooms are well-maintained and clean.

How Visitors Like it 

Visitors really like this spot and have had great experiences thanks to the wonderful owners. They also find everyone working there very helpful and amiable. The location is ideal for beautiful scenery and even photography. It is a great place to stay if you’re traveling somewhere and it’s on your route or if you want a quiet place to relax.

3. Jumbo Rocks Campground

Jumbo Rocks Campground is one of the best RV Parks in Northern California

What we love

  • Offers fire rings, BBQs and picnic tables
  • Stargazing here is an incredible experience
  • Breathtaking view of the rock formations surrounding the sites
  • Many activities to do such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing
  • An ideal spot for photography as it has some great scenic landscapes

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

The Jumbo Rocks Campground is nestled on a sandy surface and is surrounded by various boulder formations that create a fantastic view. The rocks were formed as a result of volcanic activities and have turned into unique shapes by wind and water over the years. But that’s not the only reason why we love this RV Park.

A Rock Climber's Dream Location

The facility is surrounded by nature trails for the hikers out there. Rock climbers especially love this campsite. The rocks are massive and are a climber’s dream. Moreover, the park is also a great destination for wildlife viewing and camping in tents, especially since it does not have electric services to offer.

Stargazing and Photographic Scenery

If you like clear skies and stargazing then this is definitely up there with the best RV parks in Northern California. The skies are clear around this area, making stargazing one of the key activities people enjoy. Furthermore, the campground is also a photographer’s ideal spot to take brilliant pictures of the view. The sunset and sunrise here create a beautiful hue in the sky behind the unique rock formations.


Visitors have loved this campsite and appreciate the views and privacy. Even though there are no flushable restrooms or sources of running water, people find themselves connecting more with nature here. They also really enjoy being able to BBQ and gather around a picnic table.

Overall, this is an outstanding RV park. It brings you close to nature and gives you the chance to explore one of the best desert areas around.

4. Ramblin' Redwoods Campground & RV Park

Ramblin' Redwoods Campground & RV Park in northern California

What we love

  • Allows pets and has many kid-friendly activities
  • Surrounded by a serene view of Smith River and tall trees
  • Offers several pull-thrus with 20, 30 and 50-amp electric service
  • Many activities to do such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing
  • Offers some unique attractions like cable car rides known as “Ride the Sky Trail”

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Located along Northern California’s coastline, Ramblin’ Redwoods RV Park is a majestic campground surrounded by canopies of tall trees. Here, we go over some of its main standout features:

Ideal Location

The campground is surrounded by some of the most amazing national parks, forests, and the serene Smith River. It is a terrific site for camping and reconnecting with nature, and for parking your RV and staying in a rental cabin alike. Apart from the interpretive trails and astonishing Redwoods, this campsite also offers breathtaking views of Northern California’s lush coastline, the pounding surf, and different species of grey whales and sea lions.

Abundance of Activities

In addition to that, the park has an abundance of activities for all ages. You can enjoy the view from a cable car or go fishing. Hiking is a great energetic activity and so is swimming. People also enjoy bonfires and BBQs in the woods. There are several sources of entertainment nearby as well, such as bowling, arcades, and even movie theaters and casinos.

Good Experience for All

The amenities are the best at this Northern California RV Park are endless. From Wi-Fi and laundry services to spic and span restrooms, Ramblin’ Redwoods has it all covered. Overall, customers have thoroughly enjoyed their stay and are highly pleased with their experience. They find the staff very welcoming and the site peaceful and worth another visit!

5. Vineyard RV Park

Vineyard RV Park in Northern California

What we love

  • Allows pets and has many kid-friendly activities
  • Has large pull-thru sites with 20, 30 and 50-amp electric service
  • Open all year, so visitors can camp whenever they get the chance
  • Surrounded by the Sonoma Valley and some great historical sites
  • You can visit the Jelly Belly Factory and a wine-tasting tour for free

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

The Vineyard RV Park in Northern California is a spectacular site not only for camping but for long-term stays, as well. Here’s why we love it:

Ideal Location

Due to its location, it is an ideal area for adventure seekers. There are tons of activities surrounding the area, suitable for all ages. Ziplining is among our favorite ones.

Attractions for All

There are several breweries around the Vineyard RV Park. The Anheuser-Busch Brewery provides residents a 45-minute free tour! The guide elaborates each process from production to packaging and even gives you complimentary samples. Another tour you can avail would be to the famous Jelly Belly Factory, which is a mere fifteen minutes away from the park. There is also a wine-tasting site nearby, where you can also find a spa to relax, several restaurants, and gift shops. In addition to these, the famous Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Benecia Historical Museum are other famous attractions for residents at Vineyard RV Park. You can also go city sightseeing in San Francisco.

Visitor Feedback

Visitors have had a great time in this RV park. Many have even settled here for good. It is a great family-friendly park and offers many amenities, including swimming pools, Wi-Fi, laundry, volleyball pits, fitness centers, etc. If you’re considering this park, don’t think twice. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

6. McCloud RV Resort

McCloud RV Resort

What we love

  • Has a separate fish cleaning station
  • You can BBQ here or hold campfires
  • Good site for fishing, hiking, and white water rafting
  • Fully furnished cabins available if you don’t want to stay in an RV
  • Has a dining room for ballroom dancing, weddings, and other events

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Also known as the McCloud Dance Country RV Resort, the McCloud Resort is a majestic destination for camping. But that’s not the only reason it’s famous.

Beautiful Spot for Events

Given its name, it’s not only a campground but also has a huge dining center for weddings and other events, which you can also book for ballroom dancing, square dancing, and other types of dancing packages. It’s a treat to hold events with such scenic views and starry nights.


There is a lot to do at the McCloud RV Resort. Since it is located at the base of Mount Shasta, visitors like to go hiking up the mountain. If you like to do something a little more relaxing, you can also go bird and wildlife watching or visit the nearby golf courses. Kayaking, bicycling, sightseeing, and BBQs are also among some of the most popular activities.


As Northern California RV Parks go, this one is well-maintained with grass, little creeks, and tall trees. It’s the ideal place for pets like dogs to play and walk and is at walking distance to small shops such as grocery stores and fast food places. The staff is also extremely cooperative. Visitors have had a great time at this park and would surely like to visit again.

7. Cal Expo RV Park

Cal Expo RV Parks in Northern California

What we love

  • Pet-friendly and has free Wi-Fi service
  • Close to the movie theater and the mall
  • Rafting in the American River is an enjoyable experience
  • Full hook-ups are available along with 30 and 50-amp service
  • There’s a massive bike trail, called the American River Bike Trail

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Cal Expo Park is the perfect facility for weekend trips or stopovers. Here’s why:

The Location 

Convenience-wise, it's up there with the best RV parks in Northern California. It's closely located to several shopping places and restaurants. It is safe and quiet, making it great if you’re seeking peace in the woods.

Scenic Views

Many visitors adore the view. The American River nearby amongst lush, green trees is a treat for the eyes and ears. There are also many kid-friendly activities and a large playground, too. For adults, rafting is a popular attraction here, as well as playing golf and going fishing. 

Some other attractions include the California State Fair and The Clubhouse and Turf Club nearby. People love to come here and bird watch. Most visitors enjoyed looking at small local birds and nesting owls across the river. You can even enjoy a cup of coffee at America’s most popular coffee house, Starbucks.

Customer Feedback

Overall, visitors had a pleasant stay and found the staff very friendly. They try their best to make everyone’s trip one of happiness and relaxation. Everything was clean and well kept, especially the dog park. This is a place for you if you just want to stay in peace and quiet and soak in nature.

8. San Francisco RV Resort

San Francisco RV Resort

What we love

  • Good location for photography
  • Pet-friendly area with dedicated areas for dogs to play
  • Offers an outdoor pool, hot tub, clubhouse, and playground
  • Has breathtaking sunsets and overlooks the Pacific Ocean
  • Close to some of San Francisco’s major attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, Half Moon Bay, and Alcatraz

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

This park is the photographer’s dream location! But that’s just one reason why it made it to this list. 

Ocean View

If you want an RV park in northern California with ocean views, stop here. This one overlooks the Pacific Ocean, giving an absolutely breathtaking view of the waves lapping against the cliffs, and if you’re lucky, you may spot a dolphin or two. But that’s not the best part. The view of the sunset here is one of the most famous ones in California. Many visitors overlook some of the drawbacks of this place just because of the beautiful scenery. 

Numerous Attractions

Pacifica is a one of the best Northern California RV parks and is quite close to some of San Francisco’s main attractions, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Half Moon Bay, and the famous Alcatraz Island, making it an ideal location. The amenities are aplenty. There are laundry facilities, swimming pools, hot tubs or whirlpools, neat showers areas and restrooms, playgrounds and pet-friendly parks, designated BBQ areas, clubhouses, and stores for groceries. This has made it a convenient location for visitors to stay.

For Water Sport Lovers

The RV park is suitable for many different camping styles and RVs. The location near the ocean side makes it ideal for surfers and for those who enjoy water sports. Visitors have rated their experiences highly online and have praised this park. So if you’re a big fan of oceanic views and beautiful sunsets, we hope you’ve found the RV park of your choice! 

9. Sac West RV Park and Campground

Sac West RV Park and Campground in northern california

What we love

  • Owners are very friendly and helpful
  • Offers free cable TV and Wi-Fi facilities
  • Pond is great with lots of greenery, and ducks and geese
  • Pet-friendly area with dedicated areas for dogs to play
  • Holds different activities and holiday-themed events throughout the year

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Located just off the highway in West Sacramento, Sac West is a great park for all campers out there. Below, we’ve described exactly why:

Various Amenities 

It has a small pond on site with some ducks and geese that kids love to feed and play with. The grass is neat and the views are great. Moreover, Sac West provides every amenity you can think of! They have heated swimming pools, recreation rooms, dog parks for the dogs to run in, laundry services, and free Wi-Fi and cable TV. Sac West also offers train rides and bikes for rent.

Activities for All Ages

Some other activities include holiday-themed events like campfires with s’mores, water activities, and BINGO. Their 24 Karat Grill is an on-site food truck that serves delicious grilled food, which visitors have raved about online and really enjoyed the food.

Why Visitors Like it 

Visitors to this RV park in northern California find this a nice, cozy, and private park that is peaceful. It is also close to some of the greatest museums, parks, zoos, and golf courses. Pet owners especially love this park with all the pet-friendly amenities Sac West provides. All the restrooms and cabins are well kept and neat and tidy. The park itself is quite clean, which encourages visitors to maintain its condition.

10. Westport Beach RV Park and Campground

Westport Beach RV Park and Campground is one of the best RV parks in Northern California

What we love

  • Offers numerous water activities
  • You can tent camp overnight right on the beach
  • Stunning site for weddings and other events
  • Cozy cabins available if you don’t want to stay in a tent
  • Beautiful creek nearby with willows, pines, and cypress trees

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

A beachside camping site. What more could one ask for? Let’s find out why it stands out to us:

Views of the Ocean

Westport Beach RV Park is particularly popular due to it being one of the most unique camping grounds in Northern California. You can directly set up your tent on the beach and be surrounded by the sound of the ocean waves lapping nearby. The rock formations and beautiful sunsets add to the scenic view of Westport. It also has a creek with different kinds of trees, including cypresses, willows, and pines.

Water Activities 

You can go fishing close by or surf and wade through the waves. Kids usually like to cycle around the creek or watch fish from the campground bridge. You can also turn your RV into a beachfront home in one of the campsites.

A Spot for Weddings

The site is also popular for holding weddings and other events. The gorgeous views and luxurious facilities make it the perfect spot. Other than that, the amenities are many, including laundry services, a children’s playground, a horseshoe pit, and a volleyball area.

Visitors have had excellent things to say about the park. They love the views and services. Some of them visit every year because they love it so much. Although pricey, visitors have found it to be worth every penny!

Final Thoughts on RV Parks in Northern California

If you want to reconnect with nature and enjoy a diverse range of outdoor activities, RVing is a great option. Northern California has some beautiful landscapes to suit everyone’s interests, and the RV parks in Northen California are among the best in the country. 

In this article, we have carefully filtered out and narrowed down some of the best RV parks that offer a diverse range of activities for everyone. We hope this helped you make your decision. Have a great vacation!

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