Best Insulated Travel Trailers of 2021 – Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: June 14, 2021

Traveling is something that has to be done right. Otherwise, it’s just time wasted, and you get even more frustrated afterward. Stuck in a stuffy car for extended periods of time is certainly not the traveling experience you want. Travel trailers are and always have been the go-to travel vehicles, so them being able to withstand any temperature or weather is of utmost importance.

Is it Important That Your Travel Trailer is Insulated

It is of essence that when you purchase a travel trailer, it is insulated. There are certain reasons to put into perspective. These are mentioned below.

Hot and Cold

Insulation for shiver-striking weathers becomes crucial when you opt for travel trailers when traveling. It keeps the inner atmosphere warm and pleasant. It also avoids any cold shards of wind seeping through the tiny spaces.

It is equally important for warmer weather as well, knowing well that the best travel trailers have inbuilt air conditioning units. Insulation prevents the rise in temperature and manages to keep the cool air inside as well.

Energy Efficient

Apart from being better for habitants traveling in a travel trailer and maintaining temperatures for them, insulation cuts off energy utilization costs too. When the heat or cool air does not leave the premises of the travel trailer, less energy is used to maintain preferred temperatures. Hence, insulation is very pocket-friendly and lets you enjoy your adventure without having to worry about the mounting bills.

Water and Fire Resistant

Foam board insulation is the most common one used in your homes and travel trailers. These prove to be water and fire-resistant. This means you do not have to worry about your trailer walls getting soggy from condensation when traveling in humid conditions. Insulation acts as a safety shield for your travel trailer, keeping you far away from harsh environments or conditions.

What to Look For When Buying an Insulated Travel Trailer

There are certain factors the buyers need to keep in mind when opting to purchase the best-insulated travel trailers. Here are some pointers to look into.


As mentioned above, the best travel trailers must have the best insulation. It is quite difficult to maintain temperatures of the trailer without them. It is also crucial to inspect the type of insulations present. There are many forms, the three most common ones being spun fiberglass, Styrofoam, and Foam-cor. Most of the travel trailers have fiberglass or foam insulated walls in them.

Insulation is measured by its R-Value, which means the higher these values are, the more tendency the walls have to be thermal resistant. So far, fiberglass has proven to be the best of all as it manages to keep constant temperatures.

Floor Plans

This defines the whole layout of the travel trailer. There is no one-for-all travel floor plan that everybody loves. The more varieties of floor plan a trailer has, the higher the number of customers it attracts. These are the most significant part of the trailer as people tend to experience them the most. Hence, it must be of the liking of the customer.

Northwood Arctic Fox 25W Sample Floor Plan (Source)

Usability of Space

It is imperative that the floor plan is practical, especially when the vehicle is on the move. Know the answers to important questions like if there is enough space to move around and if the small kitchen is workable in the small space provided.

Having too many fancy items inside this space can make things stuffy, especially when you have your little ones alongside. Access to the bed, kitchen, and bathroom without turmoil is of key importance.


Insulating the water and septic pipes are of value as well. It is best that your travel trailer has PVC pipes for both purposes. Insulated pipes prevent the water from freezing and help you to avoid unnecessary pit stops to the workshop.

Review of the Best Insulated Travel Trailers

We have consolidated a list of the top-rated insulated travel trailers for you to consider. These in-depth reviews will aid you in making an informed decision. They will also guide you on how and what basis to judge a travel trailer on.

Best Overall:
Northwood Arctic Fox 25W

What we love

  • An installed solar panel assists with the maintenance of energy levels
  • Air or water will not seep in as the frame and walls are completely welded
  • Air conditioning ducts are condensation resistant to avoid seepage of water in roof or walls
  • Fully insulated by block foam, foiled roof, and continuous fiberglass along with having multi-layered substrate walls
  • All four wheels have shocks and self-adjusting brakes to keep the trailer anchored in one place even on uneven terrain

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Number Of Floor Plans: 1
  • Number of Slide-Outs: 1
  • Length: 29’6”
  • Width: 8’6”
  • Weight:(Gross) 7376 Lbs.

Our Review

The Arctic Fox is one of the best in traveling. Its wide floorplan is quite spacious as it gives room to move around easily. This travel trailer is known for its insulation, as it is fully welded and has three types of insulations installed.

The walls and skirtings have foam board and fiberglass, whereas the rooftop is completely foiled. The overall design compliments aerodynamics and has a huge impact on energy consumption when this large vehicle is on the move. The added features like the slide-out rooftop, satellite ready, and solar panels are definitely a huge plus.

The Arctic fox is not stuffy as the ceilings are tapered in a cathedral fashion. There are two LED TVs, one in the queen-sized bedroom and the other in the hallway to keep the whole family entertained. The roof-top has skylights that let the natural light in, so you do not have to have lights switched on constantly in the trailer.

This trailer also lets you grill some steamy burgers on its Aussie grill and stand. You can enjoy any view, anywhere with a home-feel travel trailer.

Oliver Four Season Travel Trailer

What we love

  • Windows have locking systems that restrict them to be opened from the outside
  • Hitch connection with the two-inch ball allows 360-degree movement for towing
  • To cut down the bumpiness present in other towed travel trailers, Oliver comes with three stabilization jacks
  • Storage basket next to the Hitch Connector aids the user in storing a generator or other essential camping utilities
  • Fully insulated, double-sided radiant barrier forms a double hull shell that forms the air gap to cut the transfer of temperatures

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 3
  • Number of Floor Plans: 2

Our Review

This tow-away travel trailer is one of a kind as its unique manufacturing sets it apart from all other RVs. The Fiberglass shells are placed together onto the sturdy frame to create a well-insulated shell. The overall look of this trailer is neat and quite attractive due to its simplistic yet clever design.

Though it may seem smaller and less lavish as opposed to the Arctic Fox, the clever engineering makes it a world-class camper. The kitchenette, dinette, sleeping space, and toilet are well spaced apart, and there is plenty of space to move about.

Apart from insulation, it is well equipped with adequate lighting, exhausts, charging ports, and proper disposal systems. The sensors inside the trailer keep track of all water tanks and energy storage.

Energy outage isn’t a problem, as this trailer has a built-in solar panel and batteries that can be accessed from its side. This travel trailer has sorted every aspect that your mind can come across. If you like to camp no matter the season, this is your best bet.

Best Insulated Class C Motorhome:
Redhawk Class C Motorhome

What we love

  • Entrance step is electrically powered and locked into place
  • Seamless front cap adds stability and protection as well as fully covers the cab over-walls
  • Spacious exterior storage benefits room with ample of space to store essentials and is lock safe
  • Featured by the strongest cab-over bunk and can bear up to 750 pounds, allowing ample storage
  • Vacuum bonded walls and bed foam insulation is successful in maintaining the inside temperature

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 5
  • Number of Floor Plans: 7
  • Number of Slide-Outs: 1
  • Length: 25 ft. 2 inches
  • Width: 8 ft 4 inches
  • Weight: 14500Lbs.  

Our Review

This motorhome has been any family’s favorite as it is handcrafted for such use. From great aesthetics to innovative floorplans, this travel trailer beats many. The indicator lights in the back and sides give an indication of presence to passersby. It comes with great storage space with room under the bed and in the exterior dock.

The drive itself is very comfortable with its tilt steering wheel and power anti-lock brakes. The size of this motorhome may be huge, but the side-view mirrors help to get a proper sense of the road. You do not have to worry about the entrance steps dangling on as you drive through town. They are electrically powered, so they will retract when the vehicle is on the move.

Enjoy the view with the U-shaped dining area that does not constrict the seating space to two. When in the mood to enjoy the outside, simply slide out the make-shift roof and lounge in the great outdoors. This make-shift porch is perfect when grilling your favorite steaks or burgers.

The homey Red Hawk interior, well-thought-out floorplan, and comfortable dinette and bed make the experience of this motorhome worthwhile.

Best Insulated Sprinter Van:
Winnebago Revel

What we love

  • Digital thermostat makes it easy to set a temperature to your liking
  • Cargo overhead AC has been updated to a non-duct quitter version
  • Fancy meal outdoors now possible with a slide-out table with T lock leg stand
  • Cargo area can be turned into a bedroom or a garage with the touch of a button
  • Rear and side shades are made from seam netting and a unique magnetic closure and snap without having to zip your way through

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 3
  • Number Of Floor Plans: 1
  • Number of Slide-Outs: 1
  • Length: 19’7”
  • Width: 6’4”
  • Weight: 13550 lbs.

Our Review

The Winnebago is perfect for any basic travel criteria. The unique and clever changes in engineering this masterpiece managed to innovate their design according to the modern era. Be it the re-routed exhaust for better airway control or their power sliding doors; each detail is crafted to add to the user's comfort.

Winnebago Revel is packed with Mercedes's smooth worry-free drive and a compact yet comfortable, homey experience. The whole bodice has a sturdy and solid metal foundation with a metal roof rack to tear through any hurdles. And the welcoming interior is loaded with modern twists.

The leather seats that do a 360 turn to create a lounging area, touch-button bed-reveal, or the magnetic kitchen table are just a few of the examples of finesse this RV has to offer. You can now have a sound slumber in your makeshift bed as they have added a quitter AC overhead unit.

This travel trailer lets you enjoy the outdoors instead of constricting you to a stuffy cabin. The floorplan is designed to let you experience outdoors and indoors together, but better.

Best Insulated 5th Wheel:
Heartland Bighorn Traveler 5th Wheel

What we love

  • Huge space is the imitation of a small apartment
  • Air conditioning is properly ducted, so no seepage issues
  • Numerous styles of floorplans available for you to choose from
  • Numerous slide outs provide shade and augmented lounging area
  • Has an electric fireplace to keep you toasty and give the ultimate home-feel

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 3-8
  • Number of Floor Plans: 7
  • Number of Slide-Outs: 1-4
  • Length: 35’-9’ – 42’-1”
  • Width: Varied
  • Weight: 14238 lbs

Our Review

This Travel trailer is humungous. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a small condo or apartment. The huge trailer is well supported by a 6-point leveling system. Upon entering, you are greeted by a huge American style kitchen and lounging area, where the sofa can be turned into a makeshift bed.

There is one master bedroom with a proper wardrobe and store attached. You can even install your dryer and washer in that space! The adjacent room can be turned into a study or even a bedroom with proper LED TV installation space.

On the exterior, apart from the gigantic built, you also get lots of storage space. Many slide-outs can be used to expand your living space even more with this trailer. 

So, if you often feel homesick, yet love to travel and enjoy the outdoors. Do not lose faith and travel in the Bighorn. It doesn’t get better than this rolling home.


If you are a travel freak and are tired of getting ripped off by sleazy RV dealer, it is better to check out the top-rated insulated travel trailers. Investing in the above-mentioned models will spare you from taping foams to your RV walls. 

These insulated trailers will keep the insides to your liking while you enjoy the outside scenic beauty. Travel in style yet travel wise with these insulated travel trailers.

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