Wen 56310i-RV Inverter Generator Review – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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When it comes to generators and portable RV generators, Wen is one of the best and most established in the industry.

That’s why we’re diving into the powerful 56310i inverter generator. This portable RV inverter generator features everything necessary to guarantee a great trip or backup power source for around the house.

It has the option of 3100 watts of power, so if you’re interested in purchasing a generator that can power your lifestyle, go ahead and give this article a read to see what the Wen 56310i has to offer.

Wen 56310i Inverter Generator Review

WEN 56310i CARB Compliant Inverter Generator with Built-in Wheels and Handle, 3100W


  • Extremely Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Lightweight Design
  • Very Eco-friendly and Green
  • Backed By An Outstanding Warranty


  • A Bit Challenging to Add Oil

Wen 56310i Inverter Generator Specs

Protection: CARB and EPA III emission compliant in all 50 states

Warranty: 2-years

Motor: 212 cc; 4-stroke air-cooled overhead valve (OHV)

Gas: Unleaded

Gas Tank: 1.85 Gallons

Run Time: 7.5 Hours

Starter: Pull-rope

Power Panel Controls: Indication lights: low oil, overload, output. DC 12V Receptable. Grounding nut. ECO-Mode. Parallel connection.

Power Outlets: Two AC 3-Prong 120V Receptacles. Two 5V USB ports. AC 120V receptacles.

Current: 16.7 / 20 amps @ 120V

Wattage: min 1250 Watts; max 3100 Watts

Amperage: 7 Amps @ 12V

Transportation: (2) Carrying handles on top and collapsible handle

Weight: 81.4 lbs

Dimensions: 23” L x 16.5” W x 19.5” H

Main Features

Wen has been powering people's lifestyles through quality and promise since 1951. Decades of experience have helped the team at Wen innovate and tailor their portable RV generators and other products to make sure the users are satisfied.

The Wen 6310i is no exception to their promise of quality, this beast of a portable generator goes above and beyond.

Nowadays, hooking up generators at campgrounds is easier than ever, thanks to sites upgrading their facilities to be more RV friendly. Make sure to check with the campsite before registering to see if they’re grounds have outlets and are RV friendly.

This generator won’t just power your camping needs but it will also ensure that you’re powered if there are any outages around your house. A generator is an investment in maintaining home security, entertainment, and food longevity in the case of a power outages.

The 56310i has the option of 3100 watts of power, so if you’re interested in purchasing a generator that can power your lifestyle, go ahead and give this article a read to see what the Wen 56310i has to offer.

Road tripping in an RV requires power to do things like heat water, enable electronics, and run appliances to mention a few. These things require a reliable power source and the Wen 56310i is the reliable source that we can depend on while being quiet.

We’ve got a lot to cover with this fully loaded generator but we’re gonna start with a few of its key features.

Being able to switch this bad boy into eco-mode will make your camping trip a whole lot easier. The eco-mode maximizes fuel economy by allowing the RV generator motor to automatically adjust its fuel consumption.

It also features a lightweight and easy to transport design by including quality wheels and a collapsible handle that optimized storage and mobility.

This powerful portable RV generator is also capable of boosting the power by connecting to multiple units through its parallel connection kit. So if 3100 Watts isn’t doing the trick, link it up and you’ve got the power of multiple generators.

The last key feature but certainly not least, is how quiet this RV generator is. The noise output is minimized by its unique engine design.

As seen in videos and reported by recent customers, the quietness of the generator has helped make trips so much more relaxing for everyone. A quiet generator also helps nature maintain its natural course and doesn’t disturb the local wildlife.

WEN 56310i CARB Compliant Inverter Generator with Built-in Wheels and Handle, 3100W

Pros - What We Like

Here are some of the most notable stand out qualities.


The Wen 56310i inverter generator is one of the best looking models on the market. Wen added the yellow cover over the low profile black for that professional, but powerful look.

The yellow is also a good way to make sure people don’t run into it while walking around the campsite.

Clean Energy

Powering your lifestyle while being environmentally sustainable is always great. If being outdoors is something you enjoy, minimizing your impact on the environment matters.

This model produces clean energy that is free of voltage spikes and the noise of a regular generator.

The convenient, eco-mode switch makes it so the generator automatically adjust its fuel consumption to maximize output and fuel economy.


Wen has so much confidence in the 56310i RV generator inverter that they are backing it with a full 2-year warranty. This warranty ensures that if problems arise, you're safeguarded. 

Lightweight Design

Moving the Wen 56310i RV generator around the campsite or house is a breeze with its convenience collapsible handle.

The handle maximizes portability so picking up and hauling the generator around is hardly necessary.

It also has two top bars for picking up when it is necessary on those rare occasions.

WEN 56310i CARB Compliant Inverter Generator with Built-in Wheels and Handle, 3100W

Cons - Drawbacks

There is one drawback though:

Adding Oil is Cumbersome

The side panel presents a problem when adding fuel, you must remove 2 screws in order to add or clean the oil tank. This is a matter of inconvenience and does not present any problems with the functionality of the generator converter.

What is the Wen 56310i Best For?

The Wen 56310i portable RV generator inverter is best for powering your entire lifestyle. If you’re camping, this unit will ensure you have the power necessary to have fun and be worry free.

If you take this generator outdoors you'll find the quietness to be one of the best features.

No more generators interrupting conversations and forcing people to talk uncomfortably loud. This will allow you to go about your days and evenings powered up without the loud rumble that old generators used to make.

If there's an emergency and you need a power source at your home, the Wen 56310i will be there to ensure everything stays supplied with power. This can be the difference between loads of ruined groceries and a fridge full of goods.

Many people enjoy using this to power their chainsaws and other power tools as well. Taking it on camping or hunting trips will ensure everything runs smoothly the entire time.

WEN 56310i CARB Compliant Inverter Generator with Built-in Wheels and Handle, 3100W

Bottom Line

To summarize, the Wen 56310i will ensure anyone on the go or in need of extra power at home will have it. It won’t just be power either, it will be clean, efficient, and quiet power.

The full 2-year warranty is another perk that makes this unit so desirable.

Being able to sleep easy knowing you can replace it if any malfunctions do occur helps make the purchase that much more valuable.

Wen has decades of experience in the field and guarantee great products, when it comes to generators they know what they’re doing. We are confident in their ability to produce great things and the 56310i is no exception.

The engine is efficient and powerful, the look is professional, and the performance is top of the line.


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