7 of the Best RV Decorating Ideas

| Last Updated: May 6, 2020

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When you are on the road, it is a comfortable feeling when your camper feels like home. Some unique decorating ideas can make your RV feel this way.

Typically, campers come with a relatively standard and overall dull interior.

By using the following decorative ideas, you can give a personal touch to your RV and make it feel more like home.

1. White is Clean, Crisp, and Perfect For Accent Colors

Painting the walls of your RV is a great way to add character without going overboard. Choosing a color scheme that suits your personality will make your RV feel like a home away from home.

Soft colors can make your camper look spacious, while classic white will give it a clean and crisp look -like a canvas ready to be filled with the colors of your choice.

The above picture clearly shows how painting the roof and walls of the RV a pristine white color can make it look bright and neat. You can also add an accent wall of a darker color to make a small room feel larger.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Stretch Your Comfort Zone and Get Groovy

Nothing can brighten up a small space like fun patterns and vibrant colors. You can use some fun colored cloth for your sofas or some exciting patterns for the chairs, and the change will be remarkable.

Let your inner gypsy run wild and turn your RV into a beautiful rainbow just like shown in the above picture. Transform your RV roof into a kaleidoscope of colors to make it look inviting and charming.

You can also throw some colorful pillows or display a few knick-knacks to deck your rig out retro-style. If you are into football, movies, or crochet, you can use some of these elements to make your RV a showcase of your personality.

3. Upgrading Your Light Fixtures Is Simple and Often Affordable

A simple way to immediately add some style to your RV is by improving the light fixtures. You can engage the services of an electrician to help you properly outfit the space. You can also do this yourself if you decide to use the plug-in fixtures. The contemporary fixture shown in the above picture will give your RV a modern look while providing ample lighting for the kids to play or read.

Upgrading the light fixtures will not be a burden on your budget. You will be able to provide a face lift to your RV and ensure proper lighting without spending too much money.

4. Accessorize With Pillows and Frames!

Throw pillows are a budget-friendly, yet effective way to liven up your RV. These pillows are light, therefore, you do not have to worry about carrying extra weight.

You can choose from several themes that best suit your camper's design. For instance, the earthy tone pillows in the above picture make the place look very inviting and blend perfectly with the décor of the RV. 

Decorating the walls with family pictures and frames not only expresses your personality and style but also adds character to your camper. Family pictures are an important part of your living space. Alternatively, you can hang a favorite phrase or inspiring quote for an interesting makeover. If you do not want to drill holes in your trailer walls, you can use industrial-strength velcro or adhesive hooks.

5. Transform Any Aspect of Your RV With Curtains and Themes

Using colorful designs and contemporary patterns can help brighten up the place easily.

Choose a theme and dress your windows in a print or color that complements your RV décor. You will be surprised by the change a fresh set of curtains can bring to your camper.

If you cannot find curtains that you like, look for a fabric that works for you. Next, use hemming tape to make seams on the sides and bottom. Now use clip-style curtain rings to hang the fabric to the rod. These highly functional clip rings can easily turn any fabric into curtains.

6. Greet Yourself (or Others) With a Custom Welcome Mat

Having a personalized welcome mat outside your camper like the one shown in the picture is a great touch. Not only does it keep the dirt out, but it also adds a personal touch to your camper. You can also choose it to coincide with your decorating theme to create a harmonious balance.  

If you are staying put at a campground for a while, you can also create your personal outdoor space by putting some chairs, lights, and a portable fire pit. You can also add potted plants, a picnic table, or a kiddie pool to expand your place to entertain family and friends.

7. Try Open Shelves - Just Be Sure Things Are Secure While Driving

Another great tip to make the interior feel more open is to use open shelves. You can also use decorative baskets or pretty boxes to store the things you would normally hide in the cabinets. These baskets are particularly useful in bathrooms or for the pantry.

As you can see in the above picture, the corner is being used by adding shelves and creating additional storage space. This de-clutters the kitchen space and makes it look roomy and neat. The open shelf can be used to hold decorative items such as engraved coffee mugs, small plants, or any such item that makes space look trendy or quirky.

However, make sure you use a tension rod to keep these things secured when you are on the road. You can also take them down when you are traveling and put them back once you are settled.


Decorating your RV to suit your taste and personality can make it feel your own. No matter how far you travel, you will always feel like you are in your home away from home. We hope that the decorating tips above will help you personalize your RV and give it a sleek and modern touch.

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