Best RV Parks in Quartzsite, AZ

| Last Updated: August 16, 2022

Looking for the best Quartzsite RV parks to give you a base while visiting this amazing little tourist town? The choices are abundant, the prices are cheap, and with so much to do, it's a great place.

It can get too hot in the summer, but it makes for a great winter destination, and many people from across the States travel to hotter areas in winter. And Quartzsite is one of the most popular of such destinations in Arizona for many reasons.

So, if you are looking for a winter retreat, keep reading for the best RV Parks in Quartzsite, AZ...

Why Quartzsite, AZ is Such a Great Place to RV 

Quartzsite is mostly known by the RV community for its vast desert area and the influx of snowbirds in the winter who come not only from across America but also from Canada.

It's a small town of 3,677 inhabitants, but with so much on its doorstep it's a popular destination for travelers. Some of its many attractions include:

The Colorado River

The Colorado River is one of the principal rivers in the S.W United States and is located six miles from the town. It is a huge source of irrigation and electricity, but other than that, it has many recreational activities associated with its canyons and rafting. Visitors can take a break from the hot weather and enjoy the riverside.

Gem and Mineral Show

The Quartzsite Gem & Mineral show is probably what this small town is most known for. Every year in January, people from around the country gather here in a flea market-like environment where they sell and buy rocks, minerals, fossils, and gems, etc. This is why you will see the most influx in rates in the month of January in all RV parks.  

RV Park Where You Can Spend the Winter Someplace Warm

RV Park Where You Can Spend the Winter Someplace Warm (Source)

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

This wildlife refuge was established in 1939. It allows its visitors various activities, including hiking in its two mountain ranges, wildlife watching, photography, and camping. Its encompassing area includes the only native palm species in Arizona. Its animal life consists of foxes, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and other mammals. 

Arizona Peace Trail

This trail includes a vast area of the desert, old mining roads, dirt roads, and motorized off-highway recreation. This is a huge attraction site for OHVs and ATVs. Many festivals and competitions are held here throughout the year.

Hi Jolly’s Tomb

Hi Jolly or Hadji Ali was an Ottoman subject who became the first Camel driver hired by the US army in their camel driver experiment. He is very famous in the area and has become a legend. He also has a folk song based on him, along with a movie and a children’s book (‘Hi Jolly’). His monument was erected by the 1935 Governor of Arizona and has since then become a tourist attraction.  

Quick Take - The Best RV Parks in Quartzsite, AZ

Before you go any further, here are the best RV parks in Quartzsite, AZ: 

  1. Holiday Palms RV Park
  2. Ironwood RV Park
  3. Kofa Mountain RV Park

Review of the Best RV Parks in Quartzsite, AZ

As you see, there are many local attractions in this desert town which can lead you to adventures or maybe just a calming vacation. Here are some of the best RV Parks in Quartzsite you can enjoy.

Best Overall Quartzsite RV Park:
Holiday Palms RV Park

Best Overall Quartzsite RV Park: Holiday Palms RV Park

What we love

  • Pet-friendly RV park
  • Daily, monthly, and seasonal packages
  • Game room and fitness center available
  • Different packages with electricity connections 
  • Hot tub, spa, clubhouse, etc. for recreational activities

Contact Info

  • Location: 355 W. Main St., P.O.Box 4800, Quartzsite, AZ 8539
  • Main Contact: (800) 635-5372
  • Phone Number: (928) 927-5666
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Quartzsite RV Park is our overall best choice because it doesn’t just provide you with a place to park your RV but also gives you quality service and full hotel experience. 


Holiday Palms RV Park is in the ideal location for guests to enjoy Quartzsite city. They have chosen a central location, which is within walking distance from many local sites and shows.

Basic Amenities and More

Some RV parks have unpaved gravel roads, but here, you get paved roads. Along with this, their rates are very reasonable, considering they include full hookups, Wi-Fi access, clubhouse, exercise room, library, game room, spa, pet area, and car wash. The electricity connection here is 30 or 50 amp, as is the standard. 

Living Long-Term

They have tried to provide for everything their guests might need within the RV Park with oil changing racks, laundry rooms, and water/sewer connections. Because many people tend to come here to spend the winter, these basic facilities and services are essential. You can also book your site for six months at a time around the year.


There are many local attractions and sites to visit, but the park establishment also makes sure to host on-site activities, which can be especially helpful for people staying long-term.

These activities include dances, dance lessons, card games, potlucks, sightseeing tours, arts & crafts, water aerobics, cabaret nights, and more.   

One of the main things many people look for in RV sites is pet-friendliness. This park gives you a separate pet area, and along with that, they also accommodate handicapped individuals.

Best of Small Facilities:
Ironwood RV Park

ironwood rv park, quartzsite

What we love

  • Relatively low rates
  • Pets are allowed on site
  • Small and not too crowded 
  • Laundry and electricity available
  • Walking distance from many stores

Contact Info

  • Location: 405 E Ironwood St, Quartzsite, Arizona, 85346
  • Main Contact: +1(602) 935-9470

Why it Stands Out to Us

Not all of us are looking for the biggest and fanciest places but something that will give you quality over quantity. This park falls in that category, and here some of the things you can expect from it.

Peace and Quiet

Ironwood RV park is a small facility with up to ten sites. If you are not looking for large crowds but rather some peace and quiet, a smaller park like this will suit you better. They have chosen their location such that it is close to the post office, grocery stores, and some local shows. 

Customer Service

Because it is a smaller facility, they offer only daily and weekly packages but are more accommodating in the arrival time and other customer requests. All ten sites have full hookups and facilitate fifth wheels. There is also an on-site laundry area and 30/50 amp connections. The site also allows for big rigs. They keep a vehicle on-site for moving fifth wheels and trailers if needed. 


The Quartzsite RV park is well -maintained and clean with proper sewer connections. They probably have some of the lower charges in the area. You won’t get fancy activity centers here, but it is more aimed at a comfortable short-term stay rather than a seasonal one.

Best for the handicapped:
Kofa Mountain RV Park

Kofa Mountain RV Park

What we love

  • 30 and 50 amp electricity
  • Water and sewer hookups available
  • Has back-in and pull-through RV sites
  • Handicap accessible to provide the maximum ease 
  • Clubhouse, picnic table, and Wi-Fi for recreational activities

Contact Info

  • Location: 170 N Central Boulevard, Quartzsite, Arizona, 85346
  • Main Contact: +1(928) 927-6778

Why it Stands Out to Us

This park only has one rule, i.e., no pets in the summer months, but otherwise, there is a pet-friendly lot available. They do make up for it in other ways by including various facilities and services to ensure a memorable stay. It is located right off the highway and is easy to find.

Pleasant Environment

The clear skies of the location offer chances for stargazing, wildlife viewing, and scenic drives. Their amenities include big rig compatibility, paved roads, restrooms, showers, laundry, clubhouse, RV hookup, picnic area, water hookup, and Wi-Fi. The well-maintained trees and paved roads also add to the site’s many advantages. 

Large Sites

They offer a total of 67 RV sites with 45’ and 40’ sizes. All sites have 30 and 50 amp connections and handicap facilities. Each site is large enough to allow slide-outs and fifth wheels.

Standard Rates

There are three basic packages, i.e., daily, weekly, and monthly that seem to follow the standard trend of prices for this area and no more. One of their major plus points is that they are well-maintained and hygienic.   

Best for UTV/ATV:
The Scenic Road RV Park

Best for UTV/ATV: The Scenic Road RV Park

What we love

  • ATV/UTV friendly site
  • All sites have full hookups
  • Option for rental storage sheds
  • Wi-Fi and phone connections throughout the park
  • Theme parties, game nights, educational classes, etc. in the clubhouse

Contact Info

  • Location: 480 N Central Blvd, Quartzsite, AZ, 85346, United States
  • Main Contact: PO Box 2053 Quartzsite, AZ 85346
  • Phone Number: 928-927-6443
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Scenic Road RV Park stands out for giving its customers more facilities and entertainment options on-site. The park also allows ATVs/UTVs and pets, so it is welcoming to all. You get the basic electricity connection (20, 30, and 50 amp) along with water lines. The area has been renovated to improve the condition of the roads and water supply.

Large Park

This is a large Quartzsite RV park with around 100 sites, all with full hookups. Some sites are big enough (65’) to accommodate pull-through and slide-outs as well. Their clubhouse also hosts a kitchen and many daily activities, including potlucks, hula exercises, parties, games nights, and more. You get the option for short-time stays along with long seasonal stays with different rates.


For your convenience, the park includes car wash, pet wash, shower, laundry, and Wi-Fi. Some of the events that they have hosted include car gathering, museum field trips, farmers market, off-road race, desert race, music festivals, and more. It is located near the main street where the local markets and stores are. 

Rules For Safety and Pleasant Stay 

To ensure that all guests have a pleasant stay, they do enforce some rules. These include quiet times at night, cleaning up after pets, no fireworks allowed, weapons to stay within the RVs (if any), and only one RV per site. For other regulations, refer to the park website.    

Best for Off-Roading:
Quail Run RV Park

Best for Off-Roading: Quail Run RV Park

What we love

  • Fully paved roads
  • Car washing is provided
  • Shower, laundry, and kitchen facilities
  • Some of the lowest rates with special long-term stay packages

Contact Info

  • Location: 918 N Central Blvd, Quartzsite, AZ, 85346, US
  • Main Contact: P.O. Box 399 Quartzsite, AZ 85346
  • Phone Number: (928) 927-8810

Why it Stands Out to Us

This RV park in Quartzsite is one of the largest with 168 RV sites. It has the availability of city water and 20/30/50 amp electricity. In its vicinity are the Colorado River, Kofa, Sonoran Desert, and Plomosa Mountains.

All Basic Amenities  

Wi-Fi is free for daily and weekly visitors, whereas packages are available for monthly guests. Along with that, there are restrooms, laundry, kitchen, showers, library, TV, and sitting area. They also have a car wash facility. Their pet restrictions only allow pets under 25 pounds, with the exception of service dogs.

Facilitate and Host Activities

They host some activities like movie nights, card nights, and holiday celebrations, etc. They also provide information about various sites in the area like Dripping Springs, Palm Canyon, Rainbow Gardens, and National Wildlife Refuge among others. 

Low Rates

Their winter, summer, and longer-term rates vary, with winter rates being higher as it is the most active time. You can also book for five months at a time and negotiate special prices. They keep a well maintained and clean park with paved roads and concrete patios.   

Best for Retirees:
Ameri-Can Trails RV Park

Best for Retirees: Ameri-Can Trails RV Park

What we love

  • 50 amp over-sized sites
  • Host to an RV show every year
  • Free Wi-Fi and laundry facilities
  • Swimming pool and several other recreational activities on-site

Contact Info

  • Location: 310 N, Central Blvd, Arizona 95 Hwy
  • Phone Number: 928-927-5733

Why it Stands Out to Us

Ameri-Can RV Park has a 55+ senior community and is located in the clear desert with no city noise or disruptions. They also host the yearly Quartzsite RV show.

Swimming Pool 

Some of their many facilities include a swimming pool, which can be heaven in the hot desert. Most of the RV Parks in Quartzsite don’t have this, and it gives Ameri-can an edge because who doesn’t love a swimming pool?  

Host Over-Sized Trailers and More

Their electric connection is 50 amp, and they also host over-sized trailers. This is a pet-friendly area with free Wi-Fi and community activities. They also have a recreational hall with card games, a pool table, potlucks, and a horseshoe pit.

Rated Go Down With Demand

There are three different rates for January, Feb-Dec, and March-Nov. January sees the most increase in prices. For weekly guests, electricity costs are not included in the fees but require an extra fee, and for monthly guests, the utilities cost extra. The park has a total of 96 slots available year around.

Best Quartzsite RV Park for Long-Term Stay:
Shade RV Park

Best Quartzsite RV Park for Long-Term Stay: Shade RV Park

What we love

  • Recreational hall with daily activities
  • RV wash and oil change stations available
  • Buy a furnished park model for a long-term stay
  • Electricity, water, sewer, internet, and cable connections on every site

Contact Info

  • Location: 575 West Main Street, Quartzsite, AZ, US
  • Phone Number: 928-927-6336
  • E-mail: check their site for a direct mail

Why it Stands Out to Us

The park is also unique in its various orange, tangelo, and grapefruit trees that add to the serenity of the area. They have five different rates for one day, a week, a month (March-December and January-February), and six months.

Rental RVs

One of the great things about this park is the park models. These are rental RVs that the guests can buy for six months to up to a year. The trailers are fully furnished and have plumbing, a gas range, mattress, two televisions, kitchen, utensils, and appliances. Some lots also have a fence, giving the guests privacy.

Recreational Hall

The recreational hall has daily planned activities. There is also a lapidary and a library. The lapidary also gives weekly classes. Along with these daily activities, there are also some music jams and entertainment services. 

For those interested, they also host non-denominational Sunday church services. Other than the basic amenities, you are also provided with an oil change station, RV wash, at-door propane service, and dog walking.

24-Hour Check-in

This is one of the few Quartzsite RV parks that allow check-ins 24 hours a day. You can come and go anytime you want, and there’s no need to plan your activities around the park’s schedule.

Best for the Money:
Shady Lane RV Park

Best for the Money: Shady Lane RV Park

What we love

  • Campers available for rent
  • Desert trips and campfires on-site
  • Restrooms, showers, full hookups, and more
  • Rental units have TV, fridge, microwave, and coffee maker

Contact Info

  • Location: 185 N. Central Blvd, Box 88, Quartzsite, AZ 85346
  • Phone Number: 928-0927-6844
  •  E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Shady Lane RV Park is a 2018 Campers Choice winner. Their amenities include restrooms, showers, and laundry. They offer information about all the nearby local events in the town. Since Quartzsite is filled with RV parks, and many events, including ATVs, off-road driving, etc. are held throughout the year. 

Vintage Campers

They allow you to either stay in your own RV or rent one of their vintage campers. There are two-person accommodations with a bathroom, kitchen equipment, TV, and a couch.

Cleanliness and Other Services

Shady Lane Park claims to have their priorities in cleanliness and excellent customer service that attracts guests to extend their stay. Pets are allowed within the vicinity but are asked to be taken outside for walks. Every owner is responsible for their pet and cleaning up after it. The RVs are provided with full hookups, and for entertainment, they host campfires, desert trips and have shuffleboards. 

Mining Claims 

One of the interesting things about this Quartzsite RV park is that they let their guests make use of their mining claims in the area, so while you are enjoying the holiday, you can also go on a little treasure hunt. For more details about this, you should contact the park management.    

Best RV Park for Pets:
Hassler's RV Park

Best RV Park for Pets: Hassler's RV Park

What we love

  • 30 and 50 amp services available
  • Hassler’s mechanical zoo is nearby 
  • Oversized sites and pull-through options
  • Both short and long term booking available
  • Near Quartzsite’s annual rock and gem show is hosted here 

Contact Info

  • Location: 400 West Main Quartzsite, Arizona 85346
  • Phone Number: 928-927-6950
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Near the park, some activities like hiking, gold panning, biking, etc. are available for the guests to enjoy. The park also boasts a local pizza shop across the road with a 20” pizza. There is no end of activities to enjoy in Quartzsite. They have different seasonal and normal rates, depending on the booking. You can also book for six months to a year.   

Mechanical Zoo & Local Attractions

Hassler’s RV Park stands out for having its own mechanical zoo. The zoo contains various sculptures made from horseshoes, nails, and other atypical things. You can visit the zoo free of charge. They have taken care to locate the park close to all main attractions of the town like the annual gem show, RV show, the Tyson wells, and some local shops. It is located near the desert at a walking distance where you can enjoy the clear sky and wildlife. 

Multiple Pets

The site allows up to three pets per RV and has a separate dog walk. Just make sure to clean up after your own pets. 

Large Number of Sites 

The 130 RV sites are pull-through and oversized and have 30/ 50 amp connections. They accommodate up to 40’ long trailers. Every guest has sewer and water connections along with electricity, laundry, shower, and toilet facilities. Other facilities include happy hour, card games, music, and Wi-Fi.

Best for Tents:
B10 RV Park & Campground

Best for Tents: B10 RV Park & Campground

What we love

  • Water and sewer hookup options
  • 20, 30, and 50 amp electric connections
  • Along with RV sites, tent sites are also available
  • Rules are enforced to ensure a comfortable stay and safety

Contact Info

  • Location: B10 RV Park & Campground, 615 W. Main St. Quartzsite, AZ 85346
  • Phone Number: 928-927-4393

Why it Stands Out to Us

B10 RV Park has a total of 120 sites, all with electric, water, and Wi-Fi included in the fee. Their highest rate, like others in this area, is in January, and they offer daily, weekly, and monthly packages.


This park not only includes RVs but tents as well. There are about 20 tent sites, and from the RV sites, 50 are pull-through. This place is for you if you are looking for a safe place to camp where you don’t have to worry about desert wildlife and what will happen if you run out of water.

Amenities & Local Sites 

They also offer showers, laundry, a dump station, and a pet walking area. The RV sites have either 20 amp electric and water, 30 amp electric and water, 30 amp electric, water, and sewer, or 50 amp electric and water. For activities, there are potlucks and fire pits. Some of the nearby attractions include Indian artifact sites in the desert, casinos, and the gem and mineral show.

Rules For Maintenance

For maintaining a clean and peaceful environment, they have a quiet time at 10 PM onwards every night. Vandalism and intoxicated conduct are also prohibited. Pit-bulls, Rottweiler, and Dobermans are not allowed on-site, but any other pet is on this Quartzsite RV park. Pets are the owner’s responsibility, and they have to clean up after it.

Final Thoughts Before RVing in Quartzsite, AZ

So, these are the best RV sites you have to look forward to when you visit Quartzsite, whether it is for a winter retreat or to visit its various attractions and the Gem show.

All of these parks offer you details about events and sites near them and how to get there. Some of them also offer in-house activities, so you get the full service. If you love the quiet of a small town or if you are looking for some mining and off-highway adventures, either way, the town has something for you.