Best Military RV Parks in California

| Last Updated: August 30, 2022

Looking for a military RV park in California? You can find military bases all over the United States that have open areas for RV camping. These campsites provide active and former military personnel and people belonging to the Department of Defense, a great opportunity to unwind, spend time with their families, and get close to nature.

These campsites are not only cost-effective compared to traditional campgrounds, but they also offer base outlets equipped with discounted supplies. These military RV parks in California and countrywide are in no way inferior to other RV parks, as they provide the same amenities and facilities.

Every year, thousands of people come to the military RV parks in California. Many are fascinated by Yosemite National Park, want to travel along the classic Route 66, and love to see the sunset on the beach hugging highways through Big Sur.

In this article, you will find some of the best military RV parks in California. We will discuss how these parks rank in terms of convenience and why you should choose one from our list the next time you go camping.  

Why California is Such a Great Place to RV

When people say California, the last thing that comes to mind is a camping adventure. So what if the state has a population of more than 22 million people? This does not mean you will not find idyllic seclusion and an outdoor paradise.   

Recipe for the Perfect Holiday

California, the Golden State, is one of the most picturesque places where you will find everything from sprawling cities to a stunning coastline and lush, green forests. It is a popular tourist state with beautiful bays, warm beaches, gorgeous mountains, and a vibrant city life.   

Beautiful Locations

The state of California, with its dramatic Pacific Coast Line and Redwood forests at the top, stunning national parks like Sequoia and Yosemite in the middle, and the lovely beaches down in SoCal, provide tourists with unlimited activities. There are many campgrounds and RV camps in California that provide military personal with the perfect getaway for even a month!

Something for Everyone

From modern parks to beaches, mountains, and deserts, California is a versatile state that caters to people with different tastes and preferences very easily. Visiting California is an amazing adventure, and you are sure to find your dream campground here. There is, however, one thing to keep in mind – with so much to see, you will need several trips to California to see and enjoy it completely.   

Review of the Best Military RV Parks in California

The military boosts a large network of recreation areas and campgrounds in California that provides great camping facilities, tent spaces, and RV hook-ups. These campgrounds provide a reliable camping option, as not only are they affordable but are generally well-kept. 

1. Petaluma Lake RV Park

Military RV Parks in California

What we love

  • Shower facilities at the gym can be used by guests
  • Scenic location and courteous staff ensure a memorable vacation
  • Safe and secure where admission is not possible without a valid ID
  • Playground and horseshoe pit on-site keeps young RVers active and busy
  • Equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, coolers, bicycles, two-burner stoves, and golf clubs can be easily rented

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

The Petaluma Lake RV Park provides a fantastic opportunity for military personnel to relax in a completely quiet and scenic location. There are a number of turkeys, geese, and a few peacocks in this military RV park in California, helping you appreciate the beauty of nature. The utilities in this park work flawlessly, and the helpful and efficient staff work diligently to ensure that your stay is comfortable.

Affordable Prices

Another great thing about the Petaluma Lake RV Park in California is that not only is it economical, but it is also close to Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley. You can spend a day in the wine country without going far from the park. Moreover, Petaluma has many fine dining establishments where the food is delicious and tasty.

Enjoy Wine Tasting

The ideal location of this park is another plus point. In addition to the wine country, this park is just 45 minutes to San Francisco, under an hour from the Golden Gate Bridge, and just over an hour to Chinatown. Its great location makes it an ideal campground when visiting Bodega Bay, Point Reyes, Sonoma Coast, and much more.

Peaceful and Serene

There are only six sites in this military RV park, which makes it a very peaceful location. These RV sites are spacious and equipped with fire pits, picnic tables, and fire and water hook-ups. The well-equipped gym on the site is ideal for a workout to keep fit. There is also a theater on-site where you can enjoy the latest movies. Moreover, there are many beautiful trails on the base where guests can walk, run, or ride a bike.

2. Camp San Luis Obispo RV Park

Military RV Parks in California

What we love

  • Friendly and cooperative billeting staff
  • Appropriate quarters for service animals
  • Hook-ups boost 20, 30, and 50-amp service
  • Furnished rooms with a complete kitchenette including microwave, coffee maker, fridge, etc.
  • Safe and beautiful location, especially for personnel belonging to the military and Department of Defense

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Camp San Luis Obispo enjoys an ideal central location north of the stunning rolling hills of San Luis Obispo. Formally the home of California National Guard, Camp San Luis Obispo is the principal training facility of the Guard today.

Safe and Secure

It is a completely safe and secure RV park, as it is on the National Guard complex. The entrance of the camp is right off the highway, while the rooms are behind the hills, thus ensuring a quiet and peaceful environment. The best thing about this camp are its safety features. The gate of the San Luis Obispo is manned by an MP, which makes you feel completely protected.

Modern Amenities

The rooms at the camp are spacious and clean. They are furnished with modern furniture and queen-sized beds. These rooms, similar to apartments, are equipped with a complete kitchenette fitted with a microwave, coffee maker, 3-ft. fridge, kitchen utensils, and stovetop.

No Compromise on Comfort

Camp SLO is an affordable military RV park in California for people who want to save money but still want to enjoy a great view, comfortable beds, warm showers, and nice bedrooms.

The various statues and Army monuments on the camp are a testament to the bravery of the American soldiers. This camp is best suited for people who love their military heritage and will consider it an honor to stay here.

3. Admiral Baker Field RV Park

3. Admiral Baker Field RV Park military rv parks in california

What we love

  • Various activities suitable for all ages
  • Economical rates for military personnel
  • Pet-friendly camp which allows two dogs
  • Safe RV campground operated by the Navy
  • Centrally located, which is very close to the SDCCU Stadium

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

We find the Admiral Baker Field RV Park, one of the best places to stay in the San Diego area. The prices are quite a bargain compared to the other resorts and RV parks in the area. Admiral Baker is not only for active or retired military personnel, but the general public can also make use of this amazing campground.

Unlimited Recreational Activities

The prime location and various recreational activities make this military RV park in California very popular among guests. It is just a few minutes away from Interstates 8 and 15, while the SDCCU stadium is also close by. You can enjoy the many recreational activities present on the campgrounds, including two volleyball courts, three ball fields, two horseshoe pits, two tennis courts, and three basketball courts.

Unparalleled Hospitality

Another thing we like about Admiral Baker RV Park is its easy accessibility. Its close proximity to the SDCCU Stadium is also an added bonus. The staff is very friendly and the check-in process is very simple.

This is also a kid-friendly campsite. The grassy area in the middle is a great place for the children to play. Also, this area is clearly visible from the camping spot, thus making it easier to keep an eye on the children.

Ideal Location

There are numerous restaurant choices when you stay at Admiral Bakers RV Park. This park is also close to Mission Regional Park, which is one of the largest recreational parks in the U.S. This is a fantastic park that has much to offer to its visitors, thus ensuring a memorable stay.

4. Palm Oasis RV Park & Resort

Palm Oasis RV Park & Resort

What we love

  • Fenced-in dog park to exercise your animals
  • Picturesque RV Park, surrounded by fruit and vegetable farms
  • Barbeque facility provides a great place for social interaction
  • Located near popular landmarks, which provides visitors with much to do 
  • Features 140 sites with complete hook-ups for convenience and comfort

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

The Palm Oasis RV Park is located in the gorgeous Coachella Valley of California. It is open year-round for military and Coast Guard personnel. Employees of the Department of Defense and military reserve members can also stay in this park.

Golfing Opportunity

The best thing about the Palm Oasis RV Park is its location. Palm Springs is recognized as the top destination for golf, and visitors staying in the Palm Oasis RV Park can play endless golf at the neighboring Date Palm Country Club. Moreover, you can find many popular landmarks near the RV Park. These attractions include Thousands Palm Oasis, Living Desert Life Wildlife & Botanical Preserve, Joshua Tree National Park, Indian Canyon, and the San Jacinto National Monuments.

Friendly and Accommodating Staff

As military RV Parks in California go, this one is big with 140 sites with complete hook-ups. The staff also works diligently to ensure that your stay is a pleasant one. The office staff is also very courteous and provides an information packet when you check in.

On-Site Activities

The campsite is very spacious and everything is kept neat and clean. The recreational area has many books you can enjoy while reclining on the plush sofas. You can also enjoy a friendly game of pool or table tennis or watch television. If you want to watch a movie, you can go to the base theater and enjoy the latest movies for free.

5. Fiddler's Cove RV Park

Fiddler's Cove RV Park one of the best military rv parks in california

What we love

  • Enjoy breathtaking views of the San Diego Bay
  • 59 sites with full hook-ups and level concrete slabs
  • Clean and well-maintained park with ample garbage dumpsters
  • Picnic tables at every site are great for enjoying meals with family and friends

Why This Park Stands Out to Us

Fiddler’s Cove RV Park is arguably the best Navy park that offers stunning views of the San Diego Bay. From this park, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the bridge, bay, and downtown skyline. It doesn’t matter if you’re an ardent sailing or fishing fan or just want to relax and unwind near the water, the Fiddler’s Cove RV Park is just for you.

Panoramic Views

The Fiddler’s Cove is located right on the San Diego Bay, and you can enjoy breathtaking views of the glimmering waters by just looking out your RV window. Gorgeous sunrises and picturesque sunsets will find a special place in your memories.

Many Facilities to Ensure a Comfortable Stay

Adjacent to a full-service marina, the Fiddler's Cove RV Park features many outdoor activities such as bike paths and boat rentals, however, swimming is not allowed. The entire park is clean, with modern showers and bathrooms. The mini-mart is well-stocked and you will be able to find any items that you forget to bring easily. The staff is also very helpful and accommodating.


The Fiddler’s Cove is located right next to the marina, thus providing superb views of the bay. We love that the campground has taken many steps to ensure the safety of the visitors. One such step is that you will be required to enter a code for entry after 5 p.m.

Final Thoughts Before RVing in California

California is one of the most popular travel destinations among RV owners. Situated right at the coast, the Golden State has it all – from mountains to deserts to beaches, the natural beauty of this state is astounding.

In addition to the natural beauty, California has many important landmarks such as Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and of course, Hollywood, thus making it an attractive destination for families.  

If you belong to the military, you have the added advantage of using California's best military RV Parks. Be sure to read the above reviews of the best military RV Parks in California before heading out so you can have a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

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