Best RV Dehumidifiers (2021 Buyer’s Guide)

| Last Updated: July 18, 2021

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Traveling in your RV during summer is a great adventure, being able to relax on the open road and visit all those places you’ve always wanted to experience.

You settle down for the night and try to get some sleep, but with no success.

The humidity in your RV is too much to bear. If only you had a dehumidifier to get rid of any moisture in the air.

Best RV Dehumidifiers Comparison Chart

  • This model is able to remove up to 9 gallons of water per day, making it the runner-up on our list
  • The unit is designed with a quiet fan and convenient built-in wheels and handles
  • Built-in pump compressor removes bacteria from the air, reducing allergens and odors
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  • This dehumidifier is intended for any space measuring up to 1000 square feet, earning it the position of second runner-up on our list
  • This model is extremely easy to use and shuts off automatically once the tank is full
  • The Energy Star-certified dehumidifier includes a turbo mode which can be used to increase the fan speed to CFM 138
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  • The Pro Breeze can remove up to 9 ounces of water per day and is the best-rated on Amazon
  • The LED light indicates when the water tank needs draining
  • The Thermo-Electric cooling technology works without a compressor, ensuring a smooth and quiet operation
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  • Capable of removing up to 11 pints of water per day, this unit is the best small dehumidifier for RV
  • Built-in ionizer deodorizes, freshens, and cleans air, ensuring better air quality
  • Easy display allows you to view and set current humidity levels, while the Smart System continuously regulates the air
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  • The IVADM35 is able to remove up to 20 oz. of water per day, making it the best 12-Volt dehumidifier for RV
  • This unit does not have any moving parts, resulting in a quiet operation
  • The indicator lights up and the unit automatically shuts off once it reaches its capacity
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  • Capable of removing 70 pints of moisture per day, this unit is the best electric dehumidifier for RV
  • This model is Energy Star-rated, making it energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Designed with a peak sound level of 48 decibels, this unit has extremely quiet operation, as well
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  • Built-in wheels and handles make this unit the best portable dehumidifier for RV
  • This model is able to remove 4 gallons of moisture from the air per day and is ideal for rooms measuring up to 1500sq. ft.
  • You just need to adjust the dehumidifier to the ideal moisture setting, making this product extremely easy to use
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  • This model is mess and spill-free, making it the best RV desiccant dehumidifier
  • This unit is 100% renewable and does not need any power to operate
  • Special moisture meter crystals indicate when the dehumidifier needs to be renewed in order to be used again
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What Makes a Great RV Dehumidifier?

Like all products, we buy there’s always one with unique features that makes it stand out from their competitors, something that gives it an extra advantage. The same goes for dehumidifiers. Features such as continuous drain capabilities, anti-frost technology, auto settings and a timer all would give any dehumidifier an advantage over their competitors.

  • Constant Drain Facility

This feature allows you to have your dehumidifier on 24/7 without having to empty it once full. A hose can be connected to your dehumidifier which can then be connected to a compartment within your RV or just a simple box where the excess fluid will end up.

  • Anti-Freeze Technology

Because of the cold air and moisture running through the device, the coils might freeze over. This is more of a problem for refrigerant models rather than desiccant ones.

  • Auto Humidistat

Being able to set what humidity you want in your RV and leaving it on throughout the night is a life-saver. With a regular dehumidifier, you would need to keep getting up throughout the night to switch it on again. This auto setting will keep the humidity to a pre-selected level.

  • Timer

The timer is a neat feature that you can use to make heading to bed more comfortable. Just turn your dehumidifier on and set the time to an hour or so and you’ll fall asleep like a baby. If you want it running for only a few hours to save on power, you can set it to switch off roughly two or three hours after you expect to be asleep.

Review of the Best RV Dehumidifiers

Now on to the best part, this is when we bring together all the information you need to know about each of the best dehumidifiers on the market. Take into account the features we spoke about above and hopefully by the end of this review you have a better understanding.

Best Overall:
hOmeLabs 4000 Sq Ft Dehumidifier 70 Pint Energy Star

hOmeLabs 4,000 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier with Pump – Ideal for Bedrooms, Basements, Bathrooms, and Laundry Rooms – with Digital Control Panel, 24 Hr Timer, and Overheat Protection


  • Noise-Free
  • Continuous Drainage Ability
  • Added Features like ‘Turbo Mode’
  • Takes Roughly 24 Hours to Fill the Water Tank


  • Harder to Blend in with the Surroundings Due to its Size
  • Would Need a Larger than Average RV to Store this; Otherwise, You’ll be Sacrificing a Lot of Space

A strong contender to the number one spot, this dehumidifier is a worthy match with its 1.6 gallon water storage capability, it also removes up to nine gallons of moisture a day.  

This unit is great for larger RV’s that have plenty of space to dehumidify. A good added benefit is that it won’t cost you any more money to run than the previous portable dehumidifier. It seems that most modern dehumidifiers are noise free, that’s exactly the case for this one too.

You can also set the humidity you want your room to be and won’t have to worry about it until its full but not for a full 24 hours. Of course, no one wants to be constantly emptying out the liquid from the storage tank, so this dehumidifier has a hose attachment so you can continuously drain any fluid.

The hose, of course, doesn’t come with it, but the company does recommend “a ⅝ diameter garden hose with a female threaded end, and optionally Teflon tape for extra security.”

This unit also has a neat added feature called ‘Turbo mode’ which makes the fan speed increase from 165 cubic feet per minute to 188 CFM for maximum moisture removal and odor reduction.

Bottom Line

This is the runner-up for a reason, this dehumidifier only misses the mark for the top spot by a few points. This model has a great 24-hour operation life until it fills up, if you want it to be on constantly without having to empty it, you could just set up the hose to drain continuously.

The turbo mode was something that made it stand out from the crowd, this thing truly is a beast at dehumidifying the air. Apparently, in this case, bigger isn’t always better as this dehumidifier isn’t easy to blend into the background and you might end up having to sacrifice a bit of space if you’re traveling in an average sized RV.

Vremi 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier

Vremi 22 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier Energy Star Rated for Medium Spaces and Basements


  • Portable
  • Silent Fan
  • Turbo Mode
  • Continuous Drain
  • Minimum Energy Consumption
  • Can be Used in an Average or Large RV


  • Despite its Portability, it is Still Quite Chunky

This dehumidifier can hold up to four gallons and is certified to absorb moisture fast and effectively with minimum energy consumption. This gadget is best used in medium to large sized RV’s. If you want a mix of high performance and portability, this is the dehumidifier for you. Easily moved about with the addition of some wheels, and again, this dehumidifier will get rid of all that moisture and humidity without any irritating noises.

Like the previous review, this dehumidifier has a turbo mode that will increase your fan speed from a standard setting of 129 CFM to a boosted speed of 138 CFM for maximum effect. You can also choose the humidity on this device as well as continuously drain the liquid so you can have it running 24/7, all you need is a standard gardening hose with a female threaded tip.

Bottom Line

This handy dehumidifier is easily one of the better versions on the market, its portable with the help of some wheels, it gives you the option to attach a hose for continuous usage, and uses minimum amounts of power even when turbo mode is switched on.

The only real downside to this product is that it might be a portable dehumidifier, but it’s still a bit chunky and hard to find a decent spot for it to blend in.

Best Rated on Amazon:
Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1200 Cubic Feet

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier 1200 Cubic Feet (215 sq ft) - Portable Mini Dehumidifier with Auto Shut Off for Home, Bedroom, Basement, Trailer, RV


  • Small, Easy to Blend in
  • Doesn’t Give Off Any Noise
  • Most Popular Reviewed on Amazon


  • No Humidity Setting
  • Has to be Emptied Manually
  • Doesn’t Collect Much Moisture and is Best for Smaller RV’s

The best-rated dehumidifier on Amazon at the moment, the reviews reflect on how reliable this dehumidifier is. Small and compact which is perfect for any caravan or regular sized RV. This dehumidifier can remove up to nine ounces of water per day with a storage capacity of 16 ounces. This model will automatically shut off when full and will need to be emptied, it doesn’t offer a continuous drainage option like most of its competitors.

Because of the size of this dehumidifier, it’s incredibly easy to blend into its surroundings, its about the same size as your average plant pot and looks just like an air freshener. Another added bonus is that it’s silent and doesn’t give off any irritating noises. Judging by the reviews on Amazon, this product is one of the favorites for any RV/Caravan owners, mainly because, it might be small, but it certainly does its job.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to understand why this product is the best-reviewed dehumidifier on Amazon, one of its best features is that it’s small and compact making it incredibly easy to blend into the background. As well as being quiet when switched on, this dehumidifier is a simple solution to your humidity problem.

It might be reliable, but it does have a minimal amount of features, it still has to be drained manually every two days, which might seem decent but it does only collect 9 ounces of moisture per day. Not the most advanced model, but if you want something simple and does its job, this might be the gadget for you.

Best Small Dehumidifier for RV:
Ivation 11 Pint Small-Area Compressor Dehumidifier


  • Timer
  • Has an Air Purifier
  • Small Yet Effective
  • Built-in Humidity Setting
  • Automatic Drainage with the Use of the Hose and Bucket which are Included


  • Won’t Work in Smaller More Confined Areas

This is the best and most compact dehumidifier on the market at the moment, it has everything the previous dehumidifier was missing. This bad boy can remove up to 11 pints of water per day with a storage capacity of 2 liters. Even though it does fill up fast, you won’t have to drain it manually as it comes with its own automatic drainage hose so it can work around the clock.

The smart technology built into the dehumidifier allows you to not only view the current humidity in your RV but also set it to your desired level. This model will enable you to set a time up to 24 hours away so you can just leave it and let it do its thing throughout the day.

Not only is this a fantastic dehumidifier, but it also has a built-in Ionizer, which purifies the air around you and can be run simultaneously with the dehumidifier.

Bottom Line

A small and reliable unit that has plenty to offer, the automatic drainage allows you to run the dehumidifier regularly without having to worry, an added bonus is that it already comes with its own hose and bucket, so there’s no need to buy your own, which is rare for most dehumidifier units.

This isn’t the only thing it has to offer, the built-in humidity settings allow you to choose what level of humidity you want, the same goes for the timer. Not only can this dehumidify your RV but it also cleans the air around you with its top of the range Ionizer.

The only real downside to this unit is small, but not small enough for those hard to reach places. Mold and dampness can be anywhere, a closet, for example, might be hard to reach and could warrant the use of a smaller dehumidifier.

Best 12 Volt Dehumidifier for RV:
Ivation IVADM35 Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier - Quietly Gathers Up to 20 Ounces of Water Per Day - for Bath Room, Basement, Attic, Boats, Rv Ect - for Spaces Up to 2,200 Cubic Feet


  • Humidity Setting
  • Quiet, no Moving Parts
  • Takes Roughly Three Days to Fill


  • Heavy
  • Power Cable Easily Breaks

Just like the smaller version we spoke about previously, this dehumidifier has no moving parts and can be relied upon to be quiet at all times. The unit can bring in a maximum of 20 oz of water a day with a total capacity of 68 oz, at which point it will shut off automatically and indicate you via a blue light.

Unlike the smaller model, this unit doesn’t come with a hose, bucket or an automatic drainage option, meaning that you’ll need to do it manually, this isn’t too much of a problem as it does usually take three days to fill. You have the option of choosing what humidity you’d like the room to be set at, and once this has been reached, the device will automatically shut off.

Bottom Line

Taking up to three days before filling up, the dehumidifier certainly does its job collecting up to 20 oz of water per day. No more sleepless nights and no dealing with a noisy machine, this unit has no moving parts, along with this, it also allows you to choose the humidity for the room and will shut off once the desired humidity is accomplished.

These are the best features of this unit, despite not having the ability to drain like the company’s smaller model automatically, it still does pack a punch and can be relied upon. One complaint that was shared by a few reviews on Amazon was that the power cable is easily broken and can be heavy when trying to move about.

Best Electric Dehumidifier for RV:
Tosot 70 Pint with Internal Pump 4500 Sq. Ft.

TOSOT 50 Pint with Internal Pump 4,500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star - for Home, Basement, Bedroom or Bathroom - Super Quiet (Previous 70 Pint)


  • Noise Proof
  • Draining Setting
  • Great Moisture Intake
  • Moves with Wheels
  • Timer and Humidity Setting


  • Heavy to Carry
  • Can Only Select a Timer of up to Four Hours

A large unit, this dehumidifier sits at a whopping 51 pounds, it’s safe to say that it can take a hit or two. Despite its weight, it can be moved about easily by its four wheels. The noise proof components of this machine help it to blend perfectly into your RV.

The smart panel will allow you to change a few details such as the humidity you’d like your RV set to, other features include a timer of up to four hours and the continuous draining option.

Removing up to nine gallons per day and a bucket capacity of 160 ounces, to get continuous drainage, just connect a standard ¾ inch hose to the unit, then the other end to a drain and select the non-stop setting.

Bottom Line

The good outweighs the bad on this product, the unit works effortlessly to bring in up to nine gallons per day, doing this while being noise proof is a significant advantage. The timer and humidity settings are also a useful feature, the only downside about the timer is that you can only set a maximum of four hours.

Other than that, if you decide to carry your dehumidifier somewhere and for some reason, the wheels aren’t working, it can be extremely heavy. This really is a piece of art in many ways other than one.

Best Portable Dehumidifier for RV:
hOmeLabs 30 Pint Dehumidifier

hOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier for Medium to Large Rooms and Basements


  • Energy Efficient
  • Fast and Effective
  • Portable and Easy to Use
  • Can be Drained with the Use of Continuous Drain Feature


  • Doesn’t Come with a Hose
  • Wouldn’t Look the Best in a Small RV, Best Used in Medium to Large Sized RV’s

This portable dehumidifier can absorb up to four gallons of moisture per day. Perfect for your RV and powerful enough to be able to dehumidify it. It won't cause too much of an energy crisis when the electricity bill comes through as it is Energy Star certified. Built for a sleek, clean look, it’s easy to just blend into the background of your RV without causing too much of an eyesore.

The built-in wheels and handles allow you to move it around with ease, the almost silent fan is a standard addition that should be expected on all modern day dehumidifiers. The unit can run for a full 24-hour cycle, and if you don’t want to keep draining it, you could buy and attach a hose for continuous drainage, just buy a ⅝ inch diameter hose with a female thread tip.

Bottom Line

This is a reliable piece of hardware for any RV owner, it’s fast, effective and does exactly what it says on the box. The company designed this unit to be portable and easy to move about considering it isn’t the smallest of units. The dehumidifier is also Energy Star certified, so there’s no need to worry about racking up a massive electricity bill.

The reservoir can be drained via a hose pipe, meaning that it can run 24/7 while draining water. The only two complaints are that it doesn’t already come with a hose like some of their competitors. The fact that it’s portable is great, but you might still need to sacrifice space in a smaller RV which then becomes a pain. It’s best used in medium to large sized RV’s.

Best RV Desiccant Dehumidifier:
New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Mini Dehumidifier

Eva-dry E-333 Mini Dehumidifier, Pack of 1, White Sand


  • 100% Renewable
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Perfect for Hard to Reach Areas
  • Requires Bare Minimum Electricity Which is Used Once Every Four weeks


  • No Added Features, Bare Minimum
  • Not the Most Advanced Technology
  • Usually Used for Small Spaces but a Small Bedroom Could Work

Using no batteries or fancy flashing lights, this dehumidifier is 100% renewable unit that uses silica gel technology. The fancy little dehumidifier can be placed in any small rooms and is fit for even a bedroom of an RV or any area up to 333 cubic square ft.

It will slowly absorb moisture and using the moisture indicator window, the crystals should turn from Orange to Green at which point it has reached its capacity. The whole process should take roughly four weeks to absorb 6 oz of water.

To empty the unit, you just plug into the nearest socket for approximately 10 hours. It works by heating up the device which also dries out the silica and then you’ll be able to just continuously use it.

Bottom Line

This is the most simple version of a dehumidifier on this list, it offers the same service but just in a different method. 100% renewable and extremely easy to use that ultimately saves you a lot of hassle and energy.

It doesn’t offer you the same advanced features or technology as the previous units have, but if you just need something for a space like a small RV bedroom, this is a great starter unit.

9. Vremi 1 Pint Dehumidifier

Vremi 1 Pint Compact Portable Dehumidifier


  • Silent
  • Portable and Easy to Store
  • Great for Average Sized RV’s
  • A Hose can be Attached for it to be Continuously Drained


  • Only Carries 1.5 L of Fluid
  • Automatically Shuts Off when Full

This small but handy dehumidifier is perfect for your average RV, with a moisture capacity of 1.5 L this is great for those smaller compartments like a bathroom or your bedroom.

One of the best benefits of this product is that it’s completely silent when switched on, a massive problem for many dehumidifiers is that they’re noisy which can be irritating. It will shut off automatically once full, at which point it will activate an LED light to let you know.

This brand of dehumidifier comes in larger sizes like the 30 pints and the 70 pint versions. Any of these models can also be hooked up to a hose and drained continuously while still being used.

Bottom Line

This is the overall best dehumidifier you can get for using in an RV, portable and works well in any standard sized RV. This product will give you a great nights rest due to its silent nature when switched on. One of the greatest features is that it can be drained continuously using a hose attachment and still dehumidify all at the same time.

Just as small as your average vase, this thing can blend perfectly into the background, making it incredibly hard to notice. The only downside to this product would be the limit on how much fluid it can store; however, you could always go for the size up. Other than that, it works like a charm.

Types of RV Dehumidifiers

Below are the two main types of dehumidifiers you may want to consider adding to your RV:


These types of dehumidifiers are filled with a water absorbing material that will extract any moisture from the air that passes through the device. This type of unit doesn’t require a power source or to be emptied regularly. Once they are full either a small light or change in color of the crystals will let you know it’s full. Plugging it into a socket will dry it out via the heat created by the electricity. When empty, it will return to the original color.


Air filled with moisture is sucked into the dehumidifier and passes over a cold coil, then the air is condensed on the coil which then turns into water droplets, these droplets get collected in the water tank. The same air then heads over a hot coil, which in turn is sent out of the unit, producing dry air.


There are some great units out on the market at the moment, a lot of which are quite similar with some very minor variations in size of subtle features that can make or break between a handy tool or another device you never got the full use out of.

Some are too big for closets or bathrooms, some are too small for bedrooms and main living rooms. This review is merely a guide to what’s currently out there and what sort of features you should be looking for; hopefully, we have achieved that.

People Also Ask

This section is mainly to answer any questions you might have after reading this review, most of the time it’s just going into more detail about things people might not have understood the first time around.

How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

Assuming you have a refrigerator unit (most popular), it would work as follows: moisture filled air passes into the unit to then head over a refrigerated coil (cold coil) the same moisture filled air would then condense on the coil turning into water droplets. These droplets fall into the reservoir. The moisture free air is then passed over a warm coil and out the other end resulting in dry, clean air.

How Do I Lower the Humidity in My RV?

To lower the humidity in your RV without the use of a dehumidifier, there are a few tips you should follow, keep a few windows open, don’t air dry clothes, increase the temperature inside the RV, turn on the exhaust fan whilst showering or cooking, other than this you could use Damp Rid. The last resort if you really are struggling with the humidity is to just buy a dehumidifier.

What Should I Set my RV Dehumidifier to?

If your dehumidifier has a smart humidistat it will let you see what the current humidity is at within the RV, it should also let you set the humidity level. If you are able to do this, it is recommended that you set it between 30% and 50%

What is the Best Location For a Dehumidifier Inside an RV

Depending on the size of your dehumidifier and also taking into account the space of your RV, if you have a portable, compact or large unit it can be used in either the main living area or your bedroom these are most likely the two largest parts of your RV which means you can dehumidify as much air as possible. If you have a small unit, the best place is either near your bed or wherever you need to get rid of dampness, etc.

How Do You Know If You Need a Dehumidifier?

You might need a dehumidifier for a number of reasons, some of which might be, being able to smell dampness, mold or you feel struggle getting to sleep at night due to the warm moist air, this usually feels like a sticky sensation on your skin.

Is it Safe to Leave a Dehumidifier on all the Time?

Any electronic appliance should be used with caution, especially if left out overnight. The manufacturers of these units understand that people are expecting to use these throughout the night and have implemented certain safety features that switch the unit off if it begins to overheat. However, always check the manual to ensure this is the case as you can’t run the risk of just assuming.

Can You Drain a Dehumidifier Into the Gray Water Tank of RV?

No! Water from dehumidifiers should never be used to fill your grey water tank. This water isn’t clean and will have multiple types of harmful bacteria lurking within. The unit converts polluted air into water and should be poured away and never consumed.

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