Best RV Tire Covers – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: May 10, 2022

In this article, we'll be highlighting a few of the best RV tire covers available right now. We understand these are an investment, which is why we'll be sharing a handful of great products to help protect them.

The models discussed below are some of the most popular on the market and and we'll be highlighting why.

A critical step in the protection process is paying attention to the details of each product. With this, ensure the product is right for your personal and vehicle needs before purchasing.

Comparison of the Best RV Tire Covers

  • The Best Overall RV Tire Cover.
  • The complete package consists of 4 wheel covers.
  • It can slip onto the wheel easily, making a great fit.
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  • The Runner-up RV tire cover.
  • It has a heavy duty design made to last.
  • Protects the tire when the vehicle is parked (at rest).
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  • Best for the money tire cover.
  • Can be installed without hassle.
  • Keeps the tire protected from harmful sun rays.
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  • It is easy to fit on an RV tire.
  • This cover is resistant to UV rays.
  • It keeps tires safe from water damage.
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  • The ropes are very sturdy and can be pulled for a secure fit.
  • The construction helps keep tires protected against UV rays.
  • Features a set of locking security grommets and a heavy-duty locking zip tie.
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  • It features a hook design for a better fit.
  • Keeps dust and corrosion away from tires.
  • The construction enables it to withstand hard sunrays.
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  • The vinyl material offers resistance to water.
  • Convenient to put on without requiring any extra tools.
  • Preserves RV tires against UV rays, dust, and corrosion.
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What Are The Advantages of Investing in RV Tire Covers?

The purpose of investing in RV tire covers is to prevent future disasters from happening. If you don’t have a cover and things go wrong, you may wish you had bought one beforehand. Tire covers also protect your vehicle's wheels from sun damage and can help prevent them from drying out and cracking. 

These will also increase the lifespan of the tires themselves, in turn, saving you money in the long-run. The upfront investment may seem like a lot, but the payoff is well worth it. 

Are All RV Tire Covers The Same?

Not all tire covers are created equal. Thankfully, companies have continued to push the envelope and provide us with a wide range of options to choose from. Some key differences are material, size, and color.


Material may be the most important factor, depending on your specific needs, and dictates the product's lifespan. Vinyl covers tend to last longer than others but don't offer the same breathability as canvas covers. Canvas covers are easier to fold and store but tend to get dirtier faster compared to vinyl.


The climate of where you're traveling is also something to keep in mind when deciding on the right cover. Vinyl covers do a better job of repelling water, while canvas gets wet and heavy quickly. When deciding between materials, it comes down to weighing the pros and cons and matching them with your lifestyle.


Size is also a very important consideration and very simple to choose. Covers typically offer multiple sizes based on tire diameter, so be sure to pick appropriately.  Some companies also offer custom-sized fits too, if finding the right size becomes complicated.


The color of your RV tire covers can be commonly underestimated. Dark colors retain heat more than lighter colors, so if you’re in southern states like Florida, Texas, or Arizona, it would be wise to choose a lighter color so the cover doesn’t trap unnecessary heat. If you’re in cooler climates, a darker color won’t have as large of an impact.

How to Choose Tire Covers

Are you unsure about which RV tire covers to buy? Such hesitation is understandable. While picking up the right cover for the tires of your precious vehicle, there are a few things you’ll need to consider prior to making the final buying decision. These factors will help you select the most appropriate wheel cover for your RV.


If you don’t take the measurements of your tire and directly skip to the buying part, it will be useless if you end up buying the wrong size. So, to avoid such a situation, you should make sure you have correctly measured the height and thickness of your RV tires.


There are different kinds of tire covers available, soft and hard. Hard covers are made of solid materials like stainless steel or hard plastic, among others. Soft covers can be made of vinyl or canvas materials. Therefore, you need to check what type is most compatible with your vehicle’s wheel.

Kind of Materials Used For the Build

If you are more of an adventurous RV-driving person and like to explore new places, then, you should make sure the model you pick is made from sturdy materials. The protection you want to give the tire should be able to withstand numerous weather conditions. Otherwise, they will wear out soon.

Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe RV & Trailer Wheel Cover is made of wipe clean vinyl material with soft non-scratch backing with three year warranty.

Review of the Best RV Tire Covers

Now we're going to switch gears and transition into the review portion of our article. From here on out, we'll be discussing the best RV tire covers and their main features. With this, we'll also be touching on the primary pros and cons according to recent buyers. Let's get started!

Best Overall:
Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe

Duck Covers Elegant Waterproof 76 Inch Square Patio Table & Chair Set Cover


  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Diverse Size Options Available
  • Protects Against Dirt, Rust, and Harmful UV Rays


  • Securing Mechanism is a String Tie
  • Fits Very Snugly, May Want to Order a Size Up

Classic Accessories is delivering another great product with these excellent vinyl tire covers. They offer multiple sizes and have an elasticized back panel to ensure a snug custom fit. They come with a handy storage bag to hold all four covers so you don’t have to worry about losing them when traveling. These come in a four-packs, meaning you don't have to buy each cover separately. 

As mentioned, these are vinyl, so cleaning is as easy as wiping them off. These particular covers are white, so they will not absorb heat as with some darker colored covers. Another feature is the outstanding three-year limited warranty offered by Classic Accessories.

Bottom Line

These made our list because they are one of the best models available. Customers rave about their ease of use and high-quality construction. Being reasonably priced and having a three-year limited warranty makes these a top pick for sure.

Runner-up and Best ADCO TV Tire Cover:
ADCO Designer Series

ADCO 3962 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover,30' - 32'


  • It is Available in Different Sizes
  • It Protects Against Harmful UV Rays
  • It is Accompanied By a 3-Year Warranty
  • The Flannel-Backed Vinyl Resists Liquid Damage
  • Made With Durable Materials for Longer Life


  • Some Might Not Like the Design
  • The Sizing May Not Be Accurate Every Time
  • They Have a Velcro Strap for Attachment (Which Isn’t the Most Secure)

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who recently bought this wheel cover appreciate its  high-quality material. They like the thick build which properly protects tires. For them, it fits perfectly on the tires and didn’t cause many difficulties while being put on.
However, for some buyers, these were a bit hard to use. The sizes weren’t very accurate, either.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This ADCO tire cover offers good resistance against harsh weather and rain due to its flannel-backed vinyl. This type of vinyl also contributes to keeping the ties safe from dangerous ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, the ease at which these can be used on tires is impressive.

Who Would Use This Most

Well, because these can keep tires safe from harsh climate conditions, those who love to go on adventures in their RV and seek new experiences can make use of such a product the most. Also, this offering is great for those who go camping often.

What Could be Improved and Why

Some of the buyers of this reported the sizing doesn’t fit their RV tires completely. So, the manufacturers can work on improving their sizing chart to avoid consumers from facing such issues. Also, they can make the installation process easier as some buyers found such a model difficult to put on.

Bottom Line

To conclude the review of the ADCO Designer Series cover, this product can be a great pick for your RV wheels because it is extremely durable and resistant to weather changes. Furthermore, it keeps the tire protected against other factors, such as UV-rays. However, there might be a few issues pertaining to the correct sizing.

Best for the Money:
Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover

Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover - Protects Tires From Sun, Dirt, and Corrosion, Fits 30'- 32' Tires - White (2 Pack) (45323)


  • It is a Highly Waterproof
  • Comes With a 1-Year Warranty
  • It’s Quite Resistant to Unfavorable Climate Conditions
  • Created With Long-Lasting Materials for Added Durability
  • Consists of a Buckle-and-Strap for Easy Coverage and Attachment


  • Can Fit a Number of Tire Sizes
  • The Attachment Clips Might Break
  • The Clasps Need to Be Fastened Behind the Tires, Which May Be Annoying for Some

What Recent Buyers Report

Some buyers described the vinyl material used in the construction as not being very durable. As for others, the product was completely satisfactory and they loved how the covers didn’t wear out, even when facing a harsh environment.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover is a product that won’t disappoint you with its reliability. It can withstand very hot climates as well as very cold weather. Due to the construction, even during rain, the vehicle’s wheels will remain safe.

Who Would Use This Most

This will be a worthy investment for those who live in areas with harsh and unpredictable climate changes. These will protect tires even while the vehicle is parked. Besides, it can be used by elderly RV owners because the attachment process isn’t difficult.

What Could Be Improved and Why

According to a few of the customers, it would have been better if this had a higher resistance against UV rays to prevent damage to the tires. In addition, the quality of the vinyl material could be improved because it broke down soon for some buyers.

Bottom Line

All in all, these can be extremely impressive when it comes to comparing different covers being able to bear numerous weather conditions. Moreover, the compact design makes it easier for you to put it on your RV tires.

4. Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Dual-Axle Wheel Cover

Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Dual Axle Wheel Cover, Wheels 27' - 30'DIA, Grey, 1-Piece


  • Comes With a 3-Year Warranty
  • Such a Cover Isn’t Difficult to Put On
  • It Features Heavy-Duty Construction
  • It Features a Wipe-Clean Vinyl Material for Easy Cleaning
  • The Eyelets Secure the Bottom Flaps for an Appealing Look


  • Doesn’t Include a Bungee Strap
  • The Size Chart Might Not Always Be Accurate
  • The Construction Could Be Sturdier for Some

What Recent Buyers Report

Per some of the recent buyers, this RV tire cover is a good fit for their wheels. Customers were impressed with the quality and liked how they kept tires safe from the sun. However, for some buyers, the vinyl part damaged within a month and thus, for them, the construction could have been a bit better.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The part that makes this product stand out to us is the reliable protection it provides against the harmful rays of the sun. Such a model also has an appealing quality to it. Putting this cover on isn’t much of a hassle.

Who Would Use This Most

Mainly people who live in cities where rain is unexpected and frequent, can make use of these covers the most due to their high-quality waterproof feature. Moreover, in places where sunshine is harsh, this can come in handy as it offers safety from such UV rays, which can otherwise be damaging to wheels.

What Could Be Improved and Why

There is some room for improvement in the fitting department. The grommet isn’t very helpful in keeping the cover on because they get loose quickly, according to some customers,.

Bottom Line

Lastly, we would say this tire cover from Classic Accessories, can turn out to be an impressive pick for some because it’s very durable and resistant against different weather conditions.

5. Central Eagle Tire Cover

Tire Cover Central Eagle Tire Cover, 205/75R15


  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Extremely Durable
  • UV/Rain/mold Protection


  • Not Very Breathable

We couldn’t refrain from adding this one-of-a-kind patriotic cover to our list of the best RV tire covers. Not only is it unique and outside the norm compared to others, but it’s one of the highest quality options on the market right now. The design team stress-tested this beautiful cover with 90 pounds of pressure and a rope and it remained intact.

This model satisfies all your needs. It protects your wheels from harmful UV exposure, corrosion, mold, and keeps tires protected from the elements. This purchase includes locking security grommets as well as heavy-duty zip ties to help prevent theft. This model is also made of vinyl and is rainproof. Buyers can expect the image on the cover to last up for up to five years.

Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with this marvelous patriotic tire cover. It's sure to make a statement with its artwork and high-quality design. This ensures your tires are safe from damage and will be protected from harsh elements. Its amazingly American. Plus, it's backed by a one-year warranty.

6. AmFor Set of 4 Tire Covers

AmFor Set of 4 Tire Covers,Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Sun Protectors, Fits 27' to 29' Tire Diameters, Weatherproof Tire Protectors


  • Cleaning of Such a Cover Isn’t an Issue
  • It is Resistant to Water (Including Snow)
  • It Has Durable Construction for Longevity
  • Can Be Installed Pretty Quickly and Easily
  • Extremely Effective When it Comes to Being Weather-Resistant


  • May Have Some Issues With the Sizing
  • Covering the Tire Can Be a Hassle for Some
  • The Quality of Straps May Not Be Good for Some

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of recent buyers were completely satisfied with the fitting offered by this cover. They were also impressed by the good quality of the materials used in construction. The UV-protection was more than adequate for consumers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These AmFor Set of 4 comes with a sturdy build that adds to the overall life of these covers. Furthermore, the fact they are made from thick aluminum enables the covers to be waterproof. You can easily use them in an environment with a lot of rain or even snow.

Who Would Use This Most

This cover for a tire can serve those who like to go camping. You can have a fun time because you know such a cover is more than capable of keeping the RV’s tires safe while parked. Whether you encounter a storm or a whole lot of rain, this will offer protection against it all.

What Could Be Improved and Why

One aspect that customer's found challenging was getting the correct size for their tires. While some used a sizing chart, a few people mentioned that the tires 'fit small'. One thing that could be improved is a better grasp on how to deliver proper sizing to buyers. Be sure to do some research on what size you need before making any final decisions. 

Bottom Line

Using covers for your RV tires is necessary if you wish to keep wheels unharmed. That is why finding the best cover is crucial. This offering from AmFor is one you can rely on. The installation process is easy. The construction is durable. Such a cover will continue you serve you well regardless of the type of weather you encounter.

Best Spare Tire Cover:
 Leader Accessories Spare Tire Cover

Leader Accessories Universal 26'-28' Spare Tire Cover Fit for Trailer, RV, Car, Truck Wheel, Black


  • Waterproof Vinyl
  • Elasticized Back Hem
  • Comes in Black or White


  • Runs Small
  • Difficult to Keep Clean

So far, our list of the best RV tire covers has featured four-pack bundles. Here, Leader Accessories is offering single spare tire covers to protect your spare, so it's ready when you need it most. These are a low-profile, high-quality, waterproof, and come in a black or white vinyl cover to ensure tire safety year round.

This cover guarantees protection from sun, dirt, and corrosion of all types. They are easy to install and have a convenient elasticized back hem for a fast and snug fit. Amazon offers numerous sizes, so finding the right size is hassle free.

Bottom Line

If you’re in need of a spare tire cover for your RV, this is the clear choice. It offers superior protection compared to other lower quality covers on the market today. They do not offer a warranty, but when the product is this good, a warranty is unnecessary.

8. Camco 45346 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover

Camco 45346 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover (27 inches , White)


  • It is Able to Attach Securely
  • It is Resistant to Water Damage
  • Can Fit Around the Tire Perfectly
  • Has the Ability to Resist Numerous Weather Changes
  • Made From High-Quality Materials to Ensure a Longer Life


  • Some People Won’t Like the Design
  • The Sizing Might Not Always Be Perfect
  • The Elastic Might Not Be the Best of Quality for Some

What Recent Buyers Report

People who bought this have been satisfied with the fitting of this product and how it keeps the RV tires safe from weather damage. Such an item can be used in areas where there is a lot of rain or where it is quite hot.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product from Camco, has excellent durability due to its nice build. When you invest in such a cover, you are investing in an item which features longevity. Besides that, the overall fitting is great. Such a models does a good job when it comes to keeping dust and corrosion at bay for your RV tires. Putting it on the wheel isn’t much of a hassle.

Who Would Use This Most

Due to offering extreme resistance from dust, this can be particularly useful for people who reside in areas where dust and sand storms are common. In addition, it can also perform well in hot and cold weather conditions. You can easily use it for keeping a spare tire protected.

What Could Be Improved and Why

If anything needs an improvement pertaining to such a cover, it is the vinyl material it features. Some buyers reported that their vinyl cracked up shortly after making a purchase. Due to the clients that are happy with this offering from Camco, it will do the manufacturer good to offer consistency. Improving the vinyl can help every customer have a good experience using such a cover.

Bottom Line

Bringing it all to a close, this RV tire cover from Camco can make for a valuable investment. Due to being dust and corrosion-proof, you will be at peace about the safety of your tires. Furthermore, such a cover is easy to use. It works well for numerous weather conditions.

9. TCP Global Set of 2 Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel & Tire Covers

TCP Global Set of 2 Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel & Tire Covers, Fits 26.75' to 29' Tire Diameters, Weatherproof Tire Protectors


  • Has an Elastic Inner Edge
  • The Package Comes With 2
  • It is Accompanied By a 3-Year Warranty
  • Prevents the Tire From Wearing Out Anytime Soon
  • Comes With a Nylon Strap Buckle for Convenience


  • Straps Aren’t Long Enough for Sufficient Security
  • It Might Be Hard for Some to Fasten the Strap Behind the Tire
  • The Specifications for the Sizing Might Not Be Appropriate

What Recent Buyers Report

According to some of the recent buyers, the quality of this is satisfactory. It has served them well. Moreover, they found such a cover does support the claims of keeping the tire safe against bad weather.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product is satisfactory when it comes to the overall fit. It can fit well with RV tires, hence preventing any signs of damage. Further, because such a model is waterproof, you can easily park your vehicle during rain with no worries.

Who Would Use This Most

The waterproof feature makes it great for those who live in (or travel to) places where rain is frequent. In addition, it keeps the wheels safe even during snow.

What Could Be Improved and Why

The straps could be improved because certain buyers reported it was difficult for them to attach the straps behind the tires. Lengthening the straps should be beneficial.

Bottom Line

Keeping all the above features in mind, this cover for an RV tire from TCP Global, can turn out to be a great pick for RV owners. We say this because it offers protection against harsh climates, including water. The durable build makes for a good investment.

Best RV Tire Cover for 22.5 Tire:
ABN Canvas Wheel Covers

ABN Canvas Wheel Covers - 42 Inches, Set of 4, Best for RV, Car, Camper, Trailer, Truck, SUV


  • Secure Fit
  • Easy to Store
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • High-Quality, Durable Covers


  • Said to Run Large
  • Rain Causes Mold/Mildew

Auto Body Now (ABN) is a premium auto body tool and accessory company that offers an amazing product with these premium canvas wheel covers. They come in a convenient four-pack and have multiple size options available.

These canvas covers do their job and protect your tires from UV exposure, dirt, and rust when your RV isn’t being used or is stationary. The canvas allows for great breathability and minimal heat capture; slipping them on and off is very convenient they feature brass loops for securing. 

Bottom Line

Buyers are ecstatic about these RV tire covers. They are especially effective in hot areas because of the light color and breathability of the canvas material. ABN also offers a one-year warranty to ensure that should any complications arise, you're protected.

What Size RV Tire Covers Do I Need?

Choosing the right size of your RV tire cover is important. If the cover is too small, some parts will remain exposed, and if it is too big, it will sag or be blown away by strong winds. You can avoid all these problems by measuring the size of the tire or by checking the tire’s size number mentioned on the tire’s sidewall. You can also check the size chart provided by the manufacturer if any.

Why Should I Use RV Tire Covers?

Purchasing RV tire covers could be one of the essentials. Every RV owner’s wish is to protect its vehicle from being damaged and keep it good as new. RV tire covers help with this since they provide the following uses:

Protect Tires From Harsh Weather

One of the major uses of these tire covers is protecting tires in harsh weather. They prevent tires from being frosted and act as a shield against rain, liquids, and snow. If the tires are not covered, they could deteriorate, which will, in turn, affect their performance. Also, these covers protect against excessive heat and UV rays and keep the tires in good condition.

Resist Rust and Corrosion

These covers help prevent the build-up of rust and corrosive materials on the tires. They allow you to keep the tires clean and safe for a longer period of time rather than purchasing a new set of tires for your RV. It is a cheaper investment.

Avoid Cracking and Dry Rotting

Due to the RV being parked or stored outside in the open, the tires could be exposed to outdoor elements like dirt, bird droppings, etc. This could lead to chemical reactions, causing heavy damages to the tires such as cracking and dry rotting. However, using tire covers can help prevent these issues and maintain the original quality of the tires.


As we've identified, not all RV tire covers are created equal. Some match specific needs better than others and researching the proper cover is a necessary factor to avoiding buyer's remorse. The covers highlighted today have been tested by thousands of people who have expressed they were pleasantly surprised with their amazing quality.

Remember to pay attention to the material and color of the tire cover. Thanks for visiting our article of the best RV tire covers, we hope we've helped you identify your top pick! If you have any questions regarding the products above, please comment below or visit our contact us page! Thanks and happy camping!

People Also Ask

While buying a wheel cover, there are certain queries present in the minds of customers. We understand the need for concise answers to questions you might have.

When it comes to buying covers for your vehicle’s tires, we are familiar with the kind of questions potential clients generally have. That's why we've decided to answer some RV cover related questions.

What Are Tire Covers For?

People usually buy such covers to keep tires safe from sunlight. The rays from the sun may cause wear and tear in rubber tires. Moreover, something like these can also protect wheels during rain or dust storms. You might not know this, but strong winds rubbing against the tires can also cause cracks to occur. So, be careful.

What Are Tire Covers Made of?

It depends upon the type of tire cover you want to buy. Hard covers are made from stainless steel and molded plastic to ensure durability. Whereas, soft covers are created with soft vinyl that offers resistance against UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

How Do You Measure For RV Tire Covers?

For knowing the width, you can easily check the numbers written on the sidewall of your RV tires. Through such data you can also know the diameter and the sidewall aspect ratio of the tire. As for the height, you’ll need to stand the RV tire on the ground and measure the height from bottom to the top.

How to Put Tire Covers on

This part may be tricky for some people and can require a few minutes to do correctly. Firstly, you need to set the bungee ball through one grommet. Then, attach the tire guard and place another end of bungee thread behind the tire. Pull the looped part of the thread toward the bungee ball and pass it through the bungee ball. And you’re done!

Camco Weatherproof Wheel Covers

Are RV Tire Covers Worth it?

It is absolutely worth buying RV tire covers. In fact, it could provide immense convenience to your RVing life. Despite being a cheap investment, a cover serves you with many benefits. They protect your RV tires from damage caused by excessive heat, harsh weather conditions, and outdoor elements.

They also decrease the risk of flats and blowouts and prove to be rust and corrosion-resistant. With the aid of these covers, your tires last for long. 

What is the Best Color For RV Tire Covers?

The best color for your RV tire covers is black as it absorbs UV rays and prevents them from affecting the tire. However, if other colors are specially designed to act as a shield against UV radiation, those could be a suitable option.

How Do You Clean RV Tire Covers?

The cleaning process of the RV tire covers is not complicated, which makes it more popular among users. One important tip you must know is that harsh chemical cleaners are needed to be avoided as they could damage the covers. Only hot tap water and a sponge are required. 

However, if you own a vinyl cover, then those covers are prone to UV damage. So you may want to cover it with a protective layer right after cleaning them, as that would protect them against UV rays. Let your covers dry before covering them with a protective agent. 

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Here are a few other related guides to set you in the right direction: 

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