Best RV Composting Toilets of 2020

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Nothing screams freedom like hitting the road in your own personal RV. Traveling in an RV is all fun and games until nature calls you out and you have to dump your junk.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, clean, and environmentally-friendly alternative to nature's call, why not invest in a composting toilet? This toilet is self-contained, small, and completely odorless. It makes use of no water at all and requires very little energy.

To help you get started, we will review the top composting models present in the market along with their essential features. Choosing one of these will surely be worth your money.

Comparison Chart of the Best RV Composting Toilets


Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design

  • It has a good capacity.
  • This is the best overall composting toilet for RV.
  • The seat on this product is also very comfortable
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Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle

  • It is long, lasting, and durable.
  • This unit comes with a modeled seat that makes it easy to clean.
  • This is the runner-up toilet and is also the best in terms of money.
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Villa 9215 AC/DC

  • It removes all odors from your waste.
  • It has a fan that can be powered by AC and DC.
  • This is an ideal toilet for RV as well as household owners.
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Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet

  • It is very sturdy and robust.
  • This Sun-Mar toilet has great and unique features.
  • It has a recessed handle in the front that helps in saving space.
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What is a Composting Toilet?

A dry composting toilet is a toilet that makes use of no water at all, which means it doesn't require any plumbing. It is completely organic and natural and does not require any chemicals or flushing. It is similar to a mini ecosystem and separates the liquids with the solids and even converts it into humus. This toilet, since it lacks water, is very easy to use and even provides ecological benefit to the environment.

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design‚Äč

How Does an RV Composting Toilet Work?

Composting toilets work by turning your waste into compost. This helps in encouraging and increasing the activity of microorganism already present in your waste.

Composting toilets make use of no water, and only needs a dry medium such as peat moss in order to control the smell and to provide the carbon which the waste needs to start decomposition. Furthermore, in these toilets, your urine and feces are divided and held in separate holding tanks. Similarly, they are also emptied separately as well.

When these tanks are full, urine can be dumped in the toilet, and the composted waste becomes safe to dispose of along with the other trash without any extra treatment. The compost can further be used as a fertilizer; however, some rules and regulations forbid the use of human compost, so it is a good idea to check the regulations first.

Characteristics of our Favorite Models

Before investing in the best composting toilet for your RV, it is important to take a look at the top features present in these products. Mentioned below are some things you should consider when searching for these toilets.

Size and Usage

When investing in these toilets, you need to keep in mind that toilets for multiple users are made of tougher materials and come with a large waste tank. This is because if you overload a small toilet, it can create stress and unwanted odor, causing the life expectancy of the component to decrease. Even though there is no exact formula to decide which toilet you must buy, you should search up the expectancy of the product you are buying.

Also, if there are more than four people using this toilet, then invest in a medium or large size one instead of a small one.

Easy Installation

These composting toilets are very easy to install and are self-contained. In fact, installation should not be a deciding factor when investing in these units. However, there are certain features such as handles and vents mounted on both sides that make these units very helpful to pick up and use. Moreover, it is a good idea to buy a product that has tech support available readily along with an instructional video as well.

Ease of Cleaning

These composting toilets are not difficult to clean at all. However, the quality of components does matter. With use, some toilets tend to sag or bow, and this can affect the precision of parts such as the storage tank for waste. Moreover, it can also become difficult to open it, and this makes it susceptible to spilling.

When investing in these units, it is a smart idea to search for toilets that can be easily cleaned by a household cleaner. Also, try to buy models that do not require special equipment for cleaning.

Review of the Best RV Compositing Toilets

Finding the best compositing toilet for RV can be a tough and tiresome task. You need to search for the best products, go through their features, pros and cons, and multiple reviews to decide whether if it is worth your money. To make this task easy for you, we have compiled the top models present on the market.

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design


  • Space-saving spider handle is very handy
  • Exterior vent can easily be mounted on both sides
  • Disassembles easily when there's a need for cleaning


  • It is expensive
  • The height of this toilet is very tall

Natures Head Composting toilet is the best toilet present for RVs overall. This unconventional toilet is, no doubt, exceptional due to its great features. It is incredibly famous amongst van-lifers and RV owners since it has a robust construction. It makes sure there is no blank tank at all, and you can remain free from maintaining it. With this unit, you no longer have to dup sewage waste and mess into a clogged tank.

Moreover, it uses no water at all during flushing. This not only helps in decreasing the mess, but it also means that the water in your fresh tank will last longer, which is another advantage for owners. Furthermore, you don't need to purchase chemicals separately in order to break down the waste. Since it is an all-natural composting medium, it is good for the environment and is also less time-consuming.

Natures Head composting toilet does not smell at all. It is completely odorless, even when it stores your liquids and solids in them. However, there is a small exhaust fan present inside the toilet that usually pulls fresh air into the toilet and then pulls it out through another exhaust tube. This fan also tends to keep the inside of this unit dry and reduces the growth of mold.

This unit has a capacity of 500 pounds, and the seat on this unit is also very comfortable and elongated. Since it is made using premium material, you can relax and use this in the long run with ease.

Bottom Line

This is a very good toilet for kids and adults. It does its job properly and is an ideal investment due to its great features. It is odorless, makes no noise, and works efficiently to compost your waste. While it is priced higher than most such units, you truly get your money's worth.

Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle


  • Long lasting warranty
  • Works in an odorless way and is efficient
  • Large enough to hold waste for up to six weeks


  • Moves slightly as you sit on it
  • Does not have an external vent

This is yet another product by Nature and is the runner up in our list. This unit is also very affordable and is the best toilet in terms of money. It is manufactured using robust and reliable material, which also makes it ideal in the long run. Also, this is a convenient toilet in terms of use and is light enough to be carried from one place to another.

Nature's composting toilet is safe, natural, and eco-friendly, which makes it ideal for your household, workshop, or cabin. It is a user-friendly item that comes with a hand cracker agitator. This helps in quick and efficient composting of waste. Moreover, the design of this toilet is very innovative and is ideal for personal sanitation.

This is a self-contained toilet and has a diverting system for urine. It makes use of hard stainless steel during its construction, which makes it incredibly tough and robust. Since it comes with odorless features, this unit truly provides you your money's worth. Another great thing about this Nature toilet is the fact that it has a modeled seat present. This seat makes it easy to clean this unit and does not make a mess.

Furthermore, this toilet can be disassembled easily without creating an issue. So if you need to pack up and move, you can easily open this product, disassemble it, and carry it with you. It comes with a vent hose measuring 5 inches, a 12-volt power plug, and a bottle cap. It has everything you will need, except an external vent. Also, Nature has great customer service, making this unit perfect in almost every way.

Bottom Line

This Nature's toilet can be a smart investment for your RV for many reasons. It has exceptional features, great customer service, lasts long due to durable construction, and also has a five-year-long warranty. In fact, it is the best you can find as a budget option.

Villa 9215 AC/DC


  • Has a sleek and compact design
  • Comes with a long, 5-year warranty
  • Portable, lightweight toilet
  • Optimal air circulation that allows quick decomposing


  • Not easy to assemble this unit on your own

Villa 9215 AC/DC is a composting toilet created by Separett. This unit has a simple and incredibly compact design, allowing it to fit in any place you want. It also provides you with great comfort when using it and can be a great item to add in your RV. Not only is this unit good for off-grid living, but it is also perfect for on-grid living, and you can use this unit in your house easily.

The best part about this toilet is that you can easily power the electric fan on this unit using either a DC supply or an AC supply. It depends entirely on your personal choice and needs. This fan helps in evaporating liquid with ease and even keeps solids very dry. Moreover, this composting toilet comes with a seat that is pressure sensitive. This means that as soon as you sit on it, it senses the pressure and opens the solid bins on its own, automatically.

Moreover, with this unit, you no longer have to face any odor issues, and it comes with separate containers for liquids and solids both.

Bottom Line

This is a great unit by Separett; it has great features and works incredibly well. Since it is perfect for houses as well as RVs, you can think of investing in it with the peace of mind that you won't have to throw it away if you move into a new house.

Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet, Model# Excel-NE


  • NSF-certified
  • Unit has a low profile design
  • Comes with a kit that includes all components needed


  • Has a high initial cost

Sun-Mar is another exceptional company that creates long-lasting and durable composting toilets. This self-contained toilet is also a good product. It makes use of a heater in order to evaporate the liquid waste with ease. With these features, this toilet decreases the frequency of emptying your waste again and again and hence improves its overall capacity.

Sun-Mar has a compact and elegant design, making it perfect for your household. Since it is a small toilet, it can fit in any place you want. The handle on this unit takes up no lateral space at all and is present on the front side of the toilet. To ensure that it is made using premium quality products, this unit is NSF-certified. It also meets the performance it claims to and is very efficient in its function.

The best part about this toilet is that it has a long five-year warranty on its housing, while the parts have a separate three-year warranty to provide you with the peace of mind you need.

Bottom Line

This unit is expensive, no doubt, but knowing that it can work in your RV as well as your house makes it worth your money. It is compact and portable, allowing you to carry it easily and making it a good unit to buy.

Perks of Investing in a Quality Model

Hearing the words composting and toilet in the same sentence may sound weird and gross. But since you have been conditioned from the start to use a standard flush with water and you believe it to be the only normal way to dispose of your waste in a sanitary fashion, these toilets may push you away. So allows us the opportunity to discuss with you the benefits of these composting toilets and why you should buy one!

No Worrying About a Clogged Toilet

RVs are small, and with many people around, the toilet is bound to remain full and, in most cases, clogged. If your toilet gets clogged, the whole area will smell, and this will lead to more problems. However, with these composting toilets, there is nothing to flush because there are no pipes present where the waste can get stuck.

You can put your plunger behind you and invest in these products. Plus, the bowl of a normal toilet is no doubt large, but it gets compact while trying to fit in the pipes, this can leave mess and stains on the porcelain behind. However, these composting toilets are ideal because they do not clog at all.

No Noise Or Splashing

Another advantage of these units is they do not splash no matter how big your feces may be. If you tend to get embarrassed due to the splashing noise, then you do not have to worry. These toilets are completely dry, and so there is no sound at all as you clear your stomach away. Since there is no splashing, there is also no loud flushing noise that may get you more embarrassed.

They Do Not Stink

Many people directly assume that these toilets stink since they do not use water to clear away the waste. In fact, this is far from the truth. With these toilets, there is little to no odor at all. These toilets have no smell, and since it mixes the waste with peat moss, the smell is eliminated easily.

Types Of Composting Toilet Perfect For RVers

Composting toilets for RVs come in two different types. You can choose the type that is most suited to your requirements. These types are:

Batch Type Units

These units come with two or more bins attached to the toilet. Once the bin is full, it gets moved to a different place, where the composting process takes place and gets completed. This process usually takes around six weeks to be finished. Once that's done, the waste is buried, and the pin becomes empty and replaced. This process then repeats itself.

Continuous System

The other type of composting toilet is the one which comes with a continuous system and has a single chamber. This chamber is where all the waste goes, and the waste remains in this place until the entire composting process is completed.

However, if you want to opt for a continuous system composting toilet, then you need to have an underfloor space. Also, keep in mind that each pan must have its own chamber.


Composting toilets are no doubt ideal for people who own RVs. They are environment-friendly and extremely good at their job. They do not make use of water, which makes them the perfect solution for compact places and moving home.

We hope that this guide was of help to you; be sure to make use of the information on best composting toilets for RVs reviewed above along with your own research. This way, you can invest in the perfect product for your particular needs.

People Also Ask

These composting toilets are a new concept for people today, and there are many common questions regarding these products. Some of these frequently asked questions include:

Do Composting Toilets Smell Bad?

The best part about composting toilets that makes them perfect for RVs is the fact that they do not stink at all. These operating toilets make use of additional bulking material such as popcorn, peat moss, sawdust, etc. and mix it with your waste. This provides the compost pile with proper aeration and allows oxygen to pass through easily. Hence, your compost is made safe and odorless to handle.

Can You Pee in a Composting Toilet?

Yes, these composting toilets can handle all bodily functions, including feces, urine, and even periods. These units come with a separate urine area where liquid gets diverted and collected without mixing with the solids. This reduces the number of feces needed to compost, and it can also remove liquid without any issue.

Can You Use Toilet Paper With a Composting Toilet?

Even though you can use toilet paper with these toilets, you must keep in mind that paper products do not get decomposed as quickly as solid waste does. These products remain visible for a long time after being broken down. However, toilet paper such as marine or any RV toilet paper composts quickly and is more acceptable.

Do Composting Toilets Need Water?

Composting toilets do not require water at all, and this makes them perfect for RVs. These units make use of the natural process of evaporation and decomposition in order to get rid of human waste and recycle. The waste that gets dumped in these units is over 90% water, and it evaporates and goes back to the atmosphere through its vent system.