Best RV Day/Night Window Shade Blinds (2020 Review)

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There is no one who doesn’t enjoy the privacy of their RV and would definitely mind if someone tried to invade it.

A window is an obvious way to violate that privacy and is the first thing that needs to be covered. Whether it’s light outside or there are neighbors nearby on the road, RV blinds can help you keep your privacy whilst staying cool.

Comparison of the Best RV Blinds


RecPro RV Camper Pleated Blind Shades

  • Best Overall
  • UV Protection
  • Mounting Hardware is Included
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LUCKUP Cordless Light Filtering Pleated Fabric Shade

  • Non-Toxic
  • Simple Installation
  • Runner-Up on Our List
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Original Light Filtering Pleated Paper Shade White, 36” x 72”

  • UV Protection
  • Best for the Money
  • Trimmable to Fit the Window Size
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Achim Home Furnishings Cordless GII 1" Light Filtering Mini Blind

  • 64’’ Drop
  • Best Mini Blinds
  • Child and Pet Safe
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Original Blackout Pleated Paper Shade Black, 36” x 72”

  • Cordless
  • Trimmable
  • Best Blackout Blinds
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RV Day / Night Shades and RV Blinds

  • Customizable
  • Best Day and Night Blinds
  • Available in a Variety of Fabrics
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Camco 42913 Retractable Lights Out Vent Shade

  • Best Roller Blinds
  • Suited for Both Day and Night
  • Perfect for Use as a Sunshade
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Are All Blinds the Same?

All blinds are definitely not the same. Not only are they available in different shades and colors, but they are also built to suit various purposes, such as those useful both day and night privacy and those that are made of paper and not fabric.

Enjoy some privacy while traveling. (Source)

Every option has its own light reflecting/absorbing capacity, and some can even be pasted to your window while some others require mounting. The length isn’t the same either and is made to suit people with different window sizes.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying Blinds

Before you make your investment, it is important to consider a few factors:

RV Brightness 

It is important for you to consider how bright you want your RV to be. Some blinds make the room darker whilst others allow natural lighting.


Pick blinds that match the furnishings in your room and go well with the décor. Install some without ruining the aesthetic of your room.

Window Placement

Window placement is important as a bathroom window requires a hardcore blind compared to a regular room.


Decide on how much privacy you need. Should you be able to see outside? Should no one be able to see inside? Does it bother you if no one can see inside or outside?

Window Size 

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration is the window size. Pick a blind that will fit and cover your entire window.

Quick Take - The Best RV Blinds

Review of the Best Blinds for Your RV or Travel Trailer

Now, that you understand what RV blinds are and what their purpose is, the next thing to decide is which type you actually need to buy. To make that simpler, we’ve collected information on some of the best available out there.

RecPro RV Pleated Blind Shades | Cappuccino | Camper | Trailer (14' W x 24' L)


  • Easy to Install
  • Opaque for Privacy
  • Suited for Both Day and Night
  • Light Material Ensures Easy Cleaning
  • Protects You From the Sun’s Harmful UV Radiation


  • Only Available in a Coffee Color
  • Can Fit Only Windows Smaller Than 24’’ by 32’’

These blinds measure 32’’ by 24’’ and are suitable for windows that are similar in size or even slightly smaller. This cappuccino-colored RV blind is pleated and offers UV protection. This prevents the harmful rays of the sun from entering the room where they are placed, thereby protecting you from skin cancer and other skin ailments. Also, these blinds prevent the room from heating up too much during the day by warding off excess light and heat.

These are perfect for those that want 100% privacy. The material of this blind is extremely thick and not see-through at all so that you get to enjoy your privacy 24/7.

Although opaque enough to prevent the invasion of privacy, the material used is light and won’t collect dust and allergens. These pleated blinds are simple to install with the mounting hardware included in the packaging.

Bottom Line

They literally have no con that might make you not want to buy them except that they might not fit your window. Also, it is only available in a cappuccino color which may possibly not match your décor. However, they do what they promise and are very easy to install.

LUCKUP 3 Pack Cordless Light Filtering Pleated Fabric Shade,Easy to Cut and Install, with 6 Clips (48'x72' - 3 Pack, Black)


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy-to-Install
  • Offers Good UV Protection
  • Easy Cleaning Since it Wards Off Dust
  • Available in 3 Colors and Fits Any Window


  • Do Not Enable a Complete Blackout
  • Light Material Blinds That Cannot be Washed
  • Adhesive is Either Too Strong or Does Not Stick Well-Enough

LUCKUP blinds are designed using 100% non-woven fabric that is not toxic and is breathable. They do not cause your RV to get stuffy and aren’t harmful if children are nearby.

The material makes the blinds eco-friendly and allows the blinds to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays that cause skin ailments and diseases. Moreover, dust and allergens are also blocked, making these blinds extremely useful, too.

Available in white, grey, and black, you can pick the shade that matches the inside of your RV without ruining its aesthetic. These blinds are extremely simple to install as you only need to trim/cut/tear them to size and paste them.

This easy installation prevents the hassle of drilling holes and ruining the inside of your RV with useless holes. It is also perfect for windows of all shapes and sizes as it can be adjusted to any window frame. Also, it is easy to maintain as dust can be easily wiped off of the blinds.

Bottom Line

These are perfect for those that want a hassle-free installation. However, they are not the best for those that want a complete blackout or for people who require durable blinds. These lightweight blinds are an easy option for those looking for a temporary solution and those that are looking for either black, white, or grey blinds. Moreover, the blinds are not necessarily quiet and may irritate you with the sounds they make when the wind blows by.

Original Light Filtering Pleated Paper Shade White, 36” x 72”, 6-Pack


  • Simple to Install
  • Fits Any Window Frame
  • Protection From the Sun’s Harmful Rays
  • Durable Material With Adhesive Included


  • Poor Adhesive
  • Material is Too Thin
  • Only Available in White

These blinds can easily be trimmed to the size of your window frame and can accommodate windows as large as 36’’ by 72’’. After trimming them down to the perfect size, you can simply paste them on. This prevents the hassle of drilling holes, installing hooks, etc. Although only available in white, the blinds softly filter out light to allow both privacy and UV protection.

As it is a product that can simply be pasted, it does not come with cords, which makes it a safer option to use around kids. Moreover, clips are included in the packaging that make it easy for you to lower and raise the blinds. The durable paper used to design the blinds promises long life and prevents damage from the sun’s rays and yellowing of the blinds.

Bottom Line

While this is not suitable for those looking for a very long-lasting product, it is perfect for those who are looking for decent coverage for a decent amount of money. The blinds do as they promise, except that they do not stay up with their own adhesive. You may need to purchase another adhesive to keep them up. Moreover, it is also not possible to paste them onto every kind of material. Regardless, they are a good investment since you get six sheets in one pack.

Achim Home Furnishings Cordless GII Morningstar 1' Light Filtering Mini Blind, Length 64inch drop X Width 22inch, Pearl White


  • Mini Blinds Suited for Mini Windows
  • Resistant to Fading, Warping, and Sagging
  • Pull Down and Push Up Vertical Adjustment
  • Cordless, Reducing the Hassles of Cords and Making it Safe


  • Poor Quality Tilt Wand
  • Unattractive Valence Slats
  • Not the Exact Size, Can be Installed onto Windows that are Slightly Smaller

Achim Home Furnishings’ cordless blinds are child and pet safe as no cords are included so there’s no tangling and they are hassle-free. Measuring 22’’ by 64’’, these blinds cover most regular mini windows easily. Moreover, a fashionable headrail and hidden brackets not only make installation easy, but they also add beauty to the window where these blinds are placed.

These heavyweight PVC blinds allow protection of privacy and prevent light from entering with ease. PVC promises durability and strength. It is easy to adjust the position of the blinds. You have to simply lift them from the bottom and pull them back down.

Plus, the tilt wand allows you to control the tilt of each blind, thereby controlling both light and privacy effectively. It comes with complete hardware and installation instructions, thus ensuring convenience.

Bottom Line

Sizing is an issue and also the tilt wand has malfunctioned for a lot of people. The unattractive valence slats and poor overall quality are major setbacks. However, the blinds are able to filter out a decent amount of light and are perfect for mini windows. Also, they are cheap, so the pros and cons are really balanced in this regard.

Original Blackout Pleated Paper Shade Black, 36” x 72”, 6-Pack


  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Trim and Fit
  • Ward Off Heat and UV Rays
  • Ensures 99% Privacy and Blackout


  • May Be Noisy
  • Paper May Rip Apart
  • Not the Exact Size as Mentioned

These blinds by Redi Shade are perfectly suited for a complete blackout. If you’re one of those that wants 100 percent privacy and does not want any light sneaking into your RV, then these are the blinds you require.

Measuring 36’’ by 72’’ in total, these blinds can fit windows of similar frame size or smaller. This is made possible by its trimmable feature. The shades can be trimmed and pasted easily.

The black, pleated shades come together in a pack of six, which makes them a great buy. Installation does not require a drill machine for drilling holes, as the blinds adhere themselves to the window frame. Not only do they block out light and ensure privacy, but they also help ward off the sun’s harmful UV rays that cause innumerable skin ailments.

Although it is cordless, which makes it safe to use around pets and kids, clips have been included for when you would like to lower or raise the blind. The non-woven polyester also helps ward off excess heat and helps keep the RV cooler and more comfortable. Also, it ensures that the blinds will not turn yellow or crack.

Bottom Line

A brilliant product for blacking out your RV, these blinds work like a charm to ward off the light and heat whilst keeping your privacy. Moreover, they are easy to trim and stick and come in a generous pack of six. Overall, these are a great investment and a simple solution.


  • Custom Top Rail Color
  • Easy Mounting and Perfect Fit
  • Two Bottom Rail Mount Styles
  • Cordless, Making it Quite Convenient
  • Customizable Height, Width, Color, and Fabric


  • User Manual Not Included

These RV day/night blinds are extremely perfect in every way. Fully customizable, these blinds can be made to order as per your preference. You can select your preferred width, height, and even fabric.

The width can be selected from 5.5’’ to 71’’ and height can be picked anywhere between 5.5’’ and a whopping 84’’. Top rail color, daytime sheer fabric color, and nighttime fabric color can all be of your own particular choice.

The bottom rail mounts can be a standard square rail with lift knobs or a rounded fingertip rail as per your preference. In addition, the EZ lift feature removes the need for cords and clips; you can simply push the blind up and down and a tension mount keeps the blinds in place. The blinds are in a standard cord tension-style.

Bottom Line

Any person could see these blinds are simply the best. With absolutely no cons (other than a lack of a manual), these blinds are easy to mount and are fully customizable. Not only are they delivered on time, but they are also a great fit when they arrive.

Perfect for any room or RV, they can be color coded to your preference and you can even pick the fabric you love. The EZ lift feature removes the hassle involved whilst using cords and clips. The only minor con is that a user manual is not included and some people may find it a little tricky to install. But, once you understand these blinds, everything else is a breeze.

Camco 42913 Retractable Lights Out Vent Shade (Cream)


  • Easy Installation
  • Acts as an Insulator
  • Retractable and Self-Storing
  • Vented to Let Sunlight in During the Day
  • Reflective Vinyl to Ward Off Heat Efficiently


  • Flimsy
  • Available in Only Cream Color

The Camco 42913 shade is suitable as a sunshade for an RV and is also retractable. Available in a cream color, this blind is perfect for blocking out sunlight from your RV roof. Moreover, you can open it up whenever you want sunlight to shine down into your RV as it is self-storing. It can cover a window that is 19’’ long.

Made out of reflective vinyl, the shade reflects away sunlight and thereby heat, keeping your RV cool. The shade is vented on one side and created to be mounted inside your RV. The shade also acts as an insulator to keep either warm or cool air inside the RV.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is an inexpensive shade and a simple solution for blocking out the sunlight entering from your RV roof. During the night, it prevents moonlight, streetlight, and any other light source from seeping into your RV.

Although not the most durable design, it does what it promises. The self-storing feature makes it easy to retract during the day and pull out during the night. The reflective vinyl also prevents your RV from heating up and keeps it cool and comfortable.

How to Restring RV Blinds

Troubled because your newly bought RV blinds’ string has snapped? Although old, your shades work perfectly and the only problem is a sagging, loose string or a snap? Wishing you could fix this instead of taking it for repair or investing in a new one? Then, you’ve landed in the right place.

Here, we’ll discuss in detail, the steps you need to follow to repair and restring an RV blind all by yourself. Save both time and your RV shades by following the simple steps listed below:

  1. The first thing you need to do is gather the materials and tools required for fixing your shades. These include 20 to 25 yards of 1.2 or 1.4mm string, a flat head screwdriver, scissors, and a thin gauge wire or fabric needle for stringing.

    Watch this video to grasp a better understanding of the disassembling process before attempting it. It will help you clearly understand what you really need to do.

  2. After taking out the old string, string your thread to the needle or wire and string it through the blinds in the same way it was strung before.

  3. Make sure that every string length is equal and that you give equal spacing to the four sections.

  4. Tie knots to secure the blinds in place.


There is an RV blind for every kind of person out there. Whether you require an RV shade for a window or for your sunshade, there is an array of options to choose from. Moreover, there are mounted versions, as well as versions that can be trimmed and pasted. You can also choose if you want a full blackout or simply want mellower sunlight. Even the color and fabric can be picked and you can also decide on how much you want to spend. Relatively cheap, RV shades are definitely a great investment.

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