Best RV Bunk Ladders (2021 Review)

| Last Updated: June 8, 2021

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Bunk beds are a great space-saving RV feature.

Many do not come with a convenient and/or safe ladder to use. 

With the limited floor space of an RV, it is important to find a ladder that is sturdy, secure, and that can be moved or retracted to free up valuable space during the day.

Comparison of the Best RV Bunk Ladders

  • Best RV bunk ladder
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Requires little storage space
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  • Easy mounting and dismounting with provided brackets
  • Made with rubber foot pads to ensure stable stand
  • Constructed from durable and light aluminum
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  • Durable, heavy-gauge aluminum makes this unit the best class-C RV bunk ladder
  • The steps are wrapped with nylon pads to provide maximum comfort
  • The ladder comes with a 1-inch hook
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  • With a clean-touch anodized finish, this is the best adjustable RV bunk ladder
  • No-pinch closure system allows you to extend and lock the ladder easily
  • Integrated carrying handle makes it easy to move around
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How to Choose an RV Bunk Ladder

Before settling on a ladder, consider the people who will be using it most often and find a model that will be able to meet their needs.

Since bunk bed ladders are primarily used by children, it is even more important to evaluate the size and safety features of each ladder to prevent accidents from happening.  

Weight Capacity

One of the most important factors to consider is the ladder’s weight capacity. Most ladders are more than capable of supporting the weight of the average child, but it is still a good idea to use a ladder with a significant weight capacity that can support an adult as well.

You never know when you may need to access it or if multiple children will try to climb on it at once, so it is better to be safe than sorry and invest in a product that can withstand a variety of users.


Stromberg Carlson LA-460B

There are many reasons having an adjustable ladder is beneficial. Oftentimes, it will not be the same person using the bunk bed and ladder each time. It is best to have a model with customizable height because it makes it easier to adjust the angle the ladder sits at while it is in use. It also makes it easier to connect the ladder to any size bunk bed, though there are some models that can be trimmed if they are too tall.

Storage Options

In an RV, it’s all about conserving space. If things are looking a little cramped, opt for a model that can telescope into a smaller unit for compact storage or one that can easily be detached and moved elsewhere to free up floor space during the day.

Review of the Best RV Bunk Ladders

With those considerations in mind, let’s examine the options.

Best Overall:
 Stromberg Carlson LA-460B

Stromberg Carlson LA-460B 60” Black Bunk Ladder with Hook Retainer and Extrusions


  • Limited Warranty
  • Two Size Options
  • Super Lightweight
  • Designed for Children
  • Lightweight and Easy to Transport
  • Can Support the Weight of an Average Adult


  • May Need to be Trimmed to Fit Some Bunks

The Stromberg Carlson LA-460B 60-inch ladder is built well with safety and convenience in mind. There are two methods for attachment. You can use hooks or extrusions, depending on the design of the bunk bed. This model is 60 inches in length, but there is also the Stromberg Carlson LA-466-B Bunk Ladder, which has a little extra length and stands 66 inches tall. Both models can be trimmed to fit with smaller bunk beds, if necessary.

At a mere 2.3 pounds, this ladder is incredibly lightweight and thin. However, don’t let that fool you; it can easily support the weight of the average adult. The ladder is designed for children, so the rungs are closer together to cater towards shorter legs that would have trouble climbing a normal ladder.

The steps of the ladder are wrapped in padded rubber treads to prevent slipping. It does not fold or telescope, but it is so light and easy to attach that you can store it in another area of the RV if you need to free up floor space during the day.

Bottom Line

The Stromberg Carlson LA-460B 60” Ladder and its 66-inch variation are both simple, effective ladders that work perfectly for kid’s bunk beds. There are multiple attachment methods, so you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to install it; it should work with almost any bunk bed.

The sleek black design goes with all kinds of decor and won’t show scratches or dirt. It is designed specifically for children, so they will not have trouble reaching between the rungs. The padded steps and rubber treads ensure the ladder is as safe as possible.

RecPro 60" RV Bunk Ladder

RecPro RV Bunk Ladder 60' | Black or Silver Color Options | Optional Mounting Brackets | Aluminum (Silver, No Mounting Brackets)


  • Suitable for kids and adults alike
  • Made from waterproof aluminum 
  • Has a lightweight design yet surprisingly strong
  • Rubber foot pads allow you a firm and balanced hold 
  • Heavy-duty screw tops make it certain that the ladder doesn’t slide


  • Involves an installation process
  • Happens rarely but the delivery could miss out a screw or a nut 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have generally loved using this product and have given it high ratings and positive reviews. They appreciated how it is safe enough for their children too and works exactly as advertised. A few even lauded their customer service and speedy delivery and have shown faith in the company, commenting they would love to buy from them again.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The high construction quality and its ability to offer the customer what it promised is the thing that attracted us most towards this product. It is lightweight, safe, and waterproof, and has a weight capacity of 300lbs. It will make sure that even hot and humid days will not do any irreversible harm to the ladder.

Bottom Line

The RecPro RV Bunk Ladder is a stellar option. It shows that the manufacturers took great care in crafting a safe yet strong ladder. It is reliable and durable and has a construction quality that will win over your trust. What more are you looking for?

Best Class C RV Bunk Ladder:
Surco 501B

Surco 501B 60' Bunk Ladder with 1' Hook


  • Sturdy and Secure
  • Padded Feet for Better Grip
  • Smooth Satin Anodized Finish
  • Constructed from Heavy Duty 1-inch Aluminum
  • Nylon Pads on each Step to Promote Safety and Comfort


  • Shallow Hooks
  • No Setup Instructions Included

Weighing five pounds and measuring 60 inches tall, the Surco 501B Bunk Ladder is a lightweight, reliable, and sturdy option. It is able to attach to most bunks using the 1-inch hooks at the top of each pole.

It is made from heavy gauge 1-inch aluminum coated with a smooth satin anodized finish to prevent scratching. Each of the steps are wrapped with nylon pads for optimal safety and comfort. The feet are also padded to improve the grip and protect the RV floor from damage.

The ladder may be a little too tall to lean at the correct angle on some bunks, but you can trim it using a pipe cutting tool. This ladder is made from products created in the United States.

Bottom Line

Thin and easy to transport, the Surco 501B Bunk Ladder is designed specifically for RV bunk beds. It is lightweight but sturdy and takes up minimal space. The nylon wrap on each step and the padded feet protect both you and the RV floor from accidents. The hooks are only about 1-inch deep, so it is recommended to use an additional tool, such as zip ties, to prevent them from slipping or falling off.

Best Adjustable RV Bunk Ladder:
Xtend & Climb 750P

Xtend & Climb 750P Xtend+Climb Home Heavy Duty Telescoping Ladder, 225 Lb, 8.5 Ft, Yellow


  • Very Affordable
  • OSHA Approved
  • Two Height Options
  • Versatile and Adjustable
  • Safe and Comfortable Angled Thumb Release
  • Limited Six-Month Warranty on Parts and Repair
  • Compact Storage with Integrated Carrying Handle


  • Heavy (18 lb.)

Similar to the WolfWise EN131, the Xtend & Climb 750P Heavy Duty Telescoping Ladder is a versatile model that can be used in a variety of settings. It is constructed from clean touch anodized aluminum alloy and can support a maximum of 225 pounds.

The Xtend & Climb 750P Heavy Duty Telescoping Ladder has a streamlined design that makes it safe and easy to operate. Its convenient telescoping technology can be extended and locked in place by the foot, it creates an easy and secure closure system. The system is controlled by an angled thumb release that provides safe, ergonomic hand positioning. There are non-slip end caps to keep it stable and secure at all times.

It weighs about 18 pounds on its own, but there is an integrated carrying handle to make transport much easier. If you need something with a better reach, there is a 10.5-foot version available as well.

Bottom Line

Overall, this ladder is an excellent option if you’re looking for one you can use for a variety of tasks around the house and in your RV. It can extend up to 8.5 feet in use and then easily telescope into a compact portable unit when you need it to. The only potential downside of this model is its weight. It is highly durable and versatile, but it is not as lightweight as other options on this list. However, the integrated carrying handle makes it easier to manage the extra weight.

5. Top Line BL200-05

Top Line (BL200-05) Bunk Ladder with 60' Hook and 1.5' Opening


  • Lightweight
  • Padded Steps
  • Secure and Sturdy
  • 300 lb. Weight Capacity
  • 1.5-inch Hook can Attach to Most Bunks
  • Made from High Strength 6063 Aluminum Alloy


  • May Need to be Trimmed to fit Some Bunks
  • Steps Are Very Thin and Can Dig into Your Feet as You Climb

The Top Line (BL200-05) Bunk Ladder is a durable model with features that make it easy to adapt to many kinds of bunks. It has two hooks that attach to the rung of the bunk bed, so installation is super quick and easy. The hooks have a 1.5-inch opening to grasp the side of the bunk.

The ladder stands 60 inches tall and is constructed from incredibly sturdy 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, which can support a maximum of 300 pounds. It is durable and strong, but only weighs about five pounds on its own, so it is easy to move around if needed.

Each of the steps are padded to make them more comfortable and prevent slipping. The aluminum is finished to protect against snagging or scratching.

Top Line also produces the (BL200-07) 60" Docking System Bunk Ladder, which is the same ladder with a different attachment method. Instead of using hooks, there is a docking system that securely attaches the ladder to the side of the top bunk. The system is very sturdy and secure but is also easy to detach if you need to move or adjust the ladder.

Bottom Line

Top Line offers two versions of a high-quality ladder that is sturdy, lightweight, and versatile. You can choose the model with the attachment style best suited for your bunk bed. It is thin and easy to transport but can still support up to 300 pounds. This ladder is meant to sit at an angle. Its 60-inch height will work for most bunks, but for some shorter models, it may need to be trimmed so it can lean against the bed at the correct angle.

Types of RV Bunk Ladders

The type of RV bunk ladder can vary depending on its weight capacity and the distance between steps, height, and other factors. However, this section will cater to other types of RV ladders that may double as a bunk ladder that an RV user could find a good use for. 

RV Foldable Ladders

These ladders are generally lightweight. They are typically used for assisting the user in getting to the top of their vehicle or accessing their roofs or any high areas. They can come in handy while cleaning to make sure you get all the leaves and dirt out of the camper. Moreover, this could be used to change the ceiling lights or put some luggage like surfboards on the roof of your RV. The uses are endless. 

Permanent RV Exterior Ladders

These ladders usually come preinstalled in a lot of RVs. However, some models leave this to the consumers’ discretion. They are primarily used to access the roof of your travel trailer.

Now, a folding ladder can do that too, but this one is more safe and comfortable to use. Their installation might seem cumbersome, but it is actually pretty easy. 

Telescoping RV Ladders

This one is not as widely used or preferred by users, but some people might like it or need it. Those with an Airstream for campers might find that the average A-frame style ladder doesn’t do the deed perfectly. In such cases, you could use this option.

Price Points of RV Bunk Ladders

Xtend & Climb 750P Telescoping Ladder

As with most RV accessories, bunk ladders are available at a wide range of price points. In general, you should be able to find RV bunk ladders at the following prices:

$25 - $50

While it is possible to find RV bunk bed ladders in this price range, they tend to be much smaller and use less durable materials. An RV bunk bed ladder in this price range may only be rated for the weight of a child. It will not safely support adults.

$50 - $100

RV bunk ladders in this price range feature much more durable constructions than cheaper options. They are usually made from stainless steel, and you can even find a folding ladder, collapsible ladder, or telescopic ladder in this price range if that's what you want for your travel trailer. Look for bunk ladders in this price range that clearly state their weight capacity. Some are still designed primarily for children rather than adults.


RV bunk ladders that cost over $100 tend to balance weight and strength much better than less expensive options. They are incredibly safe and usually have extra features, such as padded rubber treads to prevent scratching and non-slip rubber foot placements for added safety. The collapsible and telescopic ladder options are an excellent choice for those with an RV or motorhome with less interior space.

Top Line BL200-05 padded step

How to Store an RV Bunk Ladder

The best storage method will vary by model. If you have very limited floor space in your RV, there are a variety of options out there that are designed for compact storage. Some ladders, like the Xtend & Climb 750P Telescoping Ladder, can collapse to make extra space, while others are easy to remove and store elsewhere when not in use. If your floor space is limited but you know you have extra space to store a ladder in a closet or under a bed, many ladders can easily fit into those types of spaces.

Are All RV Bunk Ladders The Same?

You may be thinking, it’s a ladder; how much variety can there really be? In reality, there is a wide range of options to explore, especially if you are searching for a ladder that will work well in a unique RV setting. Before settling on a model, research the different options to find a ladder that is the right size and design for your needs, features like weight capacity, storage mechanisms, and height will vary from ladder to ladder. This is especially important if you have young children who will be using the ladder. Some models are not designed to support small children and may be dangerous.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind While Buying

Using any type of ladder always poses some potential risks. Slipping and falling can cause serious injuries, especially for children, so it is crucial to find a ladder with features in place that help prevent accidents. A quality ladder will have some form of grip padding on the steps to prevent slipping and keep your feet comfortable as you climb.

For small children, it is also important to find a model that does not have huge gaps between each step. Many standard RV ladders are not designed with children in mind and are too tall for them to climb, which increases the risk of falling.

Always check the weight capacity. Most ladders are able to support children, but it is important it is also able to support the full weight of an adult in case you need to access the bed.

Other features such as feet grips on the ladder legs and secure, easy-to-use attachment systems will also help improve the safety of the ladder and keep it in place.

These types of features are even more essential in an RV setting where there is movement as you drive.


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In closing, there are many aspects to consider when searching for a RV bunk ladder to ensure you are purchasing a model that is the ideal combination of safe, sturdy, and easy to use. While the products on this list vary in their adjustability, size, and price, each one is a secure and effective ladder that will enhance your overall RV set up.

People Also Ask

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority; therefore, we want to make sure that all your concerns and queries have been addressed when you leave here. For this purpose, we have added this section that will cater to common questions users have had in the past.

How to Make Bunk Bed Ladders Safer

Make sure that the ladder has been installed properly and doesn’t wobble even in the slightest. Rubber pads can be used as an extra safety precaution or choose an option with easy-to-use and safe rungs. If you are worried about your kid, teach them how to use it properly, and supervise their first few times on it. 

How Do You Make a Bunk Bed Ladder More Comfortable?

Although the material is also a determinant of how comfortable your ladder will be, there are a few steps that you can take. You could cover the ladder with padded anti-slip tape or place a tread cover on it. 

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How Wide Should an RV Bunk Bed Ladder Be?

There is no strict rule or measure of how wide an RV Bunk Bed Ladder should be; the weight capacity should determine it. If it is only for kids, then it should be moderately wide so that they can climb easily and not fall off. If it is designed for adults and children, it should be wide enough for a grown person to climb it without any difficulty.

How to Measure for an RV Bunk Ladder

Measuring for an RV bunk ladder is fairly straightforward. The first thing you will want to measure is the length from the floor to the bunk itself. Not only do you need to make sure it reaches the ground, but you also want to make sure that it is not too long. Given that some RVs have fairly low ceilings, the ladder must fit. The next measurement is the width. Make sure that the ladder is wide enough to be practical for the intended users and check the weight capacity as some ladders are made for children, rather than adults.

What are RV Bunk Ladders Made Of?

While some of the more vintage ladders were simply made out of wood, modern RV bunk ladders are almost always made out of metal. In most cases, they use high-grade aluminum, as it is much lighter than other metals. However, some of the cheaper options will use steel, as it is strong enough to support the weight of an adult, but a relatively inexpensive material to work with.

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