7 RV Curtain Ideas You Must See to Believe

| Last Updated: August 20, 2020

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Nobody likes to have the blaring sunlight hitting their eyes while they are on the roads, right? After all, the purpose of a vacation is to have a break from the stresses of daily life.

Anything which causes even a slight problem is a buzzkill, even if it is love from the mighty sun! So, what can you do to avoid being slowly baked by the heat coming in from outside of the RV? Put in some window curtains, of course!

As RVing is getting more popular by the day, it calls for greater modifications in RV interiors. Since people want their home on wheels to have a welcoming feel, they personalize the décor. This extends from the seat coverings to the window curtains, as everything needs a touch-up. So, while we are at it, let’s see some great curtain ideas to help you put together a lovely RV.

1. Play Matchy-Matchy With Your Interior Design

Why not go all in and have things give off the same energy you love? These black and white polka dots have a very inviting appearance that call you home after a tiring day. Keep in mind, the windows have checkered black and white curtains. The theme is just so well-matched that nothing seems out of place. 

The best thing about such matching curtains is that they blend in with the interior. Thus, they do not look out of place or like a forced addition. You can easily DIY matching curtains which complement the rest of the décor, making it a low-budget thing. Or you can find them on sale or discounted prices nearby to allow you to save as much money as possible.

2. The Color of Love and Oh-So Retro

Red is the color of love and what better way to celebrate your love than to surround yourself with red? This RV theme is the best way of making sure that you stay high on love throughout your vacation. The white polka-dotted red curtains are just so attractive that hardly anyone can resist them. These curtains are perfect for honeymooning and baby-mooning couples who are away from the world just to be together. 

To make things even better, pair up these retro-inspired curtains with some red comforters and cushions. They will keep the sunlight away while keeping spirits high inside the RV. You won't  even have to spend a lot on them. You can get the fabric from the nearest store easily and then sew the hems to avoid spending too much.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Switch It Up and Get Creative

There are no limits to imagination, and this should show in how you decorate your RV windows. You can just go all-in with creative color combinations and patterns. There is no restriction regarding a set pattern, as you can just take some random pieces of cloth and hang them together. But, if you put some thought along with effort into this, you can create a very artistic feel in your RV. 

For curtains like these, you just have to remember they set your mood right no matter how the day goes. They look best with a dark background and colorful prints on them. So, sift through your storeroom and you will surely find something which you can modify into attractive curtains.

4. Go Stylish and Modern in White

Simplicity, combined with a touch of purity, goes a long way in setting up a soothing environment, doesn’t it? This modern pearly-white interior brings peaceful and calming thoughts to your mind. The simple white drapes are spotless and do not have any print or pattern on them. And this is what makes these drapes so beautiful.

To match things, you can have white furniture and rugs which take less investment and leave a lasting impact. These curtains are just perfect for all your social media timeline photos when you feel like showing off a bit.

The best thing about these is that they come quite cheap and you just need to spend some time altering them. Just focus on their stitching as it will make a difference when it comes to the whole look.

5. Earth Colors Are Back in Style - Bring on the 60s and 70s

Earth colors are always going to come back in style as they have such a charming look. They are perfect for RV curtains as they let you feel at home with all the fun patterns in them. When you glance at them, you are sure to revisit some of the fondest memories with your grandparents.

No doubt they were a huge rage in the 60s and 70s. They are still trendy and you can show some of your creativity by playing around with their hems. So, just visit an online store or a shop near you and find the perfect earth-colored curtains for your RV.

6. Elegance is Love

Elegance and class are never going to go out of style, are they? There is so much simplicity and fashion to these curtains that you are going to love them. No matter if you love grey or faded blues, you can bring about the classy feel with some minor touch-ups. The simpler the curtains, the more soothing an environment they will create. 

To keep the subtle feel alive, you should go for lighter furniture and accessories. A nice addition can be some frills and lace as they have a lovely appearance to them. These curtains are easy to make at home if you get the right fabric. So, you can be free of other worries and just play with stylish RV interior.

7. Dreaming of Paris

Dreams of Paris and romance go hand in hand, don’t they? While on the road, you can feel the same romantic vibes in your RV as in Paris with the right curtains. These white curtains have lovely black patterns that show how great a taste you have in aesthetics. The combination of black and white is as old as the ages, but modern touches make it so much better. So, take out some black lace, sew it on the hems, and see how you feel like wandering through galleries in Paris. 

These curtains are easy to find in the market and on the internet at fair prices. So, budget is not really a problem with them.


Curtains are a sure way of creating the desired atmosphere in your RV. So, be careful when you put them on your windows. Just remember to consider the rest of the interior of the RV and then merge it with your preferences. You don’t have to go for something all showy or all plain, as a balanced RV interior is the best one. 

So, look at these seven ideas closely for some ideas to put together your dream RV!

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