Best RV Slide Toppers – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: May 20, 2022

A slide-out room has become an integral part of an RV assembly as it provides you with more space and convenience when you are traveling with your loved ones.

It is better to protect this extended room with the help of a slide-out topper. However, it might become extremely daunting to find a reliable one for your recreational vehicle. In order to simplify your search, we have laid down an extended review of some of the best RV slide toppers that are perfect for protecting your slide out for years.

Comparison of the Best RV Slide Toppers

  • Best overall and best Solera topper
  • A solid black fabric which is highly durable
  • Black hardware to provide strength
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  • Dimensions of 47”x 200” ensure extensive coverage
  • Equipped with water-proof capabilities
  • Fast and easy installation
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  • Best for the money
  • Automatic functionality to add to your comfort level
  • Built-in cradle support to enhance the modern look
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  • Best aftermarket RV slide topper
  • White in color, this model is suitable for toppers with 50” projection
  • Works with almost all toppers
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  • Best Carefree RV slide topper
  • Weather-resistant fabric to mark durability
  • Fast and easy installation to ease the task
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  • Best domestic slide topper
  • Belongs to a reputed brand and comes with a weather shield
  • Elegant design with enhanced durability
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  • Best A&E slide topper
  • Polycord hems to avoid any leak
  • Black and white colors to choose from
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Perks of Getting a New Slide Topper

Getting an RV slide topper onboard not only brings value to your money but is also associated with a number of benefits. This section discusses some of the significant perks of owning an RV slide topper. This will help you understand why you should invest in one of these products.


One of the major benefits that come with this product is the protection of your RV vehicle. In case you are not using the vehicle and have parked it in storage, then a topper can be employed to protect the vehicle from any debris.

Similarly, when it comes to the campsite, there is always a potential risk of snowfall or rain. This slide-out topper makes sure that your slide-out room is completely protected from any flood. In short, it acts as a protective layer for your vehicle against debris, rain, and any other harsh environmental condition.

Maximum Coverage

It is a fact that the RV vehicle on a campsite is always exposed to a number of environmental conditions, dust, water, and multiple contaminants. In addition to damage caused by water, the vehicle is prone to sun damage as the UV radiations lead to discoloration and weaken the materials.

These problems can be easily solved by employing a slide topper as they are manufactured from weather-resistant materials. This product effectively deals with tough conditions and enhances the durability of the vehicle.


Another important perk of owning a slide topper is the level of comfort it offers to the user in the slide-out room, especially in summer. In the absence of this cover, the sun rays would provide discomfort to the user by directly entering the room.

Therefore, investing in this product can improve your overall experience, especially when the weather is unforgiving.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Slide Topper?

Whenever you are in the market to purchase an RV slide topper, there should be some attributes on your check-list. It is quite important to make a valued purchase and ultimately avoid any regret in the future. Below are some factors that must be kept in mind in order to help you decide the right model for your requirements.


One of the major factors to consider during the purchase is the ease of installation. It is recommended to go for a model that does not give you a tough time during the installation process. The awning installation usually takes 2 hours if you don't call for professional help and do it by following the instruction manual yourself.

However, some of the best toppers around can be even set up in minutes; therefore, you must make the decision wisely.


The type of material used for the manufacturing of the topper directly affects its durability. The topper must be capable of enduring constant pressure and exposure to harsh environmental conditions like sun rays, wind, and rain.

Most of the reliable toppers are composed of vinyl that is not only lightweight but also very durable. Therefore, before making any purchase, look into the material, and always pick the best one.


Slide toppers fall into a variety of sizes. The best way to get the perfect size for your slide-out rack is by measuring the dimensions of the rack first and then purchase the topper accordingly.

Review of the Best Slide Toppers

Now that you are fully intended to purchase an RV slide topper for your vehicle, you are recommended to go through the detailed review of our top-picked models that we find worth investing in for their superior functionality.

Let’s get started!

Best Overall and Best Solera Topper:
Solera V000168109 13’6” Slide Topper:

Solera Black Slide Topper Awning - 13'6' (13'1' Fabric)


  • Easy to install the product
  • Comes from a reputed brand
  • Capable of enduring harsh conditions
  • Black exquisite design with an appealing look
  • The fabric is made from high-quality materials


  • A bit expensive
  • Customer service can be improved
  • The instruction manual is not impressive

What Recent Buyers Report

Users find this product extremely useful in protecting their vehicles from harsh elements. They report that it comes with amazing dimensions that totally cover the vehicle. Moreover, the fabric is highly durable with extended sides. Lastly, the hardware is strong enough to bear the pressure, and its installation is a breeze.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Solera is a well-known brand in the market of slide out toppers. This model stands out to us due to its high-quality construction and its width range of 152" to 157 ¾". It comes with a black fabric that is composed of fine materials to endure tough conditions like a pro. Moreover, there is black hardware to hold the whole setup properly.

Who Will Use This Most

This model is established from quality products that ensure weather-resistance. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for those who love to travel and want to keep their extended room protected from any potential damage. Moreover, it can also be used for protecting the vehicle when left in storage.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary product with superior performance, this model from Solera is the best overall product for multiple reasons. The black fabric is not only appealing to look at but also tends to last long, thanks to its quality build. Moreover, you can select the product width according to your requirements.

Carefree White 47” x 200” SideOut Kover II Roll:

Carefree (FH2000047) White 47' x 200' SideOut Kover II Roll


  • Suitable for multiple models
  • Resistant to weather and pollution
  • Manufactured from high-end materials
  • UV resistant fabric to avoid any damage
  • Backed by manufacturer’s warranty to mark reliability


  • Some longevity concerns
  • Does not include hardware
  • Lacks any installation instructions

What Recent Buyers Report

This model has succeeded in winning the confidence of its customers with its top-notch functionality. According to them, the material is durable and capable enough of withstanding tough conditions without compromising on the performance. Moreover, it comes with a reliable warranty, which is quite impressive for some customers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A fine product from Carefree, this fabric is equipped with water-proof capabilities that ensure no water leaking. Moreover, the dimensions are just perfect to go with almost all models, and you don’t have to worry about measuring the exact dimensions for the purchase. Moreover, you get to enjoy an impressive warranty as well.

Who Will Use This Most

A great model with multiple features; this fabric is just the right choice for those who want to protect their vehicle from potential damage caused by harsh elements. With this topper onboard, you can easily park your vehicle outside in the rain without worrying about it. Moreover, it can also be used on the campsite to avoid UV rays.

Bottom Line

One of the finest models on the list, this runner-up is equipped with quality materials, which makes it capable of enduring harsh weather conditions easily. Not only is the design good, but the fabric is waterproof as well to ensure protection to your vehicle whenever you want. In the end, the reliability of the product is tremendously increased by the manufacturer's warranty.

Best for the Money:
CareFree UQ0770025 SideOut Kover III Awning

Carefree (UQ0770025) SideOut Kover III Awning


  • Equipped with wind deflector properties
  • Exhibits a modern look to go with the vehicle
  • Built from high-end vinyl material to mark durability
  • Suitable for roof sizes ranging between 70 and 77.9 inches
  • Electrical integration feature to allow automatic functionality


  • No color option
  • Difficult instructions for installation
  • Might need to call for professional help

What Recent Buyers Report

This product is highly popular among users for its affordable price tag in combination with high-end features. They report that vinyl material is strong enough to withstand tough environmental conditions without any hassle. Moreover, the automatic functionality of this product eases the task to a great extent.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Another great product from Carefree, this model also speaks for its durability and quality performance. It comes with a white vinyl fabric that is weather-resistant and suitable for multiple roof sizes. Moreover, it incorporates a wind deflector, plus there is electrical integration to allow the automatic opening of the topper with the slide room.

Who Will Use This Most

From the price point of view, this product is just the perfect option for budget-conscious people who do not want to spend tons of cash on a slide-out topper. Moreover, it is highly durable and equipped with weather-resistant properties, making it quite suitable for protecting recreational vehicles from any damage.

Bottom Line

In case you are looking for a reliable product in an affordable price range, then you should definitely consider this model from Carefree. It comes with durable fabric and automatic functionality to enhance the comfort level of the user. Moreover, there are wind deflector properties as well to mark perfection.

Best Aftermarket RV Slide Topper:
SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric 154"

SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric 154' Premium Quality Vinyl


  • Comes with pre-installed cording
  • Equipped with water-proof capabilities
  • Sleek white fabric with an exquisite look
  • Cut-to-fit fabric to go with multiple toppers
  • Composed of fine materials to enhance longevity


  • Lack of any hardware
  • Might break if exposed to high winds
  • Some concerns over its protection against dirt

What Recent Buyers Report

Users of this product are highly impressed with the functionality of this model. One of the most appreciated qualities of this fabric is its quality build that is not only appealing to look at but also reliable enough to protect your vehicle against multiple damages. Moreover, it goes with a number of toppers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With several features, this fabric from Sunwave is known for its durability, reliability, and quality. The white fabric is sleek in design and can be cut to fit multiple models, measuring up to 154 inches. Since it is equipped with pre-installed cording, the model is quite easy to install and saves the user from calling for professional help.

Who Will Use This Most

Easy to install, this product is quite suitable for those who do not want to get in the fuss of calling for professional help. Moreover, the water-proof capability of this model, in addition to the weather-sealed design, makes it one of the finest choices for protecting the vehicle on the campsite.

Bottom Line

A reliable model with a great set of features; this fabric comes with a sleek white design that is not only visually appealing but also strong enough to protect the vehicle from multiple damages. Moreover, the installation is just a breeze and does not require too much struggle from the user.

Best Carefree RV Slide Topper:
Carefree LH0810042 White 74” – 81” Slideout Cover

Carefree LH0810042 White 74' - 81' Slideout Cover


  • Installation takes less than 20 minutes
  • A user-friendly model with exquisite design
  • Easily deals with changing weather conditions
  • Composed of quality materials to make it last long
  • Meant to protect the slide room for harsh elements


  • Does not include brackets
  • Instructions might be a bit complex
  • Relatively less durable than other models

What Recent Buyers Report

This model has earned a great response from its customers. They report that it is highly durable and meant to serve them in the long run. Moreover, it fits almost all toppers; therefore, it saves the user from the tension of frequent purchase. Similarly, it is also backed by an impressive warranty.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Similar to other products from Carefree, this model is enriched with top-notch features. It is highly versatile and suitable for multiple models, measuring 74"to 81". It is meant to provide protection against dirt, sun rays, and water damage. Moreover, the installation process does not take too long.

Who Will Use This Most

With a great design and efficient dimensions, this product is just the right one to cover multiple models ranging between 74 inches and 81 inches. This fabric is equipped with weather-resistant and water-proof capabilities to act as a protective layer for the vehicle. Moreover, its easy installation makes it the right choice for those who do not want to spend extra money on professional help.

Bottom Line

One of the versatile products on the list, this model is just the right choice to go with a number of toppers. Not only is the design perfect, but the features are efficient enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like a pro. Moreover, it is backed by a warranty to enhance the confidence of the user in this product.

Best Domestic Slide Topper:
Domestic Slide Topper


  • Suitable for multiple toppers
  • Capable of withstanding tough conditions
  • A heavy-duty model with fine construction
  • Exhibits a classic color to complement your RV
  • Built from high-end materials to serve the user in the long run


  • A bit pricey model
  • Lacks any hardware
  • Instruction manual needs to be improved

What Recent Buyers Report

The customers of this product have found it extremely durable and efficient for combating tough weather conditions. They report that the design is classic enough to go with their vehicle. Plus, there are no complaints regarding the top-notch performance and quality construction of this product. Similarly, the installation does not require too much struggle.

Why it Stands Out to Us

An exceptional product with a great set of features; this product includes a white fabric that is meant to last for a longer time period. It is equipped with weather-resistant capabilities to protect your vehicle from harsh conditions of the changing weather. Moreover, there would be no hassle during the installation process.

Who Will Use This Most

Known for its durable and quality features, this product is just the right choice to protect your RV from pollutants, dust, debris, sun rays, and other contaminants that can cause damage to the vehicle. Moreover, it is water-resistant so you can park your trailer outside in the rain and snow without worrying about any damage.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a versatile product that fits almost all models and makes, then you should get your hands on this one from Domestic. It is white in color with a classic appearance. Moreover, it incorporates weather-resistant capabilities to ensure the maximum protection of your vehicle from any potential damage.

Best A&E Slide Topper:
Trim to Fit Slideout Cover Fabric to 93”



  • Available in two different colors
  • A cut-to-fit model with high versatility
  • High-end build with enhanced durability
  • Non-hemmed edges to avoid water pooling
  • Reasonably priced to make it available to a wider audience


  • Installation might need two people
  • Package does not include hardware
  • Might encounter rips if exposed to high winds

What Recent Buyers Report

This trim-to-fit fabric is quite appreciated by customers for its user-friendly design. Its durable construction has satisfied a lot of users out there. Moreover, some additional features, like electronically welded poly-cord to avoid any leaks, have improved the overall experience of the customers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

INNOVA has continued to provide amazing products since its establishment. This cut-to-fit product has made its way to our list for its quality features, including non-hemmed edges to prevent any leakage, water-resistance to avoid any damage and vinyl fabric that is reliable enough to endure harsh elements without compromising on the performance.

Who Will Use This Most

Due to its quality build and flawless features, this model is an ideal choice to protect your RV from potential damage caused by snow, rain, and UV rays. Moreover, it is relatively less expensive when compared to other models on the market and, therefore, just the perfect choice for those who are on a tight budget.

Bottom Line

Made from vinyl, this fabric is best known for its durability. It is highly versatile and goes with multiple toppers. Moreover, you get to choose from two different color options according to your requirements and taste. Lastly, this model perfectly fits your budget. Overall, it has everything you are looking for.

Types of RV Slide Toppers

RV slide toppers are usually not categorized into multiple specific categories. In fact, most of them typically look the same. However, there are certain characteristics that make one of the toppers stand out from the other. These include:

Weather Shield

Toppers exhibiting a weather-shield are quite important and reliable. There are multiple ways in which the vehicle can get damaged, including changing weather conditions, UV rays, and dust. Therefore, this type of toppers ensures full protection of your vehicle even if you leave the RV outside in the rain.

The shield is ideally designed to protect the fabric and increase longevity. So, whether you are traveling or not, the weather shield topper is there to offer protection to your RV.

Anti-Billowing Mechanism

Since not all the toppers are the same, those equipped with anti-billowing mechanisms are thought to be of premium quality. The incorporation of an anti-billow device helps you avoid opening of the slider during the drive. This might seem to be a minor concern; however, it can be quite crucial in some cases.

Quality and Durability

One most important characteristic of reliable toppers is quality construction. Vinyl or acrylic materials are commonly used to build top-notch slide toppers. This type of toppers is lightweight and water-proof, thanks to the vinyl material.

How to Replace RV Slide Topper

An installation instruction manual is likely to vary from one brand to another. Therefore, it is always better to at least go through the manual once before heading towards the installation of the topper. Similarly, in case you want to replace the older topper, you can just repeat the same instructions for the installation of a new one.  

It is a bit hard to compile a general procedure for all the toppers, as all of them differ a little in the way they're installed. However, the whole setup process does not take too much time and struggle by the user. Similar to installation, replacing the RV slide topper is not complicated either. You just need to follow these simple steps:

Measure the Size

Use a measuring tape to get the exact dimensions of the slide topper. This step is quite crucial in getting the right model for your needs.

Measure the Distance

Stand on a ladder, and then measure the distance between the left and right end cap of the topper. Similarly, measure the exact distance from the outside wall of the slide-out rack to the outside wall of the vehicle. This way, you will get exact measurements for a right-sized topper.

Unscrew the Rails

Then unscrew the rails of the topper in the RV vehicle and remove the fabric by gradually pulling it at one end.

Set the New Fabric

Now, get a reliable fabric and insert it in the rails and tape multiple portions in order to properly fix the topper. Lastly, tighten the screws to end the process.


During the installation process, you must take some precautions, including:

  1. Unplug the battery or disconnect any electric supply near the installation area.
  2. Don’t forget to wear protective gear.

In order to get a proper understanding of what was just described, you are recommended to refer to the video below.


Having the right slide topper will protect your RV from any debris and harsh elements even when it is in a storage room. There would be no tension of any damage caused by the sun's rays, flood, and water. This will not only enhance the lifespan of your vehicle but will also add to your comfort level. You can use this buying guide to pick the right model you are looking for.

People Also Ask

The major concerns of RV owners include damage caused by harsh environmental elements like dust, snow, rain on the campsite as well as in the storage room. This part of the article has tried to answer some of the frequently asked queries by customers regarding certain products. Hopefully, it will help to alleviate their concerns about having a slide topper.

Are Slide-Out Awnings Necessary?

A slide-out awning can be really helpful in protecting the RV from multiple potential damages. It not only improves the longevity of the vehicle, but it also provides maximum coverage against the harsh elements. However, it is not compulsory to own a slide-out topper as it does not completely eliminate the risk of rain leaking. In short, it could act as a protective layer but is not necessary to own.

How Do RV Slide-Outs Work?

RV slide-outs can be electric or hydraulic. In the case of an electric one, a motor is employed to move the slide-out rack. On the other hand, a 12V motor is used to power the hydraulic pump. This is followed by the production of a pressure that is ultimately utilized in moving the slide in or out.

How Wide Are RV Slide Outs?

An RV slide out is an important part of the RV vehicle as it offers an extended space to improve your overall experience. The typical width of an RV vehicle is 8-8 ½ feet, while this slide room provides you a room extension of 1-3 feet so you can freely move in or out.

How Do I Remove My RV Slide Topper?

Removing the RV slide topper is as simple as its installation. First of all, remove the screws in the awning rail on the RV vehicle. After removing the nails, make sure to cut every taped portion to ease the task. Then start pulling the topper fabric from one side and gradually remove the whole fabric from the rails.

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