Gooseneck To Fifth Wheel Adapters

| Last Updated: January 30, 2023

A Gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter bridges both Gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches together. Both types of trailer hitches are used for transporting or hauling heavy loads, but the wheeled cargo and tow vehicle might not always be compatible.

That's the beauty of Gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters: they're a simple yet effective solution to this common towing incompatibility problem.

Most models are designed with a towing capacity of up to 30,000 lbs, which is surely more than enough for the everyday moving around. However, with so many options available today, choosing the best gooseneck adapter isn't a straightforward choice.

To help you make the right decision, the following are reviews of some of the best gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters. So, make sure you give them a read before making your next purchase!

gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter

Andersen Hitches 3220

After the review we've added a Buyer's guide in which we look into all the different aspects you should consider before buying a 5th wheel adapter. We look into all things such as what makes a quality adapter and what you should expect from different price entries.

There's also a section explaining the difference between a gooseneck and a fifth wheel hitch just so you're fully aware. As with all our guides, there's an FAQ section, which covers everything Gooseneck to 5th Wheel Adapters. 

If you prefer, you can jump straight to the Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter Buyer's Guide by clicking the link...

Review of the Best Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapters

With so many Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapters available in the market today, choosing the best one is usually a difficult decision. To ensure you select the right adapter, the following are reviews of some of the best models. So, make sure you give them a read before making your next purchase!

Best Pick: 
EAZ LIFT 15" Gooseneck Adapter

EAZ LIFT Camco Eaz-Lift 5th Wheel Gooseneck Adapter, 30,000lb Tow Rating (7,500lb Vertical Load), 15 Inches (48501)


  • Its Low Weight Allows Ease of Use
  • One of the Most Affordable Units Available
  • Its Superior Tongue Weight Allows it to Tow a 5th Wheel Trailer Easily


  • The Installation Process is a Bit Difficult
  • The Height of the Model Cannot be Adjusted

One of the strongest adapters available, the EAZ LIFT 15 Inch Camco Gooseneck Adapter deserves to be on our list. Equipped with an impressive 30,000 lb weight capacity, it's also one of the most lightweight units available.

Designed with a spring-loaded mechanism, this model is also easy to hook up and release. Thanks to the large plate attached to the top of the adapter bolting the 5th wheel plate, it's substantially stable as compared to other models.

However, it’s non-adjustable, and you need to have accurate size measurements. Although the product is relatively lightweight, it can still be a bit tricky to install.

Bottom Line

Ranking first on our list, the EAZ LIFT 15 Inch Camco Gooseneck Adapter has a superior tongue weight. It is lightweight, durable, and reliable. Be warned, however, accurate size measurements are needed, and the installation process might prove to be difficult for some. Overall, it's a great choice!

Very Close Runner Up:
Andersen Hitches 3220


  • Extremely Easy to Install
  • Its Low Weight Further Allows Ease of Use
  • Sturdily-Built Design Ensures Reliability and Durability


  • The Release Cable Might be Flimsy
  • Lifts up the Trailer Higher than Other Hitches

The best gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter available today, the Anderson Hitches 3220 is perfect for your short bed truck. Although it is specially designed to fit short bed trucks, it's also compatible with standard and long bed trucks.

Its high-quality construction and design ensure both durability and longevity. Weighing only 35 pounds, this unit allows you to lift it easily while installing it. Housed on a grease-free coupler, the ball also has an adjustable feature, which allows you to work with the hitch without getting your hands stained or dirty.

Thanks to the coupler being engaged on a ball, the swiveling of this unit has improved significantly. It can articulate in any direction, making it different and better than other gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters. This feature also allows you to couple or uncouple the trailer and truck when you’re on uneven ground or terrain.

This hitch is also extremely easy to install. It can be removed or installed easily by one person, and installation can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Bottom Line

The Anderson Hitches 3220 is up there with the best fifth wheel hitch available today. Compatible with all bed trucks, this model is durable, reliable, and extremely easy to use and install. However, it can lift up the trailer higher than other units, which might be a problem for some.

Best for the Money:

CURT 16055 Bent Plate 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Hitch, Fits Industry-Standard Rails, 25,000 lbs, 2-5/16-Inch Ball, Carbide Black Powder Coat


  • Extremely Easy to Install
  • Sturdily-Built Design Ensures Durability and Longevity
  • Built-in Safety Chain Attachment Slots Ensure Ease of Use


  • The Pins it Comes with Might Be Too Small

The CURT 2-5/16-Inch Bent Plate Gooseneck Adapter can turn your truck into a versatile towing machine. Featuring four pin-and-clip attachment points, this model ensures a quick removal and solid installation. It also allows you complete access and use of the truck to haul other loads.

The Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter can be mounted onto all standard industry rails. It's designed with a tongue weight capacity of 6250 lbs and a gross trailer weight capacity of 25,000 lbs. Meanwhile, the attached 2-5/16-inch trailer ball is able to pull almost all versions of gooseneck trailers, including livestock trailers, chopper boxes, flatbeds, gravity boxes, and industrial equipment haulers.

This model further features a durable carbide powder coat finish, protecting it from the damage caused by snow, dirt, rain, and other corrosive elements. The installation process is also quite easy as the adapter smoothly drops into the 5th wheel hitch rails. You can also position the unit over the truck axle or flip and set it for 3 inches of rearward displacement to achieve added clearance.

Bottom Line

The CURT 2-5/16-Inch Bent Plate Gooseneck Adapter is surely one of the most affordable and budget-friendly units available. Designed to fit all industry-standard rails, this model is durable, reliable, and easy to install. However, you might have to purchase additional pins as the ones included might be too small.

Editor’s Pick:
Convert-A-Ball Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter

12' to 16' Adjustable height Convert-a-ball Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Cushioned Trailer Hitch Adapter / Converter


  • Backed by a rust-proof guarantee
  • Adjustable from 12 to 16 inches
  • Comes with three heavy-duty fasteners
  • Constructed of cast steel, making it highly durable
  • Fail-safe King Pin Adapter provides a sturdy connection
  • Easy to install thanks to the easy-to-read instruction manual


  • Very heavy
  • No remote disconnect

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have absolutely loved the use of Convert-A-Ball Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter. It's very easy to install and made from heavy-duty material. It works quite well for buyers and is a great product that ensures the safety of the gooseneck.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Convert-A-Ball Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter has become a user favorite. It has a maximum towing capacity of 20,000 lbs and a maximum tongue weight of 4,000 lbs, and it has 360-degree cushioning for protection. It comes with a fail-safe King Pin adapter, has an adjustable height, is easy to install, and is made of heavy-duty material. 

Bottom Line

This adapter is suitable for RV owners. It has everything an RV user wants in a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter. It is a highly durable product, has a sturdy connection, minimal vibrations and bounce, adjustable height, and much more. Should definitley be considered.

CURT Spyder - A Great Gooseneck Adapter

CURT 16085 Spyder 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Hitch, Fits Industry-Standard Rails, 25,000 lbs, 2-5/16-Inch Ball


  • The Installation Process is Quite Easy
  • High-Quality Construction Ensures both Reliability and Longevity
  • One of the Most Affordable and Budget-Friendly Units Available


  • The Packaging is of Poor Quality

One of the best models available, the CURT Spyder 2-5/16-Inch 5th Gooseneck Adapter enables pickup trucks to tow gooseneck trailers. It allows your truck bed to haul other loads, ensuring full use of your vehicle.

This model is designed to fit all industry standard rails. Featuring a standard 2-5/16-inch gooseneck ball, it can be used to pull all types of gooseneck trailers. And to help with its life cycle, the unit is coated in black carbide powder, offering protection from damage caused by scratching, UV rays, and rust.

This Gooseneck adapter is also easy to install. You just need to mount the adapter onto the 5th wheel hitch rails, and then use the 4 included hitch pins to secure it. And likewise, making it easy to remove.

Although the pins are included with the unit, you can use pins from any other brand for installation. However, the packaging is of poor quality, but some people complain of some missing parts when purchased, so check your package immediately.

Bottom Line

The CURT Spyder 2-5/16-Inch 5th Gooseneck Adapter is an affordable unit and certainly deserves a place on our list. It's durable and can be installed and removed quickly and easily. However, poor packaging might affect the quality of the product.

Buyer’s Guide

Now it's time for the buyer's guide where we offer all the general information you'll need before getting a Gooseneck to 5th Wheel Adapter. This includes how to choose the best one and what aspects you should consider before you spend your hard earned money.

We explain who would need one and for which set up. An.d we also look at what you should expect from different price points. There's also an explanation on the difference between a gooseneck and a fifth wheel hitch, just so you're fully equipped with all there is to know.

And of course, if you still have some unanswered questions, there's an FAQ section dedicated to all things Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapters, so by the end of the post, you'll be ready to go shopping.

How to Choose a Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter

Following are some things you should consider before purchasing an adapter:

Towing Capacity

One of the first things you should consider before investing in a Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel adapter is its towing capacity. This can be simply defined as the maximum amount of weight which an adapter can haul safely. It's essential to determine how much weight you’ll be pulling as using a model with a lower towing capacity can lead to serious damage.

Maximum Tongue Weight

Maximum tongue weight can be defined as the maximum amount of downward force that your hitch can handle. It also determines the total weight, which can be exerted by the trailer tongue.

The tongue weight is always lower than the towing capacity. If you have a trailer with the correct tongue weight and well-distributed weight, then your rig will form a completely straight line, keeping your trailer horizontal.


Gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters are available in three different types, all differing in their method of installation and mounting. The most compact adapter is the one which can be bolted over the kingpin lube plate, but this model has an average level of safety.

The second type is the one which replaces the fifth wheel hitch, providing a safer and more secure connection, but this model takes up a lot of space, and thus, needs a six foot or longer truck bed.

The safest option is the model which replaces your existing trailer pin box. This adapter has an easier installation process as compared to other models, but also needs more maintenance than others.

Are Gooseneck Fifth Wheel Adapters Safe?

Although most gooseneck fifth wheel adapters cause stress on the trailer’s frame, they're still safe to use. This is because most models are designed with a very large base plate and are screwed to the underframe of the truck. They are also commonly used on large horse trailers to pull up to 35,000 lbs or greater.

What’s The Difference Between a 5th Wheel and a Gooseneck?

Both gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches allow a pickup truck to haul and pull several thousand pounds of cargo. But the main difference between the two is their basic mechanical structure.

Gooseneck hitches use a ball on the hitch, which attaches to a coupler on the trailer. On the other hand, fifth wheel hitches are equipped with a kingpin on the trailer, which then attaches to a kingpin funnel on a fifth wheel hitch.

trailer hitch

Photo credit:

How Does a 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Work?

If you're stuck and need your RV to be towed, then the easiest way to do so is with a gooseneck trailer hitch. There are different kinds and shapes available, and you can choose one depending on your need or situation. 

A fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter is a tube that is installed around the fifth wheel trailer kingpin at one end and is attached to the gooseneck ball at the back of the trailer at the other end. The pin box and kingpin should not be removed. Adapters are heavy, so you may need some extra help with the installation. After it's installed and attached, it will help you to pull your trailer’s weight wherever you want to take it. 

Furthermore, gooseneck hitches are available in above-bed, fold-down, and under-bed models, enabling you to remove the ball quickly when it is not in use. Above-bed gooseneck hitches also use the same rails utilized by a fifth wheel hitch, making it easier to switch between the two if you own both types.

What Adapter Do I Need?

To ensure you choose the correct adapter, you first need accurate measurements. However, if you purchase an adapter which completely replaces the trailer pin box, then you won’t need any measurements.

The first and most important measurement you’ll need to make is the distance between the tip of the gooseneck and the bottom of the pin box. Once you have the accurate measurement, you can determine the adapter size you need.

Gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters are available in three sizes: 12, 15, and 17 inches. 17-inch adapters are most commonly used for 15 to 16 measurements, 15-inch adapter for 13 to 14-inch measurements, and 12-inch adapters for 11 to 12-inch measurements.

5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Pros & Cons

The following are the pros and cons of using the 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter. Knowing both aspects will help you determine if the device is worth the investment.  


Here’s how such an adapter is good for you:

Simple Coupling Mechanism

The process is quite simple: You just easily hitch up and disconnect a gooseneck adapter. A gooseneck adapter comes directly down to the ball, and hitching can be done simply. It provides a secure connection to heavy trailers, flatbeds, etc. 

Lightweight and Easy to Operate

Most of the models feature a removable ball that's lightweight, making it easy to operate. 

Convertible to a Fifth Wheel

A gooseneck adapter is capable of adapting a fifth-wheel connection. This allows it to pull the trailer with a semi-tractor or an equipped truck having a fifth-wheel hitch. This is also known as a kingpin hitch.

Gooseneck hitch

EAZ LIFT 15" Gooseneck Adapter


Of course there are some drawbacks when using such an adapter, so you need to be mindful of these:

Might Damage Frame

The extra torque caused by the gooseneck adapter may stretch the frame more than its limits, which may cause damage. 

Might Not Come With a Warranty

Very little testing is done with gooseneck adapters, so there's no warranty with it.

Price Points of Best Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapters

While there are plenty of gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters on the market today, there are important differences in quality between different models. In most cases, the cost of the gooseneck hitch adapter will be a good indicator of its overall quality. To make things easier for you, we have categorized gooseneck to 5th wheel hitch adapters into several price ranges:

Under $250

Gooseneck to 5th wheel adapters priced under $250 are considered low-end products. In most cases, these lower-quality adapters have a low maximum towing capacity and are not appropriate for hauling heavy loads.

Given that RVs can be very heavy, especially when they are fully loaded, it is not worth choosing a gooseneck adapter hitch that has a low towing rating, or you could risk significant damage to your tow vehicle and trailer. Then, of course, there are also safety concerns. In just about every scenario, you are better off not taking the risk and just opting for a higher-end fifth wheel trailer adaptor for your towing vehicle.

curt x5 gooseneck to fifth wheel hitch


$250 - $400

Gooseneck to Fifth wheel adapters priced between $250 and $400 are mid-range products. While they generally have a much higher towing capacity rating, they lack some features that define a high-end 5th wheel gooseneck adapter. If you know what you are looking for, you can find a reliable hitch adapter in this price range, but you should still keep an eye out for the maximum pin weight of the ball hitch adapter.

Over $400

Once you reach a price point of over $400, you start to look at high-end Gooseneck to Fifth wheel adapters. Adapters in this price point tend to have a high maximum towing capacity and can handle a fully loaded RV trailer. The maximum pin weight is also much higher than that of fifth wheel camper adapters at the lower price points, meaning you will have a more stable ride.

A fifth wheel gooseneck adapter in this range can adjust to different heights, offer convenient security features, like fasteners and locks, are made from more durable, corrosion-resistant materials, and, overall, perform much better than the cheaper options.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Before you go ahead and invest in a Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel adapter, there are some things to be mindful of:

May Put Extra Weight/Stress on the Trailer Frame

The extra torque caused by the adapter may stretch the frame more than its limit. So, it’s better to always know your options before buying the product as you could find a hitch adapter that will directly couple your trailer to the ball and not put any extra stress on the frame. 

Can Void Your Trailer’s Warranty

Few manufacturers have a clear-cut rule that if the trailer is damaged because of the adapter, that will void the warranty, so you need to keep this in mind. 

gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter

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People Also Ask - Gooseneck To Fifth Wheel Adapters FAQs

Since buying a Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel adapter is a big investment, people usually have some queries in order to clear any doubts they might have. Here are answers to some of the questions you might have also have:

What is a Gooseneck Trailer?

As mentioned above, gooseneck trailers are similar to fifth wheel trailers. However, gooseneck trailers slide over the ball hitch in the bed of a pickup truck. These trailers also have greater stability and are able to pull more weight than a bumper pull trailer. Moreover, they have more room for living quarters, along with more room for any cargo you might want to haul.

What is a Gooseneck Hitch?

A gooseneck hitch looks similar to a ball mount but is mounted or welded on a rail in your truck bed. They are usually tested and rated up to 30,000, but this capacity might be limited by the towing capacity of the vehicle or the capacity of the brackets. Gooseneck hitches are most commonly used for industrial trailers.

Gooseneck or Fifth Wheel, Which is Stronger?

A fifth wheel hitch offers a smoother ride than a gooseneck, which can further be improved by using an air-ride pin box. This also helps dampen and reduce road shock from the tow vehicle. If you plan on carrying passengers, then it is better to go for a fifth wheel. However, if you want to transport heavy and bulky cargo, then a gooseneck is advisable.

How to Hook Up a Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter?

The installation process of a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter differs from product to product, but almost all models come with an instruction manual. So, make sure you follow it to ensure that the adapter is hooked up securely and properly.

EAZ LIFT 15" Gooseneck Adapter

How Much is an Adapter To Go From a 5th Wheel To a Gooseneck?

The price range could vary from brand to brand and its features. It also depends on how much you are willing to pay for it. The average price of a gooseneck adapter will cost from $400 to $500. Anything lower than this price range is considered cheap, and anything above this price range is considered expensive. 

Can You Tow More With a Gooseneck?

Gooseneck trailers are made to be longer without destabilizing the towing truck. Towing capacity is one of the greatest features that any fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter has. The biggest disadvantage of having a fifth-wheel camper is that it cannot tow as much as a gooseneck can. So, yes, a gooseneck’s maximum capacity of towing is more than that of a fifth wheel. 

Does a Gooseneck Adapter Void Warranty?

It might be true. Most gooseneck adapters will put additional weight on the trailer frame, and if it is damaged due to the adapter, then it may void the warranty on the trailer frame. It is assumed that very little testing is done on these adapters, and manufacturers do not want to take responsibility for it after it is installed. 

Does a Fifth Wheel Increase Towing Capacity?

Increasing towing capacity is not possible. It can only be improved with weight distribution. Every vehicle has a Gross Vehicle Weighting Rating (GVWR) that describes the different amounts of weights a vehicle carries. If the desired amount of load does not exceed the GVWR load limit, a 5th wheel can improve your hitch load limit. Basically, the hitch load rating is the weight allowed by the trailer hitch.

Are Safety Chains Needed in Using a Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter?

These fifth wheel RV adapters do not need safety chains. Since they typically use a durable king pin to lock the trailer in place, safety chains are not necessary.  That said, you should always look at state laws where you reside, as they can vary. While you do not need safety chains for hauling trailers in most states, certain states, like Indiana, require safety chains no matter what sort of adapter you are using.


A Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel adapter is a big and important investment. For us, the best overall model is surely the EAZ LIFT 15" Gooseneck Adapter or the Andersen Hitches 3220. But, make sure you go through all the above reviews and choose the model which suits you and your vehicle best.

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