Best RV Recliners – Relaxation Station Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: May 20, 2022

RV recliners are the new cool thing, but that certainly is not a good enough reason to invest in them, right? RV recliners offer greater comfort, convenience, and luxury, and its due to all these reasons that people are rushing to buy them.

But before you invest your heart and soul into a product, make sure it’s worth your time and money. Here is a complete guide to help you make this very important decision. Go over our list of the best RV recliners and choose the product that fits you best.

Recreational vehicles provide you with the best getaway from work and a hectic lifestyle; you can be wherever you want and simply enjoy. This enjoyment may, however, be hindered by the discomfort caused by the limited space and uncomfortable furniture.

You can help yourself and add a little comfort to your RV by getting a recliner for your vehicle. This article will guide you to find the perfect product for this purpose.

Comparison of the Best RV Recliners

  • The headset, seat cushion and back is fully padded
  • Best overall and best RV Euro recliner
  • Made with putty Faux leather material for higher durability
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  • The leather incorporates wood base with ball bearing construction
  • Included in the special ottoman set
  • Full reclining position option
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  • Made with a brown luxurious Renu leather
  • It requires only 4 inches of clearance to recline from the wall
  • Best for the money
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  • Made with bonded leather which is imported
  • Comes with the advanced release mechanism technology
  • Best RV recliner loveseat
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  • Made with high-density foam that supports most recliners
  • Sitting surface is 21 x 23 x 29 with a beautiful wood base
  • Best Thomas Payne RV recliner
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  • Chair is approximately 40 inches high and 42 inches deep
  • Made with solid base wood
  • Best RV swivel recliner
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  • Made with high-quality polyester leather
  • Has high quality and thick sponge thus providing greater resilience
  • Best small recliner for RV
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Perks of Having a Recliner on The Road

People keep saying that RV recliners are unique, and there are many perks attached to buying a good one, but what exactly are those perks? Here is everything you will benefit from once you invest in a quality product.

Introducing a recliner in your RV can be one of the best decisions you make for your vehicle. It may be a simple piece of furniture, but it has an array of perks that will convince you to get one!

Higher Versatility

RV recliners are admired because they can be used by many people of different sizes and weights. Not only this, it offers all these people with the same level of comfort and convenience. The RV recliners in this product come with easy instructions for reclining, thus ensuring that they are not designed for specific age group people and can be used by nearly anyone.

Better Stress Relief

In this fast-paced world, every other person is complaining of health-related issues. The most recurrent issue is definitely related to stress and headaches. One way to curb the symptoms of these issues is to buy good RV recliners. These not only help with blood regulation but also ensure relaxing of your nerves. Together these benefits help you in achieving a much more relaxed body.

Reduces Body Pain

People, regardless of their age and weight, often complain of body pains. This can include headache, stomach ache, and neck pain. A good RV recliner comes with padded headrests, arm sets, and footwear, thus ensuring that your body pains are gone within a small amount of time. They also help soothe the whole body and get rid of various stressors that are hindering your performance.

Best Utilization of Space

Limited space in an RV is one of the greatest shortcomings of the vehicle. One might find it very hard to utilize the small space efficiently. So, you might see yourself running out of space for all the things you need in your RV. A recliner will be sure to utilize the space quite efficiently, taking up just enough space to provide with comfort, but never so much that you completely run out of room.

Rest Yourself in Between The Long Drives

People with RVs often embark upon long journeys that require long stretches of driving, and the task can be extremely tiring. A recliner is a perfect way to provide yourself relief in between. Park for a bit, and let your back rest till you are ready to get on the road again.

No More Waiting Till You Find a Spot

How many times has it happened with you that you wanted to stop and rest in your RV, but your next stop or home was still far away? More than a few times; we can bet. But with a recliner, you will find yourself at the liberty to get that break whenever you want, rather than waiting to find a place to rest at.

What Makes a Great RV Recliner?

There are many products in the market, and therefore it is safe to say that the market is loaded with bad quality RV recliners, but that doesn’t mean that amazing products do not exist. Here are some of the features that differentiate an extraordinary product from an ordinary one.

We all want the best for our vehicles, and if you’re getting a recliner for your RV, then you surely want that to be the best one too. But how do you find a great recliner? It is pretty easy. You just need to be on the look for certain features. If present, then the recliner is perfect for you.


It is quite obvious why this feature is making our list. Most people buy RV recliners to get comfortable and relax; hence it is essential that the product fulfills this task. RV recliners that come with padded headrests and armrests often ensure a more relaxing environment. Moreover, the products offering better reclining should also be preferred over the ones that don’t.

Look and Appeal

Comfort is an important factor to consider in the buying of an RV recliner, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the aesthetics of the product. A good RV recliner will come in a luxurious color like chocolate brown and will offer you a better combination with the rest of your interior. Moreover, users can also look for designer RV recliners if the price is not an issue.

Occupied Space

We have already talked about the limited space in an RV. It is, therefore, essential that your recliner does not take up all the space in your RV. A good option will make sure of that. And while it does not take up most of the space, it also ensures that no features are cut down due to that.

A Good Build

Good RV recliners go a very long way, and this is made possible via their superior construction. The material used in the construction should come with higher durability and strength, thus ensuring that your recliner lasts longer. One such material is PU leather. However, the product should be avoided if you live in hot weather as it hinders breathability.

A good recliner will always feature a good build. The build of the recliner is based on two things; its construction material and its seat style. The material of the product should be durable and strong, so it can bear a good amount of weight and last long. The seat style, on the other hand, should be comfortable, since that is what its function depends upon. But along with being comfortable, it should also look good and suit the interiors of your vehicle.

Greater Adjustment Angles

Different recliners will offer you different adjustment angles and various degrees of reclining. However, the best ones are those that allow you full comfort with full recline. But not all seats offer that. So remember, the greater the adjustment, the better the chair.

Review of the Best RV Recliners

Now that you have a good idea of what features you need to look for in a recliner, you can finally move on to looking at some models for your vehicle. But where to start? Right here! Here are the reviews of some of the best products that you can invest in for your RV.

Best Overall and Best RV Euro Recliner:
RecPro Charles 30" Swivel Glider RV Recliner

Set of 2 | RecPro Charles Collection | 30' Swivel Glider RV Recliner | RV Living Room (Slideout) Chair | RV Furniture | Glider Chair | Putty


  • Leg support is retractable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Base is made with the best metal swivel glide
  • Comes with an advanced modular design for easy installation
  • Contemporary style and design helps add beauty to the space


  • It requires a 12-inch reclining clearance
  • Needs to be shipped in 2 boxes at least
  • Price is relatively higher than other products

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are thrilled with the performance of this amazing RV recliner. Its advanced modular design has won the hearts of all its users who find the product extremely comfortable and relaxing. Moreover, the wood base also adds to their comfort, thus making them happier with the recliner’s overall performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about this product is its padded arm sets and headsets that add to your comfort and convenience. The company hasn’t skipped on the internal fluffiness in the making of this product. Hence when you want to relax and lie down, you won’t feel a hard surface behind your back; instead, you will be welcomed with an extremely relaxing recliner.

Who Will Use This Most

The chair offers 2 full comfortable reclining positions, which means that it is best for people who are looking for more versatility in their chairs. Moreover, it is a big recliner; hence it easily accommodates tall and heavy people. Not just that, its large surface area is also sufficient for more than one person.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best product in our list, then go no further, because we have the best product for you right here. The RecPro comes with a modern design with a plethora of great features. Its ample space, coupled with its strong durability, makes it our best overall product.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner and Curved Ottoman with Swivel Mahogany Wood Base in Brown Vintage LeatherSoft


  • Includes an integrated headset
  • Comes with a brown soft leather upholstery
  • Plush arms add to your comfort and convenience
  • Improves circulation thus reducing your stress levels
  • Allows you to adjust the recliner using the adjustable lever


  • Not very comfortable for people who weigh more
  • Length of the recliner is relatively less than other products
  • Comes with a thin coating that withers off if not used properly

What Recent Buyers Report

Comfort, convenience, and stress relief, these are some of the many words recent buyers associate with this product. The leather of this recliner comes incorporated with a strong wood base and ball bearing construction, thus giving it a smooth ottoman look. It also offers a full reclining position, thus adding to its appeal.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The recliner stands out to us because of its plush upholstered arms and integrated headrests that adds to your comfort. The lever attached with it brings the right arm easily into a full reclining position. Moreover, the ball bearing construction gives it a perfect swivel movement at all times.

Who Will Use This Most

The recliner comes with a durable leather with higher strength; thus, it can be used by anyone looking for a long-term investment. It will not only last longer but will be a good investment in your money. It is comfortable for average weight people; however, people who weigh more should look for another option

Bottom Line

The ottoman look coupled with a ball bearing construction gives the product a perfect swivel movement hence making it one of the best products in the market. Its easy movement, padded headsets, and durable leather construction further add to its worth in the market.

ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair in Coffee Brown Renu


  • Space-saving design for your RV
  • Makes it easier to reach out for the door lever
  • Can be shipped in only one box thereby saving cost
  • It takes around 15 minutes only to assemble this recliner
  • The cushions have been independently wrapped with a coil spring


  • Not high enough for tall people
  • Cannot sustain the weight of heavy people
  • The leg extension is extremely hard to drop down

What Recent Buyers Report

The product has garnered huge praise from recent buyers on account of its lower price, but that’s not the only reason fans love it so much. The recliner comes with comfortable cushions that are wrapped independently with a coil spring. This adds to the comfort and convenience of anyone who uses the recliner.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The space-saving design of this recliner is what stands out to us. It comes with a wall hugger design that needs only 4 inches of clearance to recline fully. This feature allows you to place the recliner in your bedroom, office, or TV lounge without worrying about the space in the apartment.

Who Will Use This Most

The product allows you to reach out for the lever easily, and that is a significant point to mention since a lot of people complain of this issue. The product is best for average height people who want to sit and relax in their RVs. Moreover, the relatively lower price of the product makes it a perfect fit for people who can’t afford expensive options.

Bottom Line

When we talk about the best recliners, it is close to impossible that we don’t mention the Handy Living pro design. It comes with some amazing features like a luxurious brown leather construction and a space-saving design that makes it worthy of the list. Moreover, its lower price is also a noteworthy point to consider.

Homelegance Resonance 60' Bonded Leather Double Reclining Loveseat, Brown


  • The lever offers easy adjustments
  • Brown leather is soft to touch and hence feels comfortable
  • Comes with a gentle pull that sends you in your comfort zone
  • Seats, arms and backs are filled with comfortable high-density foam
  • Recliner comes in different colors thus offering higher customization


  • Difficult to move around and clean
  • Heavier thus not suitable for a space-saving RV
  • More expensive than most products in the market

What Recent Buyers Report

Imported products are often more appealing to many consumers, but when it comes to this recliner, the leather is not the only feature praised by recent buyers. The backs, seats, and arms are all padded and come filled with high-density foams, thus giving the product a much fancier look.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about this recliner is its release mechanism technology. This special feature can send you into your comfortable position straight away, thus ensuring you don’t have to wait to get relaxed. Moreover, the recliner comes with wedged corners that offer more luxury and finesse to the overall look.

Who Will Use This Most

People who love greater customization and versatility will love this product. The recliner offers a range of different colors, thus ensuring that you can get any product that you like without any hassle. Moreover, the standard brown leather is also liked by many people who feel that the textured brown color adds finesse to their space.

Bottom Line

Your dream designs will finally see the light with the inclusion of this amazing recliner. It comes in a range of colors, but that’s just one of the many amazing features of this product. Each recliner is carefully tailored to meet your needs and offer you a relaxing environment.

Best RV Swivel Recliner:
Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner

Newport Taupe Swivel Faux Leather Recliner Chair with Ottoman Footrest Modern Armchair Ergonomic Manual Reclining Adjustable Upholstered for Bedroom Living Room Reading Home Relax - BenchMaster


  • The chair can recline at 45 degrees
  • Relatively lower price add to its appeal
  • High-end construction adds to the durability
  • Seating area can easily accommodate a tall person
  • Comes with matching ottoman design for a more stylish look


  • The leather is not very well padded
  • Adjustments are not very easy to make
  • Assembly of the chair is relatively harder than other models

What Recent Buyers Report

This best RV swivel recliner has been given the tag for a reason. It is one of the most trustworthy products in the market; therefore, recent buyers love it so much. The chair is more than 40 inches high and 42 inches wide and can hence accommodate heavy and tall people with ease.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The noteworthy feature of this product has to be its solid wood base. This comes with a high-end construction that adds strength and durability to the overall product. The recliner also offers a complete 360 degree of swivel, thus ensuring that you enjoy the best comfort.

Who Will Use This Most

For people who are looking for comparatively larger sized RV, this product good is a good option. It is relatively cheaper; hence people who can’t afford heavy options will make good use of it. The 360-degree swivel option makes it great for people who work long hours and require a relaxing sitting position when they come home.

Bottom Line

This contemporary recliner is known in the market for all the good reasons. It not only offers a stylish and sleek design, but its strong wood construction comes with a smooth finish. The bonded leather is of good quality and offers higher reliability to customers. So if you are looking for a product that will last longer, then this recliner is for you.

Best Small Recliner for RV:
Homall Single Recliner Chair

Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat Pu Leather for Living Room Single Sofa Recliner Modern Recliner Seat Club Chair Home Theater Seating (Black)


  • Marking pads help protect floor and sofa
  • Made with an extremely durable steel frame
  • Recliner comes with a fully adjustable footrest
  • The material is easy to clean and is comfortable to touch
  • High permeability is achieved via a combination of soft sponge and leather material


  • Does not accommodate more weight
  • Gets uncomfortable on greater reclining
  • Padded cushions add to the additional cost

What Recent Buyers Report

PU leather is one of the most desired construction materials in the market, and this recliner makes use of it beautifully, thereby winning the praise of recent buyers. The steel frame that is used in the making is extremely durable and offers strength and rigidity like no other product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The thick padded seats and the iconic look are two of the things that stand out in this product, but there are other features to look out for too. The footrest comes attached with the recliner and is completely retractable, thus offering greater versatility. Moreover, the four plastic feet feature offers a pop-up option, thus allowing you to separate it from the floor.

Who Will Use This Most

If you want to add elegance to your room or to your RV, then buy this product instantly. It offers great comfort, but its stylish and elegant design is why it’s preferred by many people. The recliner can sustain average size people and their weight easily; however, if you are overweight, you might feel uncomfortable while reclining the chair.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable design that will add to the beauty of your living room, bedroom, or recreational area, then this is the product for you. Its high-end construction is aided by the presence of the leather material and the soft sponge that lets you achieve higher permeability. Not just that, it offers greater customization for all its buyers.

Best Flexsteel RV Recliner:
Homestyles by Flexsteel Lux Reclining Sofa

Homestyles by Flexsteel Lux Leather Power Motion Reclining Sofa


  • Comes with a steal that is stationary from the center
  • More comfort is achieved via the web-based support
  • Has a seat cushion, pillow back that is of a split design
  • The arm design comes with a contemporary padded design
  • It allows both sides to recline individually thus adding to your convenience


  • Not suitable for smaller RVs
  • Difficult to ship and assemble
  • Large size adds to the additional cost

What Recent Buyers Report

This product has made its way into the hearts of recent buyers and that too for all the right reasons. It comes with a smooth construction that offers greater reliability and durability. This not only adds to your comfort but also ensures that your recliner doesn’t wither away with time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The full powerful reclining mechanism is the top feature that makes this product stands out amongst others. For a more relaxing and stress-free environment, it is important that you are given more room to recline, and this RV recliner does it with ease. The protective topcoat also adds to this feature.

Who Will Use This Most

Living in an RV can be challenging, but not when you have the right tools. This RV recliner offers you a web base support for added comfort. It also comes equipped with an arm power control on the outside. This allows you to access the USB charging port with ease. Thus this product is the perfect fit for people living in RVs.

Bottom Line

This product has been a game-changer in the industry, and it has garnered all this praise in a very short time. The recliner comes with a pillow and a seat cushion with a split design. The padded arm sets, coupled with the full recline position, makes it one of the most comfortable recliners to sit on after a tiring day.

Best RV Wall Hugger Recliner:
RecPro Charles 67" Double Recliner RV Sofa

RecPro Charles Collection | 67' Double Recliner RV Sofa & Console | RV Zero Wall Loveseat | Wall Hugger Recliner | RV Theater Seating | RV Furniture | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture | Mahogany


  • Both easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • Can easily fit people of all shapes and sizes
  • Higher durability is achieved via the PU leather material
  • Offers greater customization by offering a range of colors
  • Allows double reclining by offering easy to pull latch on each side


  • Heavier thus not easier to move around
  • Requires a large wall clearance to recline fully
  • Made with a hard material so relatively less soft to the touch

What Recent Buyers Report

It’s very hard to convince recent buyers of your superior quality, but the RecPro Charles has done it with ease. The product offers great customization by allowing customers to choose between varieties of colors. Each color is chosen specifically to add beauty and elegance to your home; a consideration buyers praise a lot.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The RV recliner stands out to us because of its double reclining and its pull latch. The product accommodates more than one person with ease, all thanks to the different reclining and adjustment it offers individuals. Its easy-to-pull lever also adds to its appeal.

Who Will Use This Most

The RecPro is perfect for people looking to get relief out of bad body pain or aches. It helps relieve your body of tense muscles, thereby ensuring a stress-free you at all times. Moreover, it also helps increase blood circulation in your body, thus making it the perfect recliner for old people looking to remain fit and healthy.

Bottom Line

You can get rid of any and all health concerns with the help of this best RV recliner. It is one of the best products in the market, all thanks to its high customization option and higher versatility. The padded headrests not only add to your comfort but also ensure higher blood circulation in your body.

THOMAS PAYNE 3477221 Alternate Latte Euro Chair


  • Comes with a 360-degree full swivel
  • Both lightweight and extremely versatile
  • Has a stylish European inspired sleek design
  • The reclining motion is smooth and easy to manage
  • Comes with an incorporated footrest with a pop-out feature


  • Needs a higher war clearance
  • Does not support tall and wide people
  • Comes with only one year of limited warranty

What Recent Buyers Report

Beautiful wood bases are unique and special, and that’s one of the many reasons fans admire this recliner so much. The sleek European design has a lot to offer, especially if you are looking to relieve your stress. The recliner offers an incorporated footrest that comes with a pop-up feature for added comfort.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about this recliner is that it’s versatile and lightweight. Its relatively lesser weight makes it easy to move it around. This not only saves valuable space inside the RV but also makes shifting the recliner easily. Furthermore, the reclining motion is extremely smooth and hence offers more maneuverability.

Who Will Use This Most

For people with smaller RVs or homes, this product is the best one. It is one of the most lightweight designs in the market that offers luxury with convenience. The lean design of the model offers easier configuration within your RV and offers you a higher aesthetic performance.

Bottom Line

Comfort, functionality and luxurious appearance come together in the making of this superior product. The sleek and stylish European design, coupled with padded arm sets and headrests, makes it a must-buy product. It also offers higher durability, thus ensuring that it lasts for a longer time.

Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat Pu Leather for Living Room Single Sofa Recliner Modern Recliner Seat Club Chair Home Theater Seating (Black)


  • No-mark rubber construction of the feet ensures that there is no damage to your flooring.
  • Simple assembly of the unit ensures that the task is done within minutes and presents with no hassles.
  • Special leather used for the chair is extremely easy to clean, along with being perfectly skin-friendly and providing with the utmost comfort.
  • Features a footrest that also provides double thick padding along with being retractable; this ensures your feet are provided with equal support and comfort.


  • Headrest of the model might be a little too short for tall users.

This compact-sized recliner will not only fit easily into your vehicle but also provide you with all that you could ask for in terms of comfort and style. Its high quality, paired with its functionality, is what makes it the top product on this list.

What we love about this recliner is that it not only comes with a high quality polyurethane leather that serves it with the best of aesthetics but also a thick sponge padding underneath it. This high-density sponge is resilient, permeable, and above all, extremely comfortable and soft to rest upon. So regardless of how tired you are, this model will be able to provide you with the best of comfort.

The design of this chair is not only to provide ease of comfort but also ease during the assembly of the unit. The task is extremely easy and absolutely hassle-free. Just a few minutes of screwing in some parts, and you will be good to go. The solid steel structure of the model will further ensure its durability, and its low weight will make moving it around easier for you. Can we really ask for more from one chair?

Bottom Line

These units are not designed to size for every individual, so a little shortcoming in that aspect can be overlooked. Other than that, this chair is absolutely everything you would want a model for your RV to be. With that said, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to invest in this.

HANDY LIVING ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair in Khaki Microfiber


  • Incredibly easy assembly that takes less than 15 minutes.
  • You don't have to fret about dirtying the chair, thanks to its stain resistant cover.
  • Compact design of the unit ensures proper utilization of space in your RV.
  • Car door level for reclining is easy to operate and reach, placed within comfortable limits.
  • High-density foam, polyester fiber, and wrapped pocket coil spring system allows maximum comfort from the cushions.


  • Footrest is slightly difficult to push back in.
  • Chair is hard to bring to the upright position after a complete recline.

This model by ProLounger only falls a little behind the top item on our list, but it provides the same functionality, more or less. If you can spare to spend a little more on the unit for your vehicle, then this one would definitely be the perfect choice for you as it presents all the features that are needed to make a great recliner chair for an RV.

This wall-hugger model is designed to occupy minimal space, making it ideal for an RV. It will need only a space of 4 inches from the wall for its complete recline, ensuring it does not take up most of the room. The unit is shipped in one box and is assembled in no time and with no hassles. Unboxing and assembling will take you no more than 15 minutes, and you can get to resting right away.

The surface of this unit is made of 100 percent polyester khaki microfiber; a material that is soft and comfortable along with being absolutely stain resistant. So even if you have kids around you, you do not need to worry about stains on the unit or to have to clean them up. Moreover, the cushions of the unit are filled with high-density foam and feature an independently wrapped pocket coil spring system that further aids in your comfort.

Bottom Line

The only reason this item isn’t in a tie with the first one is due to the slight extra cost. But for the extra that you pay for this unit, you get extra features and functionality too, justifying the price. So if money isn’t a constraint for you, then you do not need to think twice to get this model for yourself.

Giantex Massage Recliner Chair, PU Leather Single Sofa Recliner, Heavy Padded Seat, 5 Vibration Modes, Home Theater Seating for Modern Living Room


  • Easy to assemble and provides with the utmost convenience with the task.
  • Design may be able to carry a lot of weight, but the unit itself is very lightweight and can be carried easily.
  • Heavy duty iron pipe composition of this unit makes it not only durable but also ideal for people of all weights.
  • Neck, upper back, and lower back areas of the unit are designed with high-quality padding that adds further comfort to these areas of high tension.


  • Chair is likely to slide out of place when placed on a smooth surface and might need some non-skid pads to avoid the situation.

If you’re looking for a recliner on a budget that will suit all your needs and be the perfect rest station for you, then this is the perfect unit for you. Equipped with just the features that you’re looking for with a price tag that won’t weigh too heavy on your wallet, this model may prove to be the right choice for your vehicle.

The modern design of this unit is perfect for adding a little style to your RV. And while it adds style to the vehicle, it will also add abundant comfort to your life. Your RV experience will be a lot more comfortable and relaxing with this model around. Its eco-friendly leather is a plus not only for the environment but also a plus in terms of fashion and function.

The overall design of this unit is to ensure that you are provided with optimal levels of comfort and relaxation. The footrest of the unit features a foldable design that provides your legs with extra comfort. If that is not enough, the footrest is lockable as well. You can recline the chair without having to occupy the extra space with the footrest.

Bottom Line

You don’t necessarily have to put in a lot of bucks in order to get all the features that you want from a recliner chair. And this model is a perfect example of that. From high-quality leather exterior to a comfortably designed cushion, this model features it all. And above all, it will be sure to fit into your budget.

RecPro Charles Collection | 58' Double Recliner RV Sofa | RV Zero Wall Loveseat | Wall Hugger Recliner | RV Theater Seating | RV Furniture | RV Sofa | RV Sofa Bed | RV Couch | Mahogany


  • Mahogany look of the unit will be sure to complement any sort of interior.
  • Declination of the unit is very smooth and provides with an easy operation.
  • Backrest of the chair is removable, making it easier to fit into the RV through a narrow door.
  • Glossy surface is extremely easy to be cleaned and can be done with a simple wipe of the cloth.


  • Size of the unit may be too small for tall people.
  • Two recliners may get unhooked easily even when two people are sitting on it.

RecPro Charles is a name that serves to be the benchmark of quality when it comes to comfortable furniture. Any product by this brand is likely to impress people with its design and functionality. The same goes for this 58-inch double recliner sofa, so much so that we think it is the best recliner sofa for an RV. And once you’ve taken a look at the features, you’ll probably think the same.

The two-seat unit by RecPro Charles features a modular structure that is specially designed to save space, making it ideal for an RV with limited space. What we love about this model is that the two seats can also be separated into two single seats and function just as perfectly as one.

The model is constructed out of natural wood. This durable structure is what makes it well known for its long lasting design. The solid structure of the unit ensures its sturdiness and gives it the stability that we all look for in a unit like this.

Bottom Line

This unit is outstanding in all regards. From its smooth functioning to its sleek style, this unit is the complete package that you’re looking for. And above all, it gives you two for the price of one. So whether you want a single seater or a double seater, this unit will be ideal for you in either case.

Homelegance Marille Reclining Loveseat w/ Center Console Cup Holder, Black Bonded Leather


  • Glossy surface of the unit is very easy to clean.
  • Assembly of the unit itself is very simple and so is its operation.
  • Cup holder adds convenience for you and saves you from accidentally spilling drinks over the unit.
  • The unit offers extra reclination than most of the standard ones, making it perfect to rest with the ideal reclining.


  • Unit is considerably heavy and moving it into the RV may be an issue.

What’s more comfortable than a recliner loveseat? A reclining loveseat by Homelegance! If you wish to bring in the best of these units to your RV, then this is the perfect choice for you. This unit is geared with all the right features to add comfort to your small RV space, which is how it has made it into this list.

The best feature of this model is its double reclining. It allows the unit to be adjusted to angles that provide you with extra comfort. The center cup holder console further adds convenience to the unit’s design. So all in all, this unit provides you with not only an extra mile of comfort but also convenience while you’re at it.

Another thing we love about it is its traditional style with plush seating. This design is the one that provides the maximum comfort and relaxation for the users, which is why we prefer traditional design over a modern one. All this comfort comes at the cost of very little assembly that can be done in a couple of minutes!

Bottom Line

This model is designed with absolute perfection, ensuring that you will fall in love with this loveseat! Its extra reclination and a simple yet well-appreciated cup holder feature mark themselves as the best features of the unit’s design. All the features together make this model the perfect reclining loveseat for your RV.

Homelegance Resonance 60' Bonded Leather Double Reclining Loveseat, Brown


  • Leather top of the unit provides with not only a sleek style but also an easy to clean surface.
  • Design also features a corner wedge that serves to turn this seating collection into a sectional.
  • The overstuffed components of the unit provide with a cushioning that is extremely comfortable, greatly adding to the overall design.


  • Size of the sofa may not be the best for people of all heights.
  • Material of the sofa may wear out in a shorter time than you would expect.

Sometimes you need more space than just for one person, but a space that is equally comfortable for both. For that purpose, this model by Homelegance serves just perfectly. It is the best double reclining chair that you will find for your RV, or even for your home!

This double seated chair features brown tufted bonded leather that feels extremely comfortable on the skin and looks just as good. So what you will get is a design that not only provides you with the utmost comfort but also a sleek style that will be a great addition to the interior of your vehicle.

The arms, seat and the back of this unit are overstuffed with high-density foam, ensuring that you get the best of the cushioning. What we love about this recliner is that it slides into reclination very smoothly, with just a pull of a lever. So you do not have to experience any jerks while reclining, nor any hassles with the operation on the unit itself.

Bottom Line

The unit is designed to provide the ultimate comfort for two. It is equipped with all the features you want in a reclining sofa, and it delivers exactly what you need from such a model. For this reason, we find it to be the best of the double seat models.

Set of 2 | RecPro Charles Collection | 30' Swivel Glider RV Recliner | RV Living Room (Slideout) Chair | RV Furniture | Glider Chair | Toffee


  • Top of the unit is toffee faux leather, which is extremely easy to clean due to its smooth surface.
  • Leather is not only easy to clean but also serves to be a durable material that adds a touch of class to the unit.
  • Overall design of the unit is such that it ensures the maximum comfort of the user with its proper recline and swivel feature.


  • Designed for the small space in RV, but getting it through the RV door may be a little tricky.

Allow yourself to be relaxed with the comfortable design and reclination of this unit that comes with the swivel feature for an enhanced experience. This RecPro model is simply designed with the best of your comfort in mind and presents as a unit that you will not regret investing in.

The unit features a unique modular design that makes it ideal for installation in your RV or any other tight space. With its minimal requirement of 12-inch clearance space, it will provide you with the best of reclination along with optimized utilization of space. Isn’t that what we call a win-win?

The unit is shipped in 2 boxes, the contents of which can be assembled to form one unit in absolutely no time. From unboxing to having the chair ready for your comfort would require no more than 5-10 minutes (based on how fast you work on the assembly). Once done, you can lay back and relax on the padded headrest, back, and seat of the chair, which are designed for your maximum comfort.

Bottom Line

The only real struggle you will have with this unit will be getting it through the door. Once through that, it will give you relief from the stress of all other struggles. With its complete reclining and swivel feature, you will find this unit to be a lot more comfortable than most of the standard units.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner with Horizontal Stitching and Ottoman with Swivel Mahogany Wood Base in Black LeatherSoft


  • Unit is designed to provide comfort from every aspect.
  • Compact size makes it ideal for an RV where space is limited.
  • Low weight of the model makes it easy to transfer into your RV.
  • Black leather soft upholstery of the unit provides it with a touch of style along with comfort.


  • Reclining of the unit is not as smooth as some other units discussed in this review.
  • Assembly of the unit is not very easy, and one may find it too tricky and time-consuming.

Featuring a contemporary design and the ultimate comfort of reclination that comes with the liberty of rocking, this unit is one of the best choices you can make for your RV. For all the outstanding features that it has to offer, along with its perfect design, this model is definitely the best swivel rocker recliner model you could find.

This recliner and ottoman set is exclusively designed with the interest of your comforts in mind, and it delivers perfectly at that task. Its black leather not only provides with great comfort to the skin but also features a stylish look that anyone would happily add to the interior of their vehicle.

The integrated headrest and the plush arms or the unit further add to the user's comfort. These features ensure that you get exactly the kind of comfort that you would want from such a model. Moreover, the lever for adjustment allows you to recline the unit according to your own liking.

Bottom Line

It is comfortable, it rocks, and it swivels. What more do we want from a reclining chair that is already providing us with the comfort that comes with reclining? From its soft leather feel to its compact size, everything about this unit makes it a perfect choice

Types of RV Recliners

Consumers are often confused between the different types of RV recliners in the market, and therefore they often end up investing their money in the wrong one. Here are the basic types of RVs and factors that make them unique.

Standalone RV Recliners

These are very common, especially among smaller families. They are relatively smaller in size and take up less space. They can also fit only one person at any given time and are hence termed great for tiny apartments, homes or RVs. They are also designed in a way that they offer full comfort to only a single person.

Double Recliners

As the name suggests, these RV recliners come with 2 seats and can thus accommodate 2 people at any given time. The model and the designs in this category all cater to the needs of couples or two people sitting at the same time. Therefore, you would notice an RV recliner in this category, offering different reclining positions for each individual. The footrests will also offer varying levels of adjustments to cater to individual needs.

Multi Recliners

These often come under the double recliner category, but we are separating them for ease of understanding. Most RV owners prefer these as they can accommodate more than 2 people and hence are suitable for the whole family. They make for a great option for families who love to watch TV together.


All the information provided above is ample and will help you find the best RV recliner with ease. All you need to do now is ensure that you get an RV recliner that fits your every need. If you are looking for a product for only you, go for a standalone RV, or if you want one for your family, opt for the double recliner. But remember, regardless of what option you choose from our list, rest assured that you won’t regret it.

Now that you are aware of all the types of recliners and all the features you need to look at, you are ready to pick out one for yourself. Choosing the right recliner for your vehicle can greatly enhance your RV experience. It will serve as a means of relaxation after an uncomfortable journey. Isn’t that what all RV owners look for?

People Also Ask

Most RV owners are very excited about their interior and hence ask a lot of questions. Here are some of the most recurrent questions asked. We have done our best to answer them completely.

What is a Recliner?

A recliner is basically a chair which has a back that can be reclined. The main purpose of these adjustable chairs is to provide the user with best of comfort. These units also usually come with an integrated footrest that provides extra comfort.

What is a Glider Recliner?

A glider recliner is also a recliner, but one that provides with a gliding motion. Once reclined, the unit can be moved back and forth in a gliding motion. This usually has a calming effect on people.

What is a Power Recliner?

A power recliner is one in which individual parts of the unit can be adjusted. For example, the headrest of the unit can be adjusted without having the footrest to be moved. Such a design allows maximum comfort of the user with particular adjustments

What is a High Leg Recliner?

A high leg recliner features standard and decorative legs, but their reclining mechanisms are not as obvious as that of the other types. These units are the most appropriate for living rooms or formal spaces

What is a Wall Recliner?

A wall recliner or a wall hugger is one that can be placed in close proximity to the wall and still be reclined properly. Other units have to be placed at a distance from the wall in order to reach their complete recline.

What is a Manual Recliner?

A manual recliner is one in which all the parts of the unit move together. If the seat is reclined, all the units of the model move along, instead of just one.

What is a Wall Hugger Recliner?

Wall hugger recliners are very popular and are referred to like this because they come with a space-saving design. This is made possible because of their ability to recline closer to the wall. The gliding mechanism is in the forward direction and makes wall-hugging easier. It also saves a lot of space, thus making for a good option.

How Far Back Do Recliners Go?

This largely depends on the size and model of the RV recliner that you are getting. However, most RV recliners can go up to 4 inches between the sofa and the wall behind it. On the other hand, there are other recliners that don’t want additional space to recline.

Are Recliners Bad for Your Legs?

Recliners are not bad for your legs; on the contrary, they are quite good. They offer good lumbar support and ensure there is an ample gap between your chair and your lower back. They also allow keeping your legs up, therefore giving you ample room to relax your body.

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